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         Part #3 of Men of Inked series by Chelle Bliss
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  I gave him a fake smile and tilted my head. “Everything worked out?” I asked, my voice hoarse as I tried to hide my curiosity.

  “Fucking perfect,” he grumbled as he moved toward the window, peeking through the now yellowed, sheer drapes. “How well do you know James?” he asked, turning to me.

  “Um,” I said. Fuck. Lie—do not tell him the truth. “I met him at Joey’s wedding. He brought your card and we had a drink together.” I kept the fake smile plastered on my face, speaking quickly so as not to trip over my words.

  “Just a drink?”

  “Maybe two,” I replied, still smiling as my eyebrows shot up. God, I was horrible at the angel act.

  “James seemed to be very interested in helping get you out of here. Maybe a little too eager,” he complained as he moved to stand in front of me.

  I looked up at him. He could be intimidating, but he’d always be just my brother. I didn’t have anything to fear from him, but I wouldn’t tell him about my night with James. No fucking way.

  “He’s your friend, Tommy. Naturally, he wants to help out. You called him for a favor, and as any good friend would do, he agreed to help.”

  Tommy shook his head, a grin slowly spreading across his face. “You’ve never been a good liar, Izzy. I’ll kick his fucking ass if he tries anything with you.” One of his eyebrows rose and the muscles in his jaw ticked. “No one touches my sister,” he warned, the tiny grin disappearing.

  “Thomas, I’m not a child. We had a couple of drinks, and even if I wanted more—which I don’t,” I insisted as I stood. “But if I did…it wouldn’t be any of your business.” I poked him in the chest, driving the point home.

  His head dropped, his eyes staring at my finger as I held it against his chest. A rumble started underneath my finger and bubbled out through his mouth. He threw his head back, his laughter filling the room before he looked back at me.

  “Izzy, love,” he said, grabbing my face, his blue eyes shining with tears. “That has be one of the funniest damn things you’ve ever said.”

  “What the fuck? It wasn’t funny.” I poked him harder and with my nail. “I’m a woman now, if you haven’t noticed. I make my own decisions.” I tilted my head and glowered at him.

  He was still laughing as he wiped his eyes. He shook his head as he spoke. “You’ll always be my little sister. Flash is going to get his ass kicked.” His laughter died. “He won’t know why, but I will. He’ll be hurting because I know he dirtied you. He’s not worthy of you.”

  “Flash is just a friend,” I said, because it was the truth.

  “He’s been in your pants, sister. Don’t try and bullshit me.” He glared at me, studying my every twitch. “He’ll pay.”

  I sighed, blowing out the air I’d stored in my cheeks. “Whatever,” I blurted.

  “James better not touch you either.”

  “I don’t like James like that. I thought you boys were bad growing up, but he makes you guys look like pussycats.”

  Tommy’s eyebrows drew together. “You got all this over a couple of drinks?” His jaw worked back and forth as he ground his teeth together. The sound sent shivers through my body.

  “Yeah.” I kept it simple. No need to throw up a flag that alerted his big brother Spidey sense that James had fucked me senseless.



  He sighed and wrapped his arms around me. Then he kissed my temple, and the warmth of his body felt great against me. He was my brother, and I had proof that he was safe and alive.

  “We’ll leave here in ten minutes. We have to make it believable, Izzy.”

  I looked up at him. “What do you mean make it believable?” I questioned, scrunching my nose as I thought about what that could mean.

  “They have to believe that I had sex with you,” he said.

  “Fuck,” I muttered, gnawing on my thumbnail.

  We smudged my lipstick, tore my shirt at the bottom, and messed up my hair. The bar was dark enough that hopefully it would pass. The most important part would be my attitude.

  “Don’t pretend to like me, but don’t hate me either. You aren’t attached to Flash, but you didn’t have a choice in coming with me, either.”

  “I love you, brother. You’re cute, so it’s not like I would’ve had to bang Rebel.”

  “Do not say the words bang and Rebel in the same sentence.” He cringed, opening the door for us to head back to the bar. “When we get there, just stay quiet and let me talk. I want to get us the fuck out of there as soon as possible so James can grab you.”

  I sighed, wishing the fucking night were over and that I were in my bed…at home and on the other coast. “You know how quiet and I work out, Tommy.”

  He stopped dead in his tracks and turned. “From here on out, I am not Tommy. Blue is my name. For fuck’s sake, Izzy, do quiet for me just this one time,” he pleaded before walking away.

  “Men suck,” I mumbled.

  As I approached his bike, Tommy turned and faced me. “I won’t see you again for a while, Iz. Although I’m pissed about you being here, I’m happy at the same time. I’ve missed you, baby girl.” His face softened as he held his arms out to me.

