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Alpha Raven

Jill Shalvis

  Alpha Raven

  This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


  First edition. October 16, 2018.

  Copyright © 2018 Jill Shalvis.

  ISBN: 978-1386075455

  Written by Jill Shalvis.

  Table of Contents

  Title Page

  Copyright Page

  Alpha Raven

  O N E | Let's Get This Show On The Road

  T W O | This Was My Secret

  T H R E E | Welcome To The Blood Moon Pack

  F O U R | Uh Oh

  F I V E | Meeting The Alpha

  S I X | Well, Atleast I Tried

  S E V E N | A Chance

  E I G H T | This Is Going To Be A Long Night

  N I N E | Did He Just Talk?

  T E N | Thank You Luna

  E L E V E N | Mine

  T W E L V E | Happy Birthday Alpha

  T H I R T E E N | I Promise

  F O U R T E E N | What A Fun Day

  F I F T E E N | They Found Me

  S I X T E E N | I'm Sorry

  S E V E N T E E N | Now I Was Sweating

  E I G H T E E N | My Mum

  N I N E T E E N | I Didn't Deserve One

  T W E N T Y | Marked

  T W E N T Y - O N E |Plan Into Action

  T W E N T Y - T W O | Catch Me

  T W E N T Y - T H R E E | I Am His, As He Is Mine

  T W E N T Y - F O U R | I Have No Regrets

  T W E N T Y - F I V E | I Disappoint Myself.

  T W E N T Y - S I X | Faded

  T W E N T Y - S E V E N | Too Damn Much

  T W E N T Y - E I G H T | Yours

  Epilogue | My Life Is Perfect

  Alicia Faye. A girl with an extraordinary personality. She's confident yet socially awkward , has good manners and when she walks into a room she's a breath of fresh air. She doesn't care if a person is wealthy, middle-class or poor and treats all the people in her life with the same respect and care. Even though she has the biggest secret known to the werewolf kingdom resting on her shoulders, she always smiles. Unable to make new friends in the fear of losing her secret she stays to herself, only speaking up when she needs to put someone in their place.

  Asher Raven. An Alpha with an enigmatic personality. He's feared, yet mute to the world. The only people to have ever heard his voice are his family and beta. He ignores every living organism and when he walks into the room, it's a sign for everyone to leave. He respects all his pack members no matter their social status. He has never been caught smiling. Ever.

  What happens when Alicia Faye meets Asher Raven?

  What happens when Asher Raven meets Alicia Faye?


  Bernardo Velasco as Asher Raven (Ash-er)

  Emilia Clarke as Alicia Faye (Ali-sha)

  Dylan O'Brien as Chance Hunter (Chan-se)

  Logan Lerman as Alec Creed (A-lek)

  Lindsay Marie Ellingson as Brittany Hunter (Brit-ney)

  Rodrigo Santoro as Mason Faye (May-son)

  Gerard Butler as Alpha Butler (Al-fa...But-lar)

  O N E | Let's Get This Show On The Road

  "Balamory! Balamory!...What's the story in Balamory, wouldn't you like to know? What's the story in Balamory, where would you like to go?" I sung under my breath while I fiddled with my hair. Look at me. A seventeen year old singing the theme song to a children's TV show when bored. I have no life.

  "Will there be treats with Pocket and Sweet? Is that where we should go?" Alec joined in from where he was sitting, which was on the floor near my bed - guess I'm not the only one with no life - Alec had been one of my closest friend since forever. We've practically grown up together due to the fact we both belonged to the same pack. The Lost Shadow Pack.

  My dad held the beta's position whereas Alec's held the Gamma position. Even though his father was the Gamma, Alec is one of the best fighters this pack has.. One of the best things about my Pack is the fact that everyone is treated equally no matter their social status. We all respect each other. Not only this but our Alpha was one of the greatest Alpha's out their. He has integrity and character. He's balanced. He's confident. He's courageous. He listens. He takes initiative and the list goes on and on, which is why I hold the highest respect for him. Him being my Father's best friend meant I got to spend a lot of time with him. I got to know him. I got to understand him. He's a second Father to me.

  My Father on the other hand ishonest. He has good humour. He's humble. He's a team player. He's adaptable. He has good manners. He is shaped by the people he respects but most importantly, he fights against injustice: when he sees another guy act out of line with a female, he thinks it could be his own sister, mother or daughter, and steps in to fight the injustice, even if it's his own friend that's causing the problem.

  These guys sit on a very high pedestal and I love them more then life itself.

  "Who are you texting?" Alec asked coming to sit across me on the floor Indian style. Even though dad was in the house it was difficult to find each other because we all lived in the pack house. Now you must be thinking 'Why not use the mind link?', well to be honest I never really use my mind link unless it's super important, like when I need to make Alec laugh while we are in a serious situation.

  "Dad" I replied still focused on my phone. A second later the phone vibrated indicating a reply.

  As I read it I couldn't help but be shocked. It wasn't the 'OMG he's dead'shock. But it was the amused kind of shock. Alec was sitting behind me peering over my shoulder to get a slight peek at the text and when he did he fell back on the carpet laughing. I would have asked Alec to remove the Moth but he would have picked it up and chased me with it. No thank you.

