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His Twisted Heart : Sons of Lost Souls MC Series Book Nine

Ellie R. Hunter

  His Twisted Heart

  Book 9 in the Sons of Lost Souls MC series

  Ellie R Hunter

  Ellie R. Hunter

  His Twisted Heart

  © 2021 Ellie R. Hunter


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  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This book contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author / publisher.

  This book is a work of fiction. Any similarity between the characters and situations within its pages and places or persons, living or dead, is unintentional and co-incidental.


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  Chapter One


  It was my grandpa who once told me there was nothing I couldn’t have—that the world belonged to us. And although we are only here for a short time, it was down to us to live hard, live free, and be true to ourselves. He also told me I can never change people’s perception of me, and that I should never want to. If they can’t accept me for who I am, that’s not my problem.

  From a young age, I’ve always been happy spending time in my own company, but that changed the day I noticed Luca Jackson had hit puberty. His shoulders had broadened. His baby face was gone, replaced with a dark intensity that could ensnare you with a single glance, and he’d adapted a slight swagger to his step. I was enthralled, but I wasn’t blinded by my newfound attraction; he had eyes for someone else. Only, she’s not around anymore.

  With the club currently on lockdown, he has nowhere to go and an abundance of time to fill.

  I long ago gave up hope he would someday see me as “the one.” But as time has passed, and he continues to mope around, like he’s the only one who’s had his heart broken, I’ve played a game. And being that I’m the only one who knows the rules, I can’t lose.

  “You’re so fucking weird.”

  Opening my eyes, the boy himself is standing over me. It’s nearly impossible to smother the smile spreading across my lips when I tease, “Keep talking dirty to me, Luca Jackson, and I’ll start to think you want to get into my panties.”

  For a split second, his eyes widen and his nostrils flare. But in the next breath, his mask of stone re-emerges, and I can’t help but grin, enjoying that my words have caught him off guard.

  “I’m pretty sure I just insulted you.”

  “Please,” I huff. “I own being weird, just like you own being an arrogant asshole.”

  “Just asshole,” he quips, his tone a bit snarky.

  “I hear it runs in your family.”

  The corner of his mouth raises in an amused smirk. Seeing it warms my belly, knowing not many people can say they’ve achieved such an achievement.

  “Stronger with every generation.”

  I hold out my hand, surprised when he helps me up to my feet. Though as soon as I’m upright, he drops it like a hot coal.

  “I don’t have cooties, Luca.”

  Narrowing his eyes, he takes a step back.

  “You saying you want me to hold your hand?”

  I take two steps toward him.

  The game has officially begun.

  “What if I said, I want you to do a lot more than hold my hand?”

  I hold my breath, waiting to see how he reacts. What I don’t expect is his laughter. The last time I heard him laugh, he had just kicked Rory Dill’s ass at school for whatever reason. It was more of a manic laugh, but a laugh nonetheless.

  “Have you been smoking from Zachery’s weed stash?”

  I take two steps closer. “Not today.”


  Shaking my head, I look into his bright green eyes as I close the space between us.

  “Then I must be fucking tripping.”

  I know I’ve shocked him, and he’s trying to play it off. I’m probably the last person he’d expect to come onto him.

  “I’m offering you something to help us both pass the time while we’re stuck in this lockdown. And besides,”—I shrug—“it’s not like you’ve got a girl here or in town.”

  His jaw ticks, telling me I’ve pissed him off.

  “If you want some dick, Victoria, you’d do better to find someone who’s actually interested.”

  Hooking my finger between his jeans and his waist, I catch my bottom lip between my teeth and release it slowly. “You think no one is interested in me? You obviously don’t pay attention, do you? I don’t want any of them.”

  Cocking his brow, he asks carefully, “But you want me?”

  Running a finger down his chest, I propose, “One night. No strings, and no one has to know.”

  His throat bobs angrily as his eyes dart to my lips. Then slowly, his hand wraps around the back of my neck.

  “If you’re offering, and no one will find out, I’m game. Where are you staying here?”

  “Over in the main house.”

  “That’s no good. I’m staying in my dad’s old room—room two. Meet me there in ten minutes.”

  Releasing me, I stumble back as he walks toward the back door of the club, leaving me with my heart pounding in my chest. This is what I wanted, and yet a moment of doubt passes through my mind.