  I looked around, wondering if someone was lurking in the shadows, unsure if I should hug him.

  “It’s okay. Come here.” He motioned with his finger, beckoning me into his arms.

  I wrapped my arms around his waist, holding on to him for dear life. What if I never saw him again? I couldn’t think that way. Thomas was the toughest man I knew. If anyone could live through all this bullshit and come out on the other side unscathed, it would be him.

  “I’ll miss you,” I said, choking back the tears. I squeezed him tighter, rubbing my face against his t-shirt. “Come home soon.”

  He released me, wiping the tear off my cheek with the pad of his thumb. “Don’t cry. I got this.” He grinned, his beautiful blue eyes twinkling from the streetlight. “Let’s get this shit over with so I can know you’re safe. You listen to James and do whatever he says, Izzy. He’ll keep you safe.”

  I rolled my eyes, unable to hide my annoyance. My shoulders slumped as I thought about being trapped with James for any amount of time. It would be a total clusterfuck.

  “Fine,” I sang, grabbing the helmet and putting on my head. “I don’t like it, but I’ll try to be good.”

  “He’ll keep you alive. Remember that.” He climbed on his Harley and turned the key.

  “Got it,” I said as I nestled behind him and encased him in my arms.

  I rested my cheek against his back as we took off, headed back to the guys. I use that term loosely; they were more like animals that could talk.

  If my brother had known the sordid details of my night with James, he wouldn’t have asked me to obey his every command. James hadn’t contacted me after the wedding, and for that, I was thankful. I hadn’t had to avoid his calls or block him from my phone. The man knew how to take a hint, but thrusting the two of us back together without being able to be in control freaked me the fuck out.

  Why did I care so much about seeing him again? I closed my eyes, getting lost in the memory of the night that happened four months ago. James had been more of a man than I’d ever been with. He was a true alpha and didn’t take bullshit. Bullshit and me were the best of friends. He’d called me on everything, and I’d felt like he could read my thoughts. I didn’t want to be the type of woman that people could figure out. He knew when I was full of shit, and I didn’t like when anyone could figure me out so easily. I wasn’t a girl. I was fierce and no one’s pushover. Isabella Gallo was not subservient.

  Chapter 3 - The Great Escape

  When we walked back into the bar, no one really seemed to care. Rebel gave me a once-over and quickly patted “Blue” on the back. They exchanged words as I sat down, my unhappiness evident from my tear-stained cheeks. They thought it had been caused by the sex I hadn’t wanted, but really, it had been at the thought of saying goodbye to
my brother.

  After a round of drinks with Thomas’s arm draped around my shoulder, protecting and claiming me all at once, the group decided to head out for the night. Parties were happening all over Daytona, and they had club business to attend to before they hit the sack.

  “She’s riding with me,” Tommy declared as we walked outside and were greeted by the thick, humid Florida air that smelled like the ocean.

  “Whatever you say, brother,” Rebel conceded as he threw a leg over his bike.

  “Where’s Flash?” I asked, looking around one last time for him.

  “Fuck Flash, darlin’,” Tommy snarled, holding out the helmet to me.

  “But—” I started to speak but saw his lips set in a firm line as he glared at me.

  “He’s been sent off to do club business with some other members.” He shoved the helmet in my hands. “Get the fuck on. We don’t have time for your bullshit girl stuff,” he barked, turning around and starting the bike.

  The roar of the engine made me jump, and I quickly put on the helmet and pulled the straps tight. Climbing on the bike, I realized that this would be the last time I’d touch my brother for months. The guys took off just as I nestled myself behind him.

  When the roar of the bikes and the distance between them and us was sufficient, Thomas turned to me and smiled. “Make the call, Izzy. Love ya, kid,” he said before turning around and quickly taking off, hot on the tail of the other guys.

  I hit dial, ringing James’s phone to alert him that we’d left the bar. Thomas had said that James would stop us shortly after leaving the bar, and he’d had me put a baggie of cocaine in my pocket. James would do a search for some bullshit reason and place me under arrest.

  Daytona was crawling with cops and DEA during Bike Week. Undercover, I presumed, since I didn’t see a crazy amount of police presence, especially not with the amount of bikers that flooded the city during the event.

  Rebel led the pack and we pulled up the rear. Tommy had wanted it that way, figuring it would be easier to be pulled over by James. I tried not to think about what was about to happen as I held on to him, taking in all that was my big brother—strong, kind, caring, and protective.

