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Biker Faith

Ellie R. Hunter


  The Lost Souls MC


  Ellie R. Hunter

  Ellie R Hunter

  Biker Faith

  © 2014 Ellie R Hunter

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  To Linda and Neil, you are amazing! You know how much I appreciate you both and everything you do for me. Biker Faith wouldn’t be what it is without you.


  When my father, Hunter Carson, was alive my life wasn’t much better, but since he died it has got a whole load worse. Just listening to my brother Joe and his men talk of revenge and making them pay for my father’s death terrified me. My brother is now the President of the Ghost Riders and he is out to prove himself. They all talk about bringing down The Lost Souls but only after they have taken out all those who they love and protect. They will make them pay and use my friend once again to do that. When he was President, my father at least kept these men in line when it came to the club but Joe is not the same as Hunter. He enjoys and provokes the violence. There is no leadership and the club is falling apart, only being kept together because of the life they had for many years. It’s all they know now.

  The Vice President of the Ghost Riders has just pulled himself off of me and is getting dressed again. He doesn’t say anything, he barely looks at me unless it’s to glare and he knows I’m frightened and can’t stop him. It’s exactly the way he likes it.

  His fist is just as heavy as his boots pounding the ground, then he walks away to join his fellow brothers without so much as a goodbye, leaving me weak and in pain. If there is ever going to be a chance of making a run for it, tonight is my only chance.

  I used to think I had done something very wrong in a previous life to warrant having the life I’m forced to endure now. My mother, when she was alive, loved me. She would have protected me like she used to but I’m on my own now and no one lets me forget that.

  I wish I had enough time to shower and scrub him off of me. I dare not risk losing time though, not if I’m going to leave unnoticed. I doubt he will return to my room tonight, not with our sham of a wedding being tomorrow but I can’t take that chance he might, and there is no way I can marry Tommy Sanders. I know deep in my heart he won’t let me survive, not emotionally and definitely not physically. He doesn’t show mercy now so I dread to imagine what he could do to me if he had his ring on my finger.

  Now or never.

  Run or stay.

  Survive or die.

  For the first time in my life I choose to run and survive…the time is now.

  Careful not to move too fast, I cautiously roll off the bed and steady myself on my feet before deciding what I need to take with me…which isn’t a lot as I don’t own much.

  As the adrenalin begins kicking in I snatch a backpack from the bottom of the wardrobe and stuff a few items of clothing in. Changing my mind quickly I pull half my clothes out and head towards the metal box that Tommy has kept in here for the last couple of weeks. My hands tremble expecting to be caught, just as I have my hands on his blood money. It should bother me how he came about all this cash but what he has taken from me over the years is far worse. Taking his cash will never make up for the torment, but it will certainly enable me to get away from him. There’s so much I don’t bother to grab at it. I turn the box upside down and let the loose cash fall into the bottom of the bag. I put my flat shoes on and gingerly place the strap over my shoulder. Opening the door I see no one around and slip out. I can hear their voices as they holler and cheer for their Vice President and I glue myself to the wall along the hall hoping to remain unseen.

  My freedom is on the other side of the hall and to make my way there I have to clear the section that is open to everyone in the bar area. My heart pumping erratically is drowning everything out around me and my blood rushing around my body at a million miles an hour is making me feel faint…now or never I remind myself.

  I peak around the wall into the bar but they are all too busy to look this way. They repulse me to the point I want to vomit here and now. Their celebrations are nothing to celebrate unless you’re a brother. Run I tell myself, run and you will never have to see this hellhole again.

  One more peak around the corner and my feet are moving silently and lightly until I reach the door. It didn’t have a lock on it but it didn’t need one as it can only be opened from the inside. I know for a fact that my brother hasn’t had enough time to fit alarms on the place yet so I push the bar down and welcome the cold air stabbing my face as I open the door.

  No looking back now. I cling to the side of the wall in the shadows. Just because I am out of the building doesn’t mean I am free yet.

  The door I came out of is located near the back of the building that my brother has turned into his new compound and a hell of a lot of old furniture has been dumped here. I quickly make a run and hide behind it all. When we first arrived here I noted there wasn’t a brick wall surrounding the place but only a metal wired fence and most of it looked like it was falling down.

  A sudden commotion spilled out into the night as two guys had begun fighting between themselves. I crouched down smaller and kept watch through a few gaps in the furniture.

  Deciding to make a run for it once they had settled down I remained silent, too scared to even breathe.

  Tommy’s voice booming through the air had me feeling numb. I soon learned the guys weren’t fighting because one had wronged the other but for Tommy’s entertainment. My brother Joe was standing next to him smiling and he too was watching the fight with fascination.

