Fallen grace, p.18
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       Fallen Grace, p.18

           Jessica Cartwright
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  Now is my chance to thank all the people who helped to make Fallen Grace a reality. To my family for all your support, I could not have done this without your help and encouragement. A special thanks to mom for being an editor extraordinaire and all your patience during the process. To mom and dad for always believing that we can do anything and to Emma for setting the standard so high. To Emma and Sean for all your offers to help with publishing. To David for an amazing cover and never getting frustrated with my changes of mind.

  To Lauren you have my endless gratitude for your role in this creation. You were always willing and eager to read the next instalment and your margin comments certainly kept things interesting.

  To the rest of my team of CP4 originals thank you for encouragement, praise and belief in my ability to write a book.

  To Katie for our kitchen table discussion and your requests for updates on the book.

  And finally to Peter for every day and all that comes in between.

  A sneak peak of

  Hidden Splendour

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