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The Maze Runner Files

James Dashner

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  The Maze Runner series

  The Maze Runner

  The Scorch Trials

  The Death Cure

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  The Eye of Minds

  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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  Public Service Announcement

  Part 1: Confidential Files

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  About the Author

  Part I

  Confidential files

  WICKED Memorandum, Date 220.6.24, Time 0936

  TO: Partners

  FROM: Kevin Anderson, Chancellor

  RE: Welcome

  Welcome, colleagues, to the beginning of the greatest collaborative human effort in the history of our planet. I would not dare suggest that this is a time for excitement. The world has never known such dark times as these, and celebration is far from appropriate. What I would like to establish, however, is that we can feel hope and pride that we are a part of something that is working to save the human race. And to succeed, we must hit the ground running.

  Those of you in charge of the search parties in the designated Twelve Sectors are to report back to the Council each time a suitable subject is discovered. It is far too early to know what percentage of the population meets our needs, but it has become obvious that the number will be small. We need to test each subject immediately so we can choose Candidates with the greatest potential to last until the very end.

  The design team for the Maze will be presenting their latest plans to us tomorrow morning at 0900 hours at command center 3. Building a structure of this sophistication is an ambitious project during the best of times, and given the current state of the world, we anticipate that implementing phase 1 will take the next several years. We will spare no expense to keep the project on track. In a few years we will have our Elite Candidates to help in the final design and building phases.

  Tomorrow’s meeting will also devote a segment to the biotech creatures we have manufactured to help us create and fully manage the planned Variables.

  Our Psychs and doctors have worked to come up with an action plan. They believe that we can achieve sixty percent of the patterns we need by setting in motion the incidents we have plotted so far. With at least ten years until the project reaches its climax, I think that is an incredible number.

  Members of the Council plan to stay in constant communication throughout the entirety of this project, so do feel free to share your thoughts with me or the others on the Council at any time. I am proud to be a part of this great endeavor, along with all of you.

  The future has begun.

  WICKED Memorandum, Date 221.11.26, Time 1056

  TO: Partners

  FROM: Kevin Anderson, Chancellor

  RE: Elite Candidate

  We have discovered a most extraordinary Candidate.

  None of us can put a finger on why he seems so perfect to serve as one of our Elites. There is simply something about him. Though very young, he seems to have an awareness of his surroundings well beyond his years. His verbal and cognitive skills are at an adult level, yet somehow he still holds on to an innocence—a childlike quality—that has endeared him to everyone he has met so far.

  Preliminary tests show the most promising results we have had thus far. His intelligence and capacity to learn are immeasurable. He also has the potential for incredible physical abilities, which of course will be vital in the Maze if he ends up doing what we would like him to do.

  We have decided to name him after one of the most important inventors in history, as we believe strongly that he will go on to achieve great things.

  If you would like to observe Thomas, go to room 31J. (Located next to Teresa.)

  I think you will be impressed.

  WICKED Memorandum, Date 224.9.6, Time 1108

  TO: Partners

  FROM: Kevin Anderson, Chancellor

  RE: Implants

  One of the most delicate elements of our project is complete. All brain devices, including the Swipe trigger, the manipulators, and the telepathy tools, have been successfully implanted. I am happy to pass on that the doctors reported only seven deaths during surgery. Many fewer than we had feared and anticipated.

  Transcript of Subjects A1 and A2, Meeting 1


  Thomas: Hey.

  Teresa: Hi.

  Thomas: Why did they put us in here?

  Teresa: I don’t know. They wanted us to meet and talk, I guess.

  Thomas: How long have you lived here?

  Teresa: Since I was five.

  Thomas: So …?

  Teresa: So four years.

  Thomas: You’re only nine?

  Teresa: Yeah. Why? How old are you?

  Thomas: Same. You just seem older is all.

  Teresa: I’ll be ten soon. Haven’t you been here just as long?

  Thomas: Yeah.

  Teresa: Why do they keep some of us separate? I can hear other kids screaming and laughing all the time. And I’ve seen the big cafeteria. It’s gotta feed hundreds.

  Thomas: So they bring your food to your room, too?

  Teresa: Three times a day. Most of it tastes like a toilet.

  Thomas: So you know what a toilet tastes like?

  Teresa: Can’t be worse than the food they give us.

  Thomas: Heh. You’re right.

  Teresa: So there must be something different about us, don’t you think?

