Branded sanctuary, p.9
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       Branded Sanctuary, p.9

         Part #7 of Nature of Desire series by Joey W. Hill
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  But this was a gift only for herself. Putting her hand up once, she squeezed his clenched knuckles as mute reinforcement of her desire. She didnt want him to touch or speak to her, or look at her. His cock was a delectable piece of meat she would exploit until it gave her what she wanted. The arch, jerk and thrust of his muscled body, the ripple over his abdomen, the rhythmic clench of his buttocks against the seat as he thrust into her mouth, she would wrest it all from him.

  Clamping her teeth on his thick organ, she held him still in mid-thrust, flicking her tongue along his shaft behind the hold of her teeth. A languid serpent, playing with prey. The throbbing pulse beneath her tongue leaped and she tightened her jaw further. With one hard bite, she could make him scream, cry for mercy. Bleed. Or she could do as she did now, one slow, slick glide of her mouth down, replacing her savagery with deep throated acceptance, then back up, calling forth what he was helpless to deny her. That vein pulsed, and his cock jumped in warning.

  ShitChloe He coiled up. May I I cant Please

  No guy had ever asked before, certainly not on a knife edge like this. It gave her a flood of searing power to hear the plea in his voice. Come for me, she whispered against his flesh, and held him tight, her fingers curling around his balls. They contracted, drew up as he thrust into her mouth.

  His whole body arced to her, booted feet pushing into the car floor as he spewed.

  She took most of him in the back of her throat, but some of it she let run back down over her fist, making his cock that much more slick. A s he cried out, that harsh animal sound, she milked him to the last drop, fanned her sticky hand over his stomach, spreading his seed there. A s he finished, his cock making tiny jerks against her tongue, she slowly slid off him. Pressing her open mouth to his abdomen, she licked each individual crease and ridge, cleaning the stickiness away as he shuddered and trembled beneath her.

  Her body was as aroused as shed ever experienced, but she still didnt want him to touch her. She couldnt go forward or back. This agonized yearning was all she dared to feel. She wanted so much more, but why ruin it by asking for more than she could get?

  Moving back into the passenger seat, she felt dizzy and almost weak, her skin so hot and cold at once. Pulling off the mask, she left it, opened the door and stumbled out into darkness, twilight gone to night.

  She stopped, swaying, not sure which direction held the front door, but before she could decide, he was there in front of her. Shirt hanging open, jeans zipped, though hed left the top button open and the belt loosely buckled. It made her aching body shudder worse. But still she backed away. No. She shook her head. Dont touch me right now.

  Chloe. He spoke softly, but there was strength and purpose in his voice, determination in that look. You need me to touch you.

  I cant I dont know how I need you to touch me.

  Will you trust me to know?

  She put her hands over her face, uncertain. He took a step forward, then another. She swayed as he came close. I might break if you touch me.

  A million pieces.

  I wont let that happen.

  He slid an arm around her back, bringing himself so close there were mere inches between them. Just as she was steeling herself for him pressing against her, possibly pushing her up against the Jeep, he leaned down and swept her legs so he was cradling her in his arms, a movement so smooth it was as if hed levitated her into the position, her body naturally flowing with the movement of his.

  Wondering, she slid her arm around his neck, her fingers tangling in his hair. Wow, she managed.

  He smiled, but his features were somber. Im staying tonight. Ill stay on the couch or Ill sleep in the Jeep, but Im staying.

  She didnt reply, only laid her head on his shoulder and let him take her inside the house. He shifted her easily as he handled the opening and closing of the door. She liked being carried by him. She was usually more active in her physical interaction. Typically, a guy ended up carrying her because shed done a little hop and wrapped her legs around his waist, so he could waltz her to the bed, or maneuver her for a kiss in chest-high ocean waters, or wherever they happened to be for the pleasurable, ultimate moment.

  But despite what she and Brendan had just doneor rather, shed done to himshe wasnt ready for sex. This, being carried by him, was a welcome kind of intimacy, however. A s if by lifting her off her feet he was simultaneously lifting any burdens, letting her drop them as shed dropped the mask. She wanted to lose herself in simple delight.

  He took her to her bedroom, moving slowly in semi-darkness. He didnt turn on any lights, which she also liked, using just the early evening light to guide his way. It kept the mood soft, easydreamlike. No truths highlighted by harsh light.

  I want to undress you for bed. May I have that honor?

  Yes, she whispered.

  Setting her down on the mattress, he guided her T-shirt over her head. His gaze flickered over the lace bra she wore and then he stepped in closer, reaching behind her so she was in the loose circle of his arms as he unhooked the bra.

  Youve done that to lots of girls, hmm?