  But I quickly push the thought away, determined to carry out my plan.

  Bunching up my skirt, I cross the grass and slip into the bar. Slade’s niece returned home from rehab—or somewhere like that—today, and the guys are preoccupied with shit going on with the Black Crows, so no one notices me slinking behind the bar to grab a bottle of tequila. Moving out of sight, I peek around the corner at where Grandpa’s sitting with Dad, Cas, Sparky, and Zachery. Satisfied they’re all distracted, I easily slip into the shadows, taking the back stairs up to Luca’s room.

  After I debate for a few seconds on whether or not to knock, I twist the doorknob and walk in
, finding him sitting at the end of the bed, a cigarette dangling between his fingers, and his hoodie in a heap on the floor, showing off his bare chest.

  “Did anyone see you?”

  Shaking my head, I close the door and cross the room, stopping in front of him. Tilting his head back, he looks up at me with hooded eyes and tugs down my skirt until it falls to the floor around my feet. I’m so glad I wore my red panties today.

  Taking a drag on his cigarette, he dumps the butt into a half-empty beer bottle and grabs onto my hips, running his hands up and down my thighs.

  “After tonight, this never happens again. We don’t even talk about it.”

  Twisting the cap off the bottle, I take a swig and pass it to him, cringing from the bitter aftertaste.

  Once he finishes taking a long pull of his own, I take the bottle from his hand, set it on the floor, and straddle his lap.

  “No more talking.”

  I lean down to kiss him, but before our lips meet, he flips me onto my back and hovers over me.

  I’ve barely taken a breath when his mouth crashes onto mine and he grinds against me, deepening the kiss while gliding his hand slowly under my shirt and bra, pushing them over my head and up along my raised arms. Tossing my clothes onto the floor, he backs away and off the bed to remove his jeans and underwear, giving me my first view of his impressive erection. Raising up on my elbows, I take a moment to appreciate it.

  “Are you just going to look at it?”

  Grinning, I draw my eyes slowly up to his. “What makes you think I’m here solely to please you?” Lying back, I spread my legs and arch my brow. “Well? What are you waiting for?”

  Crawling back onto the bed, he lowers his head. Trailing his lips up my inner thigh, my breath hitches when he runs the tip of his tongue over my panties, along my clit.

  “I think it’s time for these to come off,” he utters in a raspy tone, tugging the fabric down my legs.

  In all the fantasies I’ve had about this very moment, they could never compare to the actual feel of his tongue lapping at my clit. Fisting the pillows above my head, I bite into my bottom lip to keep from moaning out loud when he focuses his attention on just the right spot. Feeling myself close to coming, he abruptly stops and climbs over me, positioning himself at my entrance.

  Groaning in frustration, I snap, “Is that it?”

  “Don’t be greedy. We have all night.”

  He has a point.

  Setting my frustration aside, I wrap my legs around his waist as he thrusts inside of me.

  “Oh, fuck… If I knew you felt this good, I would’ve fucked you sooner,” he breathes into the crook of my neck.

  Hearing that feels almost as good as his dick.

  Bracing his hand around the top of the headboard, I dig my heels into his ass cheeks, spurring him to go deeper and harder.

  Slamming into me, he hits deep and apparently a little too deep because just as I’m about to cry out, he’s shuddering and emptying himself, finding his finish too fucking soon. Half collapsing on top of me, I can feel his heart racing against my chest.

  “I don’t want to say this was a letdown, but I didn’t think you were a two-pump chump.”

  “Shut up. It’s been a while, and you felt too good. Take it as a compliment,” he grumbles, rolling off of me.

  “Why would I take it as a compliment? I didn’t even get on top.”

  “Shit, Victoria, I wouldn’t have lasted that long if you had.” Sensing I’m not going to let this go, he plucks a flower out of one of my braids and asks, “Why do you wear this shit in your hair?”

  “Because they’re pretty.”

  Reaching for his jeans, he digs out his smokes, rests his back against the headboard, and lights one up.

  An awkward silence fills the room, yet I’m not bothered by it. I don’t have any expectations going forward. Luca Jackson and this little tryst will eventually be a memory.

  Sitting up, I swing my legs over the edge of the bed and grab my bra from the floor.

  “Are you leaving already?”

  Looking over my shoulder, I take in his puzzled expression.

