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Jaci Burton

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  Copyright (c) 2007 by Jaci Burton

  Cover by Scott Carpenter

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  Jaci Burton


  To Angie-- As always, thank you for being open minded, patient and such a great editor. I love working with you.

  And to Charlie, for all the obvious reasons. I love you.


  Chapter One

  The weekend before Christmas, and Amy Parker was going to spend it in Hawaii.

  How utterly romantic. Warm sands, miles of breathtaking ocean, fragrant flowers, the place of romance.

  Though romance wouldn't be on her radar this weekend. She was going to be there for her job, not love. Work was her love, her romance.

  How utterly dull--but necessary, if she was going to become senior partner at the firm. Work had to come first. It always had.

  Amy stretched, stifling a yawn. She cast a quick glance over at Justin Garrett, her traveling companion and associate at the law firm. He'd been sound asleep and snoring for hours, his long legs stretched out, his head leaning against the side wall of the plane, arms crossed over his chest. Oh why not? It was just the two of them on the corporate jet.

  Not like he was bothering anyone. Except her. How the hell could he sleep when there was so much work to do?

  She knew how. He'd let her do all the work while he dozed almost the entire five hour flight from Los Angeles to Maui. After giving her no more than a half hour of his attention while they worked on contracts, he'd told her they could do the rest when they landed. He thought they were prepared and accused her of overthinking. Then again, he always did that to her.

  Then he'd gone to sleep, while she'd spent the better part of two and a half hours making sure all the legal documents were ready, that they hadn't missed any of the important items, and setting the agenda for their meeting with their client, Mitch Magruder. They'd worked months on the divestiture of one of Mitch's companies to a national sporting goods chain, and they needed to finalize this before year end. Mitch was on a tight schedule, which was why they were on a plane headed to Hawaii right before Christmas. She'd allow nothing to screw this up, including the man who slept next to her. 5

  Jaci Burton

  Slept next to her. When was the last time a man actually slept next to her? Too long to remember. Her sex ached with the need to be touched, to be filled with a hot cock. She blew out a sigh, aware she'd had to give up a lot in order to push her way into a partnership with the firm. Sex and relationships were a big one to sacrifice, but she'd done fine on her own. Besides, vibrators made no demands on her time. They were always ready and willing when she was and asked nothing in return.

  She should have bought herself a new vibe for a Christmas gift.

  She snorted, then took a quick glance over at Justin and shook her head, realizing that her laugh wouldn't have awakened him. That man could sleep anywhere. She'd worked enough projects with him over the past three years to know him inside and out.

  At twenty-eight, he was the firm's brightest young star. He'd hit the ground running and had already brought in a ton of new clients for McKenzie and Shoals Law Firm. David McKenzie, the managing partner at the firm, had told the rest of them they should model their work ethic after Justin.

  So typical. She'd been working her ass off at the firm for eight years now. She was thirty-three years old, a junior partner, and all she heard about these days was Justin, Justin, Justin.

  Not that she was jealous. She was just as, better than Justin Garrett. The firm was just stingy about awarding partnerships. Hell, it had taken her five years to make junior partner, her next goal in sight becoming a senior partner. And she knew damn well that McKenzie was looking to promote Justin to a junior partner this year.

  Not that she cared. She didn't feel threatened in the least that he was their new golden boy. If things went well in this acquisition, she anticipated making senior partner by the end of the year. And nobody, especially Justin, would stop her.

  She was Justin's superior. She'd caught his sideways glances at her, the sexual hunger lurking in his always aware, warm eyes. God knows she'd spent enough years getting hit on by young attorneys to know better than to let anyone's roaming eye catch hers. That's why she never, ever mixed business with pleasure.



  Though if she was going to, Justin would be the one she'd do it with. There was something so inherently male and animalistic about him. He was like a predator, and she'd always enjoyed being prey. If they weren't connected by work she'd give serious consideration to having a hot sexual fling with him, even if he was five years younger than her.

  In fact, if she didn't loathe his business tactics and smart ass personality so much, she could easily fall in love with someone like him. Fiercely intelligent, Harvard law graduate, Justin was a go-getter with charm and an easy going personality, and his looks would make any woman melt. Tall, lean muscled, he definitely worked out and it showed. Jet black hair and the sexiest whiskey eyes that revealed every one of his naughty thoughts.

  Wouldn't he be shocked to know her thoughts? Everyone saw her as the uptight ice queen of the firm. Cold, calculating and all about business.

  If only things were different. If only she could let go, she might entertain a few of her wayward thoughts. But in business that spelled ruin, so she closely guarded her fantasies and real desires under her perfectly designed bitchy demeanor. It served her well.

  But underneath she was seething with needs too long left unexplored. Her list of fantasies was long and detailed, but there was one she wanted more than anything. The likelihood of it happening was pretty damned slim given her current work and personal life.

