Unexpected fate, p.9
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       Unexpected Fate, p.9

         Part #1 of Hope Town series by Harper Sloan
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  After parking the truck, I pull my seat belt off before reaching over and undoing hers. She looks over at me sharply before I grab her and pull her into my lap. My hands instantly go towards her face so I can hold her attention. My fingertips dance against her silky hair, her cheeks feel warm against my palms, and those stunning eyes stare out at me—she looks terrified out of her mind.

  “You silly girl,” I laugh. “What are you so scared of? I’m not the big, bad wolf. Although, I wouldn’t be opposed to eating you up. ”

  “Oh, God, that was corny,” she chuckles.

  “You would like that though, wouldn’t you? Do you want me to eat you first, or do you want to be my Little Red Riding Hood and go for a long, hard ride?”

  “Oh. God. Stop, Cohen. Those lines . . . They’re terrible. ”

  I snicker before leaning in and giving her a hard, bruising kiss. I don’t take my time, but I do make sure that, with that one kiss, I dominate her mind.

  “You wanted to talk, baby, so let’s talk. ” Now that I’ve loosened the mood up a little, it’s time to lay this out there so she doesn’t have any confusion that I want her.

  “I don’t think I can. Not with you . . . with your . . . Jesus Christ. ” She starts to rub against my erection and drops her head back to rest in my hands, which are still framing her face.

  “How about this?” I groan when she starts to grind down harder against my throbbing cock. “How about we get upstairs before I fuck you in my truck? I’m ready to play, Dani-girl, and there won’t be anything quick about it. You either start talking now or get the hell up and in my bed. ”

  “Bed,” she pants, giving me another hard rotation of her hips against my lap.

  I crush my lips against hers and help her ride out a few more rolls of her hips, pushing up against her to give her just enough friction to drive her insane, before pulling the door open and grabbing her hand.

  “Last chance. Once I get you through that door, I guarantee I won’t be able to stop. ”

  “If you stop right now, Cohen Cage, I’m going to die. ”

  I laugh and bend at the waist, and with a shoulder to her belly, she’s up and over as I take off up the four flights of stairs as fast as I can with her giggles trailing behind us.

  IT SHOULD BE SAID THAT I have fantasized about this moment for years. Right or wrong, it’s the cold, hard truth. I’ve wanted this woman in every way possible, and tonight, I will finally get to stop craving and take.

  Dani Reid has been the spotlight of every jack-off session I’ve ever had. Recently, those sessions have gotten a lot more play. She’s consumed my mind. I keep picturing what color her nipples will be. How her pussy would glisten with her juices when I spread her legs wide. How it would taste to sink my tongue between those swollen lips. What kind of pussy would she have? Would it be bare? Maybe she would have a hint of that burnt-brunette hair I can’t wait to wrap around my fist when I’m pounding into her from behind.

  Every single image I’ve made up in my mind pales in comparison to the real thing. Seeing her body spread out against my black sheets, every inch of her tan skin covered in a slight blush, which I know isn’t from embarrassment from being nude before me, but from her arousal. And Christ, the smell of her. When she stood before me and removed her clothing like she didn’t have a shred of inhibition, I almost swallowed my tongue. Then she laid herself down on my bed, spread her legs, and let me take my fill. That was when her scent—that mouthwatering smell of her arousal—hit my senses. I take another deep breath and groan when my mouth waters.

  “I was going to take my time and enjoy every second of this, but if I don’t taste you right now, I’m going to go out of my mind. I need your pussy against my tongue and your come in my mouth. Tell me I can have you, Dani. ” I lick my lips and wait for her to respond.

  Her eyes darken, that beautiful light green turning an emerald shade, and she nods her head. “I think you’re a little overdressed though,” she says confidently.

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  I feel my cock grow painfully hard when I watch her hands grab her small tits and pinch her nipples. If it weren’t for the slight tremble in her hands, I would believe this fearless act.

