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Naughty Wishes Part IV, Page 1

Joey W. Hill

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  Naughty Wishes

  Part IV


  Joey W. Hill

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  Titles by Joey W. Hill

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  Naughty Wishes Part IV: Soul

  Excerpt from UNRESTRAINED

  About the Author

  In our three previous installments--Body, Heart and Mind--Geoff and Sam have worked out their Master/sub relationship. Sam has convinced Chris that what she wants is a three-way relationship, not a choice between the two men. And while Sam is on a trip, Geoff and Chris have started to explore a sexual relationship, something she's always secretly wished would happen. Tonight she returns to find out exactly how Geoff and Chris--fully in sync--can overwhelm a woman.

  At long last, the three will discover if their relationship can work as a love shared by three . . .

  They'd left the lights off in the kitchen, creating an erotic dreamworld, moonlight streaming in through the window, the firm heat of their bodies and the rasp of their breath filling her senses. Geoff's hands were on her buttocks, parting them, his intent to take her there clear. Chris opened his own pants before lifting her with his incredible strength to accommodate both men's desires. Oh God . . . They'd demanded to know if she was ready for everything they wanted, and they were just taking over, moving as decisively as she'd ever seen them, an irresistible force.

  Geoff slid into her ass, his cock well lubricated. Her muscles released for him, drawing him in, the friction and his size bringing her a pleasurable discomfort. Chris eased it by stroking and probing her wetness in front. She moaned, head dropping back on Geoff's shoulder. When Chris pushed into her, the sound became a harsh plea. They were both filling her up, so tight, so big. "God . . ."

  "We missed you," Geoff whispered against her ear. "You're not going to wear a stitch of clothes until Monday, because one or both of us is going to be inside you, going down on you or kissing you until then. What do you think of that, Sam? Do you belong to us? Are you completely ours?"

  "Yes. Yes . . ." Her voice trailed off in another moan as Chris pushed deep, withdrew and thrust again, his gaze on her face, his hands gripping her ass, keeping her spread for Geoff's penetration as Chris worked her on his cock. When Geoff pushed in deeper, it brought them in even closer proximity. They were inside her so profoundly all she could do was cry out her need for more.

  As if the two men had the ability to speak in each other's minds, they came to a halt, watching her helpless writhing with avid eyes.

  "Should have had her wear the red dress she wore to that dance club and torn it off her." Chris grunted. "Reminding her not to wear that for anyone but us."

  "This way she can still wear it for us, because it's not torn," Geoff pointed out reasonably. She would have laughed if she weren't spiraling up so high and fast.

  "Geoff . . . Chris . . . I missed you . . ."

  In answer, Chris's mouth was back on hers, exploring and tangling with her tongue, as Geoff's teeth closed over her shoulder, a sharp stimulant that had her arching up, everything below the waist throbbing.

  "Come now," Geoff commanded. Usually she had to concentrate to come. Now she was ready to leave the runway with no direction from her brain at all. Her body spasmed in joyful obedience. Chris changed the angle of his thrusts. With him doing that and Geoff working inside her ass, it was like being shot out of a cannon, a pure rush of thrilling adrenaline. The climax seized her, her response punctuated by a high-pitched scream. They followed her over that edge almost as quickly, pushing against her with demanding male strength, flexing, thrusting bodies, heated breath. The grunts of release, their combined scents filling her senses, made all of it even more overpowering.

  Oh God . . . She realized she was mumbling it when Geoff chuckled softly in her ear, brushing a kiss along her jaw.

  "I assume you mean me."

  She coughed over a laugh, but Chris spoke before she could. "Just because you think you're God doesn't make it so."

  "I don't think I'm God. I just want her to think it."

  She sputtered over another chuckle. Chris bent to kiss her mouth again as Geoff sampled her neck, her shoulder, turning her laughter into a long, wistful sigh. "I thank God--the actual, separate force of nature--for both of you," she said when she could form words.

  She'd hoped Geoff and Chris would figure out things with each other so that the three of them could take things to a more integrated level. She hadn't recognized the impact that would have on her directly. The two of them were so in sync on a normal day, this was like a full mind meld. They'd sure as hell come to an accord in her absence, and she'd received a ravishing like she'd only read about in romances. She might need to increase her vitamins. Do lots more yoga stretches.

  They withdrew from her body, but they didn't let her go. Instead, after adjusting his clothes, Geoff sank down on the kitchen floor, his back braced against the cabinet, keeping her between his legs. Chris stretched out in front of her on his hip. He laid his head on her breast, nuzzling and playing with her nipple with tongue and lips, keeping her shuddering.

