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         Part #3 of Men of Inked series by Chelle Bliss
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  No reply came, as was usually the case. One message a week was what we were allowed before he’d wipe his phone clean of any remnants of our communication.

  Izzy stirred in my arms, touching my face. “Everything okay?” she asked.

  “Never better.” I turned off the screen and tossed the phone toward the end of the bed.

  “Did you say something before about the entire weekend?” she yawned.

  “Yep. I’m all yours,” I replied, kissing her forehead.

  “Um, I have to work today.” Her body shook in my arms as she stretched.

  “I’d love to see the shop.”

  “Wouldn’t you rather do something else?” She pulled from my grip.

  “I’ll find something to do today after I drop you off. We can go out later when you’re done.”

  “I work late, though.”

  “Don’t you own the joint?”

  “Well, yeah.”

  “Maybe you can get off early.”

  “I was hoping to get off now,” she said, and laughed, covering her mouth with her hand.

  I inched closer, bringing my body to hers. “That I can do,” I growled in her ear.

  “James,” she said, pushing against my chest.

  “Hmm mmm.” I nibbled on her ear before nipping a path down her neck.

  She moaned as I bit down on the tender flesh above her collarbone. Using my tongue, I tasted her skin as I captured her nipple in my mouth and sucked hard, flicking it.

  “Keep going.” She laughed and dug her fingers in my hair.

  Izzy and I stayed in bed for a couple of hours, feasting on each other and drifting back to sleep. Finally, after showering, we were ready to head to the tattoo parlor a little after noon.

  As she locked the door, she turned to me and said, “James, I’ve never brought anyone to the shop.” She kicked at the ground with her right foot and looked down.

  “Izzy, I met everyone at the wedding. I’ll tell them I was in the area and you let me crash on your couch.”

  Looking up, she rolled her eyes at me. “Yeah, ’cause that’s believable.”

  “Listen, little mama. We can play it however you want to. I can say I fucked you mindless last night or that I just crashed at your place. I’ll let you explain it. I thought it would be nice to see the shop Thomas has told me so much about.” I climbed on my bike, lifting the stand as I straddled the machine.

  “Skip the mindless fucking part,” she said, walking toward my bike.

  “I’ll be your secret.” I winked at her, patting the back seat of my bike, and hoped she’d let me give her a lift.

  “It’s not that I want you a secret. I just haven’t figured us out yet. I don’t know what I want.” She squeezed in behind me, gripping me with her thighs. She felt so fucking good wrapped around my body.

  “You want me,” I replied, laughing as I turned on the engine and revved it. I took off before she could respond, and headed toward her business.

  She yelled in my ear when I needed to turn. I didn’t tell her that I already knew where it was because of Thomas. Our jobs were dangerous and we had to share everything in our lives with our supervisors. Our families were monitored for their safety, and files were built about them. Thomas knew my life just like I did his. There were no secrets—until now, at least.

  She climbed down, shaking out her hair as I turned off the bike. “I can’t believe I agreed to this shit,” she said loud enough for me to hear.

  As I got off the bike and stretched, I said, “They’ll be more concerned about Thomas than what I’m doing here with you.” I twirled my keys in my hand as I followed her toward the front door.

  “Let’s hope. This shit could blow up in my face.”

  “What could go wrong?” I grabbed the door, opening it for her.

  “Hey!” she yelled as she walked inside.

  The reception area was empty, but there were voices and movement coming from the back.

  “Yo! Back here,” a male voice called out from the tattoo area.

  “Come on,” she whispered to me, motioning for me to follow.

  I took a moment to look around the shop. It was stunning. Totally unlike some of the seedy shithole tattoo parlors I’d been in. This joint was classy, with colorful walls and beautiful decoration. It had Izzy written all over it.

  “Hey, I brought someone,” she said as we walked into the back.

  Mike, Joe, and Anthony stopped, looking up in unison. One by one, smiles crept across their faces as they recognized me.

  “James,” Mike said, standing to shake my hand.

  “Hey, Mike. Good to see you again.” I shook his hand, squeezing it firmly.

