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         Part #2.2 of Men of Inked series by Chelle Bliss
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  “It’ll be better.”

  “I’ve been blindfolded before, Jimmy. I’m not a virgin.”

  “Did you like it?” he asked, studying my face.

  “Y-yes,” I stammered, hating myself the instant I said it.

  “Good. Head up.”

  I sighed, lifting my head from the pillow and watching as he drew closer to me before darkness came.

  “Comfortable?” he asked as he tied the knot around the back. “Can you see?”

  “It’s fine. I may fall asleep. Just warning you now,” I lied with a smile.

  “Impossible,” he whispered against my lips, running his tongue along the seam.

  I opened my mouth, trapping his tongue between my teeth. Sliding his hand down my torso, he cupped my pussy.

  I smiled, still holding his tongue as his hand left my skin. Suddenly, shooting pain radiated from my core, spreading down my legs. The smack of his hand against my pussy sent shock waves through me.

  Instantly, I released his tongue and shrieked, “Fuck!” as I tried to free my hands. I wanted to rub my pussy, hold it, and make the sting go away. “Asshole,” I hissed.

  “Doll, I’m in control. You can challenge me all you want, but I’ll get my way.”

  I grumbled, twisting my body to change the sensation and pulsating heat between my legs. My breathing was fast from the shock of his assault. Laying his hands against my legs to hold them down, he waited for me to calm.

  “Can you handle me, little girl?”

  “Fuck you,” I seethed. “I can handle anything you give.” Being full of liquor didn’t help with my ability to make rational statements or judgment calls.

  I wanted to see his face. Being robbed of my vision made it impossible to read his emotions. The tone of his voice didn’t betray his intentions. I hadn’t expected him to smack my pussy, and without seeing his hand move, I couldn’t prepare for it.

  “Does it burn?” he whispered, the bed jostling as he moved.

  I nodded, not able to speak without my voice trembling. The sound of something moving against the woodgrain of the nightstand made me turn to the side. I needed to be able to hear what was about to happen, especially if I couldn’t see, but how I’d turned just blocked one of my ears.

  I faced forward, waiting for the next sharp sting, when I heard the sound of ice against the glass. I cried out as the cold penetrated through the burn. He held the ice against me, letting tiny droplets of water drip between my legs.

  The heat of the slap melted the ice, and the sting of the cold gave way to a feeling of relief. I ground my body against it, craving the coolness of the ice against me. Making tiny circles, he moved the hardness around my clit, making sure to keep it far enough away from the one place I wanted it most.

  Goose bumps dotted my flesh as he slid the ice cube up the center of my body, stopping at my belly button, dipping it inside, and resting it there. Then I heard the sound of more ice before a second one touched my skin and both started the ascent toward my breasts.

  My nipples were rock hard, throbbing with need, and the thought of the ice touching them had me on edge. I wanted warmth, the feel of his mouth sucking on my tit. My body shook as he circled my breasts, tightening the ring until it landed on the center. The ice instantly cooled my piercings, sending the bite deeper into my flesh.

  “Your mouth,” I snapped, craving the heat.

  “You don’t call the shots.”

  Water dripped down each breast, pooling in the center of my chest. My skin felt like it was on fire except for the spots he touched with the ice and the small stream running down my torso.

  Suddenly, his warm tongue blazed a trail up my stomach, sucking the water that had collected on my skin. I lurched forward, trying to offer him my nipple, but he pushed me back down with his palm.

  “Be still,” he warned, holding me against the mattress.

  I gulped, trying to find an ounce of wetness in my mouth, but came up empty. After licking a path to my left breast, he sucked it between his warm lips and drew it into his mouth. My other nipple was still being blasted by the cold, the opposite sensations causing my eyes to roll back in my head as I lay there immobile.

  Once he released my left breast, he placed the ice back on my nipple and moved to my right. The sensation overwhelmed me. No longer could I tell if it was water or my own moisture dripping off my pussy.

  Squirming, I needed to find something to stop the throbbing and intense need I felt. With the earth-shattering orgasm I’d had minutes ago, I hadn’t thought he could have me so close to the edge that fast.

  The ice, cupped in his hand, slid down my body to my core and rested against my clit. I sucked in air, the cold more than I could bear without wanting to claw his face off.

  After letting the ice slip toward my center, he pushed it against my opening. As he moved his fingers inside me, the ice slid inside too, burning a path as it slid deeper. I hissed as his cold fingers pushed against the ice, filling me completely.

