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The Perfect Play, Page 5

Jaci Burton

Page 5

  Author: Jaci Burton

  Dear God. He really was trying to kill her, wasn’t he? Up her dress went, to the tops of her thighs, baring the panties she’d carefully selected to match her dress, even though she’d laughed at the thought that no one would ever know.

  Now she was glad she had, because Mick lifted his head and smiled as he regarded the skimpy golden lace and silk, the only barrier between his mouth and her pussy.

  “Now this is pretty. ” He laid his hand over her sex and rubbed back and forth.

  Throbbing sparks of pleasure spread from her clit to her pussy and throughout every nerve ending in her body. She began to tremble as she realized how close she was. Tara lifted up on her elbows and arched her pelvis against his hand. “I could come from you doing that. ”

  His hand stilled, but his palm against her sex made her wet.

  “That fast, huh?”

  She met his gaze head-on. “That fast. ”

  “I’d like you to come in my mouth, Tara. Try to hold off. ” He jerked the material to the side and planted his mouth over her pussy. Suddenly she was overwhelmed with his lips and his tongue sliding over her sex, licking at her juices, tucking inside her and lapping around her clit.

  A roll of mindless pleasure seized her, melting her to the mattress. She reached down to wind her fingers in his hair, lost in an earthquake of sensation that she couldn’t hold back.

  “Mick,” she whispered, then bit down on her lip as she made good on her promise. Hot waves of orgasm rushed over her, and she cried out as she flooded his face with her come. She fell back against the pillows and rode out a mind-numbing orgasm that flashed through her in relentless waves. Mick held on to her hips and continued to lick her, suck her clit and pussy until she couldn’t stand it any longer. Then he moved away and kissed her thighs while she enjoyed some amazing aftershocks and caught her breath.

  “Wow,” she said when she could find her voice. “That was really incredible. ”

  “Now that you got that first one out of the way, let’s take our time for the second. ”


  Mick ignored her question. He reached for the strings holding her panties on her hips and dragged them over her butt and down her legs. Once off, he used his shoulders to nudge her legs apart.

  “You have a pretty pussy, Tara. Pink and wet, and your sweet taste makes my dick hard. ”

  And just like that, she was ramped up and ready to go for round two. Just seeing him down there between her legs made her quiver with anticipation. He was right. She’d sailed right into that orgasm without having the time to thoroughly enjoy the kind of magic he’d performed on her. She’d like the opportunity for that, wanted to watch him and feel his tongue on her.

  His warm breath flowed across her aching flesh. A tease, an anticipation. She tensed, waiting for his tongue to touch her, and when it did, she shuddered. Hot and wet, he slid his tongue across her swollen flesh, lashing her clit until he took the bud in his mouth and sucked.

  Tension built fast again. It had been so long, and pleasuring herself was nothing like having a man between her legs, licking her pussy and bringing all her hot fantasies to life. Mick was one seriously hot fantasy. Her dress rode up above her hips and she was naked from the waist down and oh, damn, this was just so mind-blowing and erotic she couldn’t stand it.

  Mick’s tongue and lips danced over her sex. He added his fingers to the mix, tucking one inside her pussy.

  God, that felt good. She dropped her head back and just allowed herself to feel as he fucked her slow and easy with his fingers while he took her clit in his mouth and rolled his tongue over it.

  “Yes, like that,” she whispered, tightening her hold on his hair as the sensations peaked, taking her close to the edge. “I’m going to come. ”

  He laid his tongue against her clit and began to fuck her hard with his finger. She splintered, crying out and bucking against him, this orgasm just as strong as the first one, as wave after wave crashed over her.

  When she fell to the mattress she was spent, utterly amazed, and profoundly grateful. When Mick crawled up and smiled at her, she swiped her fingers across his chin and licked her fingertips.

  “You taste like me. ”

  His nostrils flared and his eyes went dark. “You taste yourself often?”

  She shrugged and wrapped her fingers around the nape of his neck. “Sometimes when I’m fingering myself. ”

  She couldn’t believe the things she said to him, the bold way she let herself go. But this was one night and it was her fantasy and she was going to have it the way she wanted it. And she wanted it to be perfect and no holds barred.

  So when Mick rolled off the bed and started unbuttoning his shirt, Tara rose up on her knees to watch, not wanting to miss a moment of the unveiling. He shrugged out of the shirt, and he didn’t disappoint. His chest was wide, his pecs absolutely spectacular. His abs were flat and chiseled with that proverbial six-pack she saw on models and on TV but didn’t think existed. She reached out and laid her hands on his stomach, shocked at the rock-hard feel of his abs. “Wow, these six-pack things do exist. ”

  He laughed and unbuttoned his pants, let them fall to the floor. Tara licked her lips at the outline of his erection pressing insistently against his boxer briefs.

  “Let me. ” She pulled her dress off and cast it aside, then unhooked her bra, not at all self-conscious when Mick’s gaze roamed appreciatively over her body. She’d never been one to focus on how she looked, but right now she felt like a goddess. There was nothing like a man’s hungry gaze to make a woman feel desired.

  She shimmied to the side of the bed to grab his briefs and roll them over his hips, releasing his cock. His briefs fell to the floor, and he kicked them off, giving Tara free rein to map those magnificent abs with the palms of her hands, then reach around to grab a handful of his tight ass. Wow. Talk about a work of art. She’d like to lay him down and run her hands over him for a couple hours. And then taste him.