  Thomas: I guess. There has to be a reason we’re kept alone. But it’s hard to guess what when we don’t even know why we’re here.

  Teresa: I know. Is your life pretty much school stuff from wake-up to lights-out?

  Thomas: Just about.

  Teresa: They keep telling me how smart I am.

  Thomas: Me too. It’s weird.

  Teresa: I think it all has something to do with the Flare. Did your parents catch it before WICKED took you?

  Thomas: I don’t want to talk about that.

  Teresa: Why not?

  Thomas: I just don’t.

  Teresa: Fine, then. Me neither.

  Thomas: Why are we in here, anyway? Seriously, what’re we supposed to be doing?

  Teresa: Talking. Being tested. I don’t know. Sorr
y being around me is so freaking boring for you.

  Thomas: Huh? You’re mad?

  Teresa: No, I’m not mad. You just don’t seem very nice. I kind of like the idea of finally having a friend.

  Thomas: Sorry. Sounds kind of good to me, too.

  Teresa: Then maybe we passed the test. Maybe they wanted to see if we’d get along.

  Thomas: Whatever. I quit guessing about things a long time ago.

  Teresa: So … friends?

  Thomas: Friends.

  Teresa: Shake on it.

  Thomas: Okay.

  Teresa: Hey, does your brain hurt sometimes? I mean, not just like a normal headache, but deep down inside your skull?

  Thomas: What? Are you serious? Yes!

  Teresa: Shh! Quiet, someone’s coming. We’ll talk about it later.


  WICKED Memorandum, Date 228.2.13, Time 1842

  TO: Partners

  FROM: Kevin Anderson, Chancellor

  RE: Telepathy Progress

  A quick report to all those not directly involved in Project Silence. Of all the elements we debated during the planning stages, this is one that I think we can all agree is an absolute winner. The potential for valuable pattern results from those with implanted abilities is enormous. Though we have not yet officially begun collecting data, we can already see what a boon to the studies Project Silence will be.

  Please remember the reasoning we have agreed upon for why the Elites have been given this special gift of communication; it is important in case you ever come into direct contact with them and are questioned. These Candidates are, by nature, very curious—not only about this particular issue, but also about why they are being treated differently from other subjects in all aspects. They have often asked each other about it, and the questions have become constant now that they can speak to one another via telepathy.

  Please remember, if questioned, to answer that they have been given the ability to do this for one reason and one reason only: to allow them instant communication as they help us complete the Maze. The irony is that it really will help. Quite a bit. I believe we greatly underestimated how smoothly and efficiently the structure will operate with such remarkable workers.

  It is vital that these Candidates never learn the truth. Once our subjects know that we have manipulated their brains to such an extent, we will lose the advantage of their oblivious and sincere reactions to the upcoming Variables. Their altered perspective and inevitable suspicion will not only taint the results in the beginning, but will also make it almost impossible to implement the stimulating experiments when we begin feeding them memory retrievals and the like.

  Those are the two things I wanted to bring to your attention. First, that the telepathy is working even better than we could have hoped, already proving that it will be invaluable in creating the kinds of situations and Variables we will need throughout the experiment. And second, that we must ensure that Thomas and the others think they have been given this ability merely to assist in their design-and-build efforts.

  WICKED Memorandum, Date 229.6.10, Time 2329

  TO: Partners

  FROM: Kevin Anderson, Chancellor

  RE: Spread of the Flare

  Due to the increased rapidity of the virus’s spread and the outbreak within our own facilities, it seems we may need to rethink the schedule of the Maze experiment. Although it would be ideal to keep to our five-year time line of study and analysis, I suggest we pare back to two years before sending in our catalyst subjects. I’ve spoken with Thomas, Teresa, Aris, and Rachel; they are in agreement.

  I do not believe we will be able to collect all the necessary patterns by the end of this phase. This makes it almost certain that we will be required to implement the second phase we have tentatively planned for. We will achieve results more quickly by accelerating the schedule, though the experiment will be much, much riskier.

  The next few months are going to be terribly difficult. I am instituting mandatory testing with the Psychs FOR ALL PARTNERS every other day so we will know when we have reached the point of no return, at which time decommissioning will take place. We cannot let the decline of our minds jeopardize the very project meant to stop such a thing.

