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         Part #3 of Men of Inked series by Chelle Bliss
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  Using his arm and the solid surface behind me, he battered my body. Drawing my nipple into his mouth, he drove my body higher, granting him deeper access to my pussy and bringing my tits closer to his face.

  As he bit down, I hissed, “Fuck.” The pain was soon forgotten as his strokes increased and the mounting pressure returned, more intense than before.

  I clawed at his flesh, scraping his skin, as he pounded me into the wall with each blow. He grunted, moaning against my nipples as he sucked and bit on the tender skin.

  My eyes found the mirror across the room. There was just enough light for me to clearly see his body as he thrust inside me. His ass cheeks clenched and released as he pushed himself deep, driving me closer to the edge. My arms were wrapped around his torso as I stared at our reflection. The pink streaks caused by my fingernails were visible clear across the room.

  Watching him fuck me, and the feeling of his dick slamming into me, made it impossible to stave off the impending orgasm.

  “Fuck yes!” I screamed, hitting my head against the wall. “Harder!” I demanded.

  My toes curled as his fingers gripped my ass and his cock pulverized my pussy in long, thick strokes.

  He released my nipples, pulling my body down harder on his cock. He moved his mouth next to my ear and said, “Come for me, Izzy. I want to feel you squeeze the life out of my dick.”

  All the muscles in my body grew rigid as he moved his hands to my waist, forcefully pulling me down against his cock. I bounced off his body like a rag doll. Everything around me ceased to exist except James and his dick.

  My nails slid against his skin, tearing the flesh as I screamed through the best fucking orgasm of my life. I mumbled and chanted like a person in a trance as one orgasm passed and another started to build.

  “Don’t you dare come again,” he growled, pulling me from the wall and walking toward the bed.

  My eyes flew open as I stared at him. “What?” I asked, swallowing hard and trying to catch my breath.

  “Not yet, doll. Not like this,” he groaned as he stilled inside me.

  As we approached the bed and he started to lay me back, I wrapped my legs tighter around him. My pussy ached from the devastation he’d just inflicted upon it, but I wanted more.

  “Let go,” he ordered as he released me and pulled at my legs.

  “No,” I cried, pulling him in deeper and increasing my viselike grip.

  He looked down at me and smiled. “Such a selfish girl,” he whispered as he ran his fingers over my lips, tracing a path down my body.

  His fingers stopped at my breasts, circling around each one, as his fingernail scraped against my nipple.

  “I’m not selfish, James, I’m horny.” The first orgasm, even in its intensity, hadn’t done enough to quell the ache and throb I felt when I was around him. His fingers, mouth, and dick made me want more. That was exactly why I’d done the walk of shame out of his hotel room months ago. He scared me.

  “Izzy,” he barked, bringing my attention back to him as he pried my legs apart. “Flip over, beautiful. I’m not done with you yet.”

  My pussy convulsed with his words. That divine clenching of both happiness and anticipation. I shifted, and he slipped from my body. A dull ache was left by the emptiness inside me as he walked away.

  “How do you want me?” Why I asked this question, I had no fucking clue. Did it matter?

  He bent down next to his pants, and the sound of metal clinking filled the room. My heart stopped in my chest as I closed my eyes and knew what he grabbed. I looked over my shoulder, finding him approaching the bed as he twirled them around his finger.

  “I brought these just for you.” He leaned over, touching my skin with the cold metal, and dragged it down my spine.

  I sucked in a breath, the sensation intense against my hot damn skin. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of the icy hardware, and when I opened them, James had a very smug grin on his face.

  “Hands behind your back, Isabella.” He smirked—as he probably assumed I’d do just about anything right now.

  “What are you going to do?” I asked, more concerned with him leaving than anything he’d do to me physically.

  “I’m going to get mine now,” he said, holding the handcuffs in the air with one hand as stroked his condom-covered cock in the other. “You want this?” he asked, fisting it rapidly and looking down at his dick. “Then you’ll get these.” He shook the cuffs, causing them to make a loud clatter.

