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       Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, p.12

         Part #8 of Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling
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  DELPHI: Albus. I am the new past.

  She pulls ALBUS's wand from him and snaps it.

  I am the new future.

  She pulls SCORPIUS's wand from him and snaps it.

  I am the answer this world has been looking for.



  RON is sitting on HERMIONE's desk eating porridge.

  RON: I can't get over it, really. The fact that in some realities we aren't even, you know, married.

  HERMIONE: Ron, whatever this is, I've got ten minutes until the goblins show up to talk security at Gringotts --

  RON: I mean, we've been together so long -- and married for so long -- I mean, so long --

  HERMIONE: If this is your way of saying you want a marital break, Ron, then, to be clear, I will skewer you with this quill.

  RON: Shut up. Will you shut up for once? I want to do one of those marriage renewal things I've read about. Marriage renewal. What do you think?

  HERMIONE (melting slightly): You want to marry me again?

  RON: Well, we were only young when we did it the first time and I got very drunk and -- well, to be honest, I can't remember much of it and . . . The truth is -- I love you, Hermione Granger, and whatever time says -- I'd like the opportunity to say so in front of lots of other people. Again. Sober.

  She looks at him, she smiles, she pulls him to her, she kisses him.

  HERMIONE: You're sweet.

  RON: And you taste of toffee . . .

  HERMIONE laughs. HARRY, GINNY, and DRACO walk in on them as they move to kiss again. They spring apart.

  HERMIONE: Harry, Ginny, and -- I, uh -- Draco -- how lovely to see you --

  HARRY: The dreams. They've started again, well, they haven't stopped.

  GINNY: And Albus is missing. Again.

  DRACO: Scorpius too. We've had McGonagall check the entire school. They're gone.

  HERMIONE: I'll get the Aurors summoned immediately, I'll --

  RON: No, you won't, it's all fine. Albus -- I saw him last night. It's all good.

  DRACO: Where?

  They all turn to look at RON, he's briefly disconcerted but batters on.

  RON: I was having a couple of firewhiskies with Neville in Hogsmeade -- as you do -- setting the world to rights -- as we do -- and we were coming back -- quite late, very late, and trying to work out which Floo I could use because when you've had a drink sometimes you don't want to use the tight ones -- or the turny ones or --

  GINNY: Ron, if you could get to the point before we all strangle you?

  RON: He hasn't run away -- he's having a quiet moment -- he's got himself an older girlfriend --

  HARRY: An older girlfriend?

  RON: And a cracking one at that -- gorgeous silver hair. Saw them on the roof together, near the Owlery with Scorpius playing the gooseberry. Nice to see my love potion being used well, I thought.

  HARRY has a thought.

  HARRY: Her hair -- was it silver and blue?

  RON: That's it -- silver, blue -- yup.

  HARRY: He's talking about Delphi Diggory. Niece of -- Amos Diggory.

  GINNY: This is about Cedric again?

  HARRY says nothing, thinking fast. HERMIONE looks around the room, concerned, and then shouts out of the door.

  HERMIONE: Ethel! Cancel the goblins.



  HARRY walks in, wand outstretched, with DRACO.

  HARRY: Where are they?

  AMOS: Harry Potter, and what can I do for you, sir? And Draco Malfoy. I am blessed.

  HARRY: I know how you've used my son.

  AMOS: I've used your son? No. You, sir -- you used my beautiful son.

  DRACO: Tell us -- now -- where are Albus and Scorpius? Or face the profoundest consequences.

  AMOS: But why would I know where they are?

  DRACO: Don't play the senility card with us, old man. We know you've been sending him owls.

  AMOS: I've done nothing of the kind.

  HARRY: Amos, you're not too old for Azkaban. They were last seen on the Hogwarts tower with your niece when they disappeared.

  AMOS: I have no idea what you are . . . (He stops, a beat, confused.) My niece?

  HARRY: There are no depths to which you won't sink, are there -- yes, your niece, are you denying she was there under your express instructions?

  AMOS: Yes, I am -- I don't have a niece.

  This stops HARRY.

  DRACO: Yes, you do, a nurse, works here. Your niece . . . Delphini Diggory.

  AMOS: I know I don't have a niece because I never had any brothers and sisters. And nor did my wife.

  DRACO: We need to find out who she is -- now.