  Water started to trickle out between his fingers as he worked them in and out. He adjusted, moving his body farther down mine and lashing at my clit with his hot tongue. I shook my head, ready to explode from the overload of hot and cold. When he added a third finger, a burn settled between my legs and he lapped at my core.

  I pulled against my restraints, feeling the need to move, but it was no use. I was his prisoner as he devoured my body, sucking and finger-fucking me.

  I began to chant softly, calling his name at first. As my orgasm neared and he curled his fingers inside me, I began to yell, “Yes!” and “Fuck!” over and over again. I couldn’t stop pushing myself down on his hand, feeling his tongue slide across my clit. I felt my toes curl as my body grew rigid. Then I held my breath, riding out the wave of pleasure.

  Behind the blindfold, my world filled with colors. Vibrant yellows, reds, and oranges danced inside my eyes as I finally gulped air.

  I didn’t move as he left the bed. My hands were still above my head, growing tinglier by the second. My chest heaved, the hot breath from my body skidding across the droplets of water. The rip and snap alerted me that he was putting on a condom.

  He wasn’t done with me yet.

  Since I hadn’t caught my breath, I couldn’t speak before he was between my legs again, rubbing the head of his sheathed dick against my cold opening.

  “So fuckin’ amazing,” he growled as he pushed inside.

  I mumbled some bullshit even I didn’t understand in my post-orgasm haze. He grabbed my legs, placing my knees over my shoulders as he rammed his dick to the hilt. His fingers pulled on my piercings, sending an aftershock from my tits to my pussy as I gripped him tight, milking his cock.

  Linking my feet behind his head, I held his body to mine and pushed against his thrusts. The man was a beast. No other way to describe him. There wasn’t a moment I felt in control of the situation, and for once, I liked it. Maybe it was the alcohol that had me going against everything I believed in and had allowed me to give up control so easily. I liked to think it was Jack and not James causing me to give in and become complacent.

  What seemed like a lifetime passed before his rhythm slowed and his body convulsed against me. His weight crushed me as he collapsed, drawing breath as if he couldn’t get enough.

  “Hands,” I mumbled as I shook them, hoping to give them more blood. The prickly feeling wouldn’t allow me to be comfortable.

  He lifted off me, untying my hands before removing the blindfold. I blinked and squinted, the light blinding me. I closed my eyes, trying to stop the pain caused by the brightness.

  “My eyes hurt,” I whined.

  He curled his arms around me, pulling my body tight against his. “Sleep, Izzy,” he said into my ear.

  The warmth and comfort of being in his arms sucked me in. Peace and sleep came to me as the darkness took me.


  My stomach turned as I moved. It felt like someone was hammering a nail into my skull. Tap. Tap.
Boom. Tap. Tap. Boom. I winced, trying to pry my eyes open from their sleepy state. The little construction worker inside my skull didn’t relent as I looked around.

  I swallowed, not recognizing the room before closing my eyes again. Where the fuck was I? Last night was a blur. I remembered the boring-ass reception line, dinner that had seemed to go on forever, and then drinks at the bar. Not just any drink, but my best friend Jack, sliding back and wrapping me up in his warmth.

  I tried to smile when looking back on the evening, but everything hurt—even my cheeks. What the fuck happened? I slowly shook my head, trying to clear the fog that clouded my thoughts. My head fell to the side and I opened my eyes to get another look around the room.

  I blinked twice, clearing the haze from my vision, and saw him. James. My stomach fell as I looked down his body and then to mine. We were naked, our clothes thrown around the room haphazardly. I’d fucked him. My pussy ached, the muscles in my arms burned, and my nipples throbbed at the memory of the night before.

  I thought I’d dreamt being awoken from my sleep for another go, but nope, I hadn’t. James was insatiable. Even while asleep, his dick was semi-hard, staring at me as a reminder of the multiple orgasms he’d brought me.

  I stared at James, watching him sleep. He looked peaceful and kind and not like the man I’d met the night before. James had a sharp tongue, a commanding tone, and an air of authority about him. Everything that made me run for the hills and hide. My body liked him, though. Fuck, even my mind tried to tell me that he was a great guy.

  I knew better than that. No man, especially one like James, would make me change my mind on love and relationships. He’d promised me a night with no strings attached, and that was exactly how I wanted it.

  Saying goodbye was overrated. I didn’t feel the need to chitchat and thank him for the amazing fuck. Once I had a good grip on the side of the bed, I slowly pulled myself up, praying that the room would stop spinning. Then I turned toward him, waiting to see how heavy a sleeper he was and if I could slink out unnoticed.

  I climbed to my feet, holding my head as I collected my dress and panties from the floor. I had to pee like a motherfucker, but I couldn’t risk him waking and finding me in his room.

