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Unbroken, Page 2

Jessica Sorensen

  She seems both amused and confused by my statement, which gives me hope that my Gemma is still in there somewhere. "I don't know..." She leans closer, like she's going to kiss me. "...what I want to do." Her lips touch mine and I don't move, even when she sucks my bottom lip into her mouth and bites on it.

  Fuck. This isn't her. This isn't her. That's what I keep telling myself over and over again.

  But I'm about to give in, flip her over, and tear off her clothes--the feel of the sparks, pain, and scent of her too overwhelming--when her fingers wander up my chest to my throat. Grasping tightly, she starts to strangle me, her grip tight as it restricts my airway.

  "Like I said," she whispers in my ear, her teeth grazing my lobe. "I have to kill you. I was just trying to have a little fun before I did." As she continues to choke me, her free hand slides down my chest to my stomach, her fingers wandering all over my body. She smiles, enjoying herself, as I reach up and grab her arm.

  "I'm sorry," I whisper and her smug expression briefly falters.

  "For what?" she asks, confounded.

  "For this." With one swift breath, I begin to drain the energy from her body, not taking it easy on her this time. I take as much as I can until her eyes roll into the back of her head, until her body slumps to the side, until her fingers leave my neck. Before she can fall to the floor, I hurry and sit up, catching her in my arms.

  "I'm sorry," I say again because I feel bad. She's going to be out for quite a while, and when she does wake up, it's not going to be the most pleasant experience.

  Gathering her in my arms, I pick her up, carry her into the bedroom, and lay her down on her bed. Then I get the ties that hold the curtains up and bind them around her wrists and ankles, securing them to the bedposts as I attempt to ignore the fact that I'm enjoying this way too much.

  After staring at her for longer than I should, I head through the house to check and see if Aislin has transported back, hoping she knows a spell that can remove marks somehow. But, when I step into her room, I realize I have much bigger problems then a possessed Gemma because my ex-girlfriend is sitting on the bed.

  My ex-girlfriend that has the touch of death.

  Chapter 3


  "What the fuck are you doing here?" I ask as I stop in the doorway, knowing that space is always best whenever Stasha is around.

  She's sitting on the bed, her legs crossed, her blonde hair curled, and her hands covered with tan leather gloves. "Now is that any way to talk to an old lover?" she asks, faking a frown as she rises to her feet, her heels clicking against the hardwood floor.

  "Old lover?" I question, bracing my hands on the doorframe. "I think you've gotten your words a little mixed up. We were never lovers, Stasha. You were just there to pass time when I was bored and I'm pretty sure you knew that."

  Her fake frown deepens as she slowly strolls around Aislin's room covered with bags of herbs, candles, vials of powder and other Wicca ingredients. She's pretending to simply glance around at everything, but I know Stasha well enough to know that everything she does is calculated and she has to be looking for something.

  "You know, I'd say I was hurt by what you just said." She runs her finger along the desk, pausing to look at Aislin's open spell book. "But you know me well enough to know I don't get hurt." She cocks her head to the side, reading something on one of the pages. It makes me nervous. Stasha's not a Witch, so I know she can't actually cast a spell, yet I do know her well enough to know it's not good for her to be interested in magic. Besides, if she does get a witch to cast a spell for her--which she easily could--it will be for her own benefit. And Stasha never wants anything good. Everything she does is based solely on greed.

  I cross my arms and lean against the doorway. "Why are you here?"

  She wavers, and then turns around with an innocent look on her face. "Who says I'm not just here to see you?"

  "Why are you here?" I repeat, giving her a blank expression.

  She rolls her eyes as she lets out a sigh, slumping back against the desk. "Oh, fine. Pretend to be annoyed that I'm here, but deep down I know you miss me," she replies and I can't help it, I laugh at her. She scowls at me, losing her cool.

  If I'm not careful, then she could very easily take off the gloves and drain my life simply by touching me. At the same time, though, I don't want to give her the satisfaction of letting her think she has the upper hand.

  "I'm sorry," I retort without any real sincerity. "Did I hurt your feelings?"

  She narrows her eyes at me and seconds later she's slipping off her gloves, taking out one finger at a time, attempting to torment me. "Need I remind you what I am, Alex?" She takes a few steps forward, holding the gloves in one hand. "What I can do?"

  Despite how much I want to stand here and push her as much as I can, I also want to get her the hell out of the house. The last thing I need is a crazy ex-girlfriend of mine running around while my current girlfriend is possessed by what seems like the devil. It seems like that could be a disaster in the making.

  "Tell me what you want," I say, irritated.

  She gives me a conniving grin, stopping just a few steps away from me. "Not without a price. You know that."

  "And why would I give you anything?" I ask, standing up straight. "Especially when I don't even know if you're here for a good reason or not."

  dpg is the wtg

  She stretches her hands out in front of her, pretending to examine her nails. Blackish vines appear beneath her skin, curving all the way up her forearm. She's channeling her energy to make it appear as if she's about to kill me, but I still have some time before we get to that point... I think.

  "Tell me something," she asks, wiggling her fingers and making the vines spread up to her shoulders, her power amplifying. "Have you by chance lost something over the last few hours?"