  We open on DELPHI, enjoying every second of her changed identity. Where there was discomfort and insecurity, now there's just power.

  ALBUS: What are we doing on the Quidditch pitch?

  DELPHI says nothing.

  SCORPIUS: The Triwizard Tournament. The third task. The maze. This is where the maze was. We're going back for Cedric.

  DELPHI: Yes, it is time to spare the spare once and for all. We will go back for Cedric and in doing so we will resurrect the world you saw, Scorpius . . .

  SCORPIUS: Hell. You want to resurrect hell?

  DELPHI: I want a return to pure and strong magic. I want to rebirth the Dark.

  SCORPIUS: You want Voldemort's return?

  DELPHI: The one true ruler of the wizarding world. He will return. Now, you've ensured the first two tasks are a little clogged up with magic -- there are at least two visits from the future in both of them and I will not risk being revealed or distracted. The third task is clean, so let's start there, shall we?

  ALBUS: We won't stop him -- whatever you force us to do -- we know he needs to win the tournament with my dad.

  DELPHI: I don't just want you to stop him. I want you to humiliate him. He needs to fly out of that maze naked on a broomstick made of purple feather dusters. Humiliation got you there before and it'll get us there again. And the prophecy will be fulfilled.

  SCORPIUS: Wasn't aware that there was a prophecy, what prophecy?

  DELPHI: You have seen the world as it should be, Scorpius, and today we're going to ensure its return.

  ALBUS: We won't. We won't obey you. Whoever you are. Whatever you want us to do.

  DELPHI: Of course you will.

  ALBUS: You'll have to use Imperio. You'll have to control me.

  DELPHI: No. To fulfill the prophecy, this has to be you, not a puppet of you. You have to be the one to humiliate Cedric, so Imperio just won't do -- I'll have to force you by other means.

  She takes out her wand. She points it at ALBUS, who sticks his chin out.

  ALBUS: Do your worst.

  DELPHI looks at him. And then turns her wand on SCORPIUS.

  DELPHI: I will.

  ALBUS: No!

  DELPHI: Yes, as I thought -- this seems to frighten you more.

  SCORPIUS: Albus, whatever she does to me -- we can't let her --

  DELPHI: Crucio!

  SCORPIUS yells out in pain.

  ALBUS: I will . . .

  DELPHI (laughing): What? What on earth do you think you can do? A wizardwide disappointment? A sore on your family name? A spare? You want to stop me hurting your only friend? Then do what you're told.

  She looks at ALBUS, his eyes stay resistant.

  No? Crucio!

  ALBUS: Stop. Please.

  CRAIG runs in, full of energy.

  CRAIG BOWKER JR.: Scorpius? Albus? Everyone's looking for you --

  ALBUS: Craig. Get away. Get help!

  CRAIG BOWKER JR.: What's happening?

  DELPHI: Avada Kedavra!

  DELPHI sends a blast of green light across the stage -- CRAIG is propelled backwards by it -- and is immediately killed.

/>   There's a silence. A silence that seems to last for a long time.

  Did you not understand? These are not childish games we are playing here. You are useful to me, your friends are not.

  ALBUS and SCORPIUS look at CRAIG's body -- their minds in hell.

  It took me a long time to discover your weakness, Albus Potter. I thought it was pride, I thought it was the need to impress your father, but then I realized your weakness was the same as your father's: friendship. You will do exactly as you're told, otherwise Scorpius will die, just like that spare did.

  She looks at them both.

  Voldemort will return and the Augurey will sit at his side. Just as it was prophesized. "When spares are spared, when time is turned, when unseen children murder their fathers: Then will the Dark Lord return."

  She smiles. She pulls SCORPIUS viciously towards her.

  Cedric is the spare, and Albus --

  She pulls ALBUS viciously towards her.

  -- the unseen child who will kill his father by rewriting time and so return the Dark Lord.

  The Time-Turner starts rotating. She pulls their hands to it.


  And there is a giant whoosh of light. A smash of noise.

  And time stops. And then it turns over, thinks a bit, and begins spooling backwards, slow at first . . .

  And then it speeds up.

  And then there's a sucking noise. And a BANG.



  The maze is a spiral of hedges that don't stop moving. DELPHI walks determinedly through it. Behind her she drags ALBUS and SCORPIUS. Their arms bound, their legs reluctantly moving.