  It wasn’t long before I felt my legs and feet fill with pins and needles. The worse it got the more I worried I would stumble rather than run and be caught before I made it to the fence. I looked back to the crowd of brothers watching the two guys fighting and knew my chance would be soon. One of the guys lifted the other man up to his height and head-butted him to the ground. Slowly, the rest of them made their way back into the bar leaving the unconscious man on the ground. Standing slowly on my feet that now felt three times their size I breathed my way through the pain of numbness until the feeling came back.

  No more waiting, my time i
s now. I took one more look around the compound seeing only the guy who was still unconscious and I ran for the fence.

  I don’t know how long I ran for but I went until my feet wouldn’t carry me anymore. I collapsed in the trees and let myself rest for a short while before I started running again. If I have to run for the rest of my life I know it will still be better than staying with them.

  I had one person in mind, one person I knew who would help me. The one person I never wanted to be hurt again…I had a focus…I had to warn Alannah.

  Chapter One


  Celebrations were in full swing. The music couldn’t be any louder and the drinks were flowing fast and heavy. Tonight everyone is celebrating Cas becoming the new President of The Lost Souls MC, which in my eyes is long overdue. Between the drinking and the women life couldn’t be better, as in recent months the Ghost Riders hung over us like the plague. So when a woman stumbled into the middle of the party, soaked through from the rain, covered in bruises and declaring the war with our enemy The Ghost Riders is far from over, the nights enjoyment quickly dissolved and everyone was on full alert. It took me a couple of beats to see it was Alannah’s college friend Bonnie under the bruises and wet hair clinging to her face…who so happens to be the daughter of the dead Hunter Carson. As soon as Barbie said her name many of my brothers pulled their weapons on her knowing who she is.

  When she collapsed to the floor they still kept their guns on her and with who she is and who she belongs to, no man here trusts her. I don’t fucking blame them.

  Alannah was at her side in a flash. The last time I saw her college friend Bonnie, she looked hell of a lot healthier than she does now. Alannah was right to be worried about her, she has lost her vivacious curves and whoever had hurt her meant business. Fuck knows how she made it here before collapsing.

  “Why are you all pointing your guns at her?” Alannah screamed to everyone.

  No one apart from Cas moved but he only moved as far as by my side.

  “Put them down for fucks sake,” she screamed.

  No one did.

  “Babe, come away from her,” Cas told Alannah. I could hear concern scratching in his voice.

  I knew her answer before she spoke. She wouldn’t leave her side, especially with everyone ready to shoot if she makes a move.

  “Are you serious? I’m not leaving her, you come here and help me! And for fuck sake, put your guns down!” she yelled.

  “I’m being deadly serious, she’s Hunter’s daughter. It could be a trap,” Cas shouted, trying to get through to his old lady.

  “I know who she is, but she’s hardly in a position to be a threat, she’s fucking unconscious!” she screamed back.

  Cas knew as well as I did Alannah wasn’t going to leave her friend. He nodded to Pope, who was closest to them, to check the bag that she came in with, eliminating at least one possible threat.

  From my own experience I know how deadly a backpack of that size could be. Word has it that Hunter’s son, Joseph ‘Joe’ Carson, took over the gavel after Hunter rightfully lost his life last month. If he takes after his father then sending a woman to their enemy’s clubhouse with a suicide explosion in mind wouldn’t be a shock to anyone. We have been waiting for a retaliation attack but until tonight, we haven’t heard anything.

  Pope unzipped the bag slowly and began pulling out a few scraps of clothing. His eyebrows pulled together and he pulled out cash…a lot of it.

  “Nothing in here apart from this crap,” he said, pointing to the clothes and cash, then dumping the bag on the floor beside Bonnie.

  “See, I told you. Now, I swear to God if you don’t help her, I’m gonna…” Alannah said.

  “Okay,” Cas boomed, cutting her off. “Sparky, take her to your room and I’ll call the Doc in.”

  “Why my room?” I asked, irritated that I would be out of a bed for the night.

  “Because all the other rooms are taken and because she’s seen you a few times. It won’t be a fuckin’ shock to her when she wakes up, unlike them who she’s never met before,” he said, waving his hand around our brothers.

  Sighing heavily, I stormed over to Bonnie, still a heap on the floor and waited for Alannah to move.

  “Please be careful with her,” she said, before slowly standing her on her feet and sticking close by.

  I had not long ago told Cas I didn’t think she was capable of saying boo to a ghost. All memories of wanting to fuck her when I thought she was just a normal girl coming for a visit with Barbie had vanished. She is now a threat to me, my brothers and to my family through the club. Picking her up with enough force to show my brothers I wasn’t being pussy whipped by Barbie, but gentle enough to keep her off my back, I held the girl close and took her to my room.