  I didn’t feel out of place seeing the Gallo guys again. I’d met them all at the wedding. I’d spoken with each one of them, sharing the information about Thomas that I was able to without putting him at risk.

  “Yo, James,” Anthony said, nodding to me without standing up.

  I smiled, giving him a nod back.

  “James, I’m surprised to see you here,” Joe said as he stood and held out his hand to me.

  I smiled, taking his hand in mine and shaking it roughly. “I just wanted to see how Izzy was doing.”

  “Ah.” He looked at me with squinted eyes and the corner of his mouth twitching. “I heard all about last weekend.” He released my hand, a dull throb in my joints where Joe had squeezed back as I hard as I had him. We were that type of man. We never showed weakness.

  “Oh, did you?” I asked, a giant smile playing across my lips.

  “Izzy never listens to us. We told her to stay the hell out of Daytona and stay the fuck away from Flash.” He sat back in his chair, looking at his sister. “She has to learn everything the hard way. Thank Christ she had four brothers to watch over her.”

  I laughed as I looked at Izzy and practically saw steam coming out of her ears. No woman liked being talked about in this way, especially Izzy. She wasn’t weak and didn’t always need to be under the watchful eye of her brothers.

  “Yeah, Daytona was rough. She’s home safe now and Flash is of no worry. I took care of him.”

  “Good man,” Joe said, opening the drawers to his station and placing tiny cups for the ink on the perfectly laid-out paper sheet to keep the area clean.

  “How’s Thomas?” Mike asked, leaning back in his chair.

  “He’s well. It’s pretty quiet in the MC right now, but he’s kicking ass.”

  “When the fuck will he be home, man?” Anthony asked.

  I felt every eye in the place on me, waiting for the answer to a question I couldn’t give a simple answer to. “Soon. He’s so close he can taste it. You know Thomas. He won’t stop until he gets the job done.”

  “Izzy said she saw him last weekend,” Joe said.

  “Yeah. We both did.” I didn’t feel the need to expand upon the information. The details of which I was sure Izzy hadn’t given to them fully.

  “She said he looked okay but a bit worn,” Joe prompted.

  “The life he’s leading wears on a person, especially someone like Thomas.”

  “I just want him home and safe,” Izzy commented as she walked up beside me and stopped.

  I reached out, wrapping my arm around her, and drew her close. “He’ll be home soon, doll,” I promised, kissing her temple.

  She stiffened in my arm. I looked down at her and followed her eyes to see three very curious faces.

  “Want to share something?” Anthony inquired with one eyebrow reaching for the sky.

  “Nope,” Izzy responded, quickly moving out of my grasp.

  I grinned, happy with what had been done but knowing I’d probably catch shit for it.

  “I’ll let you guys get to work. I’m going to head out for the day.” I nodded at them and turned to Izzy. “What time should I pick you up?”

  “We don’t close until late,” she responded, looking up at me.

  “Iz, you don’t have any appointments after six. You can tak
e off after that,” Mike chimed in.

  “Perfect,” I said, turning to him and winking.

  She glared at him. “Thanks,” she hissed.

  “I’ll be back at seven. Walk me out?” I asked, pulling her against my body.

  “Fine,” she bit out.

  “Oh hey, James,” Joe called out as we started to walk away.

  “Yeah?” I asked, turning around to face him.

  “My parents would love to talk with you. Mind going over there tomorrow for Sunday dinner?”

  I smiled. The entire weekend was turning out perfect. I couldn’t have planned it any better if I’d tried. “I’d be more than happy to see them. I’ve heard amazing things about your ma’s cooking.”

  “For the love of all that is holy,” Izzy muttered, rolling her eyes as she fisted her hands at her sides.

  I laughed when her glare was now trained on me. “You okay with this?” I asked her, putting her on the spot with her brothers there for the show.

  “Yep,” she barked. “Peachy.”

  She was pissed off, and I loved it. When Izzy was angry, she looked even more beautiful.

  “Good,” I said to her, and turned toward Joe. “I’ll be there.”

  I grabbed her by the shoulders and ushered her toward the front of the shop and away from the watchful eyes of her brothers.

  “Pissed off?” I asked as I stopped near the door.