  “Baby, stop doing that or it’s going to be over before it starts. ” I groan when she withers against the mattress. “God, that’s hot. ”

  Her eyes blaze. My words give her the push she needs. “Stop doing what?” she laughs. Then she trails one hand down her slim stomach and wastes no time dipping her middle finger into her core.

  “Fucking hell,” I grunt, reaching for my belt.

  Her eyes burn with need with each move my fingers make as I deftly remove my belt, pull my shirt over my head, and start unbuttoning each button on my jeans.


  So achingly slowly.

  So slowly that I can feel each second as if it were a drum beating through the room.

  She continues to dip one finger in and out of her soaked pussy. Daring me with each thrust to take her, finish what she’s started. The hunger inside me is starting to take over, cloud my vision with one goal in mind.


  Take and take until there isn’t anything left for her to give me.

  Her eyes widen when I pull my cock out of my pants and let them fall down my legs before I kick them aside. Those beautiful eyes of hers move from my cock and up to meet my eyes. Once, twice, and one final time before her movements still and she throws her head back and laughs.

  Laughing at my cock.

  Never has that happened to me before.

  I look down to make sure that nothing’s happened to him since I so carefully tucked him in this afternoon, but I don’t see anything standing out. Same thick, tan skin. Same groomed manscaping.

  And then it hits me. I drop my head, and with a heat of embarrassment flushing over my already fevered skin, I know what is going through her head, and it’s just as funny as she thinks it is.

  “You . . . Oh my God. You did it. Oh, wow,” she hoots, choking on her words from laughing so hard.

  “Can’t say I’ve ever had a chick laugh at my cock before, Dani-girl. ”

  “Well, I’m not just any chick! It’s not my fault that . . . that . . . Jesus, Cohen, our parents tell stories about you always talking about that . . . well, THAT!” She finishes by pointing to my dick, which I’m still stroking even though she is basically laughing at the poor thing. “How many do you have, Cohen?”

  “Enough. ” I smirk, sobering her instantly when she sees the intent in my eyes. “Enough that there is no fucking way you’re going to be complaining when they’re inside of you. You’re going to love it, Dani. Each time I push in deep, you’ll feel all four of them against your tight walls. You’ll be begging me to take you harder so that the bar right here,” I say, pointing to the one at the base of my dick, “rubs your swollen clit and the hoop knocks on your core. Each time I push in, you’re going to feel them rubbing your tight walls. I’ll have you begging for more, but for right now, it’s just enough. ”

  I bend down, grab her ankles while I pull her body to the edge of the bed, and spread her legs wide in the air. I hum my approval when I see just how wet her pussy is. She’s practically weeping with her need for my cock.

  “Dani-girl. Do you want my tongue or my cock?” I ask while trailing both of my hands down the legs I’m still holding wide. My fingertips lightly tease the skin behind her knees, traveling closer to where I want to bury my face—and then my cock.

  She rolls her eyes back and moans but doesn’t answer me. That’s fine. I’ll just give her both. Pulling her by her hips, I kneel on the floor. Then I smile up at her when she lifts up on her elbows to watch me.

  “I’m going to eat you until you come in my mouth. Then I’m going to eat some more. And only then will I climb up this perfect fucking body and give you my cock. One thing you need to remember though, Dani-girl. ”

bsp; She holds my gaze, her skin flushed but her eyes alert.

  “When I slam my cock inside your body, when my balls slap against your ass, when I finally take you, it means you’re mine. Do you understand that?”

  “God, yes,” she pants. “Yes, anything . . . yes. ”

  “That’s good, baby,” I hum and then lower my face to her pussy.

  The first swipe of my tongue has her flavor bursting against my taste buds, and I groan before latching on and pulling her clit deep in my mouth. After playing with her until she’s screaming and seconds from her release, I pull back, loving the feeling of her trying to push my head back down with her hands.

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  “You taste so fucking good,” I moan, nipping her lips and the inside of her thighs with my teeth, causing her to scream out. “I can’t wait to have my cock deep inside this cunt. ” And with that, I return my mouth to her body and I don’t stop until she is screaming my name and coming against my tongue.

