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         Part #3 of Men of Inked series by Chelle Bliss
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  “James, really. I’m a big girl.” She smiled, crossing her arms over her chest.

  “I never said you weren’t. This is for my sanity. I’ll let him speak his piece and I’ll fill you in when I come up.”

  “I don’t like being told what to do,” she hissed, pulling away from my grip.

  I rubbed my face. The woman could be trying at times. “I’m asking you to please do this for me.”

  She nodded, glaring at me as she walked down the hallway, and disappeared in her bedroom. I made a beeline to the backyard, ready to get Flash the fuck gone.

  “Make it quick and get the hell out,” I grunted as I descended the stairs and stopped in front of Flash. “You have two minutes to convince me why I shouldn’t beat the fuck out of you.”

  “You don’t know who I am,” he growled, moving a step closer to me.

  “I know exactly who you are.”

  He shook his head and reached into his back pocket. “You don’t.”

  “I know all I need to.” I kept my eyes trained on his hand, ready to fight back if he pulled a weapon.

  “I know you’re law enforcement, James. DEA to be exact,” he replied as he pulled a black wallet from his pocket.

  My stomach sank as he spoke. That information was a closely guarded secret. I wondered if he knew about Thomas.

  “How do you know that?” I asked, stepping closer to him.

  He flipped open the wallet, flashing an ID and badge at me. “I’m FBI,” he whispered. “Not many people know that about me. Not even Izzy. I live the life and I’m totally immersed.”

  “Fuck,” I grumbled, raking my hands through my hair.

  “I’m prospecting, trying to make a name for myself within the club. I’m not supposed to take a dominant position inside. I’m their ears and eyes on the inside.”

  “How the fuck didn’t I know this?” I asked as my nostrils flared and my anger turned toward the law enforcement branch of the US government.

  “My boss thought it would be better if I was treated like everyone else.” He swallowed, turning his back to me. “I only found out about you and Thomas”—he paused—“when Blue took Izzy out of the bar.”

  “How could you be so reckless?”

  “I know, I know. I didn’t think shit would go down like that.” He shook his head as his shoulders rose and fell.

  “Reckless as hell, Flash.”

  “Sheer stupidity. I have no other excuse.” He sighed.

  “How did you find out about us?” I didn’t understand how he knew about us but we had no fucking clue about him.

  “When she left with him, I freaked the fuck out and went to my contact. Immediately, my supervisor was informed and they called me in. I was told about the two of you and reassured that Izzy was safe.”

  “That’s all it took, huh?”

  “Listen,” he said, turning back to face me. “That girl in there?” He pointed toward the house and continued. “I love her. There’s no one like her. I know she’ll never be mine, but fuck, I’d kill for her.” He closed his eyes, regaining his composure. “They were worried I’d blow my cover and start ripping shit up to find her.”

  “You love her?” I repeated, glaring at him as my heart started to pick up speed, the sound of blood gushing through my ears.

  “I do,” Flash responded, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

  “Fuck me,” I muttered.

  “James, she doesn’t want me. She never has. We’ve been friends since we were kids. We’ll never be anything more.”

  I felt bad for Flash. To love a woman and not have the feeling returned had to be fucking gut wrenching, but there was something he wasn’t saying.

  “You’ve fucked her?” I inquired, trying to contain my rage.

  “That’s not important. We’re only friends,” he answered quickly, holding his hands up. “I’m not a threat, James.”

  “All men are threats,” I growled.

  “Not me. I’m too busy building my career and focusing on my work right now. Plus, I know when I’m not wanted. She’s all yours.”

  “All mine?” I laughed. “You must not know her as well as you think you do, bud.”

  He shook his head, kicking at the dirt. “She told me tonight when I came by that she wouldn’t see me anymore. She dropped your name and I tuned out. Izzy has never spoken of another man. Don’t listen to her bullshit. She acts tough as nails, but she’s a powder puff.”

  His words shocked me. Izzy had talked about me…mentioned me when breaking off contact with Flash. One of us was being bullshitted, and I hoped it was me. I knew she wanted me physically, but maybe, just maybe, there was more to us. Either way, I’d do whatever I could to convince her to give us a shot.

  What could go wrong?

  The connection we had, the lust I felt, and the current that surged between us couldn’t be ignored any longer. I’d make sure of it.

  Chapter 9 - Hard to Swallow

  As I watched from the window, Flash and James talked, and it didn’t seem to be a pissing match. My heart raced as they’d stood toe to toe in my backyard. I’d expected it to go down very differently. I had figured one of them would end up bloodied before it was said and done. Who the fuck was I kidding? Flash would’ve been the one a heaping pile of broken bones after James had beaten him. Instead, they’d acted like grown men. They’d spoken low enough that I hadn’t been able to make out the words, even after cracking my window to be able to hear better, and the handshake at the end had sure as fuck thrown me for a loop.