  Ha! What personal life? She hadn't even had an orgasm in three days. They'd been working nonstop on the acquisition and by the time she got home at night she fell into bed, too exhausted to even take a few minutes for a quick climax.

  Glancing again at Justin, she wondered what he'd think if she pulled her panties off and masturbated right there next to him. The thought alone had her wet and throbbing.

  She shifted uncomfortably in the roomy seat, wishing she was by herself so she could get off. It wouldn't take long. Her nipples were already taut and tingling against her silk bra, 7

  Jaci Burton

  the satiny fabric like a lover's caress against the aching buds. Heat pooled low in her belly, warming her sex with a low but very insistent flame.

  The logical voice inside her head told her to slip into the bathroom and take care of her problem. The risky, wanton sex goddess inside her told her to pull a blanket over her lap, slip her panties off and make herself come right there in front of Justin.

  No. God, no, she couldn't do that. What if he wok
e up and caught her? She'd be mortified, and probably fired once word got out that she was some kind of sick sexual deviant who not only masturbated in public but in front of a coworker.

  Then again, she'd been typing like mad on the laptop, talking on the phone and mumbling to herself the entire time, and he hadn't budged an inch. He was probably one of those guys who entered a coma when he slept and nothing short of a bomb going off would wake him.

  Fantasy and excitement won out over logic and caution. She reached for the blanket tucked into the side of her seat and covered the lower half of her body. Slipping off her heels, she kept one eye on Justin while she reached under her skirt. Her clit throbbed, tightening into a ball of aroused nerve endings when her fingers met the crotch of her panties.

  Soaked. She was drenched with moisture already. She could probably strum her clit over her panties and come hard and fast. Yet that wicked part of her wanted her sex exposed, excited by the idea of being caught half-naked under the covers. Lifting her hips, she grabbed the side of her panties and pulled them aside.

  Keeping a wary eye on Justin, she picked up a book and opened it with one hand, so if he woke she could at least look like she was doing something. She used her other hand to draw her skirt up her thighs and spread her legs apart, cool air wafting over her heated pussy.

  This was so wrong, so...naughty. It turned her on.

  Inching her hand between her legs, she cupped her pussy, pressing the heel of her hand against her mound and sliding her fingers over her swollen slit and dipping them between her pussy lips. She bit down on her bottom lip to stifle the groan of pure ecstasy.



  Her sex was on fire, the need great as her clit throbbed and burned arousal deep in her womb.

  Pressure built and skyrocketed fast as she kept her gaze trained on Justin. He hadn't moved at all. She took the opportunity to admire the fullness of his lips. Now that mouth could do amazing things to a woman's body. Her pussy spasmed at the vision of his lips covering her clit and sucking the bud until she screamed. Her gaze traveled down to his hands. Long, thick fingers she could already feel buried deep in her cunt. She drove her own fingers hard inside her pussy, feeling it grip them tight as if grasping for a lifeline against the wash of pleasure drowning her.

  Unable to resist, she studied the crotch of his jeans, spying the telltale bulge pressing against the denim. She grinned. He had a hard-on. She wondered what he was dreaming about?

  What if he woke right now? Would he brush her hand out of the way and lean over the seat to press his mouth against her aching sex? She lifted her hips just thinking about offering her pussy to his delectable lips so he could feast on her until she came against his mouth.

  She was close. So very close. Biting back the whimpers threatening to escape her throat, she focused on the touch of her fingers, withdrawing them to paint creamy juices over her clit, strumming it rapidly with her palm, drawing ever closer to that moment.

  Soon, so soon, almost there...! Oh, yes, she was coming! The silent scream tore through her mind as she fought to keep from thrashing around the chair in the throes of a blindsiding orgasm. She let the book fall into her chair and gripped the arm of the seat tight, riding out the waves of her climax until she felt so lightheaded she remembered to breathe again.

  The sound of her panting breaths was the only thing she heard beyond the quiet droning of the engines. Shuddering, she forced great gulps of oxygen into her lungs, desperately wishing she could strip naked and straddle Justin's hard cock. 9

  Jaci Burton

  But that wasn't to be. That wasn't the person she wanted him to see. Instead, she smoothed her skirt down and headed for the bathroom to clean up, thankful that at least she'd gotten through it without Justin waking up.

  Wouldn't that have been an eye opener for him. What would he have thought if he'd caught her?

  She shuddered at the thought. He'd probably think she was a depraved pervert, and then he'd tell everyone at the firm.

  As she shut and locked the bathroom door, she stared at her expression in the mirror.

  Her face was flushed, her bottom lip reddened from the force of biting down on it.

  You've got to be more careful in the future, Amy. These fantasies of yours are going to be your downfall some day.

