The promise, p.30
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       The Promise, p.30

         Part #4 of Fallen Star series by Jessica Sorensen
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Page 30


  No more rush, no more worry. We had all the time in the world.

  Chapter 49


  She was a mean little thing,

  I pulled a face.

  And I didn t expect her to be so & so &


  Laylen finished for me and then laughed.

  What did you think? That faeries had to be tall or something?

  He nudged my shoulder.

  I stuck out my tongue.

  No, but I expected the Empress of the Faerie realm to be tall.

  I ducked underneath a branch as we made our way back.

  And what were those little creatures? One of them tried to bite me.

  Those were sprites.

  Aislin shoved through a screen of vines.

  They re mean!

  Did you know you ll turn into one if they bite you,

  he said and I couldn t tell if he was joking.

  I still can t believe Aleesa didn t want to come back.

  I hopped over a tree trunk that extended across the path.

  I m not,

  Laylen said.

  She was always a little off. She ll fit right in.

  I heard the pitter-patter of tiny footsteps and glanced back just in time to see a sprite, with its wings out, running at an impressive speed for such tiny legs. It leapt for my ankle and I drop kicked it like a soccer ball. It flew through the air and landed far back in the trees with a thud.

  Wow, she s mean,

  Aislin kidded.

  Well, I don t want to turn into one of them,

  I said.

  Laylen laughed, shaking his head.

  You do realize I was kidding about that.

  I pulled a face and sped up, leaving the two of them behind, anxious to get back to the castle. As I broke through the faerie realm and stepped out onto the land that fronted the Keeper s castle, my heart leapt with excitement.

  When I d decided to go with them, I didn t realize what I was getting myself into. And it turned out to be a waste of a trip anyway.

  I headed inside, glad to be back to the normal world. Even though we weren t connected by the electricity anymore, I still could sense where he was and I walked straight to the back room.

  He was with Sophia, who wasn t all that bad, once the evil had left her. Still, though, I struggled sometimes to be around her because it reminded me of the past.

  The two of them were huddled over a book, in front of the fireplace, talking about something.

  His eyes found mine and he smiled in a way that made my skin warm with my own heat.

  I ll be right back,

  Sophia said and then she saw me she smiled.

  You guys made it back okay?

  Yeah, Aislin and Laylen are coming.

  I nodded at the window.

  Good. I m glad you re okay.

  She stood in front of me awkwardly. She acted like she wanted to say more, but smiled instead and walked out the door.

  She did that a lot. Perhaps one day she d finally be able say what was on her mind.

  Alex closed the book and walked across the room, carrying something in his hands.

  Did you two find out anything about how to free a Foreseer from the Room of Forbidden?

  I asked.


  he said.

  We have to do a little bit more research, but there might be a way to free your dad & although, it ll be kind of difficult.

  We saved the world.

  I said.

  So I m sure we can do it, whatever it is.

  I m sure we can.

  He laughed and then paused.

  So did you guys get everything taken care of?

  I shook my head.

  Nope. Not even close.

  He laughed softly, putting his hand on my hip.

  Isn t that always the case?

  I let out a sigh.

  Aleesa didn t want to come back. I guess she liked it there. But the Empress I mean Luna, still thinks Aislin owes her the spell.

  He slid his hand up my back and hooked something around my neck.

  I stared down at my violet-stoned locket.

  Where did you get this?

  He winked at me.

  Where you lost it.

  I clasped the heart-shaped pendant in my hand, forcing the tears back as I thought of my mother.

  But how did you get it back from them?

  He arched an eyebrow.

  You think two witches scare me?

  I shook my head, wondering what had really happened.

  So what s Aislin going to do?

  He asked.

  With the spell? She s not going to do it is she?

  I shrugged.

  She told the Empress she d work on it.

  Work on it.

  He sketched his finger down my cheek.

  She s powerful enough to do the spell on her own.

  Yeah, but Luna doesn t know that.

  I frowned, remembering the faerie realm. I d always thought Nicholas was bad, but he definitely was the more tolerable of the faerie breed. I’d seen him once since it all happened and wasn t surprised he d returned to being his trickster self.

  And I still don t get why Aleesa wanted to stay there. I mean, I know she thinks she likes it, but that place was just weird.

  Aleesa s weird.

  He smiled, moving his lips for mine.

  And what does it matter if she s happy.

  You re right,

  I said and met him the rest of the way, pressing my lips to his.

  We kissed, our souls beating as one. Always and forever.

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