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His Ride or Die : Sons of Lost Souls MC Book Three

Ellie R. Hunter

  His Ride or Die

  Sons of Lost Soul MC Book 3

  Ellie R Hunter


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  Ellie R Hunter

  His Ride or Die

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  This book is a work of fiction. Any similarity between the characters and situations within its pages and places or persons, living or dead, is unintentional and co-incidental.

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  Without a doubt, this book is dedicated to my ride or die, my husband.


  I wonder how many people have had their greasy hands on the motel key currently in my hand as I walk back to my brothers. Mason and Myles couldn’t wait to ride out of town to make sure JJ and Harper made it safely away from Ellis. I too, couldn’t wait to blow out of Willows Peak. It’s fucking amazing to be away from everything, even if we are on an errand for Cas and have to return tomorrow.

  “Why do you only have one key?” Mason asks, narrowing his eyes.

  “Because this is the last available room, and I’m the one paying. You want your own rooms, keep riding to the next motel and pay yourself.”

  I’m too tired to care about sharing a room, and quite frankly, the twins aren’t so bad when they shut up. It’s all good between us since I took them both off their feet for disrespecting my sister.

  Unlocking the door, I’m pleasantly surprised when the room is clean and is half modern. Before the twins can rush me, I fall onto the first single bed, leaving them to share the double. It’s not the first thing they’ve shared, so I’ve heard.

  My phone pings, and I assume it’s JJ until I see a picture has come through from India. I open it up and a photo of Rayna sleeping peacefully in her crib fills my screen with the caption, Goodnight, Uncle Zach. xxx.

  Sitting up, I move over to the chair. The kid brings a smile to my face, she’s the only one who can these days and I quickly text back, sleep well.

  “Look at that grin, someone’s had a booty pic come through,” Myles hollers falling onto his bed for the night.

  “It could be a dick pic, who knows with him anymore,” Mason puts in, slapping his twin’s hand as he heads for the bathroom.

  They both crack up laughing and I shake my head at them, perhaps I should land another couple of blows to their chins to shut them up.

  “I should have got my own room,” I mutter to myself.

  “Cheer up, princess. We’ll keep your mind off…what’s his name?” Myles messes with me.

  Mason can be heard laughing from behind the closed bathroom door and I flip my middle finger at them both, even though Mason can’t see it, he’ll expect it.

  I turn my back on Myles and kick my feet up on the battered wooden table by the window. I have a clear view of our bikes from here and I pull out the information on Nina Rollins again.

  She’s an hour away from here, if we get our heads down tonight and get up early enough in the morning, we can catch her before she goes to work, and we can have the whole day riding home.

  She’s twenty-four years old, not married, it says here she lives alone, and she has just over nineteen thousand dollars in savings in her account. She holds a driver’s licence, but she doesn’t have a car, not one in her name anyway.

  I flip the page over to her picture. I don’t recognise her, but why would I, I’m two years older than her and she left Willows Peak six years ago.

  Her vibrant green eyes are bare of makeup and her golden hair is thrown up on top of her head, wiry strands falling down around her face. She is natural, and she is beautiful.

  The chills come for me first. They always do. Then my lungs crush into shrivelled pockets of nothing. My limbs are motionless, weighted down, I can’t move. I’m feeling everything Billy felt as he dragged his bloodied body across the gravel. Heavy kicks rain down on my ribs, I feel every one, but I can’t see who is delivering them.

  I hear a woman crying for help but I can’t see her either. I see him. I see Billy. Blood is covering every inch of his body and they’re beating him. He’s dead, I can tell, and they’re still beating him.

  “Stop!” I yell but they don’t listen.

  I don’t think they even hear me.

  They certainly don’t turn and see me running at them.

  I launch myself at the biggest guy and he throws me straight off his back like I’m nothing but a small child.

  I run at the smaller guy and underestimate his strength. He too, throws me off and I land next to my father, my real father. I land in a heap on the gravel and I’m now boneless and unable to move. Blood is in the air and it fills my nostrils till I can’t smell anything else.

  The attackers aren’t here anymore, it’s Billy and I alone. I should be the one he turns to for help, but he doesn’t know I’m here.