  He’d made me laugh as a little girl, holding on to my hands and twirling me in the air like I was a blade of a fan. My mother would scream, but Tommy and I would just laugh and collapse in a heap of giggles. His face had been softer then; the years of undercover work and biker-life wear and tear hadn’t yet entered his life. I wondered if he could ever go back to that fun-loving, carefree guy again. I hoped he would, but living this life had to alter you in some form and stick with you for the rest of your days.

  My heart stammered in my chest as the sound of police sirens filled the air. I opened my eyes, the red and blue lighting bouncing off of Tommy’s jacket. I gave him a squeeze as he slowed the bike and waved off the rest of the guys.

  We pulled off to the side of the road as the police cruiser stopped behind us. The lights continued to flash, but the screeching siren noise turned off before I heard a car door slam.

  “Sir,” the familiar voice said as he approached us.

  The sound of his voice alone had my pussy clenching. Fucking cunt had always been a problem. I didn’t like James. It needed to cool its fucking jets and not think about his cock. James wasn’t the man I wanted…I couldn’t top him.

  Thomas sat still, peering in his side mirror until James came to a stop at our side. The others were far enough away, leaving us behind to deal with the cop issue.

  “Get her the fuck out of here. Blow is in her left jacket pocket.”

  “Hey, Iz,” James slithered out as he slowly looked me up and down.

  I lifted my chin, staring him in the eye without a smile. “Jimmy,” I replied, the corner of my lip twitching.

  God, he looked fucking good. No, good wasn’t the right word. He looked fucking amazing dressed in the law enforcement uniform. The brown dress shirt hugged his muscles, looking like a second skin against his tan flesh. The shitty polyester pants the force handed out clung to his muscular thighs, showing off every dip and crevice in his body. The gun sitting around his waist reminded me that he wasn’t a man to be crossed, though I liked to push his buttons. He could easily overpower me, and for some reason, the thought turned me on.

  His jaw ticked as I spoke his name. He hated when I called him Jimmy, said it reminded him of a child. I’d used it to only piss him off, crawl under his skin like he had mine.

  Tommy handed over his license and registration, shoving it in James’s hand as he openly gawked at me.

  James turned his attention to Thomas and cleared his throat. “What the hell are you going to tell them?” he asked, motioning toward the red taillights off in the distance.

  “I’ll figure some shit out. She’s just another pussy to them. She’s not a club whore or an old lady. She’s inconsequential.”

  “Men are such fucking pigs,” I bit out. “How can you even be around those douchebags? You don’t think that way, do you?” I asked, looking at Tommy.

  “Fuck no. I’m just playing the part. Ma did not raise me to think that way.”

  James laughed, drawing my attention in his direction. Why did he have to be so damn handsome? I mean, Jesus. Why couldn’t he be plain and not fantasy inspiring?

  “And you?” I asked him, wishing I could wipe that shitty smile off his face.

  “Oh no, doll. I love women. Not all of them are just a piece of ass. Not even the ones who slink out of my hotel room before the sun rises.” He grinned.

  My eyes grew wide as a lump formed in my throat. He wouldn’t dare tell my brother. Would he? I mean, the man had cockiness down pat, but he wouldn’t be dumb enough to clue my brother the fuck in on our sex Olympics.

  Tommy shook his head and turned to look at me. “Can I trust you to listen to him?” he asked, squinting as he peered at me.

  “I’ll listen,” I said, as James began to chuckle. I moved my eyes from Thomas to glare at James. “I can’t promise I’ll do as he asks, but I’ll listen and do what I feel is right.”

  “Izzy, for fuck’s sake. Just fucking listen for once in your life. I know you bow down to no man, but this is your life we’re talking about. I have enough shit to worry about and don’t need to worry about you getting home safely,” Tommy snarled, keeping his eyes focused on me.

  “I’ll be good to her,” James promised as he stopped laughing and cleared his throat. “I won’t let her out of my sight and I’ll keep her safe. You couldn’t put her into more capable hands.” James smiled, giving me a quick wink.

  I turned to Tommy, unable to take the smug smile on James’s face any longer, and spoke the words he wanted to hear: “Yes, I promise to do whatever is necessary to get home safely.”

  “Off the bike, ma’am. I need to search you. You too, Blue,” James barked out, stepping away from the bike.

  We climbed off, me with the assistance of my brother, and turned our backs to James. He frisked Tommy first. I straightened my back and watched him as he touched my brother, moving quickly and thoroughly and finding nothing. It was all for show. I knew I wouldn’t be so lucky. As he turned his attention to me, I closed my eyes and waited.

  I knew he wouldn’t be so quick when touching my body. He wouldn’t make it obvious to my brother or the eye of an outsider, but I remembered what his hands had felt like on my body. The amount of pleasure the strong hands had given me. The feel of them on me and in me was like nothing else I had ever experienced.