  My muscles tighten. Shit. Does she know about Gemma? Does she have something to do with what's happened to her?

  "What did you do?" I step forward, reducing the space between us as anger begins to burn under my skin. At the moment, I don't care if she canreach forward and kill me. I'm too fucking pissed at the idea that she'd be vindictive enough to do something to Gemma, though I'm really not at all surprised.

  "Hey, I didn't do anything," she says, trying to be offended. "He came to me, okay?"

  "He?" I'm confused. "Who the hell are you talking about?"

  She gapes at me. "Um, the super tall, sexy vampire that I'm pretty sure belongs to you... or, well, belongs to Aislin." She pauses, a malicious look rising on her face. "Or maybe it's that star girl you've always secretly been in love with. Gamma or whatever. He did talk about her a lot." She scrunches her nose at the thought. "It would be pretty funny. The girl that you could never let go, falling in love with your best friend. Or ex-best friend anyway."

  I'm not even sure what comes over me. I'm usually good with insults--especially Stasha's--yet something about Gemma and Laylen and her accusations makes me lose control of my anger. Something snaps inside me, and before I can shut it down, I'm charging toward her outstretched hands of death.

  "I'd watch it if I were you," she warns, waggling her fingers, the movement just enough to cause me to freeze just inches away from them.

  Composing myself, I back away from her, telling myself to settle down because I'm not going to get anywhere with any of this if I'm dead. "Either you can put the gloves back on or leave," I tell her calmly.

  She rolls her eyes, but starts to put her gloves back on. "What's gotten into you?" She gets her fingers snuggly into one glove and then moves to the other hand. "You used to be so much stronger and had it together more than this while we were dating. " Once she gets the gloves on, she lowers her arms to her sides. "But you're acting so erratic."

  I hate to admit it, but she's right; although I'm not going to tell her that. Just like I've never admitted anything to her during the four years I dated her.

  Our relationship was built solely on one thing--sex. I
got bored and went to her to fill up my time, and she was a cold enough person that she didn't mind.

  In fact, sometimes I think she's as dead inside as me, but that might be because she actually has death in her.

  "We haven't dated in a couple of years," I say blankly. "Things change."

  She eyes me over with disgust. "And not for the better. Jesus, look at you." She crosses her arms, her face pinched. "All worked up over some girl."

  "How do you know about Gemma?" I wonder. "Is it just from Laylen or has word been traveling?"

  Her mouth turns up to a grin as she struts up to me. "Wouldn't you like to know?" She places a finger on my chest and traces a line all the way up to my chin. "You know, I could easily tell you if you gave me something in return." She bites her lip as her finger slides under my chin.

  I lean out of her touch. "Get out," I say coldly. "I don't have time for your shit, and trust me, whatever you want from me, you're not going to get."

  She scowls. "Fuck you. You don't have to be such a douche."

  "I thought you liked the douche," I challenge, arching my brow.

  Her face reddens with anger and I wait for her to unleash her wrath, maybe even pull off the gloves, but instead she simmers down and steps back. "Fine. Be that way." She walks toward the back of the room and something occurs to me.

  "Wait, how did you get back here?" I ask, inching into the room toward her.

  She flips her hair off her shoulders as she squares them. "Oh, Alex, you really have gone downhill, haven't you? Forgetting that anything's possible." Then with a smile, she picks up Aislin's spell book. "Besides, I never even came here for you." She raises the book. "Only this."

  "Shit." I run toward her, but I hit an invisible force field in the center of the room that flings me back through the air. I land on my back, the impact so intense it knocks the wind out of me. After I recover, I jump to my feet, but by the time I get up, she's gone, and I have no clue where she went or how she even got here in the first place.

  This is bad. Very bad. At least from my point of view. The only way to find out for sure is for Aislin to get here and tell me what Stasha could possibly want with her spell book. I mean, she's only a Keeper with the gift of death, which she inherited from her mother who had a slight bit of Plant Nymph blood inside her.

  My first instinct is to go check on Gemma, so I hurry across the house and am both relieved and frustrated when I enter the room because she's there, but she's awake.

  "Don't look so disappointed to see me," she says, wiggling her arms which are still tied to the bedposts. She's trying to sit up; her head lifted so she can look at me, her hair's tangled around her face and her shirt's riding up so that her bare stomach is revealed. So sexy except for that stupid smirk on her face. "I'm not that bad to be around, am I?"

  "It depends," I reply, entering the room on guard. The arrival of Stasha has reminded me that at any moment anything could happen. Besides, if Gemma's here like this, then whoever possessed her in the first place might show up here, too. "Who am I talking to?"

  She laughs, rolling her eyes. "You're talking to me. Gemma Lucas. The girl I've always been. The girl that both annoys you and enthralls you. The girl you love to fuck."

  "Yeah, the Gemma I know wouldn't say that," I say, walking up to the bed. "And if she did say it, her cheeks would turn pink with her embarrassment." I sit down on the bed beside her and lightly stroke her cheek with my finger. "This isn't the Gemma I know."

