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       Resisting, p.6

         Part #2.2 of Men of Inked series by Chelle Bliss
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  “Are you pussying out?” I asked, teasing her for taking a moment to enjoy the newfound freedom of being shoeless.

  “You’re fucking crazy. Just know that, once my lips touch yours, there’s no turning back. Come on, Jimmy boy. Show me what you got,” she said as she pushed open the exit door in the hallway.

  We stepped outside, into the cool night air, into privacy. The back of the hotel was deserted as the parking lot light flickered above us.

  “So now what?” she asked, turning to face me.

  I looked down at her, taking in her body before staring into her eyes. I didn’t respond as I stepped into her space and pulled her toward me. Holding her neck with one hand and her back with the other, I molded my body to hers. Pushing her against the brick façade, I hovered my lips above hers.

  Her eyes were wide, the deep blue appearing black in the darkness. Her warm breath tickled my lips as her breathing grew harsh. I waited a moment, letting the anticipation build, knowing that the kiss would alter everything. There would be no turning back.

  I crushed my lips to hers, feeling the warmth and softness, tasting the Jack as I ran my tongue along the seam of her closed mouth. A small moan from her filled my mouth, causing my dick to pulse. Pulling her closer to me, tipping her head back farther with the grip on her neck, I devoured her mouth.

  Her hands found their way to my hair, trying to grab hold, but the cropped cut made it impossible. She dug her nails into my neck, kissing me back with such fervor that I knew I had her. Sliding my hand down her dress, I pulled the material between my fingers and hiked it up enough to touch the skin above her knee. Then she broke the kiss, backing away as she stared at me and tried to catch her breath.

  Before she could respond or tell me to stop, I plunged my tongue into her mouth, stripping her ability to speak. Her hands found their way into my suit jacket, gripping my back and kneading the muscles just above my ass. I ground myself against her, pinning her against the wall as I kissed her like a man possessed.

  The ember of lust that had filled my body when I’d first touched her turned into an out-of-control wildfire. She shuddered as my fingers slid up her inner thigh, stopping just outside her panties. I rubbed my finger back and forth, touching the edge where the lace met her soft flesh. Her body grew soft in my arms as she moaned into my mouth.

  Not waiting for approval, I pulled the material aside and dipped my fingers into her wetness. I slid my fingers up, circling her clit with my index and middle finger. A strangled moan escaped her lips as my touch grew more demanding. She pushed herself against my fingers, wanting more pressure from my touch.

  Gliding my fingers down, I inserted a single finger inside her pussy. She was tight, slick, and ready. Her inner walls squeezed against my digit, sucking it farther inside. Moving my thumb to her clit, I finger-fucked her, bringing her to the brink of orgasm without breaking the kiss. She held on to my shoulder, digging her nails in so hard that I could feel the pinch through my suit jacket.

  Just as her breathing grew more erratic and her pussy clamped down on my finger, I pulled out. She sucked in a breath as her eyes flew open.

  “What the fuck?” she hissed as she glared at me.

  “You want to come, doll?” I asked, sticking my finger in my mouth and groaning.

  This was just as much of a fucking tease for me as it was for her. To taste her and feel her against me made my body blaze with need and want, and I wasn’t sure one night could extinguish the flame.

  “What kind of question is that?” she snapped.

  “It’s simple. If you want to come, you’ll follow me to my room or I walk away and never look back.”

  She placed her hands against my chest, slightly pushing me away from her. Staring into my eyes, she stated firmly, “No strings attached.”

  “I didn’t picture myself getting down on one knee and proposing.” I instantly regretted the words. It wasn’t that I wanted to propose, but I didn’t want her to feel cheap and disposable. Then again, she’d set the stage for that type of statement. Izzy Gallo didn’t want to be tied down and didn’t want to have to explain shit to her brother. I liked my life and balls too much to tell him that I wanted her in my life.