  Tara circled his cock with her hands, needing to touch him, to taste him, before he fucked her. He’d made her feel so good, she wanted to do the same to him.

  She stroked the length of him, slipped one hand underneath to gently squeeze his ball sac, rewarded by his rough growl. And when she leaned over and took the smooth crest of his cock between her lips, his growl grew more pronounced. Mick slid his fingers in her hair and pulled her head toward his shaft. She gladly took him in, winding her tongue around the heated length of him.

  “That’s good, Tara. I like your mouth. ”

  He tasted salty and powerful. She drank in the sight of him standing over her, her nipples tightening as she sucked him. He swept his hand over her hair in a tender gesture, and she knew he held back as he eased his cock along her tongue. She opened her mouth and let him watch, then curled her tongue over the crest and licked the salty fluid that escaped there.

  “Jesus, woman, you’re going to make me come. ”

  She teased him with a slow lick of his cock head, then wrapped her fingers around his shaft and stroked him. “Isn’t that the idea?”

  He moved away, then pushed her onto the bed. “Yeah. When I’m inside you and your pussy is squeezing the come out of me. ”

  He reached into his pants and pulled out a foil packet. Tara sighed in relief that he was prepared. He put the condom on and moved over her, spreading her legs, sliding his hands up her thighs, her belly, over her breasts. She arched and he filled his hands with them, then leaned over her and fit one aching bud in his mouth.

  For someone so big she expected him to be rough. He surprised her with a gentle pull of her nipple between his lips, drawing it inside to glide his tongue over the bud. A slow warmth began to build as he sucked and licked one nipple, then the other, drawing out the anticipation as he rode his cock between her legs, not entering her yet, making her wait for it.

  “Please,” she whispered, pulling his head up. “Please. ”

  He pressed his lips to hers, a soft brush of mouth against mouth. So tender and just what she needed. She reached up and caressed his face as he settled between her legs and slid his cock inside her.

  She gasped at his entry. It was everything she’d expected and wanted. He fit her perfectly and knew just what to do to give her the kind of pleasure she craved. He slipped one hand underneath her and tilted her up, drawing them closer, taking her mouth in a hard, deep kiss, obliterating the gentleness of a few moments ago. But gentle wasn’t what she needed now. Now she wanted passion, and oh, did he give it to her. She wrapped her legs around his hips and dug her heels into him, bringing him deeper inside her.

  Mick met her gaze and gripped her butt, thrusting deep.

  “Yes,” she whispered as he rolled his hips over her, rocking against her clit. His hands added warmth and sensual pleasure as they glided over her body, stroking her sides, her breasts, tunneling into her hair to capture her and hold her steady while he kissed her, his mouth and tongue taking hers in a frenzy of passion and need that made her senseless.

  She swept her hands over his back, memorizing the feel of his muscles as they moved, the steel of them working within the confines of his flesh, the heat and sweat of his skin as he powered against her.

  She couldn’t recall making love with a man this . . . intimately before, feeling this connection. She brushed it aside, figuring she was out of practice. It was just sex, and it had been a while, so for her, this was monumental. To him, it was likely just good fucking.

  But the way he held her, caressed her, and kissed her, the way he lifted and then thrust, slow and easy, taking his time, seemingly in no hurry to race to the finish line, made her heart do flip-flops even as her body sizzled with the kind of pleasure a woman knew didn’t come around very often. She let herself be seduced by the magic of this moment, by the way he ground against her and took her up again. She let herself feel every quake and tremor as her body reawakened to the pleasure of lovemaking.

  Tension filled her, coiling around her middle as Mick licked her nipples while he continued to move inside her. The sensation rocketed to her pussy, bringing her ever closer to orgasm.

  “Harder,” she asked, and he complied, grabbing her knee and bending her leg, his gaze focused on hers as he thrust deeper, then rolled his pelvis against hers.

  She gasped. “That’s going to make me come, Mick. ”

  “Oh yeah. Squeeze me with your pussy. Come for me. ”

  He reached between them, holding his hips off hers so he could rub her clit while he fucked her, keeping his gaze trained on her face.

  “Let me see it,” he said, using his thumb to find the most tortured part of her, sweeping gently against the nub while continuing to rock inside her.

  She trained her gaze on him as she let go, as her climax hit, the intensity of the physical pleasure combining with the emotional contact of him watching her, at the way his face contorted as he came with her, making her spiral out of control with a riot of emotions and sensations.

  And then he kissed her, and she held tight to him as she continued to come, rolling over the edge again because he continued to move inside her, refusing to let go.

  She didn’t want him to let go. Not until they were both spent, and Mick rolled off and left her only for a moment. Then he was back, pulling her against him and dragging the covers over them both.

  Tara felt so small wrapped up in his embrace. Small and cherished as he kissed the back of her neck, held her tight and played with her breast in a lazy way that made her hot and made her smile at the same time.

  “I guess I won’t be sleeping much tonight, will I?”

  “Sleep’s overrated. You can sleep later. ” He nipped at the back of her neck, and she shivered from the chills that skittered along her nerve endings. She turned to him, pushing him onto his back so she could climb on top of him. She felt his cock hardening underneath her.

  “You’re right. I’ll sleep later. ” She bent and kissed him. -->