  Please be sensitive around Thomas and the others. Despite their intelligence and maturity, sometimes we forget how young they are. They will need thick skin to make it through the transition to becoming our replacements; they will have to survive with their emotional and psychological foundations intact or the whole project could be a failure. We must watch them closely.

  At this time it is important that we not let hopelessness prevail. We have a chance to save the future. Be diligent. Be decisive. Detach your emotions from the difficulties of the present and remember what we have held as our mantra from the very beginning: we will do whatever it takes to succeed.

  Whatever it takes.

  WICKED Memorandum, Date 231.5.4, Time 1343

  TO: Partners

  FROM: Kevin Anderson, Chancellor

  RE: My Farewell to You All

  I hope that each one of you will forgive me for doing this in such a cowardly manner, sending you a memo when this is something I should do in person. However, I have no choice. The effects of the Flare are rampant in my actions, embarrassing and disheartening. And our decision not to allow the Bliss within our compound means I can’t fake it long enough to say goodbye properly.

  Typing these words is difficult enough. But at least I have the ability and time to write and edit in the small windows of sanity left to me.

  I do not know why the virus affected me so quickly and so viciously. I deteriorated far more quickly than almost all of the original group. But no matter. I have been decommissioned, and my replacement, Ava Paige, is ready to take charge. The Elites are well into their training to serve as the links between us and those who will continue to run WICKED. Ava herself admits that her purpose is almost that of a figurehead, with our Elite Candidates the true rulers.

  We are and will continue to be in good hands. The noble endeavor we began over a decade ago will see itself through to fruition. Our efforts, and for almost all of us, our lives, will have been spent justly and for the greater good. The cure will be built.

  Honestly, this is more of a personal note. To thank you for your friendship, your compassion, your empathy in the face of such difficult tasks.

  One word of warning: It gets bad in the end. Do not fight your decommission. I did, and now I regret it. Just leave and end the suffering.

  It has become too much.

  Thank you.

  And goodbye.

  WICKED Memorandum, Date 231.5.5, Time 0716




  I only have two fingers left.

  I wrote the lies of my farewell with two fingers.

  That is the truth.

  We are evil.

  They are kids.

  We are evil.

  We should stop, let the Munies have the world.

  We can’t play God.

  We can’t do this to kids.

  You’re evil, I’m evil.

  My two fingers tell me so.

  How can we lie to our replacements?

  We give them hope when there is none.

  Everyone will die.

  No matter what.

  Let nature win.

  WICKED Memorandum, Date 231.6.22, Time 1137

  TO: The Replacements

  FROM: Thomas [Subject A1]

  RE: The Purge

  I take total responsibility for what we have had to do over the last few days.

  What we have to keep in mind, though, is that WICKED is alive and stronger than ever. The Maze is up and running and our studies are in full swing. We are on the path and we cannot stray from it.

  All I ask is that what we have done here remain within the organization and never be referred to again. What’s done is done, and it was a mercy. But now, every waking thought has to
be devoted to building the blueprint.

  Ava Paige is the new chancellor of WICKED, effective immediately.

  WICKED Memorandum, Date 232.1.28, Time 0721

  TO: My Associates

  FROM: Ava Paige, Chancellor

  RE: Regarding Chuck

  I wanted to share some quick thoughts about Chuck’s death since talk of it is rampant around the compound. Though not surprising, the reaction disappoints me.

  We all understand what it is we have been asked to do, and we all knew that we would be expected to do things that are difficult. But WICKED’s purpose is about the long term, and everything will have been for nothing unless we accomplish our ultimate goal. Showing small mercies along the way does no one any good.

  The Psychs have determined what we need to stimulate our subjects and seek the patterns; their edicts are our first concern. Chuck was a wonderful child full of life and sweet tenderness. Of all our subjects, he may have been the one most likely to earn our sympathies, as well as those of his companions. Ironically, that is the very reason why what happened needed to happen. You saw the results for yourself.

  Most importantly, and to ease your conscience, remember that Chuck was not a potential Candidate and most certainly would have met an even worse death eventually. If anything, we did show him a mercy by setting up the scenario that led to his murder.

  There is not much else to say. I do not need to preach about morals or right and wrong. We are in survival mode, and the only thing that matters is maximizing the number of lives saved in the long run. Please visit our in-staff counselors if need be, but then please move on and stay on course for the Scorch Trials. The discussions regarding this matter must cease immediately to keep morale up.

  Part II

  Recovered Correspondence