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         Part #3 of Men of Inked series by Chelle Bliss
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  I knew I was now a pawn in his game. I’d have to play by his rules. I was pissed at Thomas for leaving me with James, and at asshole Flash for being an idiot and not realizing the amount of shit he was bringing me around this weekend.

  James looked at the road, the corner of his eye crinkling as he spoke. “Harder for you to run away like that. Plus, you look fucking sexy when you’re pissed off, Izzy.”

  “Jimmy, look, I didn’t mean—“

  “James.” His eyes momentarily flashed in the rearview mirror before leaving me again.

  “James,” I hissed, holding the end, letting the letter stick between my teeth. “I’m sorry about what happened.” I looked down at my knees, chewing the inside of my lip.

  “I’m not,” he said flatly.

  “It wasn’t nice of me to leave without saying goodbye. I was a jerk. Can you forgive me?” I wasn’t really sorry for anything, but I wanted the damn cuffs off my wrists.

  “It won’t work, Izzy.”


  “Your fake apology,” he said as he pulled up to the red light and his eyes returned to mine. His face had a red sheen from the traffic light. He looked like the devil I figured he really was. He’d torture me as long as I was in his custody.

  My mouth dropped open and a scream was crawling up my throat. “It wasn’t—“

  “Yes, it was.”

  I closed my mouth, grinding my teeth as the car started to pull away, and his face changed color. “I had fun with you and we both got what we wanted out of that night.” I swallowed, remembering the feel of him against my skin. Those sweet-ass lips that were pissing me off right now had brought me so many orgasms that I’d lost count, the amount of alcohol I’d consumed not helping my memory.

  “Maybe I’m sensitive and wanted a kiss goodbye?” he said, tilting his head up to look at me. I could see the corner of his mouth as it almost kissed his eyes. He was enjoying himself.

  I sighed and pushed my shoulders back. Glaring at him, I said, “That’s total bullshit.”

  “Maybe so,” he said, looking away, “but I did want that kiss.”

  Fuck, his voice was sexy. It matched him entirely…big in all ways. “You’re not going to play fair, are you?” I whispered, but I already knew the answer.

  “Did you?” he retorted with a clipped tone.

  “I’m sure you did the walk of shame many mornings, James.”

  “Doll, I’ve never been ashamed of spending the night in the company of a beautiful woman—especially you.”

  A knot formed in my stomach, and it felt like James had reached inside and was using his giant hands to untie it. He made my belly feel funny, and I didn’t like it. I pursed my lips, not taking my eyes off the back of his head.

  “It was easier for both of us,” I whispered, trying not to give anything away in my voice.

  He shook his head. “Can’t stop the bullshit from rolling off your tongue, huh?”

  “Are we there yet?” I was annoyed and pissed off. James did not get to question me on my truthfulness.

  “To the police station, yes, but not the entire trip.”

  “I can find my way home. I’m an adult woman.”

  “Why don’t you start acting like one, then?” he asked sarcastically.

  I felt like he’d punched me in the chest. No one talked to me the way he did—no one with a dick, at least. The only people who could get away with calling me on my shit were my girls, but not a man. Not even my brothers or father.

  “I am acting like an adult. I can rent a car and get myself back to Tampa. It’s only a couple of hours away.”

  “Izzy, listen up, because this is how it’s going to go.” He pulled the cruiser over on the side of the road, rolling to a stop. He turned around, resting his arm on the back of the passenger’s seat. “I promised your brother I would take you home. I promised him I would keep you safe. I will not just release you to fend for yourself.” He licked his lips, and my eyes moved to his mouth as he continued speaking. “It’s late, after two a.m., and I’m tired. We’re going to return the car and then find a hotel for the night and drive back in the morning. That’s the plan, and I don’t want your brother to worry that I’m not following the plan. He has enough shit on his plate right now. Understand?” He glared at me, waiting for my response.

  “Wow. Didn’t know you knew so many words.” I smirked, watching his jaw as he tried to stop a smile. “Fine, but I want my own room,” I requested, knowing that I didn’t have a choice in the whole “how to get Izzy home” plan, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to share a room with him.

  “One room, double beds,” he growled, turning around and pulling back on to the road.

  “No fucking way. I will not share a room with you.”

  “It’s for your own protection.”

  “Not happening,” I declared, looking out the tinted window, seeing the police station sign in the distance.

  “Yes, it is. Don’t fight me on this, woman.”

  “I don’t want to spend the night in your room.”

  “Our room, and you do.”

  “Jesus, you’re infuriating.”


  “Ooh, he knows French too. Didn’t know cavemen were bilingual.”