  No fists were thrown, Flash disappeared between the houses, and James made his way up the stairs and back into the house. I walked down the hallway toward the kitchen as I heard the back door close. “Everything okay?” I asked as I turned the corner and almost ran right into James.

  He was grinning with his head tilted and the corner of his mouth curved. He looked proud with his chest puffed out. Any moment, he might have broken out with “Me Tarzan” by the way he carried himself. His eyes were fiery yet playful.

  “Perfect,” he whispered, grabbing my chin.

  My belly sank—but in the most wonderful way—as he held my face in my hands. I felt his hot, sweet breath against my skin, and the small hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Just like when you’re waiting for something that you know will scare the holy fuck out of you to happen—James was my holy fuck. He scared the piss out of me.

  “Izzy,” he growled.

  “Yes?” I responded, my voice weak.

  “You want me?” His eyes pierced me, held me in place even though my mind was screaming for me to run.

  I looked down, unable to maintain eye contact, or maybe I just didn’t want to look into the eyes of the boogeyman. “Yes,” I whispered, placing my hand on his muscular forearm. I needed the extra support when saying those words. Letting James in was the biggest leap of faith I’d ever taken in my life. I just hoped there wasn’t a rocky bottom I’d dive into headfirst.

  “Just give me tonight,” he breathed, moving his lips closer as he kept his eyes locked on mine.

  “One night,” I said with wide eyes as I swallowed hard. I felt like my airway was closing and I couldn’t breathe.

  “Just feel me, Izzy. Feel us and how our bodies respond to each other.”

  He didn’t wait for me to respond as he crushed his lips to mine. He gave me the air I hadn’t been able to find moments before. Wrapping his arms around me, he pulled me close and held the back of my head.

  “James,” I moaned into his mouth as his hand grabbed my ass, squeezing it roughly.

  He pulled away, grinding his rock-hard dick into me. “I’m not taking no for an answer tonight. I barely survived last weekend, having you so close and not sinking my dick into you. It’s heaven, and I won’t let you deny me again.”

  Well fuck. How could I say no to that? Shit, I didn’t want to say no. The man did me better than anyone ever had. The entire week, all I’d thought about was him. The asshole had even invaded my dre
ams. I tried to put him out of my mind when I was awake, but once I closed my eyes, my subconscious took over, and it, along with my extremely wet pussy, both wanted James.

  Pushing me against the wall, he placed his lips against my neck and nibbled just below my ear. Goose bumps broke out across my flesh as tingles cascaded across my skin like a water drops finding their path to my feet and rooting me in place. I clawed at his t-shirt, wanting to feel his skin. When I pulled it up, my knuckles skimmed his ribs.

  As he sucked in a breath, he stole the air in my lungs. Releasing me, he pulled the shirt off his body, revealing his mouth-watering chest. I placed my palms against his hard pecs, kneading the muscles with my fingers as he kissed a path down the opening of my tank top. His hands found my thighs, looping underneath. As my feet left the floor, I wrapped my legs around his torso, grinding my pussy against him. He carried me down the hall, his lips back on mine, as he held me tight against his body.

  His grip lessened just over the threshold of my bedroom doorway, causing me to slide down him. I grinned, looking into his eyes and seeing the desire on his face.

  He took a step back, crossing his arms and cocking his head. “Strip,” he commanded.

  My body swayed as his words hit me like a ton of bricks. “What?” I blurted, shocked by the forcefulness in his voice.

  “Strip, and make it good.” He didn’t move or change expression.

  “Excuse me? Is that any way to talk to a lady?” I barked, kind of turned on but not willing to share that little nugget of information.

  I glared at him, my eyes raking over his body and stopping dead on his crotch. I could clearly see the outline of his long, thick cock straining against the material. I knew how it felt to have that monster inside me, and it made my mind mush. I started to slowly take down the straps of my tank top without waiting for his response.

  “Don’t I get music or something?” I quipped, cockiness in my voice as removed the material from my arms. I turned as I gathered the tank in my hands. Bending at the waist, I stuck my ass in the air as I shimmed out of my shirt and then tossed it across the room. Shaking my hips, I started to hum as my ass bounced, and I peeked at him between the gap of in my legs.

  He leaned against the wall with his arms crossed, and studied me. He seemed pleased with what I was doing. Turning around, I held my hands over my breasts, covering my hard nipples as I shook them in my hands. Bouncing them in my hands, I licked the top of my breast. The skin feeling like velvet against my tongue.