  LUDO BAGMAN: Ladies and gentlemen -- boys and girls -- I give you -- the greatest -- the fabulous -- the one -- and the only TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT.

  There's a loud cheer. DELPHI turns left.

  If you're from Hogwarts. Give me a cheer.

  There's a loud cheer.

  If you're from Durmstrang -- give me a cheer.

  There's a loud cheer.


  There's a fulsome cheer.

  DELPHI and the boys are forced to move as a hedge closes upon them.

  The French, finally showing us what they're capable of there. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you -- the final of the Triwizard tasks. A maze of mysteries, a disease of uncontrollable darkness, for this maze -- it lives. It lives.

  VIKTOR KRUM passes across the stage, moving through the maze.

  And why risk this living nightmare? Because inside this maze is a Cup -- and not just any Cup -- yes, the Triwizard trophy stands within this vegetation.

  DELPHI: Where is he? Where is Cedric?

  A hedge almost dissects ALBUS and SCORPIUS.

  SCORPIUS: The hedges want to kill us too? This gets better and better.

  DELPHI: You will keep up or face the consequences.

  LUDO BAGMAN: The perils are plentiful, but the prizes are palpable. Who will fight their way through? Who will fall at the final hurdle? What heroes do we have within our midst? Only time will tell, ladies and gentlemen, only time will tell.

  They move through the maze, SCORPIUS and ALBUS being compelled by DELPHI. As she moves ahead, the boys have a chance to talk.

  SCORPIUS: Albus, we need to do something.

  ALBUS: I know, but what? She has snapped our wands, we're bound, and she's threatening to kill you.

  SCORPIUS: I'm ready to die if it'll stop Voldemort returning.

  ALBUS: Are you?

  SCORPIUS: You won't have to mourn me for long, she'll kill me and quickly kill you too.

  ALBUS (desperate): The flaw in the Time-Turner, the five-minute rule. We do all we can to run down the clock.

  SCORPIUS: It won't work.

  As another hedge changes direction, DELPHI pulls ALBUS and SCORPIUS in after her. They continue through this maze of despair.

  LUDO BAGMAN: Now let me remind you of the current standings! Tied in first place -- Mr. Cedric Diggory and Mr. Harry Potter. In second place -- Mr. Viktor Krum! And in third place -- sacre bleu, Miss Fleur Delacour.

  Suddenly, ALBUS and SCORPIUS emerge from behind a hedge, they're running.

  ALBUS: Where did she go?

  SCORPIUS: Does it matter? Which way do you think?

  DELPHI rises up after them. She's flying, and without a broom.

  DELPHI: You poor creatures.

  She throws the boys to the ground.

  Thinking you can escape me.

  ALBUS (astonished): You're not -- even on a broom.

  DELPHI: Brooms -- such unwieldy, unnecessary objects. Three minutes gone. We have two minutes left. And you will do what you're told.

  SCORPIUS: No. We won't.

  DELPHI: You think you can fight me?

  SCORPIUS: No. But we can defy you. If we lay down our lives to do so.

  DELPHI: The prophecy must be fulfilled. We will fulfill it.

  SCORPIUS: Prophecies can be broken.

  DELPHI: You're mistaken, child, prophecies are the future.

  SCORPIUS: But if the prophecy is inevitable why are we here trying to influence it? Your actions contradict your thoughts -- you're dragging us through this maze because you believe this prophecy needs to be enabled -- and by that logic prophecies can also be broken -- prevented.

  DELPHI: You talk too much, child. Crucio!

  SCORPIUS is racked with pain.

  ALBUS: Scorpius!

  SCORPIUS: You wanted a test, Albus, this is it, and we're going to pass it.

  ALBUS looks at SCORPIUS, finally aware what he has to do. He nods.

  DELPHI: Then you will die.

  ALBUS (full of strength): Yes. We will. And we'll do so gladly knowing it's stopped you.

  DELPHI rises up -- full of fury.

  DELPHI: We don't have time for this. Cru --

  MYSTERIOUS VOICE: Expelliarmus!

  Bang. DELPHI's wand is pulled away from her. SCORPIUS looks on in astonishment.


