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Branded Sanctuary, Page 26

Joey W. Hill

Page 26


  While that woman had chosen the clitoral stimulator alone for her own pleasure, Chloe hungered so much for something to fill her inside, for Brendan to fill her, she liked the sound of the dual headed dildo better. Not giving herself time to think, she gave a nod. A nother male attendant stepped forward and gestured to Brendan to follow him. Chloe couldnt help but notice the tension in Brendans shoulders, and the sidelong glance he gave her out of those hazel eyes as he was led away.

  She was darkly thrilled by it.

  Chapter Eleven

  There was a place for her to change out of her dress and into a body suit. The one she was provided had an overlapping panel in the crotch to allow her to insert the phallus of the dual headed dildo. The dildo also came with a clit stimulator that fit snugly beneath a rubber guard that contoured over her crotch area, maintaining her modesty. A s she eased in the naturally sized, lubricated dildo, she gasped at the sensation. Her fingers were fumbling so badly, she couldnt quite figure out how to tighten the straps. Eventually she did, though she almost called for the help of the female attendant.

  When she took her first steps to move out of the changing area, a wave of amazing sensations swamped her. They werent all physical, though having the slight movements of that dildo inside her was enough to make her steady herself on the support frame of the changing stall, take a calming breath. The tiny rubber feet of the clitoral stimulator made her want to put her hand down there, press, but she managed to quell the urge.

  She expected the power of her own arousal would be necessary to numb her self-consciousness, help her mount that platform in front of the casual audience that kept moving past it.

  It wasnt as though shed never engaged in low-level exhibitionism. Shed never considered herself traditional vanilla. However, after the things shed seen tonight, she realized shed stayed closer to that safe pasture than shed realized. Shed always considered herself open sexually, not really limited by labels and preferences. Until recently, shed embraced life the same way, indulging in all forms of happiness and pleasure like a wood sprite. Tonight, though, she was exploring some rooms she hadnt known she had. Maybe she did understand this better than she realized, because those needs and cravings were coiling through her now, exploring the terrain of her psyche unfettered.

  She stepped around the corner, and those needs ramped up about a hundred degrees. Brendan had been stripped out of the kilt so he was naked, body gleaming in the light of tiki torches and carnival lights. For a moment, she regretted intensely not hanging around to watch him be stripped and bound, because the submissive wasnt allowed to do that for himself. Niall and his attendant would have done it, hands lingering over the aroused body, getting him even more worked up for his Mistresss touch. He was oiled up, his buttocks glistening with the liberal application of the lubricant. She was starting to understand how this worked. The more tormented the sub was, the better the Master and Mistress, and the sub himself, seemed to like it.

  His arms were pulled overhead, so the muscles in his back, thighs and buttocks were displayed like artwork. Feet spread, manacled down, so she saw the testicle sac, the erect cock curving out and up in front of his body in a way that was inviting comments from a far more sizeable audience than shed expected. Well, voyeurism was a major part of this event, and, having nabbed one of the choicest pieces of meat, she and what she was doing to him were now at center stage.

  Still, it gave her pause. Niall had told her a thin curtain could be drawn around every pairing if privacy was preferred. The audience would still get a show, artful lighting providing a detailed silhouette. She thought about it, realizing she should be appalled to be thinking of Brendan as a piece of meat. But the desire to take him like this, in front of them, staking her claim in front of those smug faces, secretly thrilled as well. It was so primal, barbaric and savage. It felt right, like what life was really like at its base. The rest was false, make believe.

  A s she came out, Niall was there. May I prepare you for your slave, Mistress?

  A t her curious nod, he inclined his head, and went to one knee. It was downright arousing to see him lubricating the rubber cock as if it were part of her, the tiny movements massaging the stimulator against her. She lifted her head and found Brendan had turned his attention to her. While his gaze was on Nialls hands, massaging the dildo, making those slight movements against her she wasnt entirely sure werent intended, every rigid line of him suggested Brendan might not be pleased that someone else was doing that. It was jealousy, but a different form of it. When he lifted his gaze to hers, it was clear Niall was doing what he felt was his job to do, and his alone. It prickled along her nerves.

  Done, Mistress. Niall finished, and as he did, his hand slid down her thigh, a whispering caress along the inner seam. Chloe gasped as a Dom she hadnt noticed earlier twisted around. The short whip he held landed with accuracy on Nialls bare back, hard enough that Niall caught his lip in his teeth to bite back the oath.

  The Mistress didnt give you permission to touch her anywhere else. Nor did I.

  No, Master. Niall bowed his head, but she thought she detected a slight smile on his face that suggested he enjoyed the consequences of the infraction.