  “Music to my ears,” she said, dropping her hand to my chest, sliding it down my abdomen and grabbing my dick. “Let’s see if you’re as good as you claim, Jimmy.”

  “Babe, I’m going to rock your world so fuckin’ hard you’re going to get down on one knee and propose to me.”

  She threw her head back and laughed. Her beauty was amplified when she smiled. With a small burst of giggles breaking free, she tried to speak. “You obviously think highly of yourself.” She squeezed my hardness and bit her lip, stifling the laughter.

  “I’m done talking,” I said as I pulled her toward the door. “Time to put up or shut up, doll.”

  “I like a challenge,” she replied as she touched the door handle.

  Reaching in front of her, I placed my hand over hers. Pulling the door open, I waited for her to step inside. When she walked, she shook her hips, and the movement made it almost impossible to keep my hands to myself. I nestled my palm against the small of her back, helping toward the bank of elevators.

  “Last chance to chicken out,” I teased in her ear.

  “I may have a pussy, Jimmy, but I’m sure as hell not one.”

  “Usually, a mouth like that I’d say is crude, but hearing you talk dirty just makes me want to jam my cock inside to quiet you,” I whispered, trying to avoid the attention of the people passing by us.

  As soon as the elevator doors closed, I had her against the wall. I claimed her mouth, her tongue sweet from the Jack lingering on the surface as I devoured her. Caging her face in my hands, I stole her breath and replaced it with my own.

  When we reached my floor, I broke the kiss. Her body was still as her eyes fluttered open, and her breathing was ragged. I grabbed her hand, pulling her toward my room, a little too eager to feel her skin.

  The chemistry was off the charts. As soon as the door closed behind us, I pushed her against the door, capturing her lips. The need I felt to be inside her bordered on animalistic as our heavy breathing and panting filled the room. I grabbed the purse she had tucked under her arm and tossed it over my head, removing any distraction.

  I dropped to my knees, looking up at her, and said, “I need to taste you.”

  She was a vision. She had on thigh-highs that connected to a garter belt and lace panties.

  She didn’t reply, but she did spread her legs. I cupped her ass, ripping the thin lace material from her body and bringing her forward before I swept my tongue against her skin. I could smell her arousal. I wanted to worship at her altar.

  I lifted her with my hands, placing her legs over my shoulders as I feasted on her. I sucked like a starved man, licking every ridge and bump as she chanted, “Fuck yeah,” and “Oh my God.” I didn’t relent when she came on my face, her legs almost a vise around my head. I dug in deeper, sucking harder as I brushed her asshole with my fingertip. Her body shuddered, the light touch against the sensitive spot sending her quickly over the edge for the second time.

  I gave her a moment to catch her breath before I peeled her off me and stood. As soon as I did, her lips captured mine; the tiger inside her had been unleashed. Her tongue danced inside my mouth, intertwining with mine. She wrapped her legs around my waist, digging her pussy into my already hard and throbbing cock.

  The wetness from her pussy soaked through my dress shirt, searing my flesh. I walked toward the bed, unzipping her dress and resting my palm against her back. I wanted to rip her dress off, take her fast and hard, but I knew I needed to take my time with her. This would be my only shot to have Izzy Gallo, and I wouldn’t waste it. I wanted to spend all night inside her and hear her scream my name.

  My first instinct kicked in as I pulled her dress down her shoulders. She released my hair, removing her arms from the small scraps of material that encased her. Holding
her body with one arm, I slid my other hand up her side and cupped her breast. Rolling her nipple between my fingers, I pulled her body closer and left no space between us. I toyed with the hoop piercing, gently tugging on her nipple to see her pain threshold.

  Her breathing grew erratic as her body shuddered against mine. Biting her lip, I moaned into her mouth as I tried to keep myself upright. I had never kissed someone and felt weak-kneed, but with her, it was like my first kiss. World ending. Life altering. Completely fucked up.

