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         Part #3 of Men of Inked series by Chelle Bliss
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  “What? I’ve seen him twice in my entire life. That’s quite a leap, Mia.”

  “I knew about Michael after only a couple of dates.”

  “When the hell are you two going to get married, then?” I asked. “If you’re so sure, why wait?”

  She shrugged and picked at her nail. “I’m waiting for him to pop the question.”

  “Fuck that old-school thinking. Ask him to marry you,” I insisted, shaking my head.

  “No way in hell would I do that. Michael’s too old school and he’d have a coronary.”

  “Have you two talked about marriage?” Suzy asked.

  “Yeah. Neither of us is ready to take that plunge.”

  “He’ll ask when the time is right. It took Joey’s accident before he popped the question,” Suzy said.

  “I’m not worried, ladies. I love Michael and we’re in a really good place. The clinic is doing so well right now, and living together is enough for me.”

  “Makes shit less complicated,” I said, cracking my knuckles.

  “When you’re in love, everything is complicated,” Suzy said, smiling and rubbing her belly. “Joey has made my life complicated since the moment I met him.”

  “You didn’t fall in love with him right away.” I remembered how he’d had to chase Suzy and make her admit her feelings.

  “I don’t remember not loving him. Sometimes you can only lie to yourself for so long.”

  “I don’t believe in love at first sight,” I lied, but didn’t even convince myself with that statement.

  “Girl, sometimes there’s a spark you can’t ignore.” Suzy rubbed my shoulder. She was always so touchy-feely.

  I hung my head, as the girls seemed too ecstatic about my time with James. “Ladies”—I cleared my throat—“I don’t do relationships, and certainly not with a man like James. I fucked him once and that’s it.”

  “What do you mean a man like James?” Mia asked with raised eyebrows.

  “Mia, you keep wiggling those things up and down and you’re going to get a cramp.” I laughed, slapping the floor.

  She scowled. “Shut the fuck up and spill it, woman. Your deflection doesn’t work on me.”

  “Fine. You two are nosy bitches.”

  “That’s the pot calling the kettle black.” Suzy giggled.

  “You both know how Mike and Joey are, right?” I whispered.

  They looked at each other with dopy smiles, and nodded.

  “I don’t like how they are, and James makes them seem like kittens compared to him.”

  Mia’s mouth opened into an O shape, and Suzy’s smiled grew wider. Half of my sisterhood understood my dilemma.

  “What’s wrong with how your brothers are?” Suzy asked, looking over her shoulder at Joey.

  “Um, hello. Bachelorette party ring a bell?” I asked, shaking my head. “They’re bossy, demanding, and cocky as hell.”

  “Yeah,” Suzy whispered, turning back to me with that lovesick-puppy look. “I’ve grown to love it.”

  “I can’t believe I’m going to say this, Suzy, but that man has seriously scrambled your brains.” I rested my face in my hands, hiding my eyes and wondering what happened to my girls.

  “I get it,” Mia said, touching my shoulder. “I get it more than anyone here. Mike made me crazy at first. I had been on my own too long to put up with his bossy bullshit, Izzy.”

  “Add Joey and Mike together and they don’t equal James.”

  “Fuck me,” Mia whispered.

  “Exactly.” I sighed. “He’s too much for me, ladies.”

  “I felt the sizzle and pop between you two, Izzy,” Suzy said.

  “Suzy, it was electric, but that doesn’t mean I want the man as a part of my life.”

  “You’re scared ’cause he has you nailed,” Suzy replied.

  “He nailed me all right,” I said, trying to hold back a laugh. “And it was fucking amazing.”

  “I don’t see you with someone like Flash. You need someone who won’t put up with your brother’s bullshit. James is that man. Don’t you think so, Mia?” Suzy asked, looking toward Mia.

  “That’s hard to say, but she definitely needs someone who will tell these boys to go to hell. No wimpy guy will survive in this family. No way in hell.”

  “He drove me home Saturday.” I don’t know why I felt the need to share that fact with them, but maybe they needed to understand the caliber of man I was dealing with here.