  “Fuck,” he hissed, his lips turning up into a snarl as his nostrils flared.

  My body warmed from his reaction, and I felt a sense of confidence in my movements. Stripping for someone when it’s your idea is entirely different than doing it when being told to. James’s reaction made it fun, and I figured why the fuck not tease him in the process?

  “You like when I cocktease you?” I asked, opening my fingers, letting my nipples show. A black lace bra covered my breasts, leaving little to the imagination. I rolled my nipples in between my fingers as I licked a path to my other breast, peeking up at him through hooded lashes.

  “Lose the clothes, Isabella.”

  He dropped my formal name, once again causing the bottom of my stomach to flutter.

  “Yes, master,” I responded, curtseying to him and unable to hold my smartass comments.

  His face changed as he squinted at me. “Those words make me so fucking hard,” he whispered.

  Was James one of those men? Was he the type of guy who got off on being in total control and wanting a sex slave in the bedroom?

  After I peeled off my pants, leaving nothing between him and me except my lace black panties and bra, I stood still, my tongue sticking out as it hovered just above my breast. I wanted to be touched, and if he wouldn’t to do it, then I sure as fuck would be the one to take up the task.

  “Crawl to me,” he demanded.

  I shrugged, thinking, What the hell? Why not? and dropped to my knees. Moving slowly across the wooden floor, I crawled to him like a cat stalking its prey. Sticking my ass up in the air, I raised my shoulders as I approached him.

  Funny that I didn’t feel weird or humiliated crawling to him as he’d asked. It turned me on, and from what I could see from being eye to eye with his dick, he was hard as a rock.

  “Unzip me,” he said, his voice softer.

  I looked up at him, taking a moment to drink him in. Yeah, I was totally fucked. Perching up on my knees, I pulled his zipper down, releasing his cock.

  It was bigger than I remembered, especially up close. Then again, I might have had half a bottle of Jack by the time we’d ripped each other’s clothes off in the hotel room.

  Palming his thickness, I stuck my tongue out, capturing the small drop of liquid off the tip. Divine saltiness spread across my tongue as I leaned in to take him in my mouth.

  “Wait,” he said, grabbing my face with his hands.

  “James,” I groaned, leaning back on my heels to look up at him. “Make up your mind.”

  “No hands. I want only your mouth on me,” he growled. This was a side of James I hadn’t expected, but I liked it.

  I nodded, gripping his thighs with my hands before I slid his jeans down his legs to give me better access to his hardness. The hair lying across my back moved as he wrapped his hand around it, fisting it tightly. Small tingles started at my neck before shooting down my spine and straight to my core. I ached to be filled by him, and would do whatever it took to have him thrust me over a cliff of ecstasy.

  I gripped his firm, muscular thighs, placing my fingers just below his ass. I dug my nails into his flesh. He hissed, sucking in air as I swirled my tongue around his piercing. The metal felt soft compared to his throbbing cock as I slid the length of him across my tongue until it touched the back of my throat. I gagged slightly, pulling him out to relieve my body’s reflex to repel the contents.

  “Take all of me. You can do it.” He thrust his hips forward, jamming his cock to the back of my throat.

  My eyes watered as my ability to breathe was cut off from the foreign object filling my mouth. He gripped my hair roughly, pulling his cock from my lips before sliding it in over and over again. His grunts and moans spurred me on and kept me focused.

  Drool pooled at the corners of my mouth, slowly oozing from the sides as he pummeled my throat with his rock-hard dick. Tears streamed down my cheeks, my fingers digging into my skin as I took the torture, wishing it were my pussy on the receiving end of the blunt force trauma.

  Just as I felt his cock grow bigger, filling my mouth further, he moaned, “Fuck.” Then he pulled my hair back, releasing his dick from my mouth. “Not yet. Not like this,” he moaned on a shaky breath. His fingers slipped from my hair and slid across my face, capturing the moisture from my chin. “You’re so fucking sexy right now.”

  I blinked, wondered how I possibly looked sexy. I had drool on my face, blurry eyes, and tear-stained cheeks. That didn’t fit my idea of fuckable, but then again, I didn’t have a cock.

  A thought occurred to me as I kneeled before James. I thought women who acted like I just had—following sexual commands without question—were weak, but that’s not what I’d felt. I’d felt empowered and in control. Even though James barked out the orders, I was the one to carry them out, and I held his world in my hands—or in this case, my mouth.

  A small smile spread across my face as I used my tongue to grab the moisture from the corners of my mouth. His eyes zoned in on my tongue as his cock bobbed. “Fuck, Izzy,” he hissed, holding his hand out to me. “Off your knees before I lose control staring at that fuckable mouth.”