  Much better if Justin continued to think of her as cold and unapproachable. She'd make sure he never discovered that underneath her staid, icy exterior burned the heart and libido of a wild woman. A wild woman with some pretty bold fantasies.

  Justin finally exhaled when Amy closed the door to the restroom.

  Holy shit! His cock was so hard he could beat it with a hammer and it wouldn't faze him. His balls were drawn tight against his body and ached for release. He was ready to explode.

  Amy had surprised him. No, that wasn't even close. She'd shocked the hell out of him.

  When he'd inadvertently viewed her email on her business laptop the other night, he laughed it off, thinking it couldn't be true. No way could staid, buttoned-up Amy Parker have a hot fantasy like that. He'd dismissed it as some bullshit conversation she'd had with her best friend.

  But the idea had stayed with him and refused to go away. By the time they boarded the plane, he'd had a tentative plan worked out in his mind. After what he'd just witnessed, he was more convinced than ever that she was hiding some wicked, nasty little desires.



  And he intended to be the man to make those desires a reality.

  He winced and adjusted his crotch. The scent of her arousal still filled the air. It would take a long time to forget the sounds of her movements, the wet sucking noises her fingers fucking her pussy had made and the visuals those sounds had created in his mind.

  It was all he could do not to slide his hand under her blanket and take over for her.

  He wished his tongue had been buried deep in her mouth, eyes wide open, watching her face as she went over the edge.

  So far, this trip was going much better than he'd hoped. The other night when they were putting the final touches on the acquisition papers, she'd grumbled about him doing his part and pointed to her laptop, then left to grab a bite to eat.

  So he'd sat at her desk and clicked on what he'd thought was the legal file. When he went looking for an attachment to go with it, he clicked on her email, figuring it was there. Instead, he wound up picking his tongue off the floor when what popped up was an email she'd been writing to her friend, Gloria. It was an accident, one he knew she'd kill him for if she discovered he'd read it. He really meant to close it as soon as he realized the mistake, but that first line...hell, who could have or would have stopped after reading that?

  He still remembered every word of it. Not the short reply from her girlfriend, Gloria, but the original email Amy had sent her that had trailed the bottom of Gloria's reply: Give me a break, Gloria! Just who the hell am I going to have a menage with?

  Vibrator A and Vibrator B?

  I wish. I just don't have time to meet men. And the ones I do meet I work with. I certainly can't fuck one guy I work with, let alone two.

  That's the bad thing about making your job your life. I have no dates, no relationships, and the only guy I want to fuck is five years younger than me and I work with him! Besides, he's an arrogant prick. He just so happens to be an arrogant prick with a devilish smile, hot whiskey eyes and a body I want to lick from top to bottom.

  Sigh I really need to get laid. Hell, at this point one guy would be good enough. 11

  Jaci Burton

  I'll work on having two at a time someday. When I'm eighty or so. snicker

  Let's have drinks tomorrow night before I leave for Hawaii. How about eight at McConnell's Pub?

  Love you!


/>   He'd known right away she was talking about him. They'd been sparring ever since he started working for the firm. She resented the fact he'd climbed the corporate ladder faster than her, but he never understood her animosity or feeling of competitiveness with him. She was damned brilliant. Law degree from Stanford, top of her game in the legal field. In spite of her tough bitch attitude, she'd taught him a lot. Now was his chance to be the teacher.

  From the first time he'd seen her strolling down the hall, he'd wanted her. Her auburn hair had been pinned tightly in a respectable upsweep, her conservative black suit falling all the way to her knees. She exuded the persona of cold, impersonal lawyer.

  But her eyes gave her away. They oozed passion and desire. The way she looked at him sometimes, like she was so hot to fuck him, made him wonder what was on her mind Sometimes it took sheer mind over matter to keep his dick from tenting against his suit coat.

  Like the episode in the plane just now. He wondered who she'd been thinking about when she masturbated. Since she mentioned him in her note to her friend, had she been thinking about him? Was she thinking about her fantasy menage? And if so, who were the two guys?

  He jammed his fingers through his hair and stared out the window. Too much thinking made him crazy. Hell, she made him crazy! And she'd been doing it for years, acting like she couldn't stand the sight of him while at the same time shooting him surreptitious glances that revealed a desperate sexual hunger.

  Despite her possible desire for him, he'd kept his distance. Since he wasn't certain she really wanted him, he didn't want to risk a potential sexual harassment suit as a way 12


  for her to get rid of him. Besides, he didn't want to slide her panties off and fuck her until she screamed because she was a way to advancement at the firm.

  He didn't need her help for that. No, he wanted Amy for an entirely different reason altogether.

  She was smart, beautiful and obviously dying for some really hot sex. And because she kept herself as busy as she did, he knew the really hot sex department was suffering.