  She sucked the air from my lungs, capturing my moans as she rubbed her core against me. Unable to wait any longer, I reached between us and plunged my fingers back inside her. Her body sucked them in, pulsing around the length as I dragged them back out. Curling them up, I rubbed her G-spot with each lash of my digits.

  Her fingers moved to my shoulders, digging into my flesh as I brought her close to coming. Claiming her mouth, stealing each other’s air, and driving each other absolutely mad, I knew I was fucked.

  That’s the thing about sex. Touching someone for the first time is so intense that you feel like you’ll never be the same. I felt that way with her in my arms and my fingers inside her. I knew I’d be changed forever. Izzy was my equal. Her wit, sass, and sexuality couldn’t compare to any other woman I’d ever met. How could I go back to average when I’d had spectacular?

  I removed my fingers, hearing her hiss at the loss of friction. I shrugged off my suit jacket; my body cooled, but not my need for her. I laid her down, her chest exposed and the bottom of the dress a mess as I pulled off my tie and started to open my shirt.

  A small smile crept across her face as she fondled her tits. Taking a deep breath, I tried to calm my insides as I watched her touch herself. Giving up on the slow-ass fucking buttons, I ripped my shirt open, and the buttons flew everywhere.

  Fuck slow. I needed relief. I needed her.

  The smile melted from her face as I stared down at her. She pulled at her nipples, her eyes raking over my chest. Moving forward, I unzipped my pants. I grabbed her ankles, yanking her to the edge of the bed. Unable to wait any longer, I pushed down my pants, letting my cock spring free.

  Her eyes traveled down my body, landing on my dick. Then her eyes perked up and the corner of her mouth turned into a devilish smile.

  “Impressive,” she said as she cupped a breast in each hand and squeezed.

  “Fuck,” I hissed, realizing I didn’t have a condom.

  What a fucking idiot. I hadn’t planned on taking her to bed, or else I would’ve been prepared. This hadn’t been in the cards for this weekend, but I’d take the jackpot and ride the wave.

  “I got it,” she said as she rolled over and grabbed her purse off the floor, pulling a strip of condoms from inside.

  Normally, the sight would disturb me, but not with her. “Planning on getting lucky?” I asked, staring down at her.

  She laughed for a moment before her smile faded. “I’m not trashy, Jimmy. They’re from the bachelorette party.”

  Chapter 8

  I know how it looked. Like I was the type of girl who carried around a box of condoms because I never knew whom I’d be fucking from night to night. It was the furthest thing from the truth. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a prude, and I never put down any woman no matter how many partners they’ve had. Men can do it without being looked at with disdain, and I wanted to high-five every lady out there getting what she wants.

  I had distanced myself from sleeping around. Men were a complication I didn’t need or want. Flash was my standby. The one I called when I needed some cock and a quick goodbye. Lately, that in itself had turned into an issue and a fucking headache. I loved him, but as a best friend. We had passion and the sex was fantastic, but the spark wasn’t there and neither were the feelings.

  Flash was like my favorite teddy bear as a kid, but he ate pussy like a pro. He was comfortable. Maybe a little too easy for me, and I’d grown complacent with just okay instead of fucking amazing. I knew I needed to make a change and kick Flash’s ass to the curb, but I had to be gentle about it.

  Looking up at James, I didn’t see anything comfortable or easy about the man. He stared down at me with such passion and burning that I worried he’d burst into flames before my very eyes.

  Sitting up, I tore one condom from the strip and threw the rest on the floor. I’d brought a bunch of them to the bachelorette party as party favors and to throw around at the girls. I’d wanted to make sure every cock was covered and that all the girls were safe. It was something I always preached.

  “Must’ve been one hell of a party.”

  “Oh it was,” I said before tearing open the package with my teeth.

  I motioned with my finger for him to step closer, batting my eyelashes at him. I needed to taste him before I covered it. I moved, kneeling on the edge of the bed and waiting for his dick to come to eye level. The glimmer of shiny metal made my insides twist and my pussy convulse. There’s something about a man with a piercing in his cock.

