Unraveled, p.17
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       Unraveled, p.17

         Part #3 of Woodlands series by Jen Frederick
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  My sex ached. Moaning, I tried to move closer, tried to get him to ease that ache, if not with his dick, then his fingers or even his thigh. “Oh please, Gray,” I gasped.

  “What is it that you want?” His mouth moved against the top of my breast, licking and nibbling, but leaving the nipples untouched. “Tell me,” he ordered.

  “I need you to suck me, touch me,” I cried out in frustration.

  “Here?” he asked, stroking the sides of my breasts. “Or is it here?” His hand drifted down toward the waistband of my skirt.

  “Everywhere,” I gasped.

  It must’ve been enough because he latched on, practically sucking my whole breast into his mouth. The ache between my legs only intensified. With one hand he plucked and pinched the other nipple. His free hand undid the button on my skirt and we struggled to push it over my hips and then his fingers were inside my bikini bottom. We both groaned when his fingers slid between my labia, just slightly inside me.

  “You’re dripping for me,” he groaned. “I made you hot. My words turned you on. This arousal is mine, and I want it. ” I was barely paying attention to his words because I just wanted his fingers farther inside me. I slid forward on his hand, rubbing my clit against his palm. God, I could come just from this. Then his two long fingers slid all the way in until I could feel his entire palm covering me. The slick heat of me was making him breathless. I could hear the harsh panting in my ear as he thrust into me with his fingers.

  “Do you want to ride my cock?” he growled. “Does this pussy want my cock inside it because, baby, I’m so hard right now. I need to be inside you. ”

  Gray’s words worked me up harder, higher, hotter. I rode his fingers while he described how he was going to take me after I’d come all over him. He told me he’d lick his fingers then stroke his own cock with our combined moisture. He whispered that my hungry noises made him want to come in his shorts but that he wasn’t going to because he wanted to save that for me. He whispered hotter and filthier things until I couldn’t understand a word he was saying. All I could think of was how big his fingers were and how the pressure of the pad of his palm against my clit was perfect and how I wanted to come so hard. I gripped his shoulders and ground down and down until the sensation I’d been chasing exploded and I was gone.

  It took me a minute to catch my breath. I barely noticed when Gray withdrew his fingers from me, but I did see him lick his fingers like he promised, and the hungry expression on his face started my engine again. He dragged my head down and the contact of our mouths against each other was heaven. My tangy flavor was on his tongue, mixing with his very own taste. It was addicting. He was addicting. His tongue plunged in and out of my mouth in a mimic of his fingers and a foreshadowing of his thick erection inside me.

  “Fuck,” he whispered against my mouth.

  “What are you waiting for?” I could feel the outline of his arousal between my legs. “Is this about being the only man in the room?” If he was going to leave me after all this, I’d never speak to him again.

  “We’re not in a room and my dick is so hard I’m about to cry so say my name. ”

  “Gray Phillips. ”

  “Is there anyone else here?”

  “Besides me?”

  “You’re a smartass but that’s only making me harder. Yes, besides you. ”

  “There’s no one but the two of us. ”

  “That’s enough for me. ”

  He reached behind him and with one hand pulled his shirt over his head. His shorts were next, and then there was nothing between us but the still evening air. I spread my fingers over the ridges of his chest and abdomen. One thing about the military was that it churned out some amazing physical specimens. Will had gone away a wiry boy and had returned to me, not an inch taller, but bigger and more muscular. Like Will, Gray didn’t have one ounce of fat on him. His entire body looked like it had been carved from stone.

  Had I once thought that Gray wasn’t my type? He was the type of every female who had a working pulse. I threaded my fingers through the light smattering of hair on his chest and followed a thin line that led to his pubic hair and then his shaft, which jutted out between us. I wanted—no needed—all the promises he’d made to me and not just the ones he’d made tonight. The night in the bar and then later at the condo. He’d promised to make me scream with pleasure.