  He shook his head, but slid it off her arms and set it to the side before he knelt, giving her breasts a lingering, appreciative look that warmed her. Taking off her sneakers, he caressed her sensitive arches. Moving his hand to her waist, he tugged the drawstring loose. Easing onto her elbows then her back, she stared at the ceiling. A crystal mobile hung there, smoky and rose quartz, selenite, black tourmaline. They picked up the dim window light, throwing off dull gleams of color. Curling his fingers into the waistband, he worked the pants off her hips. The rustle indicated they were being folded and put to the side.

  She didnt realize she was holding her breath until the pad of one finger traced the low waistband of her silky swatch of panties. Followed the crease of her thigh, then crossed over her pubic bone, a gentle warning of his intent. His thumbs hooked the sides and he slid them off, moving in sync with her helpful wriggle to get them free from under her bottom.

  Now she lay naked, and she knew the nerves were going to start again. But he didnt lean over her, didnt suffocate her. Instead, he stayed kneeling as he had throughout and closed his hand over her foot, bringing it up so he could tease her sole with his mouth.

  It caught in her weirdly twisting mind, a really bad Haiku poem in the making. He enclosed her sole / A substitute for her soul / Since her soul fears him. He had to settle for her foot, for a homonym. A facsimile, something that wasnt what he really wanted. Word games. A ll of it games.

  A moment before shed been apprehensive of his more intimate touch, but now the sensual caress on her foot, her ankle, made her upper body cold and yearning for the same attention. Brendan, she murmured. Come lay on me.

  He rose. There was a clink as he unbuckled his belt again, the sound of it sliding free then dropping to the floor. A t her curious glance, he brushed a light finger over her bare stomach. So I dont hurt this soft skin.

  Putting a knee on the bed, he braced himself over her, a handsome silhouette with certain features highlighted. The gleam of a shoulder and eye, the plane of his jaw, the angle of his hip. Reaching up, she spread his shirt open wide, fanning her fingers over the firm musculature beneath.

  Youre not one of those workout freaks, are you?

  If I am?

  Curling her hands in the loose fabric, she wrapped her knuckles in it so they disappeared in the cotton brushing his sides. We wont suit. Im allergic to exercise unless it masquerades as something fun and unrelated to fitness nazi-ism.

  His lips curved. I like hiking and swimming, because I dont like sitting still too long. Doing laps helps me get into that mindless zone, gives my worries a break.

  The Zen of YMCA Laps. She found a smile inside herself and shyly shared it with him. I can go with that. The Ys a place of great spiritual peace.

  A nd karaoke nights. She tugged at his snort. Why havent you
laid on me like I asked?

  Im getting aroused again, Chloe.

  His impressive recovery time goaded the devil in her once more. She arched a brow. Can you lay on me without doing anything about that, if I tell you that you cant?

  Yes. It wont stop me from getting harder. In fact, his voice dropped, so it shivered along her nerves as his gaze slid down her face, touched her breasts and the slope of her bare belly, Its likely to make things worse.

  Good, she whispered. Can you hold back, no matter how hard you get?

  Was she trying to torture the poor guy? But she didnt take it back as his gaze returned to hers and held.

  If you command me to. A nd if thats what you want.

  In answer, she pulled at him again. This time he started to lower his body onto hers, but in an unexpected and pleasurable move, he slid an arm beneath her, palmed one buttock and shifted their bodies up the mattress so her head could be on the pillow, comfortable. Then he brought his body all the way down, readjusting his arms so his elbows were propped on either side of her head.

  Bliss. When his weight settled on her, it was perfect. Holding her down, pressed into the mattress, sheltered and anchored at once. Freeing her hands, she slid her palms with savoring delight down his bare back, following the line of his spine to the beginning rise of buttocks. A s a result of his removal of the belt, the waistband rode lower on an ass she knew was delightfully bare. But when her palms brushed the small of his back, she found something the tail of his shirt had concealed in the Jeep.

  She moved her fingers over it more carefully. Is this a scar?


  Something in his voice drew her gaze to his face. It has a shape. I cant tell

  Its a brand. A fleur de lis design.

  Scarification. Marguerite had hired her from a body piercing jewelry kiosk in the mall, so body modification didnt bother her, but somehow she hadnt expected it for Brendan. He seemed sostraight laced, white knightish in a way. She hadnt yet seen evidence of tattoos, no piercings and he dressed with conservative fashion sense, his jeans and shirts good quality, enduring styles, not trend-trash types of stuff.

  It must have a special significance.

  Yes. It does.

  When he met her gaze, she felt it, a wall. Suddenly, she felt a little trapped beneath his body, where a moment before it had felt so good.

  Secrets and shadows made the fit less comfortable. You dont want to talk about it.

  Chloe. He framed her face. I wont refuse to answer any question you ask, but Im requesting that you hold off on that one.