  “Dad! Listen to me!”

  I scream at him, even though he’s less than a foot away from me and it falls on blocked ears.

  He twists himself around so he’s lying on his stomach and he drags himself across the gravel to his truck.

  A bright red truck, the same colour as the fresh blood smeared over his face. His soul is waning, as I watch I can feel his life slipping away and I can’t do a thing to help him.

  He’s my real dad, and I can’t do any
thing, I’m helpless, a prisoner in my own body.

  His face is unrecognisable, his beaten and swollen features are hidden by the blood and bruises.

  I want him to see me, to look at me once before the inevitable happens. It always ends the same. He dies never knowing me.

  A large hand grips onto my shoulder and my surroundings distort and then I’m back in the motel room, and Mason is standing over me. It’s still dark and Myles is out for the count.

  “Hey, are you trying to wake up the whole motel?” he half whispers and half grunts.


  I sit up and stretch my legs and my arms, making sure they still work. As always when I wake up, they do.

  Mason falls back on his side of the bed next to his brother. Throwing my legs over the edge of the bed, I grab my smokes and slide into my boots. Mason is already asleep by the time I open the door and let myself out.

  There’s a bench by the empty pool and I kick back and light a much needed joint. I hit it a little too hard and it catches in the back of my throat. The weed weaves its magic and the nightmare starts to fade away, for another night at least. Resting my head against the railings, I enjoy the rush of the world spinning around me.

  Tonight’s nightmare is nothing new. Ever since I found out everyone in my life has lied to me for my entire life, and I learned the truth about my biological father’s death, the nightmares came for me and haven’t stopped.

  A door opens on the far side of the motel and a half-dressed woman slips out and immediately looks shady as she half walks and half jogs to the stairs flipping open a wallet.

  She pockets the cash and dumps the wallet in the trash can as she passes it. She falters at the bottom of the stairs when she sees me, I look away, not caring who she’s stealing from, most likely a punter.

  Another door opens, and Mason and Myles show their faces.

  “We should get going,” Mason says.

  “Sounds good to me.”

  Her street isn’t the nicest, but it isn’t the worst. Her house sits at the furthest end of the street and I park dead opposite, joined a few moments later by the twins. There is a car parked on her drive, not that there was one on the information sheet I was given on her. We just need to see her, make sure she’s okay and leave.

  I don’t move and scan up and down the street one more time. The twins remain on their bikes and it’s not long before our attention turns to the fair-haired woman, known as Nina Rollins, leaving her house and closing up behind her. She pays no attention to the three bikers sitting across from her house and lets herself into the car. She doesn’t hang around and backs out onto the road, before swinging the machine around and speeds off up the street.

  “I guess she’s alright?” Mason calls over.

  I open my mouth ready to answer and then call Cas when she stops at the top of the street and pulls over.

  “What is she doing?” Myles wonders aloud.

  I haven’t got a clue, but I’m intrigued. Perhaps she forgot something, but why would she cut the engine and climb out of the car? She heads back towards the house and stops short three houses down and waits. She still hasn’t looked our way. She is completely focused on scoping out her place that nothing else matters around her. Her hair is nicer than it is in the photo her mom gave to us. Her body is leaner, her collarbone sticks out far too much, and her shorts are way too short. Only, she doesn’t wear them for show, the way she carries herself, I don’t think she gives a fuck. I like her boots teamed with them and her top hangs loosely as she moves, I catch glimpses of her top underneath, it makes my mouth water.

  “What’s our next move? I need a piss,” Mason asks, having no patience for anything, as usual.

  “Just wait,” I spit, not taking my eyes off Nina Rollins.

  Her front door opens, and she steps closer to her neighbours hedge as not to be seen. A guy steps out in his boxers and lights a cigarette, standing on the porch. He must be her boyfriend.

  Nina remains hidden and a beat later it all makes sense. A Jeep pulls up and a stick thin blonde with bouncy tits bounds up her path. The guy finishes his smoke and flicks the butt across the front lawn and catches the blonde as she jumps around his waist. They start kissing as he backs them into the house and I avert my eyes back to Nina Rollins. She stands frozen until the door closes and then she’s on the move. Like a predator, she is on the hunt and is about to pounce on her prey.