  I don’t know which I would rather fend off, a brother with all his strength and muscle or Alannah Blake with her ferocious nature.

  She followed closely and unlocked the door to my room so I didn’t have to fumble around the girl in my arms. I laid her on my bed and stepped back. Alannah took over trying to wake her.

  “Leave her be Barbs, she’ll wake when her body is ready,” I told her.

  It was a brief reminder of bringing Alannah home last month, only she looked much worse.

  “Why did you all pull your guns on her? Women turn up here all the time,” she asked.

  “Haven’t you spoke to Cas about her?” I replied.

  I wasn’t going to open my mouth without knowing how much she knew or didn’t know.

  “No. With everything else going on lately I forgot about her,” she said quietly, her face covering over with guilt.

  “Like I told you, she is Hunter’s daughter…well, she was his daughter,” Cas said, joining us in my room.

  He walked over and pulled Alannah against his chest. Displays of true affection are rare around here. One of the girls going down on a brother isn’t, no one bats an eyelid, but affection of love is a big fucking show and I’ll never understand it myself. Don’t get me wrong, I know they are seriously in love with each other but I’ve never known anyone who lasts in a relationship, especially living our lifestyle.

  “I know who she is.”

  “She led the Ghost Riders to you,” I growled, reminding her of the reason she was taken in the first place.

  “It wasn’t like that, it was because of you they found me actually,” she said, twisting out of Cas’s arms.

  “What the fuck? You better fuckin’ explain that Barbs coz I ain’t likin’ the accusation,” I said, immediately on the defensive standing in front of her.

  How the fuck could she be now blaming me? I had nothing to do with her being taken by Hunter and if she is going to be throwing accusations like that around, she better fucking back them up. She may be like a sister to me but there is no way I am standing for that.

  “She was leaving to come and see me when she was caught up on the edge of an explosion at her dad’s clubhouse. Luckily she wasn’t too hurt but when she was discovered, her dad found our messages and that’s when he found out I was at the cabin and where it was. She had nothing to do with it. Do you think I would help her if I knew she was part of…if she had anything to do with what happened to me?” she said, her voice cracking towards the end.

  I felt guilty when I realised she was remembering that night.

  “She was there in the warehouse that night, but not as my captive. She was trapped like I was. I saw her take a slap because she was trying to save me because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.”

  She shuddered in front of us and Cas stepped behind her and rubbed her arms soothingly.

  I didn’t want to hear it really but we needed to know if this girl was going to be a threat to us.

  “One time I came round to find one of them pulling my jeans down. Hunter came in before he could do anything but when he left again, he left me undressed…”

  Both Cas and I growled low and menacingly.

  “You never said,”
Cas said, trying to relax his grip on her arms.

  “He didn’t do anything so I didn’t want you to have that image stuck in your head. When he left, it left Bonnie and I alone for a few minutes. She was just as scared as I was. She dressed me because I couldn’t move and promised to make a scene if he came back in. That’s all she could do for me. I don’t blame her for anything and neither should you,” she finished.

  “You should have told me everything that happened,” he argued.

  “I’m sorry,” she whispered, before realisation dawned on her. “Hang on, how did you find out about her? I didn’t know until Hunter came in with her,” she asked, going to sit by Bonnie on the bed.

  “Slade told us what he found out after you asked him to look into her. We came straight to the cabin and that’s when we found Billy…and you were gone,” I told her.

  She was about to reply when Bonnie began to come around and Alannah took hold of her hand. As soon as her eyes opened they fell on Cas and I at the bottom of the bed. She was instantly on full alert and trying to edge her way up the bed, only stopping when her back hit the headboard.

  “Bon, it’s okay, I’m here with you,” Alannah cooed, trying to block us with her head.

  Her chest deflated and she relaxed, never letting go of Alannah’s hand.

  “Where am I?” she asked, looking around.

  “You’re still at the clubhouse. Do you remember my friend who visited me in college, Sparky?” Alannah asked, nodding her head towards me. Bonnie nodded and Alannah carried on, “And this is Cas, he’s in charge now.”

  Her eyes lingered on me, not Cas or Alannah who was in front of her. I couldn’t read what she was thinking. If she was scared or hiding something, I couldn’t tell. It was like she was closed off from everything, exactly the same vibe from her as the other times I had briefly met her. There was nothing behind her eyes, whether that’s because she has nothing to give or everything to hide, I don’t know. All I do know is this has kicked up a whole load of shit we hoped was dead and buried with Hunter. She had claimed our war wasn’t over and now we have to find out what she meant by that and what she knows.