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       Unexpected Fate, p.24
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         Part #1 of Hope Town series by Harper Sloan
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  Carefully, I adjust Owen in my arms and unfold the paper I pulled from his little jacket.

  I smile when I read the words and feel my heart beat wildly in my chest. With my son in my arms and a smile on my face, I take off in the direction my mom went—through their large living room, then through their kitchen, and out on the back deck. I still don’t see anyone, so I keep walking until Owen and I are standing against the railing, looking down at every family member and friend we love.

  My dad is standing with my mom, my sisters and brothers at his side, all of them beaming. Axel is next to him with Izzy between his arms and Nate at his side. Again, not one of them is missing a huge grin. I follow the lines of Maddox’s family, Beck’s, Cooper’s, and Sway’s. I see Megan and Molly and Chance before my eyes follow the white flower trail that leads me to the end of the dock.

  Where I see a vision in white that has my eyes stinging. There, waiting with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes, is my Dani-girl.

  “Let’s go get the girl, son. ” I whisper to Owen.

  I walk down the stairs that bring me to the backyard and walk through the lines of our loved ones until I reach our parents. I look to my left and smile at my parents and siblings, handing Owen to Lyn when her arms come up.

  “I love you, son. ” My dad says gruffly.

  “We’re so happy for you and Dani,” Mom says. “I love you, handsome boy. ”

  I give them each a kiss before facing Dani’s parents.

  Her mom wraps her arms around me, giving my cheek a quick kiss. Her eyes are wet and shining with happiness. I give Nate a slap on the back and laugh when he puckers up. Then I look at Axel.

  I am prepared for battle, but when I see his eyes—bright with happiness and not anger—I am momentarily struck dumb.

  “You didn’t think I would be able to do it, did you?” he asks me.

  “Not for a second,” I laugh.

  “If you make her cry one tear that isn’t out of happiness, I’ll cut your balls off,” he warns.

  “Noted. ”

  “I’m proud of you, Cohen. Of the man you’ve grown to be and for the love you have for my girl. I mean it when I say that I couldn’t have picked a better man for her myself. ”

  “Thank you for that,” I tell him honestly. No matter what I said in the past, having his blessing was something I desired when it came to Dani becoming my wife. “She’s my life,” I remind him.

  “I know the feeling,” he says and looks down the dock. “Go on and stop keeping my daughter waiting. ”

  I nod, taking a few measured breaths before I turn and let my eyes take her in.

  She’s wearing a simple, long, and flowing, white dress. It fits tight to her body while still rippling in the slight breeze around us. Her shoulders are bare, and with her hair swept away from her face, she looks so angelic with the sun setting behind her and casting a soft glow around her body.

  I take the last remaining steps that take me to where she is standing with the man I assume is the minister.

  “Surprised?” she asks.

  “Yeah, baby. ”

  “Are you ready to be my husband?”

  I smile. “I was born ready, my Dani-girl. ”

  And with the sun setting around us, our family surrounding us, I marry my unexpected fate.

  By the time we were able to get away from the family and I was able to pull Dani away from Owen without having her melt down, the sun had long since set and my girl had become my wife. We danced and ate. Laughed and smiled. It was a magical night full of love. We danced our first dance together as man and wife to Brett Young’s “Kiss by Kiss,” and I held her in my arms while she softly cried. When my lips dropped to hers and I heard the all-familiar growl at my side, she threw her head back and her laughter rained down on me.

  It was equal parts joyful and torture because all I could think about was getting her home. Since the second my lips touched hers after the minister pronounced us man and wife, I’ve been rock hard to take my wife and make her mine in every way that counts.

  “Slow down, husband,” she snickers when I pull her from the truck and up to our porch. Her squeal when I pull her up into my arms is like music to my ears.

  “Are you ready for me to carry you over the threshold, wife?”

  She smiles her radiant smile and nods her head.

  I don’t waste a second. The key hits the lock, and in a flash, I have her rushed through, slamming the door behind us. She reaches out and keys in the code to our alarm, and the second I hear her reactivate it, I bound up the stairs. Her pearls of laughter trail behind us and don’t stop until I prowl into our bedroom and toss her in the air and onto the middle of our mattress.

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  She pushes up on her elbows and looks at me with heated eyes.

  I watch her move until she’s up on her knees and groan when she pulls her dress over her head and tosses it carelessly to the floor.