  I grabbed his hand, letting him pull me from the floor, and slid up his body. My tits rubbed against his skin. Feeling the hardness against my throbbing nipples sent a shiver through my body. Having him in my mouth and remembering our first night together had driven my body so close to the edge that I knew it wouldn’t take much for me to come.

  I stared in his e
yes as he held my face in his palm and my neck in his grip. Just as I was about to start rubbing my pussy against his leg, unable to bear waiting any longer, his free hand glided down my body toward the promised land. I silently thanked the gods for taking pity on me. As his fingers slid through my wetness and his palm massaged my clit, my head fell back and my body moved forward on its own.

  “James,” I moaned as I slid my hands up his arms and dug my nails into his shoulders.

  “You’re so fucking wet,” he murmured.

  His finger rubbed my G-spot, driving me closer to the thing I wanted most—an orgasm. A second finger joined the first, stretching me and making me feel full as the others stroked my outer parts. Shivers racked my body as he worked my pussy to the point where, at times, he stole my breath. The pressure was so intense that I could barely form a thought. Wetness and warmth filled my senses as he licked a path up my neck, stopping at the spot where I could feel my pulse beating rapidly under his tongue.

  “James.” It was the only thing I could say. My mind had become muddled. Everything in my body was tight and ready. I pushed up on my tiptoes, trying to get more leverage and work his fingers deeper inside me.

  His hand stilled. “You want my cock?” he whispered against my neck.

  I nodded my response. I wanted to come, but I wouldn’t mince words with him putting me so close to an orgasm that I felt like I would explode.

  “You just want to come,” he grunted, pushing my neck forward and forcing my eyes to his.

  Heat crept across my face as I looked into his eyes. It pissed me off that he could read me so well. I’d prided myself on being unreadable my entire life, but James had an ability that unnerved me.

  “I want you,” I pleaded, nipping at his lips.

  His fingers began to move at a torturous pace. Slowly, he rubbed my insides as he pulled out and pushed back in with force, but kept his palm clear of my clit.

  “Tell me what you want,” he insisted, digging his fingers in my neck.

  “I want you to fuck me.” I could feel the buildup again as my pussy clenched down on his fingers, trying to keep him inside.

  “Ask me nicely.” He smirked against my lips as his cheeks rose, almost touching his eyes as his hand stilled again.

  I sighed, knowing that there was only one way to get what I wanted. I could fuck around and play a game with his mind. I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him. The proof of that was pressed against my hip.

  “James, will you fuck me?” I asked, not breaking eye contact.

  “Please,” he said before nipping at my jaw and massaging my insides without the in-and-out motion I fucking craved.

  He wanted me to beg—something I’d never done for anyone in my life. People begged me. I’d never wanted anything enough to beg. If I couldn’t get it for myself, then it wasn’t worth having or lusting after.

  James was different. He was something I couldn’t get without groveling and giving more of myself than I wanted to. I was too close to coming to turn back now and tell him to get the fuck out of my house. A small part of me wanted to tell him to take his junk and leave, but the part I wanted to punch in the face later said, “Please fuck me, James. I want you.” Fucking traitorous words. Later, I’d kick my own ass.

  His smirk turned into a smile as his fingers slipped out of me. He placed the fingers that had just been inside me into his mouth, and swirled his tongue around them. “Mmm,” he murmured as he licked my juices off. “You taste fucking fantastic. Just how I remember.”

  “You’re an asshole. If you’re getting your rocks off by making me beg and then you’re just going to—” I didn’t get to finish the sentence, as he moved my face to his and swallowed my words with his lips.

  When he backed away, I was breathless and wanton. I would’ve professed my love and a horde of children to this man for a single orgasm. He’d driven me so close and then pulled away so many times that I no longer was Izzy Gallo, kick-ass chick—I was Izzy Gallo, cock slave to James. I only mildly hated myself for it.

  I swayed as he removed his pants, dug in his pocket, and then discarded his jeans to the side. James stood before me, naked and magnificent, with a giant, cocky-ass smile on his face. As he slipped on the condom, I took in his hotness. He had the entire goddamn package—piercings, tattoos, rock-hard muscles, and a beautiful fucking cock. The only downside to James that I could think of was his mouth, but even though I wanted to smack it sometimes, it did crazy fucking things to me. Things I didn’t like to admit.

  Before I could move, he lifted me with one arm under my ass and impaled me on his cock with a grunt.

  “Fuckin’ heaven,” he moaned, pushing farther inside.

  All negative thoughts about the smug bastard standing gloriously naked in front of me vanished as his piercing stroked me from the inside. Turning us, he pounded into me as he pushed my back against the wall.

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