  “Promise you won’t leave?” I pleaded, needing to be sure before I handed over total control. Before, when I’d crawled to him and let him fuck my face, that hadn’t been giving him free rein, but being restrained and naked left me vulnerable and at his mercy.

  “I’d never do that. I want to bury myself inside you until I can’t fuck you anymore. Hands,” he commanded.

  I swallowed, placing my hands behind my back and burying my face in the comforter. He moved quickly, grabbing my body and pushing me up the bed. Before I could respond, a cuff was around my left wrist and attached to the headboard. The bed dipped and rose as he climbed off and back to his feet.

  My stomach sank. The nasty feeling of being duped entered my bones. “Where the fuck are you going?” I snarled, panicking as a lump formed in my throat as he bent down.

  As he stood, he said, “To get these,” and jiggled another set of handcuffs in his hand.

  “Thank shit for small miracles,” I whispered low enough so he wouldn’t hear. I turned forward, feeling the bed dip as he returned and hovered over my body.

  “Give me your hand,” he said, holding out his with the handcuff in his grip.

  I sighed, reaching out and willingly giving my hand to him. Butterflies filled my stomach as he restrained my right arm to the headboard. I lay there splayed out before him, for his enjoyment and use.

  He pushed my hair to the side, biting down on my neck as he slid down my body. His hard shaft left a trail of tingles as he glided across my skin. I looked over my shoulder to see him kneeling between my legs.

  “Mmm, so fucking beautiful,” he groaned as he squeezed my ass roughly, kneading it in his grip. “I want this.”

  Closing my eyes tight, I said, “James.”

  There was no fucking way his dick would go in my ass. No goddamn way. He was too fucking big for that to happen. I started to thrash as he spread apart my ass cheeks, rubbing his thumb over my opening. My body locked up, my ass clenching to stop the assault. I’d let him restrain me. I’d given up complete control.

  “You’ll love it,” he replied as wetness filled my crack.

  “Where did you—” I started to ask, but as his fingertip pushed inside, my mouth quickly shut.

  Pain sliced through me for a moment and was replaced by a fullness I hadn’t anticipated. James had huge hands and, in turn, thick, long fingers.

  “I’ll make it feel good,” he whispered, working his finger inside me as he began to stroke my pussy opening with his other hand.

  I’d had anal sex before. I even enjoyed it, but something about James and his size scared the shit out of me. My palms began to sweat; the thought of the pain as he filled me made me nervous.

  My eyes rolled back in my head, the pleasure making it impossible to keep a watchful eye on him. I pushed against his hand, needing the pleasure of his fingers pounding into my pussy to forget the burn in my ass. More wetness fell against me before he added a second finger in my ass, driving me over the pain-pleasure threshold. Too many feelings were mixed in my body as my mind turned off from all thought or ability to yell stop.

  They worked out of unison from each other. As he moved one hand in my pussy and the other out of my ass, I found myself spiraling dangerously close to an orgasm I thought would stop my heart. The pleasure building up from deep inside had my heart pounding uncontrollably. This could be the destroyer of all men who might grace my future. James was wrecking me and doing it on fucking purpose.

  My hands moved, trying to grip
on to something to ground myself, but it was futile. I couldn’t reach a fucking thing, and I didn’t have the strength to shimmy up the bed as he worked my body perfectly.

  A moan fell from my lips even as I tried to bite back the words. “Oh, yes. Fuck me, James.”

  Just then, his fingers left my ass. I buried my face into the bed, both happy and relieved at the loss of fullness. I mumbled something incoherent even to myself as he still thrust his fingers inside my cunt.

  Scooping more wetness from my pussy, he rubbed my juices against my ass before jamming his cock into my pussy.

  “Still so fucking wet,” he said, moving his face close to my ear. “I want your ass, Izzy.”