  “And?” Suzy asked, moving closer to me.

  “Let’s go outside or for a walk. I can’t tell you where the others will hear.” I sat up, quickly moving to my feet. I held out my arms, helping Suzy and her growing belly off the floor. “We’re going to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air,” I told the guys, not caring if they were okay with it or not.

  They grunted and waved goodbye as the three of us wandered onto the lanai and sat around the table. I faced the living room so I could keep an eye out for anyone heading our way.

  “Mia, reach back and close the door all the way,” I said, motioning toward the glass siding door with my chin.

  “This must be juicy,” Suzy shrieked, rubbing her hands together.

  I loved her. She was sweet and pure, and she always wanted to think the best of everybody. Usually, she was misguided, but thankfully, she was my biggest cheerleader. Someone like her needed a man like Joey to protect her. It wasn’t that she was weak; Suzy was just naïve and way too kind for her own good.

  “First off, I did not have sex with James this weekend.”

  “Darn it,” Suzy whispered, snapping her fingers as Mia laughed.

  “Tommy called James and had him bring me home.”

  “Sounds like no big deal to me,” Mia said, leaning back in chair, twirling a piece of her long brown hair in her fingers.

  “It is a big deal. When I slept with him on your wedding night”—I looked at Suzy before I continued—“I didn’t stick around for a goodbye. I grabbed my things and left before he woke up.”

  “Oh, you’re a bad girl,” Mia crowed, laughing. “That takes balls.”

  “Hey, I am who I am. Well, Friday night he didn’t want me to ‘run away’ again.”

  “Oh boy,” Suzy said.

  “Anyway”—I turned back to Mia—“he waited for me to fall asleep and he handcuffed me to the bed.” I put my head on the table, banging it lightly against the glass surface.

  “I like him already,” Mia whooped.

  “He didn’t?” Suzy asked with her mouth hanging open and her eyes as large as saucers.

  Lifting my head, I answered her: “He did.” I nodded, a small smile playing on my lips. “I tried to convince him to free me, but my charms didn’t work.”

  “Did you try to seduce him?” Mia asked, covering her mouth and laughing.

  “Fuck yeah, I did, but he didn’t fall for it.”

  “He left you like that?” Suzy asked. “All night?”

  “All night.”

  “Hold up. How did you try and seduce him?” Mia inquired, leaning forward, clasping her hands together in front of her.

  “Well…” I sighed. “I told him I was afraid. He crawled in bed with me and we started to make out.”

  “Ooooh,” Suzy cooed, resting her hands on top of her blossoming belly.

  I laughed at her response. It was sexy looking back at it, but when it had happened…well, fuck, it had been sexy then too.

  “I asked him to free my hands because I wanted to touch him.”

  “What did he do?” Mia asked, her right eyebrow shooting up toward her hairline.

  “He ripped my panties off and left me in the dust and handcuffed to the bed.”

  “He plays dirty.” Mia laughed. “Yep, I like this James guy.”

  “Oh fuck off, Mia,” I hissed, but couldn’t hold on to the fake anger. “He’s so fucking bossy.”

  “He knows your game, sister, and that’s why you’re scared.” Mia smiled, her eyes teary from her laughter.

; I blew out a breath through puffy cheeks. I knew she was right. My schemes didn’t work and he seemed to know my next move.

  “I don’t like him,” I whined, crossing my arms over my chest.

  “Yes, you do,” Suzy argued, nodding as she smiled.

  “No, I don’t.”

  “You so do. You’re fucked.” Mia cackled, leaning in her chair and throwing her head back.

  “I’m totally fucked,” I whispered, closing my eyes as I tried to come to terms with this knowledge.

  I didn’t want to like James. Men like that always rubbed me the wrong way, but when James did it…well, it sent sparks through my body.

  It was a traitor.

  Chapter 8 - The Chase

  Bike Week ended, and this year had been relatively quiet compared to previous ones. The Sun Devils MC, along with Thomas, headed back to Leesburg—a town north of Tampa, and their home base.