  “Not with you. Not entirely, at least.” She looked down and bounced on her heels.

  “With them?” I motioned with my thumb over my shoulder.

  “Yes.” She sighed. “They’re nosy bastards. And you.” She poked me in the chest. “What the fuck are you doing being all touchy-feely with me in front of them?”

  “Just letting them know how it is,” I growled, drawing her against me.

  She didn’t relax or melt into me like she had done when we were alone. “Only I let them know how it is.”

  Moving my head back, I looked down at her and grinned. She was a pussycat. “I’ll behave from here on out.”

  She rolled her eyes and pursed her lips. “I don’t believe a word that comes out of that sexy-ass mouth.”

  “Probably smart.” I laughed, squeezing her tighter as I kissed her lips. Backing away, I stared at her. Her lips were parted and her breathing a bit uneven. She fucking wanted me and she couldn’t hide it any longer. “I’ll be back at seven.”

  “Okay,” she whispered as I released her.

  As she walked away, I reached out and smacked her ass. “Be ready, doll. There’s no rest for the wicked.”

  “Jesus,” she whined. “Will you ever get enough? I ache all over.”

  “When it comes to you, the answer is no. I want that body destroyed by the time I head home. I want you to remember who owns that pussy.”

  “Caveman asshole.”

  “Speaking of which, I want more of that too.”

  “Get the fuck out of here,” she demanded, shoving me toward the door.

  “Until later, doll,” I grunted as I touched her face, letting my fingers slide from her cheek.

  I climbed on my bike, heading out to chill on the beach for the day and catch some rays. I’d be back for Izzy well rested and ready to ravage her body all night long. I didn’t want to miss a moment together. I’d have her ass loving me and wanting no one else but me before I walked out the door tomorrow.

  Chapter 11 - Sunday Fuckin’ Funday

  After two nights with James, my body ached like I’d done the Tough Mudder obstacle course. Just peeing was a major issue. Everything hurt—even my face from smiling too much. James had entered my life like a hurricane, slowly building over time and then creating total and utter devastation in his path.

  I’d always lived my life like a free spirit. I never gave a fuck what anyone thought of me and I was never apologetic for my actions. The words “slut” and “whore” left a bad taste in my mouth and made me want to rip the nuts off any man who’d muttered them. I acted like many men did; I used people for the physical aspect but never promised them anything more. I wasn’t into relationships or being tied down. Having a man tell me what to do and how to act was my biggest fear, and something I’d run from at every opportunity.

  Men seemed okay with how I behaved for the most part. Only a few had hurled insults because they’d wanted more. Those boys had ended up on the floor, gripping their balls and crying like babies. Each one of them had thought they could get me, capture my attention long enough for me fall in love, and be the one. They hadn’t been man enough to be worthy of my time, let alone a lifetime of sacrifice.

  After having spent thirty-six hours with James, I knew I needed to end it. Not because he wasn’t worthy of my time, but because he was too much of what I wanted. There was a problem. I wasn’t ready for someone like James to come crashing into my life and turn shit upside down.

  When I opened my eyes this morning and watched him sleep, I knew what I had to do. I needed to gracefully bow out of whatever the fuck this was. James was a big boy and I was sure he’d understand. Maybe I could be his hookup when we both had an itch that needed to be scratched.

  I knew I was scared, but fear was enough to make me lash out and run away. James had a way about him that altered the axis on which I teetered. I knew how I liked my life—uncomplicated and simple. He was a complication of epic proportions.

  No one bossed me around—not even my four very demanding brothers. When James bossed me around, I bowed and said, “Yes, master,” giving more of myself than I ever had with anyone.

  “You ready, Izzy?” James asked, walking out of the bathroom as I sipped my coffee.

  Setting it down on the counter, I turned to face him. God, he looked amazing. He wore a plain black t-shirt that clung to every inch of his torso and arms, and dark blue jeans that hugged his thighs. His feet were bare. The fucked-up part of it all was that I even loved his motherfucking feet.

  “Yeah,” I said, watching him approach.

  “You look beautiful.” He kissed my temple, wrapping me in his arms.

  I closed my eyes, letting myself enjoy the feel of him against me. “James, we can’t do this at my parents’,” I whispered against his chest.