  And DELPHI is bound. SCORPIUS and ALBUS then turn as one and stare in astonishment at where the bolt came from: a young, good-looking lad of seventeen or so, CEDRIC.

  CEDRIC: Come no further.

  SCORPIUS: But you're . . .

  CEDRIC: Cedric Diggory. I heard screaming, I had to come. Name yourselves, beasts. I can fight you.

  ALBUS wheels around, astonished.

  ALBUS: Cedric?

  SCORPIUS: You saved us.

  CEDRIC: Are you also a task? An obstacle? Speak. Do I have to defeat you too?

  There's a silence.

  SCORPIUS: No. You just have to free us. That's the task.

  CEDRIC thinks, trying to work out whether it's a trap, and then waves his wand.

  CEDRIC: Emancipare! Emancipare!

  The boys are freed.

  And now I can go on? Finish the maze?

  The boys look at CEDRIC -- they are heartbroken.

  ALBUS: I'm afraid you have to finish the maze.

  CEDRIC: Then I shall.

  CEDRIC walks confidently away. ALBUS looks after him -- desperate to say something, unsure what to say.

  ALBUS: Cedric --

  CEDRIC turns towards him.

  Your dad loves you very much.

  CEDRIC: What?

  Behind them, DELPHI's body creeps into movement. She crawls along the ground.

  ALBUS: Just thought you should know that.

  CEDRIC: Okay. Um. Thank you.

  CEDRIC looks at ALBUS a moment more, and then walks on. DELPHI pulls out the Time-Turner from within her robes.

  SCORPIUS: Albus.

  ALBUS: No. Wait . . .

  SCORPIUS: The Time-Turner is spinning . . . Look at what she's doing . . . She can't leave us behind.

  ALBUS and SCORPIUS both scramble to grab part of the Time-Turner.

  And there is a giant whoosh of light. A smash of noise.

  And time stops. And then it turns over
, thinks a bit, and begins spooling backwards, slow at first . . .

  And then it speeds up.

  Albus . . .

  ALBUS: What have we done?

  SCORPIUS: We had to go with the Time-Turner, we had to try to stop her.

  DELPHI: Stop me? How do you think you've stopped me? I am done with this. You may have destroyed my chances of using Cedric to darken the world but maybe you're right, Scorpius -- maybe prophecies can be prevented, maybe prophecies can be broken. What is undoubtedly true is: I'm done with trying to use you annoying, incompetent creatures for anything. No more wasting precious seconds on either of you. Time to try something new.

  She crushes the Time-Turner. It explodes in a thousand pieces.

  DELPHI ascends again into the air. She laughs in delight as she sets off hard away.

  The boys try to chase her, but they've not the slightest chance. She flies, they run.

  ALBUS: No . . . No . . . You can't . . .

  SCORPIUS turns back and tries to pick up the Time-Turner pieces.

  The Time-Turner? It's destroyed?

  SCORPIUS: Utterly. We're stuck here. In time. Wherever in time we are. Whatever it is she's planning to do.

  ALBUS: Hogwarts looks the same.

  SCORPIUS: Yes. And we can't be seen here. Let's get out of here before we're spotted.

  ALBUS: We need to stop her, Scorpius.

  SCORPIUS: I know we do -- but how?



  HARRY, HERMIONE, RON, DRACO, and GINNY look around a simple oak-paneled room.

  HARRY: It must have been a Confundus Charm she used on him. Used on them all. She faked being a nurse, she faked being his niece.

  HERMIONE: I've just checked in with the Ministry -- but there's no record of her. She's a shadow.

  DRACO: Specialis Revelio!

  Everyone turns to look at DRACO.

  Well, it was worth a try, what are you waiting for? We know nothing, so we just have to hope this room reveals something.

  GINNY: Where can she have hidden anything? It's quite a spartan room.

  RON: These panels, these panels must conceal something.

  DRACO: Or the bed does.

  DRACO starts examining the bed, GINNY a lamp, as the rest start examining the wooden wall panels.

  RON (shouting as he hammers on the walls): What you hiding? What you got?

  HERMIONE: Maybe we should all stop for a moment and have a think about what --

  GINNY unscrews a chimney from an oil lamp. There's a breathing-out noise. And then hissing words. They all turn towards it.

  What was that?

  HARRY: That's -- I'm not supposed to be understanding -- that's Parseltongue.

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