  Circling his cock, I squeezed it and was rewarded with a hard groan. His arms were pressed against the roof of the car and his feet were braced on the floorboards. His whole body was stiff and tense with anticipation and I could tell he yearned for the same release he’d given me.

  Sliding off his legs, I took his shaft in my mouth. We both moaned when I closed around him. God, I had forgotten how good a man tasted and how feminine and powerful I felt with a strong man’s erection in my mouth. His hands swept the hair off my face so he could watch as he disappeared in and out of my mouth. One hand held the hair back like a makeshift ponytail and the other caressed my jaw and then my cheek, stroking his hardness through my skin.

  His eyes looked feral in the night, and his chest bore the signs of a light sweat, evidence of the immense effort he was exerting from holding back his orgasm. The vein in his cock pulsed against my tongue and he made small, truncated jerking motions with his hips, making sure that I controlled how deep he went into my mouth. The flavor was earthy, and I couldn’t get enough.

  I took him all the way to the back of my throat, twisting my hand around the base as I sucked and tasted him. This was turning me on so much. I squeezed my thighs together to relieve the torment between my legs and when that didn’t work, I reached down with one hand to rub myself.

  “That’s enough,” he said, his voice guttural and low. When I didn’t respond at first, he tugged lightly on the ponytail. “No more. ”

  “Why not?” I pouted a bit, sitting back on my heels. My jaw was pleasantly sore but I felt cheated that I hadn’t tasted his come and felt the hot jets of his seed wash over my tongue.

  “Because,” he growled, lifting me onto his lap again. He pressed a button and the seat motored backward until it was almost flat. My hair fell around us, forming a curtain. “I need to be inside you. I want to fuck you so hard that you’ll remember it tomorrow and the next day and that the next time you have a fantasy you’ll be thinking of this moment and how thick and hard I was inside you. ”

  I nodded wordlessly. This was an okay alternative. Gray kicked up his shorts with a flick of his foot and caught them in one hand. In swift, economical motions, he was sheathed and ready for us. “Come here. ” He pushed my hips upward. “I need to taste you to see if you’re ready. ”

  “I’m ready,” I pleaded.

  “Let me see. ” He was implacable. I moved up the seat until I was nearly kneeling on the back bench. He pulled me down until I was almost sitting on his face. All thoughts of discomfort fled the minute his tongue was on me. “You taste so good, baby. So good. ” Copying his actions from before, I braced my arms against the roof of the Rover, trying to hold myself steady while he explored every inch of me between my legs with his talented tongue. He didn’t just lick me. He sucked on my lower lips. His tongue formed a spear that he pressed inside me. He bit and nibbled and lapped me as if I was the most delicious thing he’d ever tasted and as if he could never get enough.

  When my arms and legs couldn’t hold me anymore, I collapsed, breaking the connection between his wicked mouth and my most sensitive parts. I slid down his body until I felt the broad head of his erection pushing against me. Gray took over then, placing one hand on my hips to steady me and fisting his cock in the other.

  A low noise rumbled in the car but I wasn’t sure if it was coming from him or me. The sensation of him pushing his stiff thick length inside me was almost too much.

  “How long as it been?” Gray said behind gritted teeth.

  “Twenty-six months,” I whimpered, moving slightly.
br />   He clamped down on both my hips. “Don’t move. ”

  But I had to. Inch by inch, I worked my hips over him until finally, finally he was fully seated. Every part of him was straining against the effort of thrusting into me, allowing me to adjust to his size. I hadn’t remembered this at all, how full I’d feel, how connected I was. This wasn’t temporary for me and as he stared at me, eyes glittering with a deep emotion, I guessed it wasn’t just temporary for him either. But by unstated mutual decision, we let the moment pass without comment.

  “Now,” I told him and he let go. He pulled on my hips and it was all I could do to hold on because he was making good on all his promises. Bracing my hands on his chest, I rode him, slowly at first because it took some getting used to. It wasn’t just that he was big and I was small but that I was unused to having a man between my legs. The feeling was so good, though, the strokes of his hard erection rubbed every inch of my inner flesh.