  Only I lied and I make her go three times before I climb off the floor, grab her boneless body by the shoulders, and pull her with me deep into the bed. I don’t give her a second to pull back before I drop my mouth to hers and spread her juices against her chin and lips. She kisses me with a hunger that matches my own, and I’m not sure if it’s because she is just as worked up as I am or if the taste of herself on my mouth has her just that much hotter for me.

  “Do you want my cock?” I ask.

  “No,” she pants. “I need your cock,” she says breathlessly.

  “Fuck yeah, you do. ”

  Completely lost in the ecstasy of Dani, I absentmindedly stretch a condom over my cock, careful of the jewelry that was being laughed at earlier, and then I reach down, line up our bodies, and push myself balls-deep with one measured thrust. It isn’t until she cries out, in pain and not pleasure, that I realize what I just did. Or better yet, what I didn’t do, because if I had known I was her first, I damn sure would have had a little more finesse.

  “Shit, Dani-girl. Fuck. Why didn’t you tell me?” I take her head between my hands and will her to open eyes that she had slammed shut when I entered her body, and look at me so I know she’s okay. My cock, still hard and deep within her tight pussy, is begging me to start thrusting. Demanding that I start to take her in the way my body has craved. But right now, I need to make sure she’s okay, and there is no way that my body humping her like an animal will be anything close to okay. “Baby, look at me. ”

  “I’m okay,” she whispers, rolling her hips experimentally. “I just needed to get past that pain, but really . . . I’m okay. ”

  “Why didn’t you tell me?” I search her face, knowing she’s brushing the pain under the rug. “If I had known . . . ” I shake my head, because in reality, I was just so drunk on her that I’m not sure I could have stopped. “Baby, you have to talk to me. ”

  She huffs out a breath, her cheeks getting red with embarrassment. “What would you have liked me to say? ‘Hey, Cohen . . . before you finally fuck me, just thought you should know I’m a pathetic twenty-one-year-old virgin. ’ You know, stereotypical romance novel bullshit where the chick gets the guy only for him to freak when he realizes she is ‘an innocent. ’ Then he runs as fast as he can because he wouldn’t dream of ruffling a few feathers. News flash, bucko! I wanted my feathers ruffled. And I wanted them ruffled by you!” Her chest heaves when she stops talking, and her eyes go wide. “Did I just say all of that?”

  “Yeah, Dani-girl. You sure did. ” I laugh and adjust my hips. My cock, still buried deep inside her body, twitches with the movement. “Just so we’re clear here, I wouldn’t have run the other way. I would have been more careful when I took you. ”

  “Right. Well, can you shut up and fuck me now?” she whines when I shift again, and I feel the ring through my cock head brush against her womb.

  I laugh, and her eyes narrow.

  “Does it still hurt?” I ask with all seriousness.

  “It wouldn’t if you would move!” Her eyes are hooded and her breath is coming in quick pants by the time she finishes her sentence.

  Her pussy clenches down when I shift again, and I drop my head to her neck to give her a little bite. She rewards me by hiking her legs around my back, hooking her ankles, and digging her nails into my shoulders on a moan. I pull back and rest my forehead against hers so that I can look into her eyes as I take her. Take what is mine and mine alone.

  God, it feels better than I thought it would to know that no other man has ever been here.

  I pull out just an inch before pushing back in and she doesn’t flinch. She is looking at me with complete love. I pull back a little more each time, and it isn’t long before my body is thrusting into hers in quick successions. I wish I could make this better for her, but her pussy is so tight that it was milking my cock before I even started to move, and now that I have, I know I won’t last long.

  I reach down between us and start to put pressure on her clit. The second my fingers start to move in sync with my thrusts, her screams get louder, and it’s only seconds before she throws her head back and my name is leaving her swollen lips as she comes long and hard around my cock.

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  Four thrusts later, with my balls against her ass and my cock as deep as I can go, I come, and with her eyes locked to mine, I realize that I was a fool to think I could have ever lived without this.

