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       Unexpected Fate, p.19
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         Part #1 of Hope Town series by Harper Sloan
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  “I love you, my Dani-girl. I promise you that I will never doubt what we have. Never again, baby,” he mumbles against my swollen lips before he takes control of my mouth once again.

  His hands trail down my back, grasping my hips, as he rolls onto his back while taking me with him. My skirt rides up instantly when my legs are spread to make room for his hips. I use my hands against his chest to push up so I’m straddling his lap and looking down at his brown eyes, which are so full of love.

  I sit up straight and let out a slight moan when I feel his erection press against my panties. His eyes flash when I take his hands, which were resting on my hips, and move them around to the front of my belly.

  “This,” I stress, pressing his hands against the thumping our child is making against my belly. “This is our child, Cohen. One that was made with a love so powerful even I struggle to understand it. A love that was formed over a lifetime and solidified with one night that I will forever remember as one of the best of my life. We’ve been fated for this moment since before we were even born, baby, and I’m beyond fortunate with this unexpected fate that’s been given to us. ”

  His eyes darken with each word I speak. I notice the second that my words register and he realizes the words I used.

  The same words he used in the letter he left me all those months ago.

  “I love you, Cohen. ”

  “And I love you, Dani-girl. And I you. ”

  I drop my head and take his lips in a slow, deep kiss. Our tongues move together as our breaths mingle. We take the kiss as deep as we can without physically fusing together.

  He flips us so that he’s on top, and his hips rock gently against my core. He’s careful not to put his full weight on my stomach, but he makes sure every inch that can touch is touching.

  “Wrap your legs around me, baby,” he demands, breaking from the kiss for just seconds until I do what he’s asked. “Just like that,” he says, and I feel him grow even harder against me.

  He moves against me until I’m seconds away from coming undone. My whole body is feeling as if it’s burning as my climax slowly starts to crawl up my spine. Right when I pull my lips from his to cry out in what promises to be a powerful climax, he stops.

  “Oh, God! Don’t stop. Please don’t stop,” I beg on a sob.

  “Never,” he declares.

  His lips start leaving a trail of fire across my jaw and down my neck until he reaches the fabric of my blouse against my chest. He leans back onto his knees and trails both hands along my collarbone until they rest in the V of my cleavage. I catch his intentions only seconds before he takes a fist of silk in each hand, and with a firm pull, my blouse is ripped right down the center. His eyes darken even further when he takes his first glimpse of my bra-covered chest.

  He doesn’t speak a word. His fingers continue to light their fire along the cups of my bra and over the swells of each breast. He flicks the front clasp but doesn’t move to unhook it. His fingers dance in twin caresses down my stomach until he’s cradling my rounded stomach between his strong palms.

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  “This right here makes me the happiest man in the world, Dani. Seeing you swollen with my child. Knowing that part of me is inside of you right now is one of the hottest things ever. God, I fucking love you,” he groans.

  His hands roll over my stomach before those sinful fingers move back up to my bra. In one deft move, the clasp is flicked and my breasts spill free.

  “These tits. Fuck, Dani. I’m going to fuck these tits,” he promises before he bends down to take one nipple between his teeth for a light nip before soothing the pain with his tongue. “I’m going to fuck them until I come all over your chest, baby. Then I’m going to eat you until your juices are running down my chin. And when you’re begging me for it, I’ll give you my cock. ” His mouth returns to my other nipple, and he flicks his tongue over it before pressing his lips around the tight bud and sucking it deep.

  “Shit,” I moan, feeling my pussy clench and literally weep for him. “I need you,” I beg.

  “Not yet,” he says around my sensitive nipple. His breath causes me to shudder. “I’m gonna fuck these tits first. ”

  He leans up and squeezes each globe together a few times, pressing them tightly together before letting them go, and he licks his lips when they bounce to the side. “Yeah, I’m going to fuck these tits. ”

  I cry out when I feel his hips leave mine. My eyes widen when he jumps off the bed and all but rips his clothes off. When he moves his hands to his waist and pushes his jeans and boxer briefs off in one swift move, his cock springs out and bumps against his stomach. His long, thick length is swollen with need, and I can see the drop of semen rolling down the hoop through the head. He pumps his cock roughly as his eyes trail over me.