  “Back on the bike, sir,” he ordered. “Ma’am, hands behind your head and do it now!” he roared, as I was lost in my memories.

  As Tommy took his place on the bike, keeping a lookout for any stragglers from the club, I sighed and tangled my fingers together behind my head. Thankfully my back was to him. In this position, my breasts were pushed out farther, leaving myself exposed. He started at my wrists, brushing against my skin with the tip of his rough fingers. Tiny sparks shot down my
arms, a direct line to my nipples. I opened my eyes, sucking in a breath before closing them again.

  I didn’t have to see his face to know that he had a grin dancing across his lips. His giant hands swept down my arms and stopped just above my ribcage. The tips of his fingers grazed my breasts as his hands slipped down the front of my torso before he searched my waistband.

  No matter how hard I tried to control a reaction or think of anything other than his hands on me, my body responded. I twitched and silently swore. I rolled my eyes at the feeling of being defeated. He knew in that moment that he had an effect on me. I was fucking doomed.

  I could feel his breath against my ear. My body shuddered as my heart skipped a beat, before it was gone and his hands slid down my legs.

  Please don’t…


  His thumbs touched the holy land as his hands glided up my legs. As he reached the V of my legs, I swear to shit my heart stopped dead in my chest. I sucked in a breath, trying to calm my insides as my head dropped.

  I was happy when his hands left my legs until he caressed my ass, all in the name of a search, but I knew he was enjoying it too much when he gave it a quick, hard squeeze.

  “Must you?” I whispered as he moved closer, reaching into my pockets.

  “Yes,” he whispered back, his mouth coming close to my ear. “Think of all the fun we’re going to have as I give you a ride.”

  “You’re an asshole,” I hissed, turning my face to look at his profile.

  “That’s one part of you I haven’t yet explored,” he whispered in my ear, low and close enough that Tommy couldn’t hear.

  I gulped, closing my eyes and using all of my self-control not to turn around and give him a piece of my mind. I couldn’t react in front of my brother or the other eyes that could possibly be on us.

  “What do we have here, ma’am?” James asked, pulling his hand from my pocket and dangling the small bag in front of my face.

  “It’s not mine, officer,” I pleaded, shaking my head and playing the part.

  “Place your hands behind your back. I’m placing you under arrest,” he said, grabbing my arm, gingerly moving it away from my head and down to the small of my back.

  “Must we do this?” I asked, looking toward Tommy.

  Tommy winked, not giving any other physical indication that everything was okay.

  “We must, doll. Give me your other hand.”

  I wrinkled my nose and ground my teeth as I felt the cold steel of the handcuffs slap against my wrist. Great. Not only was I being placed in his custody, I was starting off bound and in his possession without a means of escape. Being with the men of the MC had felt less scary than what I felt about being a captive for James.

  “I’ll leave them loose so they won’t pinch, but you can’t get out. Not yet at least,” he said as a low, slow laugh tickled my ear.

  I glared at Tommy, not looking at James as he marched me toward the back of the police cruiser. He placed his hand on my head as he helped me into the back seat.

  “Stay put,” he ordered as I moved my legs inside.

  “Where the fuck am I going, genius?” I blurted out, the anger dripping from my voice. My hands were restrained behind my back and I was about to be locked in the police car.

  “You better watch that smart mouth of yours, doll.” He grinned, leaning against the frame of the car.

  “Or what? Are you going to rough me up, Jimmy?” I snuggled back into the seat, adjusting my body and trying to find a comfortable position.

  “I’d hate to add resisting arrest to your charges.” His grin turned into a smirk as he wiggled his eyebrows and licked his lips.

  “Just get this shit over with so we can get the fuck out of here,” I hissed, not finding him charming at all.

  “As you wish.” He slammed the car door, leaving me with my thoughts as he approached Tommy and spoke with him.

  I watched through the windshield as they exchanged some heated words—or at least they made it seem like they were. A dull ache settled in my chest as I watched them speak. This would be the last time I’d see my brother for some time. The not knowing was the worst part. Tommy looked over at me a couple of times as they finished their conversation. My nose began to tickle as tears threatened to fall.

  When James slid into the front seat, he didn’t speak. He turned on the car and started to pull away after Thomas had sped down the road.

  “When are you going to let me out of these fucking cuffs?” I asked. My wrists already felt the bite from the metal digging into my skin.

  “Tomorrow,” he answered calmly, looking at me in the rearview mirror. His eyes changed from the smile I couldn’t see but knew was there.

  “You can’t keep me like this until tomorrow.” Anger built inside me. My body was almost vibrating as I stared at him in the mirror.

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