  “If I had known you were naked under there, I wouldn’t have made it as long as I did today,” I tell her.

  “I know. ” Her hands come up and cup her breasts.

  I smile when her eyes follow my hands when I place them on my belt. It’s a smile that doesn’t last long because her next words have me fighting not come in my pants.

  “I want your cock, husband. First, I want to lick you from your neck to your balls, and then I’m going to suck them deep until you’re begging me to take your cock in my mouth. ” She pauses in her speech to lick one of her fingers before tracing her puckered nipple with it. “Then I’m going to fuck myself with your fingers. If you’re a good boy, I’ll let you lick them clean. And when your balls feel like they’re about to bust from the power that your orgasm promises, I’m going to ride you until you come deep inside me. ”

  “Fuck yeah, you are,” I growl and pounce.

  She jumps back, laughing, and I swallow her happiness when I take her mouth in a bruising kiss.

  “Fuck me, wife,” I command and lie back in the bed.

  “Fuck me, wife,” he orders in a tone that is wild with desire.

  “I’m going to lick and suck you first,” I promise, climbing up until my legs are straddling his hips and my mouth is trailing kisses along his neck and collarbone.

  I feel my pussy lips spread wide to accommodate the side of his hips, and his hard cock settles right between them. The second I feel his hot, velvet skin against my wet lips, I moan and start to rub myself against him. His hands go to my hips, and I feel him thrusting to meet each rotation of my hips.

  I trace my mouth down his chest, and when I hit one of his nipples, I lightly bite it between my teeth. His hips jump off the bed, and I squeal when I feel the tip of his erection jab against my swollen clit.

  “Do that again and you’re going to get my cock in your pussy or your ass and you can forget your mouth having a turn. ”

  I smile against his skin and keep moving my lips down his body. He moans and twitches every time I hit a sensitive spot—which, I’m learning, my husband has a lot of.

  “I’m going to take your cock into my mouth until I choke on it,” I huskily whisper.

  “Fuck,” he splutters when I wrap my lips around his swollen cock head.

  I move slowly until I have the tip of his cock touching the back of my throat. Relaxing my throat, I breathe through my nose and take him into my throat.

  “Fucking hell!” he exclaims and shoots off the bed.

  His fingers go into my hair, his hips thrusting his cock into my mouth on their own accord. My eyes water with the force of his thrusting, but I take everything he has to give to me and love every second.

  When his movements start to stall, I lean back on my knees and lick my lips. “Why did you make me stop, baby? Was that not good?”

  “Any better and you would have killed me, but when I come for the first time as your husband, it’s going to be while my
cock is pounding that sweet, fucking tight pussy. Climb up here and ride me . . . hard. ” He adds the last as an afterthought, and I don’t even hesitate.

  I’m up, straddling his hips and resting my weight on his chest with one hand as I use the other to guide his thick cock into my wet core.

  “Fuck yourself on my cock, Dani-girl,” he moans when I start moving. “Fuck your husband,” he continues.

  I bounce as quickly as I can, and when my movements start to falter, he grabs my hips and starts thrusting like a piston into my body from his position on his back.

  “That’s right, baby. Fuck me hard. ”

  “I can’t. My legs,” I whine, feeling my climax slipping away.

  He flips me before I can even think and pushes my legs over his shoulders.

  “I’m going to fill you with my come, Dani. Fill you with my come and fucking pray that another child takes root. I’m going to come so hard that it will leak from your pussy while my cock is still buried deep. You want to taste us when I finish, baby?”

  When he stops talking, I swallow thickly, already craving the taste of us.

  “My girl—my wife—wants my come?”

  I nod.

  “Fuck, I love you,” he says through clenched teeth.

  His hips start to power against my body, and it only takes a few more thrusts until I’m screaming out his name, following it with a bunch of gibberish.

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  “Love this cunt. Fuck me, Dani. I love it when you come all over my cock. Hold on, baby. Going to take you harder. ”

  My eyes widen because I never imagined that he could take me harder than he already was. His balls slap so loudly against my ass that it sounds like hands clapping. He curls my body so that my knees are pressing into my tits, and the first mighty thrust he takes into my body has me screaming. The second has me coming. And every one that follows after has me sobbing and coming and coming and sobbing. And a weird mix of the two.