  “Must you always be a smartass?” he asked, parking the car in the “reserved” space.

  “Nothing good can come out of sharing a room,” I said as I sat up, unable to stop the anxious feeling. I had to get the hell out of this car.

  “I remember a lot of ear-shattering moans the last time we shared a room. I’d say only good can come from it,” he murmured, a low, smooth chuckle escaping his lips before he climbed out of the car.

  “Fucker,” I muttered as his door slammed.

  “Out you go, doll,” he said when he opened my door, the hot, humid air hitting my skin. He reached in and grabbed my arm, trying to help me up, and I fought the urge to pull away.

  “I hate that term,” I said, climbing out with his hands still on me.

  “Doll?” He smirked, giving my arm a light squeeze.

  “Yes. It’s patronizing,” I hissed as I turned my back to him.

  “As long as you call me Jimmy, I’ll call you doll. And what the fuck are you doing?” he asked, grabbing my shoulder.

  “The cuffs. I want them off.” I glared at him. Why did he have to make everything so fucking difficult?

  “I can’t take them off yet. You never know who has eyes on the station,” he said, and laughed.

  “You’re a prick.”

  “You’re hitting every word I like to hear—come, prick, fuck. What else do you have to say?” He smiled as he grabbed my upper arm and pulled me toward the station doors.

  “Let’s just get this over with.” I sneered at him as I tried to keep up with his large steps.

  “I’m going to enjoy this,” he whispered in my ear as he opened the door and waited for me to pass by. “So fucking much.”

  My body shuddered. This gravelly tone of his voice shorted the wiring in my brain. I’d spent too many years trying to block guys like him out, and I’d been successful. James was an entirely different beast. I didn’t know how to deal with him. He always had a reply. It was fucking infuriating.

  I closed my eyes, taking the final step into the station and hopefully to freedom—or at least an escape from him.

  Chapter 4 - Isabella

  We only spent a few minutes at the police station returning the uniform and equipment they let me borrow to rescue Izzy from the clutches of the MC. She sat on the chair, her eyes never leaving me as I talked with a few of the officers. If looks could kill, I’d be dead and buried.

  After we finished at the police station, Izzy and I headed to find a low-key hotel just outside of the county. I wanted to be far enough away that no one would find us, but close enough that, if shit went down, I could get backup. She climbed on the back of my bike after protesting and arguing for a few minutes. She knew it was futile. I wasn’t letti
ng her out of my sight.

  Feeling her body wrapped around mine—her thighs squeezing me tight, her arms holding on, and her tits against my back—was fucking perfection.

  When Thomas had called and asked if I’d help rescue his sister, I’d jumped at the chance to see her again. It wasn’t that I loved her—fuck no. I’d only spent a night with her, but there was something about her.

  No one had ever sneaked out of my bed the next morning without saying a word. Izzy was the exception to that rule, and for that, I gave her props. She was her own person. I knew she didn’t play by anyone’s rules but her own. Thomas spoke of her often, and I could feel the love he felt for her with his words.

  Thomas and I had met back during training. We’d both joined the DEA right after college. I knew it was where I wanted to be, and had dedicated my life to ridding the world of drugs. I knew it wasn’t possible, but I’d do my best to not make it easy for the sleazeball criminals who preyed on the innocent.

  I’d joined because I’d lost my little sister to an overdose. She was only seventeen and I was in my sophomore year at Florida State. Getting the news that your one and only sibling has died is indescribable. It crushes your soul and had made me question everything in my life. I’d felt like I’d lost direction in my life, and the only thing I’d wanted was retribution. The only way I knew how to do it legally was to join the one group that had the ability to stop the flow of illicit drugs. The DEA became my home and my new family.

  Yes, I still had my parents, but they’d fallen apart after the death of my sister. They weren’t the same people anymore. They walked through life as shells of their former selves, the sorrow too much for them to bear.

  When we met, we were excited and looking to kick some major ass in the drug world. We spent a lot of time talking about our families—his happy and mine not so much.

  We each had sisters, his alive and mine dead. Even though I could never touch my sister again and I couldn’t protect her, I still loved her more than anyone else on Earth. We spent our nights drinking too much beer and talking about life. Our conversations always veered off course and would turn to our sisters as the main reasons for us being there.

  Thomas said that Izzy wasn’t into drugs but he always felt a need to protect her, and others like her who didn’t come from such a loving family. I’d wanted to join because the same drugs had reached in and plucked my sister from my life.

  I was out for payback. After we graduated training, Thomas and I were partnered with veterans and taught the ropes. Years later, we were paired up, and it felt like coming home. He was the brother I’d never had. I was his go-to person when he was placed undercover. I was his link to the DEA and his call of last resort. I kept tabs on him and picked up information when he found a way to get it out.