  "Gosh, I love your Dad" Alec expresses wiping away some tears.

  "It wasn't that funny" I mumble getting up and stretching. My legs had fallen asleep from sitting down for so long.

  "Yes it was" he countered.

  "You find everything funny" I fought back. The next thing I knew I was on the bed with Alec straddling me, his hands resting on my ribs.

  "Don't you dare" I shrieked trying to get him off me.

  "Take it back" he said moving his fingers against my ribs causing me to laugh.

  "You're a dick. DAD!!! Alec is killing me. I'm being murdered. DAD!!" I yell trying to get my dad's attention. But he obviously wouldn't be able to hear me.

  "Dad's dead" he shouted back. He was standing outside my door. That traitor.

  "DAD!!" I shouted once again but all I got in reply was a fading chuckle. Alec starting tickling me again so the first reflex was to kick him. So I did. In the balls.

  "Shit. I'm so sorry. It was your fault though..." I couldn't help but burst out laughing at Alec's foetus position on the floor cradling his gems.

  "You're a Bitch"

  "Why Thank you. A Bitch is a do-" I tried to reply like the smart-ass I am but Alec was having it.

  "Don't start that bullshit with me Ali" he growled making me shut up instantly. He slowly sat up and glared at me all the way to the door and left. I followed behind him and straight to the kitchen.

  "Hey Luna" I greeted when I saw her standing by the stove.

  "Alicia, how many times have I told you to call me Amy?" She playfully scolded.

  "Sorry, Amy" I apologised and made my way to the fridge and removed a can of Pepsi and headed back to the living room where Alec was now sitting with a bunch of other teenagers, watching telly. I jumped on the same couch as Alec and sat next to him. Well, half on top of him. He just glared at me.

  "It was your fault" I said poking his cheek. He just ignored me. So I continued poking his cheek and then moved onto his ribs until he broke into a small smile.

  "There it is. That little trouble maker" I said pointing to his lips. Not soon after we were all called for dinner which was cooked by our lovely Luna. We always had dinner together to show the unity of the Pack. I loved such traditions. just as I was stood up to put my dirty plate away my named was called.

  "Ali dear. I need to talk to you. In my office. Alec you also join us." Alpha Butler said getting up and headed to his office with my and Alec following behind. When we got there my Father was already present and so was the Luna.

  Let's get this show on the road.

  T W O | This Was My Secret

  "So..." I say standing awkwardly next to the door. I subsidized into the door casually leaning against it. properly, i am seeking to make it appearance casual. I do not think it is operating.

  "Why do not you take a seat down" Alpha Butler said pointing to the chair in the front of him.

  "NO!...I suggest...ermm...i'm all right" I answered with a anxious smile

  England desires 1 from 18 balls...I backed further into the door trying to pay attention the tv. despite my greater listening to I had to installed a few effort.

  "You k?" Alec asked searching amused. He knew precisely what become happening.

  "simply best" I stated just because the commentator spoke once more.

  it's a Six! England makes it via to the finals, winning the suit in opposition to New Zealand by seven wickets.

  listening to those words I couldn't help but yell in delight doing some happy dance.

  "We did it. We did it . We did it. Yay. Lo hicimos. We did it." I commenced making a song Dora the Explorer signature tune. Alec jumped up from his seat, running to me giving me a excessive five, before starting to punch the hair with each fists.

  "Fuck Yeah" My Dad said after a while giving a bro-hug to the Alpha.

  "Dad" I scolded playfully however could not preserve the grin off my face. As you may have already guessed. i'm a huge cricket fan. Ever considering we have been children, we had a lifestyle to play cricket as a percent as a minimum once a month. Alpha's lips commenced to turn up from the corners but he kept a straight face gave my Dad 'The look'. He right away close up and sat down. I took that as a cue to shut up too.

  "So what become it which you desired to speak approximately?" I asked pretending that we weren't simply dancing like idiots. Alpha shook his head barely searching right down to hid his smile, however I caught it.

  "they are coming" became all he said.

  "Who?" I asked immediately focusing on what became going on. i was a crazy person who might anything to make someone smile but whilst wished i used to be the maximum critical man or woman you could ever meet. i'm simply cool like that.

  "I do not know, but they recognise approximately you" he ran a hand via his hair as he sat down at the back of his table, his spouse standing via his facet.

  "So, what now?" Alec asked from beside me. The tension in this room in the interim was thick.

  "well, there is nothing a great deal we will do." Dad said from across the room looking down at the ground.

  "There needs to be some thing" Alec commented rubbing his jaw from frustration.

  "there is one issue we are able to do." The Luna spoke. The alpha appeared up at her and that i knew the had been using the mind-hyperlink. looking over at Dad, I saw his eye's have been also glazed over.

  "you may move packs" Dad sooner or later introduced.

  "No. that is by no means going to happen." I answered right away. i'm no longer leaving my %. no longer now. no longer ever. This became my domestic; these humans are my own family.

