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  Titles by Jaci Burton

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  Teaser from HOT TO THE TOUCH

  About the Author


  Jack Fellows was hot. Hot, hot, hot. Dayum hot.

  And totally and completely out of Callie Jameson’s league. Not even on the same planet.

  She sighed as she poured a coffee refill for one of her regular customers, offering up the famous Jameson smile. Her coffee shop was her livelihood, her life’s blood. She loved this place, had started with nothing and now had a decent, if modest, business going. And that’s what she needed to concentrate on.

  Not fantasizing about sex with a guy she saw once a day Monday through Friday. She served him coffee, they exchanged a couple sentences, and that was it.

  In the business world, he was executive and she was service. And never the twain shall meet. Especially in the bedroom.

  “Mornin’ gorgeous,” Jack said as he stepped up to the counter.

  Thank God her skin was dark enough to hide the blush. Really, how old was she, anyway? She should be long past the blushing stage. “Mornin’ yourself, Jack. The usual?”

  He arched a dark brow and studied the menu. “I think I’m in the mood for something different today.”

  How about a nice coffee-shop owner, a widow, under thirty-five, hasn’t had sex in far too long, and extremely needy. God, she was pathetic. Like Mr. White Bread Executive would ever in a million years entertain the idea. “Take your time. Looks like you’re the end of my morning rush.”

  He did a quick pivot to look behind him, then turned back to her. “Guess I’m running late this morning. Had a long night at the office finishing up some business.”

  So did she. Wrapping up inventory. She cleaned the counters while she waited. Oh, she could have easily walked away and had one of the other girls wait on Jack. But hell, a woman had to have one thrill out of a routine day, didn’t she?

  “How about a black-and-white this morning?”

  She couldn’t help it. She snorted. Talk about hitting the mark. “Sure. Coming right up.” Black-and-white. Good God.

  “You think I made a bad choice?” he asked.

  She propped her arms up on the high countertop. “I think you made a fantastic choice, Jack.”

  He paid. She gave him the change, and stepped to the other end of the counter to hand him the coffee.

  “It’s going to be hot today,” he said.

  Hell, she was already hot, though it had nothing to do with the weather and more to do with the six foot four, tanned, chiseled centerfold man in front of her. What she wouldn’t give to see him out of his impeccable business suit. She bet he dressed down just fine. Worn jeans, sleeveless shirts showing off broad shoulders and bulging biceps. Her mouth watered, and her pussy clenched. Too bad she couldn’t masturbate at work. But tonight at home, Jack would be the man of her dreams. Then again, he often was. If only he knew how often she came thinking about fucking him, about climbing onto his dick and riding him until they both got off.

  Yeah, it was going to be hot today, all right.

  “I heard we had a big heat wave coming. Guess I’ll be hanging out by the pool at the country club today,” she replied with a wink.

  “Now you’re teasing me.”

  “You’re so perceptive, Jack.”

  “Anytime you want to lounge by the pool at the country club, you just give me a holler. I’ll be happy to take you.”

  Then he shocked the hell out of her by pulling out his business card and a pen, jotting a number on the back, and sliding it across the counter. “I’d love to take a dip with you sometime, Callie. Or anywhere else for that matter. Why don’t you give me a call if you’re interested, and we can plan something?”

  Speechless, she stare
d down at the card and back up at him.

  “Have a good one, Callie.” He turned and walked toward the door, nodding at Blair, who just happened to be walking in at that moment. Blair did a complete turnaround before heading toward the counter, then took one look at Callie’s expression and arched a brow.

  “You can close your mouth now, Callie.”

  Callie blinked, stared down at the business card Jack had left, and pocketed it. “What are you doing here?”

  Blair batted her lashes at Callie. “Nice to see you, too.”

  “Sorry. I didn’t mean it that way.”

  “And I’m here because I have a client meeting downtown, and I want coffee, darlin’. Why else would I be here? But now that I am, tell me who that gorgeous hunk of dick on two legs was?”

  “Jack Fellows.” She stared out the door.