  “You need to be naked, baby. The second I feel your body against mine, I won’t be able to stop. And those”—he points to my skirt and panties—“will be in my way,” he growls.

  I yelp when he jumps onto the bed and causes me to jolt. His fingers go to my waist, and I feel him roughly pulling the fabric from my body. He gives my mound a quick kiss that leaves me begging harder before he straddles my body and starts to climb up. His cock is pointing angrily at my face as he carefully moves over my rounded belly, his hands bracing the headboard to ensure that no extra weight falls on me. I bend my head and lick the top of his cock, and he groans long and low.

  “Yeah, I’m going to fuck the hell out of these beautiful tits,” he says. “Squeeze them tight, baby. ”

  I do as he requested and push them together so that his cock is nestled between them. He closes his eyes and drops his head forward. Beads of sweat roll down his face and drop from his chin onto my chest.

  His hips start to rock, slowly at first, until he picks up his thrusting. “Squeeze your tits harder,” he grinds out. “Fuck me. Been so long,” he says on another groan.

  I never imagined that being titty-fucked would be so hot, but with each thrust, the piercings through his hard cock rubbing against the inside of my tits and the tip of his cock just a breath away from my mouth, I find my mouth filling with saliva and just begging to take his length in deep. The quicker he moves, the more my fingers squeeze each nipple until I’m only seconds from coming.

  “God damn,” he breathes.

  I lean my head down and open my mouth so that, with each thrust up, the head of his cock is inside my mouth. His movements start to falter after that, and with one powerful groan, he pulls back and takes his cock in his hand. After a few pumps, I feel his warm semen coating each tit and hitting my chin. I reach up, swipe at his come, and stick my finger deep in my mouth, watching his eyes burn as I lick away every drop.

  “I want my come on your tits while I eat you, Dani,” he demands before moving his body down and latching his mouth firmly against my swollen and weeping clit.

  “Fuck me!” I scream.

  “I will,” he rumbles against my core. “I fucking will and you’re going to be begging for it until your screams are shaking my windows, Dani. ”

  “Now, please,” I whine, not even ashamed at the pathetic tone my wanting has brought forth. “God, please . . . I need to be full of you. ”

  “Fuck, that mouth. Now I want my cock in your mouth. ” He moves his mouth from my sensitive clit and gives me a long lick before nibbling along my swollen lips. Each bite of his teeth has me whimpering louder.

  “Give it to me . . . Give it to me . . . Please,” I pant.

  He ignores my begging, sucking along the seam and licking the wetness that leaks from my pussy. He feasts on my body like a starved man. When his tongue probes into my body, my walls clamp down, looking for anything to grab hold of.

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  “So tight,” he murmurs on a groan. “I’m going to pound this pussy, Dani. Pound you until your ass is red from my balls slapping against them. ”

  Oh, God. I’m going
to die. If he doesn’t fuck me now, I’m going to die. My body is strung tight, every muscle just waiting to snap, and the nerves are firing sporadically throughout my whole body. I whither against the mattress, my fist clutching the sheets as my body heats with arousal so powerful that my back lifts off the mattress and a whine-cry-scream noise shoots from my mouth. His fingers, which were holding my knees apart, trail down until he’s grasping my thighs and his thumbs are rubbing on either side of my wet core. I can feel my wetness dripping down my crack and onto the mattress below. I should be ashamed of what my body is doing, but it just turns me on further.

  “Please, God, please!” I shout.

  He dips two thick fingers deep into my pussy and curls them, hitting me in a spot that has my eyes rolling back and a scream so loud bursting from my lips as I clamp down and come on his fingers. My body is locked tight as I cry out his name over and over again.

  When I finally crash back down to Earth from the power of my orgasm, I look down my body and lock eyes with his. They’re full of sinful promise, and my body quivers when he lifts his mouth slightly so I can see him roll his tongue over my clit, causing little quakes to shift through my limbs.