  So, this is why she pretended to leave. She was on a mission to catch her boyfriend cheating. She doesn’t cry like most women would, she doesn’t head back to her car, she walks back to her house and as she struts up her path, she bends down and picks up a shovel. It’s clear there is meant to be some yard work going on and no wonder it’s not been done if he’s too busy fucking around behind her back.

  “Twenty bucks says we’ll have to help bury a body,” Myles puts out there.

  “Fifty says she won’t do shit but scream and cry at them,” Mason grunts.

  “A hundred says she comes out with a bag packed after smashing the place up,” I offer.

  All three of us climb off our bikes and I stretch my back out.

  “Are we going in?” Mason asks.

  Our decision is made for us when the blonde runs out screaming, holding her head as a stream of blood runs down over her eye. Her mom wants to know she’s okay, hearing her daughter has been arrested may not go down well.

  “Hoodies off, let’s go in.”

  “Is it me or is this a lot more fun than you thought it would be?” Myles grins.

  Shaking my head, we cross the street and head inside. The place is light and clean. It becomes clear they’re alone in the house and they’re in the back somewhere.

  We can hear the guy begging. A slow smile covers my face at the thought of her making him pay for betraying her. I fucking hate liars and cheats.

  “I swear to god, Nina, if you don’t back off, I’m gonna fuck you up,” the guy says, and I push open the last door.

  Standing on the bed, the shovel she picked up on her way in is now being pressed into the guys groin as he lays on his back on the bed.

  “You think you’re not going to pay for doing her in my bed, behind my back!”

  “Come on, Neen, I’m sorry, okay?”

  I clear my throat and give her my respect, she doesn’t flinch at the three strangers in her home. The guy on the other hand, shoots his attention to us.

  “What the fuck is this?” he hollers as I step up beside the bed so she can see me. “Do you know these guys?” he asks her.

  She doesn’t move, but she cuts her eyes to me and then down at my patches. Recognition washes over her, and she puts more weight on the shovel making the guy squirm.

  “I must say, I don’t think the blonde was worth it, but then again if you like the trashy look, you like the trashy look, you can’t help what you like,” I shrug.

  “Who are you?”

  Beads of sweat spring up across his forehead. He’s fucked. I don’t know this girl, but my own issues make me want to help her just because I can.

  The twins linger in the doorway, bored as usual, but I lean in closer to the cheating prick.

  “I thought I was the backup, but she’s got you handled, don’t you agree?”

  He looks up at her and then back at me.

  “Please, get her off.”

  “Can’t do that,” Myles says. “I’ve got twenty on her killing you and us helping to bury you. So as you can see, that puts us in a sticky situation.”

  I hide my amusement and Nina begins to falter. Ignoring everyone in the room, I focus on her and I see the pain in her eyes that I couldn’t see on the street.

  “If you want him to pay for hurting you, we can take care of him for you, give me the shovel and I’ll hurt him for you.”

  “Why would you do that? You don’t know me.”

  “I don’t need to know you to help you, plus, we haven’t hurt anyone in a long time, we need the practice.” I try to smile
, I have no clue how it comes across though.

  “We’ll make it so he can’t get hard for anyone else again,” the twins say simultaneously.

  The guy begins to wriggle, and I see his leg move to kick her out from underneath her own legs and I pull my gun out.

  He soon fucking stops moving and blanches like a fucking pussy. Mind you, the sight of a gun will do that. The power it holds is satisfying in a way that nothing else brings me.

  “Pack everything you have here and get the fuck out of my house and leave the key on your way out.”

  She moves back, and he doesn’t miss a beat before he’s rolling off the bed.

  “That’s it? You’re not going to let us play with him?” Myles frowns and Nina steps down not sure how to take us.

  “Is she okay?” she asks, looking directly at me.

  “Who?” I ask.

  “The chick who ran out of here?” Mason asks.

  “Like I care about her, no, my mom. She’s the only tie I have to Willow’s Peak, and I remember your biker club are based there. How much of her soul did she have to give for your help?”

  “Two dead bodies,” Myles mutters.