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Sense and Sensibility, Page 2

Jane Austen


  Mr. Dashwood introduced him _Frontispiece_

  His son's son, a child of four years old

  "I cannot imagine how they will spend half of it"

  So shy before company

  They sang together

  He cut off a long lock of her hair

  "I have found you out in spite of all your tricks"

  Apparently In violent affliction

  Begging her to stop

  Came to take a survey of the guest

  "I declare they are quite charming"

  Mischievous tricks

  Drinking to her best affections

  Amiably bashful

  "I can answer for it," said Mrs. Jennings

  At that moment she first perceived him

  "How fond he was of it!"

  Offered him one of Folly's puppies

  A very smart beau

  Introduced to Mrs. Jennings

  Mrs. Jennings assured him directly that she should not standupon ceremony

  Mrs. Ferrars

  Drawing him a little aside

  In a whisper

  "You have heard, I suppose"

  Talking over the business

  "She put in the feather last night"

  Listening at the door

  Both gained considerable amusement

  "Of one thing I may assure you"

  Showing her child to the housekeeper

  The gardener's lamentations

  Opened a window-shutter

  "I entreat you to stay"

  "I was formally dismissed"

  "I have entered many a shop to avoid your sight"

  "And see how the children go on"

  "I suppose you know, ma'am, that Mr. Ferrars is married"

  It _was_ Edward

  "Everything in such respectable condition"

  * * * * *