  “You’re going to give me another, Dani. You’re going to come again and soak my chin. I want to feel your body cry out to mine. ” He bends, sucks, and looks back at me. “When I fuck you with that fucking wetness coating your virgin ass, you’re going to beg me to take that too. Aren’t you, baby?”

  He doesn’t give me time to answer him. He bends his head and gives making me orgasm again all of his focus until, just as he said I would, I cry and scream and claw at his neck and shoulders to get him to stop.

  “I fucking need you . . . Need you so bad,” I pant breathlessly. “I need your cock, Cohen. Please give me it, fill me, and fuck me hard. It’s been so long, baby, please . . . ” I trail off, mumbling who knows what about how desperately I need him.

  He gives me another lick before he trails kisses up my body. When his mouth takes mine in a hungry kiss, the taste of myself on his mouth has me moaning deeply.

  “Please,” I mumble against his mouth, the word slurring.

  “Are you ready for my cock?” he asks on a grunt as he reaches down to rub the head of his cock against my pussy.

  The feel of his piercing rubbing against my fevered skin causes me to whimper.

  “Do you want me here?” he asks, pushing just the tip into my weeping core. “Or do you want me here?” His hand leaves his cock, and I feel his fingertips against my asshole.

  I tense, and his eyes heat until they’re almost black.

  “Does my girl want my cock in her ass?”

  “Fuck, yes . . . anywhere. I need it, baby,” I gasp when he rolls one finger in the wetness that is seeping from my body.

  His soaked finger trails down from my pussy, and I feel him press against my ass again.

  “Relax,” he pants. “Relax and let me in,” his says with an evil grin. “I’m so fucking hard for you. So hard that it hurts. ”

  “Yes,” I sigh and then yelp when his finger breaches my tight asshole. “Need it,” I gasp.

  “Fuck yeah, you do. ” He continues to push his finger in until I feel him stop, his knuckle-deep finger causing a delicious burn.

  “More,” I plead, not even sure what I’m asking for. My nails dig into his shoulders, and I almost pass out from the sensations that wash over my body when he pushes in deeper.

  He shifts so that he is lying against my side, his rock-hard cock pushing against my thigh, and after pulling his finger from my tight hole, he returns to my soaked pussy, coating not one, but two fingers. When he trails down to my rim again, I’m ready for him and push out when his fingertips touch my tight opening.

  “Fuck me. My girl is begging for it. Begging for my cock in her virgin ass. I want your pussy, baby, but I need this too. I need to take you here. ”

  I nod my head, panting with need that is so great it has stolen my speech.

  “As wet as you are, I would almost think you didn’t need lube, but there is no fucking way I’m taking this ass without getting you ready. I want to hear you fucking scream, Dani. Beg. Me. For. It. ”

  He doesn’t wait for me to respond. He rolls to his side, I hear him rummage through his drawer, and then he’s back. His wicked grin makes his handsome face flash with a dirty promise.

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  “Scream, Dani. Scream until my ears ring,” he says, and without warning, he flips me so that my knees are on the mattress. He’s mindful to keep my stomach off the bed, placing a pillow between my body and the soft sheets.

  I hear a noise and then feel cool liquid rolling down from the top of my ass until it rolls onto the mattress. His fingers move from where he was holding my hips in place, and I feel him rub the lube until his fingers and my crack are slippery.

  His fingers dip slowly and deep into my ass, scissoring and stretching my hole to take his cock. The feeling burns in pleasure and makes me feel a delicious fullness. His other hand squirts some more lube, this time gathering some on his fingers. I lean up on my hands and look over my shoulder to see his head thrown back, his teeth digging into his bottom lip, and his other arm—the one not thrusting two fingers into my ass—stroking his cock.

  He looks down, locks eyes with me, and pulls his fingers from my dark hole. When I feel the steel of his piercing against my body, I tense and his eyes flash.

  “Don’t do that. Fucking beg me, Dani,” he commands.

  I take a deep breath, and before I can get the words out, I feel his palm against my ass, the feeling startling but not unpleasant. I moan and do as he said, begging him to take me.