  Her amusement rapidly shifts to anger. Turning her head, she tries to bite my finger and manages to knick the skin. "That Gemma was weak," she snaps. "This one is so much better." She shuts her eyes and breathes in deeply, like she's ravishing the taste of the air. "God, I feel so alive at the moment... like I could do anything."

  It kills me to see her like this, my chest aching in a way I didn't think was possible. "Look, I don't know who you are, but you need to bring her back."

  Her eyes shoot open and I'm startled by the amount of anger blazing in them, smoldering lavender. She looks as enraged as my father would get whenever Aislin or I would do something wrong. "I already told you who I am. Gemma Lucas. Nothing more. Nothing less."

  "Who did this to you, then?" I ask, reaching out to touch her, yet when she scowls at me, I draw my hand away. "Who put that mark on your arm?"

  She tips her chin down to look at the mark branded on her skin. "Does it really matter?" she asks. "You and I both know that regardless of how it got on there, it's on there, which means I have evil in my blood."

  "No, there has to be a different reason," I insist. "Like maybe the star allowed it on you."

  She shakes her head, laughing. "Don't be stupid. It's on me because I have evil blood inside me. Because I've been evil all along and this," she jerks her marked arm upward, "just allowed me to let it out."

  I ball my hands into fists, fighting the urge to yell, but she's pissing me off. "I've known you since we were kids and trust me, there's not a single damn drop of evil inside you, whether you think so or not."

  "That's not what your father told me," she says, watching my reaction with hunger as the desire to break me lurks within her eyes.

  My fists clench tighter while my jaw goes taut; my anger begins simmering, ready to boil over the surface. "Is that who did this to you?" I ask, and although she doesn't respond, I can see it in her eyes.

  I've been angry before, but this... I'm not sure I can handle the heat of emotions flaring inside me. I want to punch my father. Throttle him. Maybe even kill him. I want to hurt him so badly at the moment that it's tearing me up inside.

  Getting to my feet, I storm over to the wall and hammer my fist repeatedly through it, trying to let out the anger the safest way I can think of. While the wall doesn't make it out so great, a large hole in it, no one gets hurt and the pressure inside me is alleviated just a bit.

  "Feeling better?" Gemma asks as I make my way back to the bed, stretching out my fingers.

  Shaking my head, I climb on the bed and align my body over her. I don't know why. It's not like I usually get this close to my enemies; yet, she's not my enemy. She's my... soul mate? Other half? I have no clue. All I know is that I need to be close to her. "Tell me what my father wants," I demand, leaning over her, trying to picture her as someone else to make this easier.

  She elevates her head, getting as close to me as she can. "He wants you dead, which I will do," she hisses. "So just untie me and lets get this over with.

  "You really think you can do that?" I ask, leaning closer as my fingers find her wrists. "You really think you can hurt me?"

  She nods her head up and down, an arrogant look in her eyes, and I fucking hate how much I love it; love that she just might be able to hurt me. "It'd be the easiest thing I've ever done," she says haughtily.

  I assess her closely, debating how much I should push her. How far should I go with this just to see how deeply she's possessed? I know the mark on her arm is powerful and it might be stupid to test it's strength against Gemma's feelings for me, but it might be the only way to get her back.

  I just hope this plan doesn't backfire and I wind up dead.

  Chapter 4


  This world has always been confusing to me; life has always been confusing. It's always full of surprises and full of risks. There never seems to be a right or wrong way to solve problems, and a lot of the time problems aren't solved intentionally but by accident. I know nothing about Gemma's condition--how my father got the mark on her--so I have no idea how to get it off of her. The only thing I can do is try and hope that whatever I do works. It fucking sucks. But I have to try.

  I lock eyes with her and force her to look at me. Stare at her until she becomes completely uncomfortable, which is right where I want her--confused. "So you really think you can hurt me?" I ask, stretching my arm toward one of the ties around her wrist, the one secured around the hand that has the scar on it from when we made our blood promise; the promise we made to be tog
ether forever. "Cause me pain? Agony? Hurt me until I take my last breath and die?" I unhitch one of the knots and loosen the fabric, moving slowly, carefully. She watches my face instead of my hands, trying to act tough; but still, she looks so lost, just like when I first met her. "Do you think you could do it?"

  She nods her head while her eyes remain fastened on mine, yet there's hesitancy in them. "I can do anything I want to, and the thing is, you can't stop me."

  I don't know why I do it, other then the need to devour her as I make her mine again. Force the possession out of her and bring her back. Do something other than feel so helpless. I hate feeling helpless. So, in a desperate panic, I lean down and kiss her passionately, half expecting her to bite me. She doesn't, though.

  She just lies there beneath me, her hand twitching restlessly in the bind I have untied. Her chest is crashing against mine as she inhales and exhales ravenously, her body heat intoxicating as she rolls her hips, rubbing ever so slightly against mine. It's mind blowing, the way she makes me feel; the heat flowing between us, the sparks, near explosion. I'm one step away from ripping her clothes off and fucking her. I'm nearly being driven mad by the feel of her, almost completely forgetting the situation as her intoxicating taste overpowers me. Then I feel her shift and her hand slips out of the bind.