  Her fingers trailed down Geoff's denim-clad thigh, up to his knee, down to his shin. She had her other hand on Chris's hair, stroking gently. Her heart was thudding back to a normal rate, though as she looked toward her tattered dress and thought about how they'd greeted her, it skipped a couple of beats. The memory would keep her aroused for the next several months. That perpetual state would likely come in handy.

  Geoff overlapped her hand on Chris's head so they were touching him together. She had to clear her voice again so it came out as less of a r
asp. "Can I ask a favor?"

  "This wasn't favor enough?" Geoff asked. "Greedy girl."

  He jumped as she clamped her fingers around the ticklish spot on his knee. "Hey, quit it." He grabbed her wrist, pulled it back to him. "You want to play it that way? You're helpless here--you know it."

  "No, no . . ." She squealed and squirmed as he feathered his fingers under her armpit, tickling her mercilessly. "Stop, I'm sorry . . . Mercy . . ."

  "Master," he growled in her ear. "I'm sorry, Master."

  "I'm sorry, Master," she wailed, still shrieking. He stopped and put his mouth to her neck, biting hard enough she was sure he left teeth marks in her tender skin. She drew in a humming breath. Chris, unperturbed by their antics, captured both breasts in his large hands, so he could suckle and play with them with more focused intent. "Oh . . . I may not survive this . . ."

  Geoff smiled against her throat. "We'll take care of you," he promised. "Bring you back to life. Again and again . . . and again."

  "Okay," she said faintly. Chris lifted his head. She put both her hands on his face, cradling it, molding her fingers over his jaw. "I'm so happy," she said. "And you look happy, too."

  He smiled. "Geoff doesn't look happy?"

  She sniffed over the tickling. "I'm less concerned about his happiness."

  "Ouch." Geoff chuckled but banded an arm around her chest. She reveled in his strength as he held her close. "What was the favor, brat?"

  "I'd like to see you kiss each other," she said. At his lifted brow, she flushed a little. "It's sort of a fantasy of mine. I've been wanting to see you kiss Chris for a long time. I just wasn't sure until now if it worked for you two."

  "How can you tell it does now?"

  She shot him a Duh look. "Seriously?"

  She'd seen it not only in their easy synchronization since she'd crossed the threshold, but in whatever unspoken message passed between them right now. It was overwhelming, seeing the chemistry of deep friendship, their intuitive knowledge of each other, taken to the level of sexual intimacy. She couldn't help wishing that she'd left up webcams everywhere so she could watch firsthand what had happened during her absence. But a kiss would help her imaginings considerably.

  Reaching over her, Geoff grabbed Chris's head and brought him up to his level to plant an exaggerated kiss on his forehead. She pushed at him, sighing in mock exasperation, but Geoff wrapped her hair around his hand and held her fast.

  "Ask nicely, Samantha Beth. Then maybe we'll give you what you want."

  She swallowed, staring into his steady gaze. She didn't know how he switched into that Dom mode so effectively, but she added it to her list of things she was thankful for. "Please, sir. Sirs. I'd like to see you kiss each other."

  Geoff kept her locked in place but turned his head toward Chris. Sam held her breath as Chris moved onto his knees. His eyes were on Geoff's, but as he leaned in, his attention slid down to Sam. She closed her eyes as Chris cradled her face and pressed a kiss to her forehead. Slow, lingering, a quiet blessing. Geoff's firm grip on her hair constricted as Chris moved to her mouth, tasting it slow, deep, but keeping it gentle, an act of love. He raised his head, and there was a burning fire in his eyes that reflected what she was sure was kindling in his heart.

  She'd yearned for this moment, this complete connection among all of them, but she hadn't been alone in that desire.

  Chris leaned over her. As Geoff relaxed his hold, she dropped her head back on his shoulder, surprised to see Chris do to him the same as he'd done for her. Touching Geoff's face, he straightened to press a kiss on Geoff's forehead. He wasn't teasing her like Geoff had been. He was sending them both a message, acknowledging this was truly the starting gate. It was a benediction for the journey ahead.

  She touched his shoulder. When Chris turned his attention to her, she reached up, held his head in both hands and brought it down so she could give him the same gift. Pressing her lips against his forehead, she breathed in the shampoo smell of his hair, the strands tickling her nose as she lay back so her head was once again against Geoff's shoulder.

  Chris's intent look made her toes curl, but then he turned to Geoff. She held her breath, a different feeling taking over as, in one decisive move, he covered Geoff's mouth with his own.

  It pressed his body closer to hers, so she curled an arm around Chris's back and her palm pressed against the flex of muscle and shift of smooth skin. Chris deepened the kiss, the two men's tongues obviously tangling. She pressed her cheek to Chris's shoulder as she stared at the way they tasted and teased one another. Geoff let out a sound that was part groan, part growl as his hand came up to hold the back of Chris's head. He dug his fingers into Chris's scalp, tugging his hair like he had hers.