  “Yeah. That’s what I want to hear. Louder, Dani. ” His words slur, and I feel him press harder against my body. “Make me believe you. ”

  I do as he said, my body once again feeling like a coil that is being pulled too tight.

  “Just. Like. That!” he roars before slowly pushing himself into my body. “Push out, baby. Push against me and take my cock. ”

  The burn is almost too much. I can feel each of the piercings that line his cock until he’s settled in as deep as he can go, and the one piercing that’s left is pressed against my stretched hole. It hurts in a way that is so all consuming, and I scream out with the pleasure that his pain brings me.

  “So fucking good,” he pants, pulling out just an inch before rocking into my body again. “Made for my cock. ”

  I cry out, scream just as he predicted, and hold on for dear life as he builds up his speed until he’s pushing into my body in a pace that has me feeling like I can’t breathe.

  “So full of my cock, Dani-girl. Your ass is begging for it. ”

  Thrust out and push in. Each time, gaining speed until I’m not sure if I’m even breathing anymore.

  “God. Damn. ” His fingers dig into my hips before I feel his fingers circling my clit, and just like that—with that one simple touch—I explode in the most powerful orgasm my body has ever felt. My head is thrown back and his name is the last thing on my lips as my body milks his cock of every ounce of come he has left.


  One second, I was begging for my girl to forgive me. The next, I was demanding that she beg me for my cock.

  I took my pregnant woman rough and hard. And I didn’t just fuck her. No, I took one look at her body, ripe with the pregnancy of my child, and lost my fucking mind.

  I move from behind her, careful that her spent body doesn’t fall onto her stomach, and lay her on her side. After jumping off the bed, I walk to the bathroom to clean myself off. As I wash my cock with a warm washcloth, I look in the mirror at my flushed skin. Sweat is beading down my chest, and my cock is still impossibly hard even after having just come twice.

  After making sure I cleaned myself off, I run a new washcloth under the warm water and walk back over to the bed. Her eyes
are closed, and her chest is moving up and down in a slow rhythm. My eyes trail down her flushed neck, and when I see my come dry on her skin—all over her long neck and tits—my cock jumps. Fuck, that’s hot.

  I bring the washcloth to her skin and almost hate that I have to wipe myself off her body. She doesn’t even flinch as I clean her chin, neck, and tits. Not even a twitch when I rub the warm cotton over the ass I just fucked hard. She does hum in her sleep, but other than that, nothing.

  I use this time to take in her body. Her belly looks so large now that I’m getting a good look. Her slim body makes her look like she swallowed a ball. When I think again about our child growing inside her, I want to fuck her all over again. It’s as if it wakes some primal desire to claim her that was dormant until now.

  After tossing the dirty washcloth towards my hamper, I climb into the bed and pull the sheets over her body. My hand goes straight to her belly, and when I feel little bumps against my palm, my eyes go wide.

  That. That right there is my child. A child I made with Dani.

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  That primal urge hits me again, reminding me that now she is connected to me forever. I know she loves me. There is no denying that. But this child? This child connects us in a way that will never change.

  Our baby continues to make its presence known, and I close my eyes and let the peace that washes over me settle my heart.

  “I’m going to marry you, Dani-girl,” I vow to the silence around me.

  “Okay, baby,” she mumbles.

  I thought she was asleep, so when I hear her sleepy voice answer me back, my eyes shoot to hers, and when I see her beautiful smile and bright-green eyes swimming with tears, I shake my head and move to kiss her deep.

  “Why the tears?”

  “I love you,” she says, not answering me.

  “Dani. The tears. ”

  “I love you. That’s why the tears. But if you plan on marrying me, you better ask me when you haven’t just fucked me raw. ”

  I laugh, kissing her again, “Noted. ”

  “I missed you,” she sighs.

  “I know, Dani-girl. Never again. I won’t leave you again, baby. ”

  She shifts so that her eyes come to mine. “You can’t promise that, Cohen. You don’t know when they’ll call you back. ” She doesn’t say it, but I hear the fear in her voice, and I hate that it’s there.

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