  “Fucking love this pussy. ”

  “Fucking love this cock. ”

  He looks down at me, his eyes ablaze before he throws his head back and rumbles out his release in one loud thundering roar.

  After he pulls his spent cock from my pussy, he makes true on his promise to give me a taste of us.

  When it’s all said and done, we don’t make it four hours—another long session of him taking his wife—before we’re throwing our clothes on and driving to my parents to get our boy.

  Five years later

  “DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR brother is?” I ask Lyn.

  “He said he was running to the grocery store,” she says over her shoulder and turns her attention back to her computer.

  “What? I just went the other day. ”

  “Yeah—well, in case you didn’t notice the last time you were pregnant, you tend to eat a lot when you’re knocked up. ” She laughs and goes back to her computer browsing.

  “Well, where is your sister?” I ask.

  “She has Evan with her at my parents. ’ Something about giving you some time to rest before your husband got home and kept you up all night. I think she’s still scared from the last time she spent the night and you two kept her up all night moaning. ”

  I throw my head back and laugh because she isn’t wrong.

  In the five years Cohen and I have been married, the desire we crave for each other hasn’t changed one bit. Which explains why I’m pregnant again. I swear he’s made it his life’s mission to see me pregnant forever. I got pregnant with Evan almost right after our wedding. Cohen was pretty proud of himself and convinced that it was our wedding night that did the deed.

  I managed to keep him away from me long enough to not get pregnant for six months after I had Evan. Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage that we both took hard. We waited a while before we tried again, and now here I am, pregnant again.

  Cohen took a job at Corps Security shortly after Owen was born. He said that his dad was thinking about retiring soon and it was time that he learned the business. This was something I supported one hundred percent. I loved knowing that he was going to never leave us for any more deployments.

  “What do you think about this one?” Lyn asks and spins her computer. I laugh when I see the tiny newborn dress she has pulled up on Baby Gap.

  “You do realize that it’s probably going to be another boy, right?”

  “No way, Dani! I’m going to get my girl, dammit. You hear that, baby? You better be a girl. ”

  “I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work that way, Lyn,” I laugh.

  She gives me a hard look and turns back to her computer. I roll my eyes and stand up, walking around until I find my phone and dial Cohen’s number.

  He picks up almost immediately. “Hey, Dani-girl. ”

  “Where are you?”

  “Owen wanted to go find ninjas, so we’re in the back lot—looking for ninjas. ” He explains it like that should make all the sense in the world.

  “And why are you looking for ninjas?”

  “Because he wanted to fight them,” Cohen says.

  “Is that supposed to make any sense to me, baby?”

  “Nope, probably not. But it makes sense to us and that’s all that matters. Plus, he started asking about the earring in my cock again today and there is only so much I can take, Dani-girl. It was mission ‘divert and distract’ this morning. ”

  The second he stops talking, I throw my head back and laugh.

  Since the day Owen walked in on a naked Cohen and got a good look at his hardware, he hasn’t stopped for a second. All he talks about is those damn earrings in his daddy’s cock. Which is something Cohen’s parents think is hilarious. Cohen, not so much.

  “Hurry home, baby. I miss you. ”

  “You just saw me an hour ago. ” He laughs.

  “So? I miss you. ”

  “See you soon, my heart. ”

  “Every time I close my eyes. ” I smile.

  An hour later, I’m sitting on the back deck with Lyn, who is still looking up baby clothes, when I hear a rustling in the leaves. I stand and move to the railing, and when I see my two big boys walking towards the house, my smile goes from normal to wonky.

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  Cohen has Owen on his shoulder, Owen’s little fist holding tight to his father’s hair, and behind both of them flaps their matching capes.

  My heroes.

  My unexpected beautiful fate.

  Cohen looks up, gives me a wink, and taps Owen’s knee with the hand that’s resting there. Owen looks up and gives me the biggest toothy grin.

  “Mama! We faught awel does bad guys!”

  “All of the bad guys? I’m so proud of you, my handsome man. ”

  “I wuv you!” he yells.

  I look down at his face and smile. “And I you, son. ”

  They climb the stairs, and Owen drops from his father’s shoulders and rushes to his aunt’s side. I walk over to my husband, wrap my arms around him, and give him a deep kiss.

  “I love you,” I tell him.

  “And I you, my Dani-girl. ”


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