  Ill punish you more thoroughly later. When I next check on you, dont let me catch you doing shit like that again. The Master, a man with close-cropped dark hair and emerald eyes, lifted his gaze to Chloe. That gaze gave her pause. It wasoverwhelming. Powerfully sexual, compelling, and for a moment it was as if her feet werent on solid ground, as if shed backed up into a swamp in front of a hungry predator. However, the Dom merely gave Chloe a courteous nod and moved off, sending Niall one more quelling look.

  Wow. A re youokay? Shed seen Doms flogging their submissives several times now, and even at the whip demonstration theyd made it clear some restraint was needed to keep from breaking skin. Nialls Master had put all his effort into it, it seemed to her. In fact, she could see the strike welling blood, even now. Oh my God, Niall

  Shaking his head, he rose to his feet before she could reach out and touch the wound. It will be fine in no time, Mistress. My Master and Iare a bit unique here. Just as you are, aye? He gave her an easy smile. Dont trouble yourself. Tell me instead what I can do to make this a more pleasurable experience for you.

  He didnt seem concerned or disturbed by his Masters behavior. If there was any tension in his face, she registered it came from arousal. She didnt dare look down, because she was pretty sure shed see hard evidence of it, literally. Yeah, maybe she might have dark rooms she was exploring for the first time, but her rooms were a shack next to the sprawling castle full of them here.

  It brought her feet back to earth, a little bit. She didnt want to hurt Brendan. That wasnt who she was, and she knew ignorance did far more cruelty in the world than malicious intent. Warring with shameful pride and ego, the desire to protect won out, particularly in the face of Nialls concerned expression.

  Ive never done this before. She let it drift off, hoping she wouldnt have to explain further.

  He nodded, shepherding her toward the platform with a bracing hand on her lower back. With the strap-on positioned so intimately on her, the touch of a male hand on her flesh made her shiver, heating her blood further. He brought her close enough to stand a couple feet behind Brendan, though not up on the platform with him yet. It was a very distracting view, looking up the length of those lean thighs, to the mouthwatering display of tight ass and stretched back muscles, the wide shoulders pulled high by the chains holding him to the horizontal bar.

  You dont want to keep his arms hiked up like that too long, Niall murmured. Ill let you know when we need to take them down. A s for the rest, you just ease in, let his muscles give before you move forward. You never push when it comes to the anal region. Dont worry. Despite his earlier punishment, he brushed his knuckles along her spine. Your slaves experienced and knows what hes doing. Hell pull you in, and when youre balls dee
p, so to speakhe flashed a smileyou can fuck the hell out of his ass, hard as you want. That dildo is average cock size. Would you like the curtain around the two of you?

  Chloe nodded. Now faced with the reality of doing this in front of way too many curious eyes, it was a no-brainer. She just wished she could understand why else her gut was turning cold. She was pretty damn aroused, and shed done some kinky stuff before, though granted not this extreme. However, the environment, everything, said Brendan was into this, so why was it feeling wrong? Everything should be all right. He was gorgeous, every inch of him waiting for her.

  He couldnt see her now, but his head was still tilted so she could see the shape of his forehead and bridge of his nose before it was hidden by the length of his bound arm. Completely naked, nothing on his body except that brand on his lower back that teased her fingers to touch, and then run lower, through the oil she could see slicking the taut muscles. There was a faint quiver when he shifted as much as his bonds allowed, and it made her mouth go dry, her loins tighten over the shaft inside her. Which in turn moved the clit stimulator enough to make the decision. Her gut be damned, she was going to do this.

  She accepted Nialls hand to ascend the stage to Brendans left. There was a separate set of risers to each position, so no one had to come up on stage and wiggle past someone else. She could easily see an awkward moment or two coming from that scenario. The clit stimulator stroked her as she lifted her feet to manage the steps and her pussy contracted, hard, on the dildo inside her. It was an unsteadying sensation, and so she stopped, swaying off balance, but Niall easily moved up next to her, letting her lean for a second. He smelled like pumpkin spice, and she remembered they were selling spice cakes at one of the booths. Niall had a sweet tooth. It was a reassuring thought.

  I make a really good spice cake, she mentioned, apropos of nothing. Niall gave her a sexy smile.

  I just bet you do, Mistress. Youre driving him crazy, you know. Hes wanting you something fierce about now.

  Isnt that what Mistresses do? She looked at the fighting dragon tattoos, one of which was eye level with her gaze. The two in the center of his chest appeared to have locked claws as they tumbled through the air. Maybe they werent fighting at all, but something as physical.

  Some of them. But this is about you and him. Not anyone else. So up or down?