  Gray’s hands were everywhere. He stroked my back and pulled lightly on my hair so that my breasts thrust toward him and my head tipped back. Leaning forward, he captured a nipple in his mouth and then opened wider to mouth more of my breast.

  He wasn’t a quiet lover. He told me with groans and grunts and whispered sounds of approval exactly what he liked. His eyes rolled back when I squeezed him on a down thrust.

  “Like that, baby,” he grated out between clenched teeth. When my nails curled into his chest he encouraged me. “Make your mark, kitten. ” Our sex was noisy, messy and full of teeth and nails—and it made me wild. I rode him harder and he met my movements with hard thrusts of his own. Tension built until my toes were curled under my ass and my fingers were dug hard into his chest, but I wasn’t getting the release I needed. I hadn’t ever known I could ache like this.

  Sensing my frustration, Gray flipped us around so that I was underneath him. With one forearm braced by my head, he lifted my whole body up with his other hand. His movements weren’t as furious now. As he supported the weight of his body, the muscles in his arm flexed. It was an unconscious action, but the visible signs of his core strength was incredibly sexy. When he moved inside me, he was slower and deliberate, minutely readjusting as if he were searching for something. It felt good but not…oh my God. What. Was. That?

  The plump head of his cock was rubbing against something deep within me and my whole body went tense at the shock of pleasure. I released a loud whimper, no words, just a conglomeration of letters. Maybe a vowel. If I could verbalize something coherent it would be nothing more than a litany of oh gods, ohmygod, ohmyfuckinglord.

  Above me, still holding my lower body suspended off the car seat, Gray thrust over and over so that the head of his dick just kept rubbing over that one spot until I couldn’t keep it in any longer. I turned my face to the side and latched on to his forearm, biting down to keep from screaming my head off.

  His response was to laugh, a guttural ferocious thing. Sweat dripped off his forehead and onto my chest, running down between the valley of my breasts until it mingled with our combined juices. “You like that?” He sounded smug but I didn’t care. I was lost in some other world.

  Without waiting for a response, he started pounding me, thrusting in and out as hard as he could. The pace got faster and more frenzied and as he reached the end of his tether, his motions became jerky and without rhythm. With bared teeth and an animalistic shout, Gray came. I could feel the pulse of his come as it jetted into the condom, so strong was his release.

  Not done with me yet, he braced his body with his knees. With one hand, he pushed my knee outward and with his other he began rubbing my clit. It was a position only someone with tremendous strength and balance could pull off. Even though he’d come, he was still hard as a rock and he plunged in and out of me, all the while rubbing my clit until I was mindless again, thrashing my head from side to side as his fingers and cock sent me over that cliff once again.

  Collapsing on top of me, he began kissing my forehead, my cheeks, my lips in soothing gestures. I was too stunned by the force of what had just happened to move. Instead, I lay in the curve of his arm as he soothed me with long strokes of his hand over my sensitive body. He left me only for a minute to remove the condom and tie it off, sticking it into the pocket of his shorts. I protested minutely. “Shush, these can be washed,” he whispered, lying down on his side. Pulling me against him, he returned to petting me.

  “That was…” I trailed off. I couldn’t think of the right words to describe what had happened. “The best coffee I may have ever had. ”

  “Maybe it’s because it’s been a long time,” he said kindly.

  “Mmm. ” Maybe. But maybe it was because we were so connected and in tune with each other right at this moment. It was hard to remember what sex with Will had been like. It had been so long ago, but I hadn’t ever recalled feeling like this—where the orgasms still tingled at the ends of my fingertips. We were young and inexperienced. I was surprised at how good it was with Gray because the first few times I’d had sex with Will, I hadn’t enjoyed it. I was too nervous and we both barely knew what we were doing.

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