  I grabbed his ass, bringing him closer to my face as I took in all his glory, feasting on him with my eyes. I opened wide, laying his hardness against my tongue and closing my lips around his length. The velvety firmness mixing with the saltiness made my mouth water. I swallowed around his dick, pulling it farther into my throat, and fought the urge to gag. It hit the back of my throat, cutting off my airway as my eyes watered.

  Squeezing his ass, I sucked him deeper before pulling out and repeating the process. I looked up into his eyes, watching his head fall back in ecstasy. Digging my nails into his rock-hard muscles, I flicked the underside of the tip with my tongue. His body trembled beneath my fingertips and my body warmed. I felt powerful with him at my mercy.

  The apadravya caressed my tongue and tapped my teeth as I worked his cock. Just as I felt him grow harder and his body shake uncontrollably, I released him, a popping noise filling the room.

  His body jerked, his cock lurching forward as if it were searching for my mouth of its own volition. His teeth chattered as he sucked in air and glared at me.

  I shrugged and smiled. “Sucks, doesn’t it?” I said, and began to giggle.

  He pushed me back before grabbing my feet and yanking me to the edge of the bed. I screamed from happiness—his strength had shocked me. I don’t know why. The man was huge. He looked like a giant next to me, but I hadn’t thought he could move me around like a fucking rag doll. Holding the condom up for him to take, I bit my lip. His cock was red and bulging as it bobbed in the air.

  The shiny metal looked like it was ready to pop free on both sides. I couldn’t wait any longer to feel it stroking my insides. He slid the rubber over his cock, paying careful attention to the piercing, while I took in the sight of him.

  He had strong, broad shoulders covered in tattoos. I wanted to lean forward and get a better look, but I remained in place. If I hadn’t known better or had seen a picture of him first, I would’ve bet money that he was airbrushed. He was too perfect, with all his rippling muscles, hard body, and flawless skin.

  He caught me looking, and winked at me. My cheeks turned pink and heated. I don’t know why. I was half dressed and had had his dick in my mouth and he’d tasted me. At this point, what was there to be embarrassed about?

  He grabbed the bottom of my dress as I lifted my ass and let him remove it. It flew across the room, landing near the door, where we had begun. I held out my arm, looking to touch his skin, and he gripped my wrist and pulled me off the bed. Then I wrapped my legs around his body, trying not to fall to the floor, and instantly captured his lips.

  He grunted, grinding his dick against my pussy as I clung to him. Reaching underneath my leg, he grabbed his dick, rubbing it back and forth twice before jamming it inside me.

  I cried out, not having expected to feel so full and stretched. But then he stilled, letting my body adjust before he turned and pushed my back against the wall. The rough wallpaper scratched my skin with each thrust. I reached out, trying
to grip the wall, and knocked over the lamp. The sound of glass shattering as it hit the floor didn’t stop James.

  The pictures on the walls rattled as he pounded into me. My tailbone felt like it was being beaten with a bat each time my body slammed up into the wall. With my back on fire, my ass in pain, and my head slamming against the wall, James pummeled me. Sweat trickled from the edge of his hairline, slowly running down his face.

  Sweat and I didn’t always get along. With him, I wanted to reach out and taste it. See if it had the same salty taste as his dick against my tongue. Just as I leaned forward, going for the wetness to alleviate the dryness inside my mouth, he placed his lips over mine.

  Reaching between us, he flicked my clit with his fingers. It wasn’t a gentle touch. There were no tentative feels to see if my body was sensitive. Each stroke felt like a slap against my pussy. My insides clamped down, the edge coming nearer as I sucked his tongue into my mouth.

  His strokes became harsh and erratic, matching his breathing. I began to bounce off him, my body flying away from his from the forcefulness of his thighs. Slamming back down on his cock over and over again mingled with the flicks, sending me spiraling over the edge and screaming his name until my throat burned. My eyes rolled back in my head, my head slamming uncontrollably against the wall as my entire body went rigid.