  "Darling, simply pay attention" Luna said taking walks over to me and lead me to the couch to take a seat down with Alec on my heels.

  "We don't want you to go away. but proper now, it's the best thing we will do. it is simplest brief, love. you may be returned earlier than you know it. " she defined jogging her give up my head affectionately. After losing my Mum at a young age, the Luna took the responsibly of giving me a mother's love.

  "additionally, you might not be by myself. Alec will go together with you as your non-public protect." Dad said coming to sit down next to me wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I had in no way been to live anywhere alone. despite the fact that Alec changed into going with me, I nevertheless desired my Dad. i'm a daddy's woman, sue me.

  "perhaps we ought to. it is the best manner to preserve you safe" Alec shrugged searching at me looking ahead to my answer.

  "If that is what you suspect is excellent for me, then I respect your decision" I decided. Dad smiled at me before kissing my brow.

  "it really is an excellent woman" Luna spoke up as though she turned into talking to a seven year vintage. She were given up and made her way to the Alpha with my Dad following at the back of. Alec pulled me off the couch and out the p.c. residence. I knew in which we had been going. It turned into my favorite place and it turned into the maximum lovely area on our territory too. It became a clearing near the centre of the woods, embellished with thousands of Bluebells. It became surely lovely.

  while we eventually got there I ran in the direction of the biggest tree and sat under its colour, resting my again in opposition to its trunk. Alec came to sit beside. We just sat there for a few moments watching the solar set.

  "You okay?" Alec requested searching at me.


  "it'll be fine" he said nudging me along with his shoulder.

  "i am hoping so" I said repeating his moves. all at once he stood up, pulling me in conjunction with him.

  "alright, display me what you obtain" he said status again.

  "Alec, I severely can not be bothered" I stated looking to take a seat back down but he changed into having none of it.

  "We are not leaving until you do as I say" he crosses his arms resting himself in opposition to the tree. I let out a sigh earlier than dealing with the sunlight. I slowly lift my proper hand and notice a ball of hearth being created. As seconds skip, it receives larger and bigger. earlier than it can get too big, I closed my palm extinguishing it.

  "they all" Alec known as from behind me. Dick. I lifted my index finger and began to transport it in a circular movement till I saw a small whirlwind. I instantly stopped. these things ought to get out of hand. After that I pointed a finger toward a Bluebell and lifted my finger higher and better causing the Bluebells stem to grow. I grew to become lower back around to face Alec once more.

  "I stated all of them" just as he spoke the ones words I lifted up a finger soaking in water from a close-by puddle. I slowly became around liberating the water, so it sprayed on Alec.

  "There, it really is they all" I smiled innocently

  "Oh, you're so gonna get it this time" he yelled earlier than lunging at me. before he ought to definitely get maintain of me, I legged it.

  "You asked for it" I yelled nevertheless going for walks returned to the percent house.

  "I asked to peer them, not use them on me" he yelled returned. I simply laughed while he chased me all of the manner to the residence.

  This became my secret. Now, you must be wondering what is so big about that? well, I maintain all the powers and no longer only one. not best this, however i have the energy to move and control gadgets along side hypnotising powers. Now you understand my mystery.


  T H R E E | Welcome To The Blood Moon Pack

  West Indies need 19 greater runs from 6 balls.

  THAT'S NOW NOT BAD. England can do it.


  DO NOT PANIC IT IS now not over but.

  13 FROM FIVE's a six

  RELAX. DEEP BREATHS. in and out.

  7 FROM FOUR is a six


  1 FROM THREE BALLS...the ball is brought with the aid of Stokes is every other six...

  I JUMPED OUT OF MY seat pulling at my hair, screaming on the screen from frustration. So near. So blooming close. i was at the verge of tears. They had been also
tears of frustration.

  "I DO NOT CARE WHETHER or not they misplaced. they are the real champions for me." I declared searching at Alec. I turned around towards the display all over again best to peer Stokes sitting on the floor, his head in his palms crying, whilst his team mates comforted him. you are a champion Stokes.

  "COME ON, THEY HAVE been suitable" Alex stated referring to the WI's

  "THEY HAD BEEN AMAZING, that's why they won. however I nonetheless wanted England to win" I answered selecting up all of the stray Pepsi cans to chuck away. 1/2 of the % had gathered inside the screening room to look at the sector Cup very last. a few have been happy with the consequences...a few not so much.

  "HOW APPROXIMATELY WE pass see the Alpha?" Alec advocated pulling at my arm.

  "POSITIVE. SOME THING." I wasn't in the mood for some thing anymore. Alpha Butler had been calling numerous Packs to peer of they would deliver let us live for a while. i'm no longer positive what reason he gave them because he manifestly cannot share my secret with them.

  ALEC KNOCKED AT THE workplace door looking ahead to the signal to enter. once we heard the 'are available in' we walked in to locate the Alpha together with my Dad and the Luna sitting around the table.

  "WE LOCATED YOU A P.c. to stay in" turned into the first phrases that escaped the Alpha's mouth.


  "THAT IS THE TOUGH BIT" my Dad muttered however I had heard him.