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       The Billionaire's Romance, p.4

         Part #2 of A Winters Love series by Holly Rayner
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  The door to the room was open and I tried to call out as I saw a woman in a blue scrub suit pass by. My voice came out in a whispered croak and the nurse or doctor kept going. I tried lifting my head again, the muscles in my neck were sore too and both of my legs were aching. I was becoming frustrated. Dropping my head back down on the pillow, I closed my eyes and tried to remember what had happened. I remembered being at Nadine’s…and then I’d gone to Aaron’s party. He’d been so cold….I left and I remember being in Times Square….and then nothing….Damn it!

  I heard a noise and opened my eyes. It was the nurse. “Well hello, you’re awake!”

  “Yeah, hi,” I said in my raspy voice. “Where am I?”

  “You’re in New York Downtown Hospital,” she said.

  “What happened to me?”

  “You were hit by a car,” she told me as she adjusted my IV. The ambulance brought you in from 7th Avenue. You didn’t have a purse or any I.D. on you….”

  “Oh Damn! That’s it! I remember!”

  “Good, we have you listed as a Jane Doe. What’s your name, honey?”

  “It’s Robyn, Robyn Hurst. I was mugged last night. I was walking, going to hail a cab and this man grabbed my purse. I wasn’t thinking…I should have just let it go. Instead, I tugged on it and he pushed me out into the street….”

  “The man who hit you was here earlier. He feels really bad. The officer who came in last night said he couldn’t have avoided it. I’m going off shift here soon. I’ll let the doctor know you’re awake and he can come go over your injuries with you. The police asked to be notified as well, I’m sure they’ll be in to interview you.”

  I nodded before I remembered that my head weighed eighty pounds and then I thanked her. I thought about Aaron. My phone was in my purse. I wondered if he’d tried to call me. It was doubtful, I told myself, considering the way he’d acted. We were supposed to have dinner tonight…..I didn’t really want to talk to him though, I was still too emotional.

  The doctor came in just a while later and said,

  “Well, it’s good to see you awake, young lady. The nurse said you told her that you were mugged?”

  “Yes, he took my purse and pushed me into the street,” I told him.

  “I’m so sorry. That was a terrible way to start out your year.”

  I chuckled, even that hurt. “Tell me about it,” I said.

  “Well, the good news is that the man who hit you was going slowly. There were a lot of people crossing the street and he’d just accelerated before he saw you, he said. So in light of that, you don’t have any serious injuries. Some cuts, scrapes, bruises and I’m sure you’re sore as hell.”

  “You said it again, Doc.”

  He smiled, “You have a good attitude that will work in your favor as well. We’re going to finish off the IV fluids and get you some breakfast and then you can bust out of here if you want. I’m going to send you with a prescription for some mild pain medicine and muscle relaxers that will help you with the soreness. Do you work?”

  “Yeah, I work for Winters, Inc.”

  “I don’t want you to go in for a couple of days. Take today and tomorrow and the weekend at least, I’ll write you a doctor’s order for that as well.”

  “Okay, thanks,” I told him. After he left I used the phone at my bedside and called Melissa. She listened quietly as I told her what happened and then she said,

  “I thought you were going straight to that party. What were you doing walking alone downtown?”

  “I don’t really want to talk about that right now.”

  “I will be there soon,” she said. “We don’t have to talk about this today, but honey we need to talk about it.”

  “Okay, I’ll see you in a bit. Don’t hurry because I’m still waiting for the police to come.”

  When I hung up with her, I called Aaron. His phone went straight to voicemail. I don’t know why, but instead of telling him what really happened I just said, “I’m sorry, Aaron but something came up and I can’t make dinner tonight. I’ll talk to you soon.” I knew he was going to be busy with the Chinese corporation he was merging with over the next few days. I would call him back over the weekend and let him know what was going on. Within an hour the police came by and got my statement. I wasn’t worried until then, the officer warned me that since my keys and my ID with my address were in the purse, I should be careful and have the locks changed. I gave them the best description I could of the guy, but this was New York City…I wasn’t under any big delusions that they’d catch him. When I got home I’d call my super about the locks and I’d call the credit card companies and the bank. It was the best I could do.

  Melissa showed up, proving yet again what a tried and true friend she was. I avoided the subject once more about why I was out walking alone. She let it go, but I could tell she was worried. She was blaming Aaron even though she didn’t know him, or the story. I was afraid if I told her the truth, she’d really judge him. She stayed with me until my pain meds kicked in and made me sleepy. By that time the super had the locks changed. She also took the note the doctor gave me and promised me she’d drop it off with Max on her way into her own office in the morning. I went to bed at five p.m. and slept through the night.

  The next day Melissa was back with Nadine in tow. She’d dropped off the note and Max had told her to ask me to call him. She’d brought me a new phone that she’d picked up from my provider the day before. She was amazing. I called Max and he was full of worried questions. I answered them all, hopefully putting his mind at ease. He insisted that I call him if I need anything.

  My girlfriend’s brought lunch and I tried to stay upbeat although I hadn’t gotten as much as a call back from Aaron. Or maybe I did…I didn’t have my phone that first day, but he also had my home number…. I knew he didn’t know about the accident, but what about a “Happy New Year?” I told myself not to stew over it. There was always the chance he tried before Melissa brought me the new phone. I also told myself that for a brand new relationship, I already had too many doubts. I knew I needed to seriously re-think this relationship….after I was feeling better. I didn’t want to make any major decisions while I was on pain meds.

