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       Date Me, p.6

         Part #3 of The Keatyn Chronicles series by Jillian Dodd
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  He scrunches up his nose. Kisses me. "You tease me about the worse kiss ever, but you're lucky I even talked to you. You were so mean. ”

  I laugh. “You were a jerk, and, besides, I apologized. ”

  “Still, this is where I first saw you. When you stole the soccer ball from me. ”

  I remember that day so vividly. Like it was a scene out of a movie. I felt free and fearless. I could never have done something like that at my old school.

  I glance over at the goal. The spot where I first saw Aiden.

  I can still feel that instant connection.

  But I’ve learned that instant connections aren’t enough. Sparks aren’t enough.

  My mom always says that life is about the choices you make. And I know that I’ve made the right choice. The smart decision.

  Because I’m here with Dawson.

  “You didn’t have a shirt on that day. I thought you were gorgeous. "

  "I thought you were crazy. " He laughs and grabs a piece of my hair, twirling it lightly on his finger. "Crazy, but hot. So, Keatie, will you be my girlfriend?" His big brown eyes glitter in the moonlight.

  Our relationship has been all backwards. Bad first impressions. Bad manners. Bad kisses. Sex way too soon. My supposed rebound could have gone horribly wrong in so many ways.

  But it hasn't. It's been better than I could have scripted.

  "I'd love to be your girlfriend, Dawson. "

  He undoes the necklace. I turn around and lift my hair up, while he clasps the key to his heart around my neck.

  Of course, once he has it clasped he attacks my neck with his mouth.

  Cool your orange panties.


  I'm lying in bed lazily sliding the key back and forth on the chain and thinking about tonight. How Dawson attacked my neck. How he stopped hugging me and started rubbing his hands up and down my sides. How he slid his hand up under my dress and inside my panties. How I stood there in the dark thinking, What if someone can tell what he's doing to me, but not caring enough to stop him. How by the time he was done all I could think about was having him come to my house for a wild playdate. The kind of playdate where the parents aren't home so the kids eat sugar, jump on the beds, and color all over the walls. How I dragged him to the lacrosse field. How the bleachers felt cold on my naked ass and how it contrasted so perfectly with the hotness of him on top of me.

  He texts me at the same time a Facebook notification pops up.

  Dawson Johnson and Kiki Kiki are in a relationship.

  It shows a photo timeline of us together. Kissing on the bench. At the Hamptons partying. Holding my hand at lunch. Kissing after he asked me to Homecoming. I accept our relationship and change my profile picture to the one of us kissing. You can't really see my face, just how I leapt up into his arms and gave him a kiss worthy of the sexy way he asked me.

  Katie pops up out of her bed. "Keatyn! Dawson asked you out? Why didn't you tell me?"

  "Everyone already thinks we're going out. We just made it official tonight. "

  "How did he ask? Was is dreamy?"

  "I'm not sure about dreamy. He was just sweet. We went to dinner, and then he took me down on the soccer field where he first saw me. Asked me there. ”

  "Then what?"

  "Then he was being naughty, so I dragged him to the lacrosse field. "

  "I want to go to the lacrosse field. I’ve heard it's a nice, private place. "

  "I little cold but, yeah, it was. "

  "So are you finally going to admit that you and Dawson are having sex?"

  I laugh. "Probably not. "

  "But you are, right?"

  I nod my head and laugh. “Probably. ”

  She leaps across the room and onto my bed. "Tell me about it, please. Let me live vicariously through you. I don't even have a date for Homecoming and it's only a week away!"

  "I have an idea of someone you could go with. I know you’ve been hanging out with Jordan, but I heard him say that he didn't want a date. "

  She slumps her shoulders, picks up one of my pillows, and hugs it. "I was hoping Tyrese would ask me, but he's been seeing that Macy chick. "

  "Yeah, he hasn't hung out or partied with us in a while. Dawson says he does that. He gets all into a girl and forgets about his friends. "

  "So you have an idea of someone I could go with?"

  "What about Dallas?"

  "He is so cute. Do you think he would want to go with me?"

  “I know he thinks you’re cute. "

  Her face brightens. "Ohmigosh, really? He’s adorable. Can you talk to him?"

  "Should I call him now?"

  "Oh, I don't know. " She smooths her hair down with her hand. "I look like a mess. "

  "He's not going to see you through the phone, silly. I’ll text him. ”

  Me: You gonna ask anyone to Homecoming?

  Dallas: Probably go stag.

  Me: What if you had a real date? Like with someone that has been crushing on you since school started.

  Dallas: Katie???!!

  Me: Yes, Katie. She was hanging with Jordan, but he says he doesn't want a date.

  Dallas: Must be gay. Call me. Then make her talk to me.

  Me: Uh, okay. What are you gonna say?

  Dallas: First, I’m gonna ask if she wants to hang out tomorrow night. Then if she puts out, I’ll ask her to HC.

  Me: DALLAS!!!!

  Dallas: Cool your orange panties and call me. I won’t try anything but if she attacks me I will NOT resist.

  I dial Dallas' number and hold the phone out to Katie. Her eyes get big then she sits up straighter and brushes her fingers through her hair. She nods at me and takes the phone.

  She goes, "Uh, huh. " Laughs. "Oh!" Giggles. "Well, I'm not wearing any right now. " Major blushing and more giggling. "No, you don't have to. Yes, I'd love to. "

  She hands me back my phone and screams, "AHHHHH!!!!! I have a date for Homecoming!" Then she stands up and jumps up and down on my bed singing, "I have a date. I have a date!"

  I think about how Gracie used to jump on my bed. It's weird how someone doing the simplest thing can bring tears to my eyes. How it can remind me of home.

  She does one more bounce then lands with a thud.

  "Did you tell him he didn't have to ask you in a cute way?"

  "Yeah, I don't care about that. I just want a date. Plus, he kinda caught me off guard when he asked about my panties. He's really sexy. Like, he has a sexy voice. Had any other guy asked me that, I probably would've hung up on him. But he's just so damn cute. I gotta call Annie and Maggie and tell them!"

  She bounds back over to her bed and calls Maggie.

  Me: She’s screaming in joy.

  Dallas: I’ll have her screaming in ecstasy ;)

  Me: You are SO bad!

  I read Dawson's text.

  Dawson: I think we need to celebrate. Let's get some people together tonight and party.

  Me: I thought our celebration was pretty damn good already but, you know me, I'm always up for a party.

  Dawson: Bryce and Jake are up for it too. Meet me at 1, my sexy, hot, amazing girlfriend.

  Me: Your girlfriend. I like that.
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