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Branded Sanctuary, Page 35

Joey W. Hill

Page 35


  He had her arms, but her hips were free to move. She worked herself up on his thigh, pressing her hip bone into his cock, finding him blissfully hard. Her pussy contracted, already anticipating, needy for him.

  Hiking her up under her arms, he let her climb up his body and wrap her legs around his waist, but instead of taking her against the closet as hed intimated, he brought her over to his bed, to that ocean of blue.

  He sat down on it, with her straddling him, hands lowering to grip her buttocks, work her against him. He used his strength to move her, though the friction and pressure had her adding her own insistence to it. She wanted him inside now.

  Instead, he flipped her over onto the mattress, taking her down to her back, and held her wrists to her sides as he worked his way from her mouth down her throat again, to her breasts, but not the nipples, jutting with obvious insistence against the thin cloth.

  Brendan, suckle me, she gasped.

  Im OCD, remember? I have to obey your first command, first. When she saw a devilish glint in his eyes, she got even wetter as her hands flexed under his and he only tightened his grip. Im going to take you over, make you hot, wet and panting. Make you mindless, just the way you want.

  He worked his way down to the navel again, the skin so sensitive there she almost cried out as if hed tongued her cunt. It convulsed as if he had. She bucked as his head cruised down, his lips over one hip bone, down to the top of her thigh, playing in that crease between thigh and sex, always that wet, hot mouth against a bare millimeter thickness of fabric.

  If that wasnt enough torment, he spoke to her throughout, in that sexy, quiet rumble, as she gasped and pleaded incoherently.

  His mouth dipped, just a touch of her pussy through her clothes and she bucked up like shed been touched by electricity.

  Not quite wet enough, he said in a husky, seductive tone, and she cursed him. In answer, he flipped her onto her stomach, and began working his way over her ass, his tongue dipping into that seam between her buttocks, pushing silky cloth against the nerves with the firm pressure. He wasnt holding her arms now, but his hand remained on her lower back, stroking, exerting pressure to make it clear that was where he wanted her.

  Brendan. She shut her eyes tightly, thinking she would come just from rubbing herself against the cover, but she needed him. Please. Fuck me.

  His arm slid beneath her, pulled her to her knees. She was used to her boyfriends being larger than she was, and Brendan was no exception, outweighing her by probably eighty pounds and more than a foot taller than she was. Shed always loved that feeling of being sheltered by a mans strength, seeing the way they varied between gentle and rough in the way they touched her, depending on how worked up they were. This was unique, getting both at once. Brendan was never rough with her, but he was inexorable at the same time, a devastating seduction.

  A ir touched the back of her legs as he pulled the skirt up, folded it over her lower back. He slid the panties off, allowing him to thoroughly caress every inch of flesh from ankles to hips, except the area that wanted him the most.

  But then he came back up and let his fingers glide down either side of her labia, carefully avoiding her clit. She realized she was shaking as if she had a fever, thinking of his lips on her navel, his hands on her wrists.

  I want your cock, Brendan. I want it now. I need it now.

  He slid up her back, came down on either side of her with his long arms, the pressure of his chest canting her down, bringing her pussy and his cock into alignment. She made a soft, low cry at the feel of him brushing her thigh, the scratch of his opened jeans along her thighs.

  Ill take you wherever you need to go, he promised, breathing into her hair.

  Wherever I order you to go?

  Theyre the same. Just one of them isnt always said with words. I hear it in your voice, what you want and need from me.

  Had he done this with other Mistresses? A give and take, not only them commanding him to their will, but him knowing, watching a Mistresss actions and reactions, knowing what she most wanted from him? Was she now the beneficiary of such skills, though they both knew she was no Mistress?

  Such disturbing thoughts fled. Hed cinched his arm around her waist, holding her fast, and now he began to enter her, his broad head starting to stretch her lips, make her tremble.

  No ones ever made me feel like you do. She turned her face into his arm, muffling the words against his skin. It was an impulsive, emotionally driven confession, but it didnt make it any less true.

  Shed taken joy and pleasure in her relationships, however long or short they were, but she hadnt known it could ever feel like this. Vital.

  Coming home, when you didnt even realize youd been away as long as you had. The beginning of a fire, a desire that was like an eternal flame, that only seemed to grow more fierce as he satisfied her, making her want him even more, again and again.

  More than that, in this second, she felt clean. Im clean, Im clean, Im cleanthis makes me clean. She thought it was in her head, something she was chanting like a spell to change the past, transform her present and change her fear of the future, but then he spoke.

  Youre pure love, Chloe. Thats what you are.