  After placing my panties in my purse, I opened my dress and stepped inside. I zipped it, keeping my eyes locked on him and holding my breath. Then I strapped on my heels, looked around the room one last time to make sure I hadn’t left anything behind, and made my way toward the door. Before I turned the handle, I turned and stared at James.

  He really was beautiful when he was sleeping. His rock-hard body covered in tattoos, his cock ready for more, and his beauty was enough to suck any girl in, but not me.

  A wave of guilt overcame me, but I pushed it aside as I opened the door, trying to avoid waking him. As I entered the hallway, I exhaled and clicked the door closed. I swear, fucking hotels and their loud-ass doors pissed me off more than anything.

  A man passed by, looking me up and down, and I felt like a tramp. Dressed in my gown from the night before, my hair a mess, and probably with makeup out of place, but fuck it. I straightened my back, standing tall as I walked to the elevator.

  Pushing the elevator button, I glanced back toward his room, silently chanting, “Please don’t come out,” over and over again.

  I couldn’t calm my breath as my heart pounded inside my chest at the thought of him finding me in the hallway trying to sneak out.

  When the doors opened, I ran to the back of the elevator and held the walls as if they were my lifeline. I’d made it inside without being discovered. I relaxed, almost sliding down the faux-wood walls, allowing the enormity of the situation to hit me.

  I’d fucked my brother’s friend. I’d fucked him more than once. I’d left without saying goodbye. Would he come after me? Was he a man of his word? There was so much I didn’t know about James.

  I’d never been the type of girl to sneak out without so much as a goodbye. The night before started flashing before my eyes. Being tied to the bed, the feel of his fingers inside me, the way he’d fucked me, how he tasted—instantly, my body responded. I wanted more, but I closed my eyes and tried to cool off. There was no way in hell I’d allow myself to go there again.

  I needed to forget James Caldo.

  Epilogue Part II

  My eyes flew open as I heard the click of the door closing. Reaching over, I felt the empty space that was still warm from her skin. Groaning, I rolled over and stared at the door. My first instinct was to run after her and drag her back to my room, but I fought it. It wasn’t right. Izzy and I weren’t meant to have more than a night together… at least not yet.

  I’d have my time with her again. There was a connection that couldn’t be denied, but she wasn’t ready. She still had wildness to her. A rebellious attitude that felt the need to fight against the norm, and that included relationships. Izzy wanted to be the badass chick who didn’t need anyone in her life, but that was the furthest thing from the truth.

  Her tough shell seemed impenetrable, but I’d witnessed the small crack and peered inside. I could see the fire in her eyes, love in her heart, and the wild animal waging a battle inside. I needed to break down the walls, but timing was key. I couldn’t chase after her. I was all about the chase, but not yet.

  Her brother, Thomas, and I were tied together through work. We had a mission, and I couldn’t do anything that may put his life in danger. Izzy would have to wait until the Sun Devils MC was removed from the equation and Thomas was free from the club.

  Throwing my arm across my face, I could smell her on my skin. Inhaling deeply, memories of the night before flooded my mind. I’d never felt weak in the knees before her. The electricity in the air as we touched could’ve lit an entire house and possibly blown out a few light bulbs in the process.

  If I said that it didn’t sting a little that she didn’t stick around to say goodbye, I’d be lying. Izzy was as affected by me as I was her, and she had to slink away before she would have to confront the feeling I invoked in her last night.

  I knew I’d have her again. She couldn’t escape the inevitable. The connection we felt was undeniable. I’d let her go… for now. I knew in the end she’d be mine.

  A chase would ensue and I’d get exactly what I wanted—Izzy Gallo.

  Read Resist Me to find out what happens next with James and Izzy…

  Part of the Men of Inked Series by Chelle Bliss.

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  There are so many people I’d like to thank. First, I’d like to thank Alfie, Colleen, and Eric Battershell for shooting the photos on a whim while together. The photos were so sexy and I could feel the emotion and burning jump off the photograph! Thank you for being patient when I couldn’t decide. You are my Izzy & James! Eric, thanks for snapping the photo at the perfect time. Your photos are magic. They convey just as much emotion and depth as my words.

  To my beta girls and street team. I love you all. Thanks for being patient with me and always helping me fill in the gaps. Lord knows my memory is total shit. Thank you for always going on a fact finding mission for me when I’m writing and can’t remember shit.

  Thank you to everyone who loved and embrace Izzy and James! I love all the Gallos. I hope you continue to enjoy them in the future. There’s more to come!

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