  It had almost been a week since I’d walked out of Izzy’s house and headed back to Daytona. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. She was like a wet dream I couldn’t shake. Her smile, her taste, her smell—everything about her had stayed with me, and I wanted more.

  It didn’t help when I found her G-string shoved in with my shit. I’d walked out of her house with a hard-on, wanting to slam her against the door and take her. The throbbing in my dick and aching in my balls needed some attention, and I’d do what I needed to do to make it happen.

  I twirled my phone in my hand, wondering if I should pull the trigger. Send her a text and find my way in. I couldn’t wait any longer. It was fucking killing me. Either I’d die of blue balls or boredom. Izzy Gallo was the only thing that held my attention. It was ten p.m., but I figured she had to be awake. She didn’t strike me as the type of girl who turned in early. Plus, she might still be at work.

  Me: Hey, beautiful. Thinking of me?

  Within seconds, my phone beeped with a reply.

  Sexy Fugitive: Who the fuck is this?

  I smiled as I thought about how I’d added my number to her phone while she’d slept. I woke up in the middle of the night to check on her and saw the screen light up. It captured my attention, and I couldn’t stop myself from sending a message to steal her number. I saved it and added mine to her contact list. I didn’t use my name. No, that would have been too boring. I put myself in as…Man of My Dreams.

  I laughed, picturing her pissed-off sneer as she looked at her phone and read my message.

  Me: I can’t stop thinking about you.

  Sexy Fugitive: Creep.

  I typed with a dopy-ass grin on my face.

  Me: Only for you, doll.

  I didn’t have to add in the nickname she claimed to hate, but I thought I’d clue her the fuck in if she didn’t already know it was me.

  Sexy Fugitive: What do you want, James?

  Me: You.

  What more could I say?

  Sexy Fugitive: Well…you know where to find me.

  I stared at the screen with my eyebrows knitted together, rubbing my chin. Was this an open invitation or was she busting my balls?

  Me: You can’t resist me forever.

  Sexy Fugitive: Catch me if you can.

  Me: Catching isn’t the hard part… It’s keeping you that’s the challenge.

  Sexy Fugitive: You seem to be the type of man who doesn’t take no for an answer.

  Me: I always get what I want, Izzy…always.

  Sexy Fugitive: Smug bastard.

  I laughed. No matter what she called me, I knew she liked me. Even when her words were venomous, I still knew. She tried like fuck to deny the connection we had, the electricity that flowed through our bodies when we touched, but I felt it.

  Me: You know you want me…

  No quick response came from Izzy. With an aching dick so hard it was ready to break off my body, I crawled out of bed. I put on some clothes and set my sights on her. I had the weekend off, and the last thing I wanted to do was spend it in this sleepy Florida town. I wanted her and I couldn’t stay away any longer.

  Izzy Gallo would be mine tonight.

  As I locked my front door and headed for my bike, my phone beeped in my pocket.

  Sexy Fugitive: I can’t talk now. I’m working.

  I wasn’t surprised by her text. She never wanted to admit her attraction to me. The entire time I spent with her last weekend had been a barrage of bullshit denying what her body betrayed.

  Me: When do you get off?

  Sexy Fugitive: As often as I want.

  Fuck. My dick hardened, straining against the denim, as I thought about the sounds she made as she came.

  Me: On my way…

  Just as I was about to shove my phone in my pocket and climb on the bike, she replied.

  Sexy Fugitive: Now?!?!

  Me: On my way, and I won’t take no for an answer this time. I’m bringing my handcuffs too.

  Sexy Fugitive: Fuck.

  Me: Two hours, Izzy, and you’re mine.

  I didn’t wait for her reply. I put the phone on vibrate, placing it in my back pocket. Throttling the engine, I thought about her screaming my name, and took off toward the only woman who felt right in my arms.

  She’d be mine tonight.

  Her days of running were over.

  I pulled into Izzy’s drive just after midnight. Her sleek black Infiniti sat in the driveway, and the front porch light illuminated my pathway to her pussy.