  “Who is he? How well do you know him, and how come you’ve never told Abby or me about him before?”

  “He works around here,” Callie said, trying to shake off Jack’s mesmerizing effect. “Comes in for coffee every morning. Don’t know him other than as a customer. And that’s why I’ve never told you or Abby about him. There’s nothing to tell.”

  “Uh-huh.” Blair tapped the counter with her fingernails and pursed her lips.

  “Don’t even think about it. There’s nothing going on between Jack and me.”

  “He sure had a helluva grin when he walked out of here.”

  Callie shrugged and walked out from behind the counter with two cups of coffee, handing one to Blair and motioning her to a booth near the window at the front of the shop. “He always smiles.”

  “Not like that. That was an I’ve got a date with a hot woman smile.”

  “Oh, it was not.” She thought about the business card in her pocket, about Jack’s suggestion to take her to the country club pool. Was he serious? The club? Her? And him? That had to be some mistake. She replayed the conversation over in her mind, certain she had just heard him wrong.

  “So, does he?”

  Callie frowned. “Does he what?”

  “Have a date with a hot woman.”

  “I dunno. He might. But it’s not with me.”

  “Dammit. Why not?”

  She laughed at Blair’s consternation. “Because. We’re not at all the same type.”

  “Type, my ass. You were drooling all over the counter, Cal. I know the look of a woman in lust. You’ve got it bad for this Jack Fellows.”

  “Do not. He’s a customer. He’s good-looking. I can appreciate a fine-looking man, can’t I?”

  Blair studied her. “Of course you can, honey.” She took a quick glance at her watch and an equally fast gulp of her coffee. “And you’re damn lucky I have an appointment. We still on for lunch tomorrow?”

  “You bet. I want details on you and Rand.”

  Blair stood and grabbed her purse, then bent down and kissed Callie’s cheek. “And you’ll get them. Have I got things to tell you and Abby. Later, babe.”

  News from Blair about Rand, huh? Callie finished her coffee, then went back to work, her mind filled with Blair and Rand and trying not to think about Jack and the business card tucked into her pocket. It wasn’t until after she closed up shop and went home and started to undress that she remembered the card.

  She pulled it out of her pocket and read the front. Attorney for one of the top law firms in Silverwood. Impressive. And now she knew they were like oil and water. He was big money and country clubs. She was modest middle class and mortgaged to the hilt, struggling to keep her business afloat.

  If it hadn’t been for the life insurance on her late husband, Bobby, she wouldn’t even have the shop. She smiled at the thought of Bobby. The years had dimmed the fresh pain of his loss, leaving only bittersweet memories. While she fixed a sandwich and ate it, she remembered the good times, the plans they’d made for their future.

  Plans that had stalled when Bobby was diagnosed with cancer. Plans that had evaporated when the cancer spread and took him so damn fast. One minute they’d been hit by the diagnosis. Six months later, he was gone.

  Too fast. Too soon. Much too soon.

  God, those first few months she hadn’t wanted to live without him, didn’t think she could survive without the love of her life. They’d been together since high school, bound for marriage and forever. Everyone had known it. She and Bobby had known it from day one. It was the sweetest love ever. They had been friends from the moment they met until the moment he died.

  And even now, she felt like his light still shined down on her, leading the way.

  He’d told her those last few weeks that he wanted her to live on, not to pine away for him forever. To find another man to make her happy. At the time she hadn’t wanted to listen to such nonsense. Bobby was her love, her soul mate, her best friend. Whenever he was near, there was warmth. Maybe not passion, but always contentment. And that had been more than good enough for her. She couldn’t imagine any other man fulfilling her the way her husband had.

  Now five years had passed. Five long years without companionship, without a man in her life.

  Without sex.

  She missed sex, missed cuddling up afterward. Masturbation got her off, but it wasn’t the same. She needed a cock inside her. A hot, living cock attached to a real man. Her pussy clenched as she thought of what it would feel like to have a man moving on top of her, his strong body thrusting in and out of her cunt, his lips claiming hers, his tongue sweeping inside her mouth. A rush of heat enveloped her and she stood, walking to her front window for a little air.