  The next morning I was awakened by a knock on my door. I was still a little skittish so when I went over to it I stood off to the side and looked through the peephole. Aaron was standing there with flowers in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other. I hesitated, hoping he didn’t think it would be that easy. Telling myself that I needed to at least hear him out, I opened the door. When he saw the bruises and scratches on my face and arms he looked horrified and said,

  “Oh my God, Max told me you were in an accident. Are you okay? What happened?”

  “Come on in,” I told him. He handed me the flowers and chocolates and I thanked him. Things were awkward between us, again. I had so many questions, but because he looked so worried, I thought I should answer his first.

  “After I left your party the other night I got mugged. The guy that took my purse pushed me into the road and I was hit by a car. My bones are tough…nothing broke. I just ended up with a few scrapes….”

  “Oh God, Robyn…this is my fault. I’m so damned sorry!” Aaron dragged his fingers through his hair and stood up. I’d never seen him look so…distraught? He was always so controlled. It was hard to see him like that.

  “It’s not your fault. I should have hailed a cab at the hotel….”

  “But you didn’t, because you were upset…because of me. You don’t have to even say so, I know that it’s true. I’m so sorry. I was an ass. I get so damned focused when it comes to business and I don’t even notice what else is going on right in front of my face. I should have made sure you got home safely.” He was pacing the room and I reached up and took his hand. I know I’m a push over and I should still be mad about the way he treated me. But instead, all I felt was sorry for him for feeling responsible.

  “Please don’t blame yourself. I’m okay. It
s all okay.”

  He sat down next to me again and said, “I can’t help it. It’s true…if I had treated you better this wouldn’t have happened. Please forgive me.”

  “Forgiven and forgotten,” I told him. All I wanted at that moment was for him to hold me in his arms. He didn’t disappoint, and as he pulled me close I could feel him trembling.





  We sat on the couch and Aaron held me for about an hour and then he asked me if I was hungry. I said I was and he called someone…probably Jeffrey and had a delicious lunch of homemade soup and sandwiches delivered. We ate and Aaron insisted I go back to the couch while he cleaned up. I heard his phone ring twice and he took both calls in the other room while he was there. He sat back down with me for a half an hour or so and took another call. That was when he said that he had to go. I was stunned. He was the boss…the CEO for crying out loud. Surely he could take an emergency day off or two. Technically, he should still be in Belize so I’m sure that his executive staff could handle whatever it was…if he wanted them to.

  “You have to go? Why?” I knew I sounded whiney. That wasn’t like me at all, but damn it I’d just got out of the hospital and he’d just told me how sorry he was…..

  “I have a surprise for you. I have to go so I can organize it. Hopefully it won’t take more than a day or two….”

  “A day or two? Aaron, I don’t want a surprise. I don’t need anything…I just want to spend time with you. Please get that, I don’t want anything except you!”

  “I want to spend time with you as well. But this is something important, you’ll be happy about it, I promise.”


  “I really have to go.” He kissed me on the forehead…and he left. I sat there looking at the door, stunned. What was wrong with him? What was wrong with me? Why did I keep letting him push me away and then pull be back in? Why did he even bother to tell me back at Christmas time that he wanted to be with me if this was the way he was going to be? Why can’t he see that I don’t want things…? I have everything I want and need….except him.


  I left Robyn’s place feeling at least a little better than I had when I got there and found out what happened. I’d been so upset with her for just showing up at the New Year’s party. She just doesn’t seem to understand sometimes that life is just not always fun and games. But, no matter how upset I was with her, there was no excuse for either my rudeness or the fact that I let her leave alone. It was almost midnight and I was more concerned with ringing in the New Year with a bunch of business men than I was with ensuring her safety.

  The next day when I got the message from her that “something had come up,” I assumed that she was just angry. I decided to give us both a day or two to cool down. Then on Friday morning, I went down to marketing hoping to find her in her office. I ran into Max instead. He told me about Robyn’s friend dropping off a note and that he’d called her to check in but she said she was okay. Max of course didn’t know Robyn and I were dating, he was telling me as her employer. I asked questions and Max answered them to the best of his ability.

  At first, I was angry that she’d not told me what happened when she called. We were supposed to be dating. Wasn’t that something you told someone that you were dating? I went back to my office, stubbornly determined to wait until she called me before I did anything else. Max said she was going to be okay, that meant she was capable of making the first move.

  I tried to get my mind off of her as I worked. I’d find myself in the midst of reviewing a contract and thinking about the soft, throaty chuckle of hers that made me want to say funny things for the first time in my life. I wasn’t normally a funny guy. I thought about how she’d shown up at one of the most exclusive restaurants in Manhattan in an elf suit. That had made me really uncomfortable. I’d called up the memory specifically trying to lose the sentimentality I was feeling. But it didn’t do the trick. When I thought about it tonight I told myself that it was so juvenile…so risky….so…damned attractive. The fact that she didn’t give a crap what any of those high society fools thought of her was such a turn on…I’d wanted to take her right there on the table. The problem was, I had to care what they thought. That was what she didn’t get. That was what ended up frustrating us both, I think.

  “Janice!” I’d said into the intercom, much too harshly. She stuck her head in the office. She had her bag on her arm. She was getting ready to leave for the day.

  “Get Hal on the phone and tell him I want to go over the Xiong numbers before we leave today.”

  “Sir…it’s after five.”

  “Did I ask for the time?”

  “No sir.”

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