  I almost expected her not be home. That would be something she’d do. She’d avoid me and play hard to get, denying herself the one thing she was too stubborn to admit.

  I turned off my bike, stretching as I climbed off, and then secured it for the night. I didn’t plan on leaving until the next morning at the earliest, but I hoped to stay the whole weekend.

  It was rare for me to have this kind of time off in my line of work, but since returning from Bike Week, the club had been lying low and things had been calm. I’d been told by my supervisor to take some R&R for the weekend and be ready to hit it hard when I returned on Monday. His ideas of R&R were different than mine—mine did include hitting it hard. I planned to fuck Izzy until she couldn’t even remember her name, let alone her smartass attitude.

  I knocked gently, trying not to startle her even though she knew I was on my way. I heard voices and rustling inside, and I leaned in, trying to hear their words.

  “You better get the hell out of here,” Izzy said, her voice muffled by the thick wooden door, but I could still make them out.

  My heart started to pound so hard I felt like I’d just run a forty. My mind started to race with thoughts that someone was inside and it wasn’t me.

  “Izzy!” I yelled as I banged on the door. “Open up!”

  “Go, Flash. I won’t ask again!” Izzy yelled, quieter this time, but loud enough that I heard with my ear pressed up against the door.

  Hearing his name made my blood run cold. I knew exactly who the little prick was. Flash was a prospect in the MC Thomas had been working undercover in for over two years. Flash was also the cocksucker who’d brought Izzy to Daytona and thrown her to the wolves.

  “Fuck no,” he replied. “I’m staying right here. We’re going to have a little chat.”

  I’d had enough. I was getting in the house if I had to bust down the motherfucking door. Leaning back, I shouted, “Izzy, I’m going to bust this door down if you don’t open the fuck up!” I pounded on the wood, the door jumping under my fist.

  “Coming!” Izzy sang, her shoes clicking against the wood floors as she moved closer.

  I needed to calm myself. Murder wouldn’t be the best way to start the weekend.

  As soon as she opened the door, I took quick stock of her appearance. She looked unharmed and calm, but maybe a little frustrated.

  “Izzy, what the fuck is going on?” I barked, looking over her head to see a pair of boots resting on her coffee table. “What the hell is he doing here?” I touched her cheek, caressing her skin with the pad of my thumb.

p; “He’s harmless, James.” She looked at my face but didn’t make eye contact.

  “Izzy.” I gripped the back of her neck, forcing her eyes to mine. “He’s not harmless. I know exactly who he is, and he’s leaving your house with or without my help.”

  “No,” she pleaded, placing her hand on my chest.

  “Yes, doll, he is.” I released her, grabbing her shoulders and picking her up as I moved her out of the way.

  The door closed behind me, her heels clattering as she followed me. I rounded the corner, getting a full view of Flash leaning back on the couch, his arms outstretched and his feet up. “I think the lady asked you to leave,” I growled as I fisted my hands at my sides.

  I didn’t want to spill blood and break shit in Izzy’s home. Breaking shit from hot fucking, I enjoyed. Doing it to beat some punk’s ass? Not so much.

  “I came here to speak to you,” he answered as he rose to his feet and looked at Izzy before turning to me with a smile. “Man to man.”

  I stepped closer to him, breaking his line of sight with Izzy. “I have nothing to say to a piece of shit like you.” My voice echoed in the house, the wood floors carrying it throughout the open space.

  “There are things I need to explain,” he said.

  “James,” Izzy begged, grabbing my arm from behind. “Just talk to him.” Her face was soft, all smartass gone. This was Izzy asking me to do something I didn’t want to do. Not one fucking bit.

  I looked over my shoulder, staring in her eyes, and nodded. I turned back toward Flash. “You got five minutes and then I’m showing you the fucking door.”

  “Outside.” He started to walk toward the French doors that led to a staircase to the backyard.

  “Wait for me in your room,” I ordered, holding her by the arms. “If shit gets bad, I don’t want to worry about where you are.”

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