  Sam used her free hand to let her fingers play along their throats, their jaws. She let out a little gasp as Chris broke the kiss enough to nip her fingers, invite her into a more intimate exploration of their joined mouths, the slick heat of their lips. Geoff's tongue caught her fingertip as he played with Chris's tongue. The ball of heat kindling in her belly went up a few hundred degrees, making her wonder how long they could survive if the three of them stayed in the house forever to do just this, hour after hour, day after day.

  Chris broke the kiss to seize her mouth next while Geoff moved his own lips to Chris's throat and shoulder. When Chris finally raised his head, he studied her face as if seeing it for the very first time. But he often looked at her that way, as if she were a new discovery to him. He'd taught her to do that about so many things in her life. Applying that lesson to what was happening to them now told her just how amazing an adventure this would be.

  Geoff propped his head against the cabinets to give them a lazy, dangerous look. "I think we should move this to the bed. What do you think?"

  "I pilfered a dozen cookies from the conference," Sam managed. "They're the size of saucers. If we can grab some bottles of water from the fridge, we'll be fortified for a while."

  At the glint in Geoff's eyes and Chris's slow grin, a little smile crept over her lips. "I got a strategic planning award. They gave me a certificate."

  "Sounds like it was well deserved." Geoff glanced at Chris. "Bring extra water. I'll bring her."

  As Chris got to his feet, Geoff scooped her off the linoleum while he was getting up, making it seem effortless to carry her. She coiled her arms around his shoulders, and he pressed a kiss to her temple as he turned to get her through the kitchen door and head down the hallway.

  "By the way," he said, "until further notice, you're banned from the garage. We're working on something there, and you don't get to see it until it's ready."

  So they were building whatever they'd been poring over that day in the hardware store, in the Build-It-Yourself Bondage book. Her interest was piqued but, beyond that, she was privately delighted at direct evidence that she was no longer solely responsible for moving things forward. It also strengthened her faith that this would continue to evolve as it should.

  While all those ponderings were lovely to her heart and soul, her body and mind had more immediate reasons to celebrate. She was pretty sure what was going to happen next in the bedroom would exceed her wildest dreams, despite what had just happened in the kitchen nearly blowing off the top of her head.

  "I was worried it would end up a one-and-one-times-two thing," she murmured.

  "Meaning?" Geoff laid her down on his bed and stood back. He had this way of looking at her that made her feel stripped inside and out. And he was still standing there fully dressed. She thought of what he'd said about the collar--"We'll get her a pretty collar so she'll know when she wears it in the house, she's not supposed to wear anything else"--and her skin flushed all over, just thinking about it.

  His gaze coursed over her with hot appreciation but also as if he was indulging his right to see every inch of her, inside and out. He'd let her play with him in the kitchen, but she had a feeling here in his lair, so to speak, he wasn't going to be so indulgent. Even the one-word quer
y he'd just issued had the ring of command.

  "You know, you and Chris sharing me but not being together with one another."

  "A lot of women would love that fantasy. Being the center of two men's attention all the time." His hazel eyes gleamed again. "Worried we'll wear you out?"

  Not worried. Certain of it, and hoping to be nothing more than liquefied bone and muscle when you're all done. She kept that to herself, though. She was having a hard enough time staying focused.

  "It's a nice fantasy. But I like the idea of it being about the three of us, giving and taking in all different directions. I think it will last longer that way."

  His brow creased, and he stretched out next to her on his hip. Pushing her hair away from her cheek, he curled a lock around his finger. "That sounds like you think it will end, Samantha Beth."

  "No. Yes. Hoping it won't, but knowing how these things can happen. I just want . . . as long as it lasts, to be as much as it can be. You know?"

  Geoff considered that. "Chris doesn't think I listen to his Zen philosophy," he said. "That living-in-the-moment BS, but actually I do."

  He lifted his head as Chris came in bearing half a dozen bottles of cold water in an ice bucket, which he set next to the bed. He'd found the cookies in Sam's tote, and put the container on the nightstand. He didn't interrupt their conversation, but joined them in the bed. Sliding in on her other side, he put a hand on her leg, his fingers exploring the crease between hip and thigh, skating up her hip and over to her navel to toy with her tiny pewter bear piercing. His other fingers fanned out over her stomach.

  Geoff continued to play with her hair. "Chris says, if you learn to live in every moment fully, then you'll make the most of a lifetime. The things that are important, you'll never lose them, because you appreciate them to the point you never let them go, and their joy never dims."

  Sam's gaze slid back to Chris. "You said that?"

  "Not quite that pretty. Geoff tends to pick up my words and smooth them out. Lawyer."

  "I can translate laconic Southern male." Geoff touched her mouth with his and tilted his head toward Chris. "Ready to live fully in the moment?"