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MyZombieJounal by Ivan and Ian Desabrais, Page 1

Ian Desabrais






  As seen on Twitter!

  A Savage Klaxon Story


  Sample from the first installment of the infamous saga.


  Photo by: Ian Desabrais

  Cover by: Ivan Desabrais:




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  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, events, and locations are fictitious or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons or events, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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  The year is 2014. We never saw it coming. Zombies are everywhere. Everybody I knew is gone.



  My Name is Savage Klaxon, don’t judge me for the acts that I did during Zday. I’m just a man. I tried to do what I thought was right in the moment. Sometimes when your goal is surviving, the moment slips away from you. You change and you see yourself changing. There’s nothing you can do but go with it or die.

  These dead things that lurk in our streets were once people with families who loved them. Don’t mistake them for who they were. They are flesh hungry monsters who wait for you to get complacent. They wait.

  If you’re reading this and I’m gone, I hope I made a difference. I pray that humanity still exists. I fought everyday for you, for me. We can’t give up. We can’t lay down and let them come. We need to send these soulless dead back to hell and take back the world of the living.

  If you’re one of the men or women who I fought next to and you found my zombie journal on my phone, or netbook, put it where someone can find it in the future. They need to know what happened. They need to know that we were here and we weren’t afraid. We were slayers of the dead.




  To the zombie culture, when it comes to our mortality, most of us are afraid. When it comes to life, most of us are zombies.




  Some of these stories may not be suitable for young readers. They may contain real and mature themes. They will give you nightmares. They may make you think about zombies.



  When reading this book, the first thing you may notice is that the writing is displayed in the form of tweets. If you don’t know what a tweet is, it is a 140 character message usually found on the social network twitter. Twitter posts are dated and read from bottom to top. We took the time to post all the work from top to bottom the way most people read.

  The next thing you will notice is that the body of work is in the form of a journal as we inteded. To keep it as realistic as possible, it is written completely as Savage Klaxon has written it, in his voice, with his manner of speech and typing. The dates are used as the times he could steal a moment to report what was going on, but not when they happened.

  Savage is an intriguing man. You will not get bored reading his posts, nor will you find him using really big words so he can feel smart. You will find that sometimes he may use the wrong word or perhaps make a spelling / punctuation mistake. We spent many sleepless nights on the thought if we should censor and edit him. As we did edit his work, we felt the few grammar mistakes we left made him more real. Show me a man like Savage who speaks like he went to harvard and I will show you a boring man. Real people make typos and sometimes misuse words when they text. This only deepens our story.

  This character came to life in a whirlwind of a question. As in each of our novels, that question is asked near the top of this digital document. ‘What if zombies were real and they are everywhere?’ We hope this novel answers the question, entertains, and titillates. Enjoy!

  Desabraisbros - 2011