  It was hot, hardly any breeze. She stepped outside on the porch and sat on the chair. No moon tonight. No activity in the neighborhood either.

  Her body pulsed with need and she closed her eyes, wishing for Jack to step up on her porch and grab her, plant his mouth on hers, and fuck her right there. A tingle of excitement curled her toes and shot between her legs, moistening her pussy.

  She shouldn’t. She really shouldn’t. But the thrill of the forbidden had always been her downfall. She stood and ran inside, shutting off the light in the living room so the porch would be dark, then returned to her outside chair. She’d tossed on an old sundress after work. The street was empty. It was late. No one else was outside. She could do this fast and no one would see her. Maybe no one would see her, but what if they did? The thought sent a rush of tingling pleasure to her clit.

  She spread her legs and moved her hands to her thighs, letting them rest there for a few seconds while she contemplated. Anticipation, the excitement of knowing she was going to do it, but not just yet. Her fingertips brushed the hem of her sundress, then she began to pull it toward her hips, a fraction of an inch at a time. Though it was hot outside, the air hitting her skin was like a shock to her heated body, driving her arousal. Sweat pooled between her breasts, her lips parting and her breathing labored as she realized she could get caught.

  Someone could drive by and see her. A neighbor could look out their window and possibly catch a glimpse of her lifting her dress.

  How exciting!

  Soon, her panties were visible. But oh, she wanted more. She lifted her hips and pulled her panties down to her thighs, revealing her pussy. She was panting now, her pussy throbbing. She knew she would come fast once she touched it. But she was waiting. This was the naughty part, the wanton, forbidden, nasty part of herself that even Bobby hadn’t known about.

  She slid her hand over her belly, bunching the skirt of her dress in her fist before forcing herself to relax. Her heart pounded, whether from excitement or the possibility of someone catching her in the act she wasn’t sure. Now she was past the point of caring. Let them come to the porch, line up, and watch. She wanted an audience.

  “See me touch myself,” she whispered to the darkness. “Watch me make myself come.”

  She reached between her legs, finding the curls damp, loving the silk
en softness of her own pubic hair. She toyed with the curls before moving farther down, knowing she had held back as long as she could. She lifted her hips and plunged two fingers inside her sopping-wet cunt, biting back the moan that escaped her lips as she drove her palm against her clit, undulating against the exquisite sensations that she knew would send her over the edge all too quickly.

  “Fuck me,” she whispered to her imaginary lover. “Fuck me hard and fast.”

  There, outside and in the darkness where anyone could potentially see her, she fucked her pussy with her fingers. The street was so quiet she could hear the sounds of her fingers thrusting in and out of her wet pussy, could hear the harsh intake of her breath, the moans she couldn’t quite hold back as she tormented herself with relentless strokes. Her palm slid back and forth over her swollen clit, making her lift her hips to meet her own hand.

  “I’m going to come,” she whispered, eyes widening as the pulses shot through her. She gritted her teeth to hold back the screams, wave after wave of unbearable pleasure crashing over her. She gripped the arm of the chair and shook with violent tremors, burying her fingers in her cunt until the storm subsided.

  When it was over, she withdrew her fingers, pulled up her panties, and smoothed her skirt over her thighs, looking out over the street and shaking her head.

  She stayed in the chair and caught her breath, feeling like she’d just woken from some kind of bizarre dream. It was like she lost touch with reality. What if someone had come by? Would she have been able to stop? Or would she have sat there, her fingers buried in her pussy, continuing to strum her clit to orgasm?

  Shaking off her thoughts, she rose and went inside, locked the door, and shut the curtains, hoping like hell no one had seen her deviant behavior.

  “Honestly, Callie, what the hell is wrong with you?”

  She was such a pervert.

  * * *

  * * *

  Jack closed his briefcase and clicked off the light on his desk at his home office, then rubbed his tired eyes. What a goddamn long day. He glanced at the clock and rolled his eyes.