  “What’s it to you, Jackson? Don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with me after sixty seconds of being inside of me.” When he continues to stare at me, I tell him, “We agreed to one night, remember?”

  “I remember,” he replies. “But you owe me a blowjob. I also intend to show you how long I can last now that I’ve busted a nut.”

  I turn around to face him, dropping my bra back to the floor. Maybe I should let him redeem himself.

  “Tell me one thing first.”


  “Do you think I’m pretty?”

  “You think my dick would get hard for you if you weren’t?”

  I smile, deciding to push my luck. “One more question.”

  With a low growl, he offers me a quick nod.

  “Do you still think of Sara?”

  “You really want to know right now, while we’re both naked?”

  “This was a onetime thing. It’s not like I’d get jealous or anything.”

  That’s not quite true, but apparently, I’m a glutton for punishment. He’s very much a closed book, and I often hear Aunt Lana complaining that she never knows what her son is thinking and how he doesn’t talk to her anymore.

  “I think about her every goddamn day,” he finally admits, causing

  the last remaining fragments of my crush on him to die a hundred deaths. “Now, are you going to suck me off or not?”

  Dropping the sheet, I crawl across the bed and lower my head. His hand threads through my hair, grabbing a fistful, and tugs until I’m looking up at him.

  “I’m going to enjoy knowing my dick’s been in your mouth when I see you around.”

  I smirk, because if the golden girl were ever to come back and he kissed her, I’d know where his lips have been too.

  Chapter Two


  I creep out of Luca’s room, wanting to avoid any awkwardness, or see any regret in his eyes.

  Slipping out the side door, the sun assaults me. It’s extraordinarily warm out this early in the morning.

  With a spring in my step, I twirl the flower I picked up off of Luca’s floor and tuck it into my braid. Everything is different. The world looks brighter, sharper, cleaner, and the only reason I can think of for that to be is because I’m happy.

  “Where did you come from?”

  At the sound of Cas’s gruff voice, I stop and spin around to see him standing with Sparky by the garages.

  “Um… I was just taking a walk.”

  I don’t think I’ve ever lied to anyone in the club before, because I’ve never needed to. But there’s no way I’m going to tell the president I’ve just spent the night with his son.

  “Victoria Simmons, I know you’re lying to me right now, but I’ll let it slide this once. Just don’t walk near the front gates.”

  “I won’t,” I blurt out quickly.

  Heading for the house, it’s Sparky who shouts out my name next. Trying to compose myself, I take a deep breath and turn around.


  “If it was my boy’s room you just left, don’t go expecting flowers and shit.”

  I can’t help but laugh. “You have nothing to worry about. I have standards, and they’re a lot higher than JJ.”

  Cas’s laugh echoes through the quiet morning.

  Before anyone else can stop me, I dart into the main house and close the door behind me, only to bump straight into Alannah. Why is everyone awake so early?

  “Good morning,” I chirp, ready to rush up the stairs.

  “Good morning to you, too.” She smiles coyly. “Or is this you only just getting in?”

  My cheeks are burning. I swear, the universe is against me. First Cas, now Alannah. Is Leo going to pop up next, forcing me to confront the whole family?

  “I went for a walk.”

  Like her husband, she kn
ows I’m lying. But, unlike Cas, she doesn’t call me on it.

  “Well, your hair is a little dishevelled from your walk. I’d jump in the shower before everyone else wakes up and rushes the bathroom.”

  Like my mom, Alannah has a knack for knowing everything that goes on around here, but there’s no way in hell she can find out about this.

  Not meeting her eyes, I jog up the stairs and lock myself in the bathroom.

  Turning on the shower, I undress while the water heats up and catch sight of my reflection in the mirror. There’s a bruise above my left breast, and another on my hip. Did Luca do this? I tend to bruise easily, but the placements are just so random.

  He was rougher than I imagined he would be, but I don’t recall feeling any pain from his touch. To me, it was everything and more.

  Having evidence of our night together on my body makes me smile. I left his room, content with sharing one night and walking away, but I was a fool to think that would be enough.

  I already want more.

  Being on lockdown has never bothered me. There’s always someone around, so you never feel lonely. When I walk into the bar, looking for my dad, I have to push my way through a crowd of people to find him.

  Sitting with my grandpa, Dad smiles when he sees me walking toward their table.