  “WHAT HAPPENS NOW, COHEN?” SHE whispers into the darkness surrounding us.

  She has one leg hooked over my hips with her thigh resting against my spent cock, the other lying against the bed. Her chest is pressed against my own, and her forehead resting against my neck. The hand she was using to draw circles on my chest for the last twenty minutes stills with her question, and I use the arm I was holding her close with to tighten my grip.

  I knew she was working things out in her head, so I let her take her time and waited for the questions I knew would come. I have a few of my own that hit me like a burst of clarity while I stared into her eyes and felt her body take every inch of me. Things I thought I would be able to wait for when it came to her. Things I have no fucking clue how I’ll be able to turn my back on and leave in the morning.

  I have an inner battle warring inside me now. One side knows with no doubt that she is meant to be right here—naked in my arms with her heart beating against my skin. Then there is the other side. The logical side. The one that’s afraid to take it past tonight, knowing how many other lives it will affect. It’s not just the Cohen and Dani show. It’s our families, siblings and everyone else in the tight circle.

  Battle or not, the side that will win all depends on the woman in my arms.

  “Let me see your eyes, Dani-girl. ” I dip my chin and wait for her to move her eyes to mine.

  Her face is void of emotion, but her eyes aren’t hiding a thing from me.

  “Tell me, honestly, what you want to happen now. ”

  “Honestly?” she questions.

  “One hundred percent. One thing you need to understand about this from here on out is that, if you plan on telling me what I think—and hope—you are, then honesty is the most important thing. I can’t go into this without knowing what’s going on in that beautiful head of yours. ”

  She’s silent for a beat; all the while, her eyes never stop their hopeful begging.

  “I never want to let you go,” she sighs, and I offer her a sad smile because we both know, come morning, she’s going to have to. “I don’t want you to leave, but I’ll support you any and every way I can. I want to be able to be yours even when you aren’t here but know that, when you come back, you’re coming back to me. I want you to be able to go with the confidence that I’ll be waiting for you if . . . if that’s what you want, of course. ”

  God, she couldn’t be more perfect.

  “Anything else?” I probe, moving one hand up to run my fingers down her cheek.

“I don’t think we have enough time to get into everything that I want from you, Cohen. Let’s just put it this way. I want you. I want you and everything that comes with it. ”

  “Dani,” I sigh. “I leave tomorrow, baby. I leave tomorrow and I can’t even give you an estimate on when I’ll be home. It wouldn’t be fair for me to make you mine and demand that kind of commitment when I can’t even be here for you. I won’t even be able to contact you, Dani . . . How is that going to work? How is that fair to you? I don’t want you to have to sacrifice for me—for us. ”

  “When it comes to love, it’s always worth the sacrifice. Always. One thing my parents taught me was that when you find the reason for your heart to beat, you don’t ever let it go, and if, for some reason beyond your control, you have to, you fight with every breath in your body to have it back. You are worth that to me. You aren’t asking me to give anything up, Cohen. I’ve loved you my whole damn life . . . What’s a few more months of waiting if I know you’re coming back to me?”

  Each time she tells me that she loves me, it’s on the tip of my tongue to return the words to her. I feel them, but I damn sure don’t want her to think that I’m just saying them to parrot them back to her. Knowing Dani and the reservations she already has about my feelings towards her and with us, she would probably think that way too.

  “What about our families?” I muse out loud. It needs to be addressed. I don’t want it to become a big elephant in the room. Or, God forbid, her to want to hide this thing between us. First of all, with as often as everyone is together, it would be next to impossible. And I want to be able to show her off as my girl. Show her off and let the world know she is mine. I can’t do that if she is worried about what will happen when we go public.

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  “What about them? Your sisters have been rooting for us to get together for years. Nate knows—or at least he knows about how I feel for you—and he’s never said anything other than for me to be careful. I’m not sure that Cam and Colt care, to be honest. As for our parents . . . well, I don’t know about them. What do you think?”

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