  His case was solid, but at times, I worried about Thomas. I’d never admit it to him—he’d call me a pansy—but he was in deep. Deeper than I’d ever thought possible. He’d been able to move up the ranks and solidified his position with the club. I made sure to do my best to keep his cover intact and my ears to the ground in case shit went down.

  Leaving him for the weekend to drive his sister home was a sacrifice I wasn’t sure I could make, but how could I say no to him? I didn’t want him to go through the same loss that still squeezed my heart and hung heavy on my soul even after ten years. Loss is loss and it never goes away. We learn to deal with it, but the desperation and longing never fade. I didn’t want Thomas to experience what I had.

  I found a replacement in the agency, someone I trusted to cover for the weekend while I made the round trip with Izzy. I felt at ease knowing that he was protected and I could do the one favor—the only one, in fact—that Thomas had ever asked of me. His family was his number-one priority.

  I’d felt shitty after fucking Izzy when I brought the card on his behalf to his brother’s wedding. I felt like I knew Izzy after having heard stories about her ball busting for years. I’d seen pictures of her, but her beauty in person couldn’t be conveyed in a photograph.

  Her smart mouth, killer body, and bombshell looks had my cock throbbing and my mind reeling as I had a drink with her at the bar. A back-and-forth conversation over Jack Daniel’s left me hard as a rock, and I needed to crawl inside that sweet cunt of hers. After too many drinks to make a proper decision, I sure as fuck wasn’t thinking of her brother, and invited her to my room.

  I wasn’t surprised when she accepted, following me to the elevator as the party raged on. As soon as the elevator doors closed, I had her against the wall. I claimed her mouth, her tongue sweet from the Jack and Coke lingering on the surface as I devoured her. Caging her face in my hands, I stole her breath and replaced it with my own.

  When we reached my floor, I broke the kiss. She didn’t move as her eyes fluttered open, and her breathing was ragged. I grabbed her hand, pulling her toward my room, a little too eager to feel her skin.

  The chemistry was off the charts. We tore at each other’s clothes as soon as the door shut while our lips stayed locked. The need I felt to be inside her bordered on animalistic as our heavy breathing and pants filled the room.

  I dropped to my knees, looking up at her, and said, “I need to taste you.” She was a vision. She had on thigh-highs that connected to a garter belt and cock-hardening stilettos.

  She didn’t reply, but spread her legs. I cupped her ass, bringing her body forward as I swept my tongue through her hair. I could smell her arousal as I flicked her skin with my tongue. I wanted to worship at her altar.

  I lifted her with my hands, placing her legs over my shoulder as I feasted on her. I sucked like a starved man, licking every ridge and bump as she chanted, “Fuck yeah,” and “Oh my God.” I didn’t relent when she came on my face, her legs almost a vise around my head. I dug in deeper, sucking harder as I brushed her asshole with my fingertip. Her body shuddered, the light touch against the sensitive spot sending her quickly over the edge.

  It’s not that I didn’t want to take her in every way, putting my cock in every hole and making her dirty, but I wasn’t ready to go there—not yet, at least. I wanted to feel her pussy squeeze my cock and milk me. I needed it.

  I don’t know what time we both passed out. I’d never had sex so much in one night, but even after it all, I wanted more. She was the one person I couldn’t get enough of, and it didn’t sit well with me. When I woke up and found her gone, I won’t lie, that shit stung. In the end, I knew it was for the best. I didn’t need the headache in my life.

  I couldn’t tell Thomas what had happened—no way in fucking hell. He’d murder me and hide my body. That shit I knew. I hadn’t chased her or tried to contact her. Let that shit stay buried in the past.

  “Turn around or close your eyes,” she said.

  Lost in the memory of our first night together, I blinked. “What?” I asked, shaking my head, trying to clear my mind. I took in the surroundings of a very different room. It wasn’t the lush accommodations from the night of the wedding, but a crappy, run-down motel.

  “I need to undress,” she said, tapping her foot as she stared at me. “I don’t have my bag of clothes and I can’t wear this shit to bed.”

  “I’ve seen it all.”

  Her clothing didn’t do much to hide what I already knew lay underneath. The skintight jeans that narrowed around her ankle just above the black high heels had my dick aching. I wanted to feel the bite of them against my skin as I pounded into her.

  “I was drunk,” she groaned, her eyes growing into little slits.

  “Are you saying I took advantage of you?” She couldn’t be fucking serious. I didn’t do that shit. She’d wanted it as much as I had. I’d known from the moment she’d called me Jimmy that she’d wanted me. I’d known enough about her from Thomas that I’d had her MO down pat.