  He slid all the way in, filling and stretching her, and she cried out at the sensation, him seated to the hilt so his testicles pressed against her clit.

  A ll those internal muscles rippled along him like fingers, holding him tight. Brendan increased his grip on her waist as she pressed her face into the muscular arm he had braced on the bed.

  Youre pure love, he repeated, his voice husky and thick. A nd pure fire. God, you feel so sweet and tight. Youre burning me up.

  He drew out slowly, came back in, and all that arousal hed built before hed even entered her tumbled on the brink of eruption. Hed chosen to take her like this, in the most natural position in the animal world. Taken her, as shed asked. Demanded. Needed.

  He did it again, that slow, torturous withdrawal and glide back in. A s she moaned, sinking her teeth into his forearm, his other hand descended, thumb sliding over the tiny area of scar tissue at the navel, down to her clit. Stretched as she was, he still managed to tease inside the labia, add stress to those outer lips, as if he might try to fill her even more, work his fingers in there on top of the already thick diameter of his cock. He didnt, just taunted her with the fantasy of it, his thumb rubbing a slow, perfect circle on the sensitive clit bud as she began to work herself back against him.

  Yeah, thats it, baby, he muttered. Her control flagged at the quiver she felt in his hard abs, his incredible restraint as he kept himself to the pace that would inflame both of them further, take her orgasm higher.

  Brendan, I want you to come with me. When I go, I want you with me.

  Want to feel my cock spurt in your sweet cunt? His voice was a form of fucking all its own, thrusting into her psyche, dragging forth the emotional response that could make the physical one so much more intense. His breath caressed the sensitive shell of her ear. She pressed her forehead harder into the solid curve of biceps muscle, shifted her hand so it was over his, her fingers in the spaces, curling into the bed.

  Yes. Take me there. Get us there.

  We are. See it on the horizon. Feel my fingers working you, the feel of me against your beautiful ass. My balls hitting your clit, as I giveyoumore.

  He thrust with more power, and the sensation shot straight to her womb and into her throat. She cried out, now gripping his wrist, digging in, wanting more.

  He gave her more, working her harder, holding her body against him, and it was the most incredible sensation, feeling as if she were being cradled like an egg, and ridden hard at the same time. Cherished and ravished both as he set his teeth to her shoulder, a long male growl in his chest. Want to come inside you, Chloe. Want to fill you up.

  Imyes, come for me. She barely got the words out as his fingers, the movement of
his cock inside her, the friction of his body on the outside, swept over like fire in truth, shoving her pumping body back into his. A ll those nearly there orgasms of the past few months came slamming together, like an army thundering out of the world of unfinished climaxes. They roared up on her, took her over.

  She screamed, she was sure of it. It wasnt a short scream, but a long, drawn out cry. She had a brief second to wonder about neighbors, knowing there would be no doubt that what they heard was pleasure, not torment, though it could be the knife edge of both. Brendan knew that even better than she did.

  His hot seed jetted into her, keeping her going. His cock was still slamming into her so she did feel the slap of testicles against her, an additional impact to her still spasming clit. The clutch of his powerful arm around her waist, hearing his guttural, primal sound of release, it was all beautiful.

  His climax kept her crying out through her own aftershocks, clinging to that supporting arm, gloriously aware it never slipped, capable of holding her up even through his own overwhelming response.

  Capable of holding her through anything.

  * * * * *

  It seemed a long time before they came down. Her vision seemed fuzzy. Easing her to her side, he spooned behind her, like the photo downstairs, and she didnt mind thinking of them as black and white, tranquil shades of gray against the blue. The light from the parking lot thrown through the window illuminated the bedroom furnishings in soft relief. Brendan left her briefly, with a kiss on her shoulder, to light two tapered candles he removed from a drawer and set up in a pair of pewter holders on the nightstand. A s he went to turn off the hallway light, her gaze drifted over them. The bases were a pair of coiled dragons.

  When he brought his warmth back behind her, she was gratified by how he fit his body to hers again, resting his arm over her waist. You like dragons? she asked.

  Dungeons and Dragons geek. Never quite shaken it. When she glanced up from the pillow, she saw he had his head propped on a fist as he studied her profile. Completely absorbed in her, in a way that made the kittens somersaulting in her lower belly purr. She turned away from him, toward the candles, and curled her toes when that clever mouth, the tip of the tongue, traced the valley of her spine. She was amazed to discover arousal was still simmering in her blood. He was so attentive, so attuned to her needs I wish we could just stay like this. Reaching out, she passed her fingers through the flame, felt the brief kiss of heat. That wassomething. It made me feel humble. Content. A nd wanting to do it all again, as soon as I find the energy.