  He didn’t let up his brutal assault on my pussy as I came down from an orgasm that left me dizzy. As he pummeled me over and over again, I gripped his shoulder, letting myself get lost in the moment.

  He stilled, his abs clenching harder as he grunted and leaned his forehead against me. Then he sucked in a breath, his body shuddered, and he gulped for air.

  “For fuck’s sake,” he muttered, swallowing again.

  I rested my head against the wall, my entire body feeling like jelly. “Yeah,” I said, not able to say anything else.

  He held me there for a moment before carrying me to the bed and placing me on top of the mattress. He collapsed next to me, his chest heaving as he wiped his forehead.

  “Tire you out already?” I asked as I turned to face him.

  “Izzy,” he said as he pushed the hair that had fallen behind my shoulder. “I’m just getting started, doll.”

  I rolled onto my back and stared at the ceiling. The room was spinning slightly from the amount of Jack I’d had at the reception. As I was lost in the passion and booze, he’d consumed my entire world and made everything else vanish.

  My eyelids felt heavy as I lay there listening to his breathing slow. My mind was cluttered and I wanted to shut it off and drift off to sleep, but my body had other plans—and so did James. The bed dipped and sprang up as he climbed off the bed. A squeak from the shoddy mattress pulled me back to reality. I opened one eye, watching him walk over to the minibar and grab something inside.

  “Want a drink?” he asked, dangling a bottle of Jack.

  At this point in the night, there were two options. I could either stop drinking and fall asleep or have another and party to the point that, tomorrow, I wouldn’t remember what had happened in this room.

  “Yes,” I said, sitting up on my elbows.

  He twisted off the cap, plopped some ice cubes in a glass, and poured the amber liquid inside before handing it to me. I took shallow sips, not wanting to swallow it too quickly. The wetness on my tongue and burn down my throat helped breathe new life into me. We stared at each other, sipping our drinks stark naked. He leaned against the small bar area, while I sat on the bed with my shoulder back, giving him a full show.

  Unable to take the silence, I sloshed back the rest of my drink, shaking the glass, causing the ice cubes to clink together. A small grin spread across his face as he placed his cup on the bar and walked toward me.

  “What?” I asked before I stared down into my empty glass.

  “Gave me an idea,” he said as he grabbed his tie off the floor. Then he removed the knot from the silk material. “Lie back.”


  “Jesus, just lie the fuck back,” he growled, taking the glass from my hand and setting it on the nightstand.

  The growl had been a little bit scary, but sexy as fuck. A shiver ran down my spine as I crawled up the bed backward before placing my head on the pillow.

  “Give me your hands,” he commanded, straddling my body.

  I swallowed hard, my mouth feeling dry again as I held up my hands and offered myself to him.

  “Hold them together. Clasp them.”

  “What are you going to do?” I asked out of pure curiosity.

  “I’m tying you to the headboard, doll.” He smiled, snapping the tie between his hands.

  My natural reaction in this situation should have been “fuck no,” but since I’d had more Jack than I could remember and James was hot as fuck, I said, “Okay,” before clasping my hands together and holding them in front of him without a care.

  James twisted the tie around my hands, securing it in a tight knot and drawing them over my head to the headboard. “You okay with this?” he asked, leaning over me with his dick in my face.

  “Yes,” I said, reaching forward with my lips to lick the tip of his cock.

  He shuddered as he fastened the tie to the headboard before grabbing a spare pillow and placing it under my head. “This should help your arms.”

  “It’s not my arms I’m worried about.” Really, I wasn’t. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. Thomas would kill him, and then the rest of the Gallo men would be in line to revive him and kill him again.

  He laughed, nudging my legs apart with his knees. “Wait. Something’s missing,” he said as he climbed off the bed. He walked to his suitcase, rifled through the contents, and returned with another tie. “For your eyes. Lift your head.”

  “I want to see,” I said, pissed off that he wanted to take away my sight.

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