  “I wasn’t thinking clearly. You aren’t my type.” She wrinkled her nose, twirling her finger like I was going to roll over like a dog and face the other way.

; “Doll,” I teased.

  “Fuck you and that ‘doll’ bullshit. Turn. The. Fuck. Around,” she hissed.

  Laughing, I kicked back on the bed and covered my eyes with my hand. “Happy now?” I asked, leaving space between two of my fingers to get a clear view of her undressing.

  “Very.” She turned around, facing the opposite direction as she removed her Harley tank top that framed her breasts but left little to the imagination.

  Underneath, she was wearing a black bra that lay just below her shoulder blades. She reached back, unhooking the straps with her fingers. Black nail polish decorated the tips, and I wanted to see them wrapped around my cock and her eyes watering from choking on taking me to the back of her throat.

  She bent down, pulling off her jeans, and her breasts fell to the side, giving me a marvelous view. They were full, round, and natural. I licked my lips as my mouth watered, while watching her tits sway as she stepped out of her jeans.

  She climbed in the bed opposite mine, lying back, her tits on full display and her tiny black G-string the only thing she’d left on. Yeah, like that would protect her and keep her pussy safe from me.

  She pulled the covers up to her chin, closing her eyes for a moment, and then said, “All done. You can look now.”

  I turned to my side, resting my head on my hand, and smiled at her. “Now close your eyes,” I commanded, watching her face contort.

  “For what?” she asked, staring at the ceiling, avoiding eye contact.

  “I need to get undressed too, and I don’t want you to catch a glimpse.”

  “Please, Jimmy.” She laughed. “I’ve seen it all.” She rolled over and smirked.

  “Felt it too, but I still want you to turn around or close your eyes.”

  She rolled her eyes, throwing her hands down and slapping the mattress at her sides. “Really? You worried that I’ll jump on you and beg for your dick?” She made a pfft noise with her lips, blowing out a quick breath of air, causing her hair to blow away from her face.

  “Just do it, doll. I know if you see it you’ll be begging for me to crawl in that sweet cunt of yours and fuck you like no man has done before or since me.” I twirled my fingers, giving her the same patronizing gesture she did me.

  She stuck her tongue out and covered her eyes with her hand. “Just get fucking undressed so I can go to sleep already. I’m exhausted,” she said, resting her other hand against her breast.

  I could see that she was doing the same as I had—left a space between her fingers so she could peek. I knew she wanted me.

  “I bet I could find a way to wake you up,” I taunted as I sat up, pulled my shirt off, and threw it across the room, just catching the back of the chair.

  I pushed my shoulders into the mattress, lifted my ass, and contracted my abs, knowing that she was watching and taking in the view. I unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down at a painfully slow pace just to prolong her show. I wasn’t the type of man who wore underwear, either.

  As soon as I lowered my jeans below my thighs, my dick sprang free, bobbing as if waving hello and calling her over. I knew it remembered Izzy as much as I did.

  Izzy sucked in a breath as soon as my cock entered the room devoid of covering, the piercing shimmering in the light.

  “You okay over there?” I asked, smirking because I had further evidence that she wanted me. She wanted me badly.

  “Yeah. Just a piece of dirt in my mouth.” She swallowed and coughed, playing the lie to the fullest.

  I wrapped my hand around my shaft, stroking my length as I spoke. “Want something to wash it down?” I had to bite my cheek to stifle the laughter I felt coming to the surface. The only thing better than fucking her was fucking with her mind.

  “No,” she breathed.

  “You sure? I can find something to help that tickle in your throat. I have something close at hand.” Fuck, I felt like a creeper. Only to her would I say such fucked-up, bigheaded shit to, because she was Izzy—ball-buster champion of the world.

  “I’m fine. I don’t need anything you have.” The corner of her mouth twitched.

  Damn, her cockiness was such a fucking turn-on. No one had ever made my dick as hard as she did. The torture, too much for even me to bear anymore, made me kick my jeans off the rest of the way and toss them to the floor.

  “Shit,” I mumbled, remembering that I’d left my gun on the stand next to the television. I never slept without it next to me in bed or on my nightstand.

  “What?” she asked in an annoyed tone.

  “My gun is by the TV. I need to get it. Keep your eyes closed,” I demanded as I placed my feet on the floor and faced her bed. I’d called dibs on the bed closest to the door in case anything happened. I’d be the one to protect her. I’d step in front of a bullet before I’d let anyone hurt her.

  “They’re still covered, Jimmy.” She smiled, thinking she was slick.

  “Uh huh,” I said as I climbed to my feet and stretched, my front on full
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