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Ruin Me, Page 16

Jessica Sorensen

Breaking Nova

  Saving Quinton

  Delilah: The Making of Red

  Nova and Quinton: No Regrets

  Tristan: Finding Hope

  Wreck Me

  Ruin Me

  The Fallen Star Series (YA):

  The Fallen Star

  The Underworld

  The Vision

  The Promise

  The Fallen Souls Series (spin off from The Fallen Star):

  The Lost Soul

  The Evanescence

  The Darkness Falls Series:

  Darkness Falls

  Darkness Breaks

  Darkness Fades

  The Death Collectors Series (NA and YA):

  Ember X and Ember

  Cinder X and Cinder

  Spark X and Cinder (Coming Soon)

  The Sins Series:

  Seduction & Temptation

  Sins & Secrets

  Unbeautiful Series:


  Untamed (Coming Feb. 2015)

  Unraveling Series:

  Unraveling You

  Raveling You

  Awakening You (Coming March 2015)


  The Forgotten Girl

  Coming Soon:


  Steel & Bones

  Connect with me online:!/jessFallenStar