  “Do what?” he asked, rubbing my back with his palm.

  “Touch like this,” I responded, pushing him away. The feel of him had become too much with what I knew I had to do.

  “I’m not fucking you, Izzy. It’s only a goddamn hug.” He crossed his arms, looking down at me.

  “My parents are old-fashioned,” I lied. My parents were used to my touchy-feely brothers and their girls. Hell, even my parents were prone to public displays of affection. It was one loving and nauseating family.

  “Okay, Izzy. I’ll keep my hands to myself if it makes you happy.” He smiled weakly, his shoulders falling as he exhaled.

  “Good. That makes me happy.”

  “That’s all I want. Your happiness is my highest priority.”

  Fucker. Why did he have to be nice? I’d rather him be an asshole and tell me to get down on my knees and suck his dick. That would make tonight so much easier.

  “Ready to go?” I asked as I grabbed my coffee cup and set it in the sink.

  “Yep. I’m starving.”

  I smiled, knowing that he’d enjoy the food my mother had prepared. I was sure word had spread like wildfire about his appearance at Sunday dinner. She’d probably spent all night preparing a feast for the guest of honor. I prayed my brothers hadn’t spilled their guts about what they’d seen in the shop yesterday, but they all had loose lips.

  “We’re taking my car,” I told him as I locked my front door.

  “Whatever you want, Izzy.” James headed toward the passenger’s side door of my Infiniti as I unlocked the doors.

  We didn’t speak on the trip, as I turned the radio volume up high enough to make it impossible. James toyed with my fingers and stroked my arms as I drove. I fought everything in me to not close my eyes and get lost in
the feel of him against me. His simple, loving touches were almost enough to push me over the edge and pull the fucking car over and beg for his cock.

  I dragged my hand away from his as I parked the car on the street in front of my parents’ home. Turning the radio down, I said. “We’re here.”

  “Finally,” he replied as I shut off the car. We climbed out at the same time, making our way to the front door. “Wait,” he growled, grabbing me around the waist. “I want to kiss you before we go inside. It’s a long time not to be able to touch you.”

  I nodded, biting my lip as I stared up at him. His eyes matched the color of the leaves that had just bloomed on the tree behind his face. His dark olive complexion made his eyes seem brighter than they were. Before I could reply, he kissed me, wrapping his arms around my back as he drew me in.

  I melted into him, moaning slightly at his taste. James’s kiss was like a hit of a crack pipe for an addict. “Stop,” I mumbled against his lips. “Someone will catch us.”

  “Shh,” he whispered before delving deeper inside my mouth.

  Just then, the door popped open and I heard, “Oh heavens.”


  My mother had caught us red-handed. I pulled back, heat creeping across my face as I looked at my ma.

  “Sorry, Ma.”

  “Oh no, child. Nothing to be sorry about.” She laughed, looking between James and me. “James,” she crooned, smiling at him and holding out her arms.

  “Mrs. Gallo. It’s nice to see you again,” he replied, hugging her.

  “It’s very nice to see you again, and with my Izzy too.” She winked at me over his shoulder, still tightly holding on to him.

  “Ma, we’re not together.”

  “Looks like it to me, dear.” Her smile grew wider as she watched me and released him. “Let me get a good look at you, James.” She snickered as she held his arms and drank him in.

  “Ma, you’re embarrassing him.” I crossed my arms over my chest, watching my mother rape him with her eyes.

  James laughed, leaning forward and kissing her on the cheek. “It’s always a pleasure, Mrs. Gallo.”

  “Oh, sweetie. The pleasure is all mine,” she whispered, looking over her shoulder at me. She linked her arms with his and ushered him into the house. “James is here!” she yelled as I closed the door.

  I’d already known this was going to be a long-ass day, but having my mother catching us in a lip lock made it that much worse.

  “Me too!” I screeched, feeling a little left out.

  Suzy and Mia both rounded the corner from the family room with giant smiles on their faces as they looked at James.

  “James,” Suzy cooed, holding out her arms to him. “I’m so happy you’re with Izzy.”

  “We’re not together,” I said.

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