  I sucked in a breath, fear gripping me because of his size. “James,” I moaned. I wanted to say no, but everything the man did to me felt fanfuckingtastic.

  A few thrusts later, he removed himself from my core and rubbed against my asshole. As he pushed the tip inside, I whispered, “You’re too big,” and bit down on the comforter.

  “It’ll fit. You’re so fucking ready for me.”

  Problem was, he was fucking right. I didn’t like when James was always right.

  “Push out. It’ll make it slide in easier,” he grunted, placing his hand underneath me and stroking my clit.

  “Fuck,” I moaned, pushing down with all my strength as he circled my clit with his fingertips. “Yes,” I wailed.

  I pulled at the handcuffs, wrapping my fingers around the cold metal chain connecting the two parts, and took what he gave me.

  “Fuck,” he moaned, seating himself fully inside of me.

  I moved, grinding my pussy against his hand and hoping it would urge him to move. The only thing worse than being fucked in the ass was someone stopping with their dick inside you. I needed the movement and the friction against my pussy. I needed to come. My body was wound so fucking tight I thought my heart would burst.

  “Selfish,” he whispered, his hot breath licking my ear as he began to rock in and out of me.

  “Just fuck me and shut the fuck up,” I hissed, pushing back against him.

  His palm came down fast on my hip as he slapped it hard enough to cause me to focus on another point of pain. “You’re not the boss anymore, Izzy. I am.” His words surprised me more than his palm, and the funny thing was…I liked it.

  “Yes, sir,” I spouted back, feeling the need to be a smartass.

  “Always have to be such a tough-ass,” he grunted, gripping my hip and thrusting inside me. He pinched my clit and rolled it between his fingers.

  I cried out. The orgasm that had built broke loose. I screamed until my throat was sore and my voice hoarse. I grew limp, my body and mind both sated and in post-orgasmic bliss, as his thrusts grew more punishing.

  I squeezed my eyes shut, praying for his release and my freedom. My body couldn’t take much more of James and come back unscathed. His movements became sporadic as he hissed, “Fuck,” and collapsed against my back.

  Our bodies were slick with sweat as he lay on top of me, crushing me against the mattress.

  “Jesus,” he murmured between labored breaths.

  I moved, his dick feeling like an unwelcome guest.

  He shifted, pulling his cock from my body as he rolled off me. “Sorry,” he said as he stroked my ass with his fingertips.

  “James, let me go,” I whispered, and yanked at the handcuffs.

  “I may keep you like this all night.” He traced a path up my ass cheeks to my spine. “I like you so willing and ready.”

  I glared at him, turning my head in his direction. “My arms are getting numb,” I bit out, trying to not yell.

  “I’ll never believe your bullshit.” He laughed, climbing off the bed.

  “Where the fuck are you going?” I roared, worried he’d leave me like this all night.

  “Getting the fucking key,” he responded, bending down and retrieving it from his jeans pocket.

  “Oh,” I mumbled, feeling like a fool.

  As he climbed on the bed, the mattress dipped, much like my stomach from his nearness. As he released my arms, he rubbed my muscles and eased the tension inside. The feeling of his strong hands massaging my limbs felt amazing.

  “Mmm, so fucking good,” I muttered as he continued the same treatment on my other arm.

  “Stay here. I’ll be right back.”

  I watched as his beautiful, tight ass walked to the bathroom until he closed the door. Hearing water running, I closed my eyes and thought about James. I was currently in the love phase of the love-hate relationship I had with him, but I was certain that, soon enough, the orgasmic haze I was in would wear off and I’d slide on the other side of that thin line.

  I cracked open an eye as the door opened. He was approaching the bed with a washcloth. “Let me clean you,” he whispered, crawling next to me in bed.

  Without speaking, I opened my legs and relaxed. The warmth of the towel against my pussy and ass relived the throbbing I’d felt a moment ago. His cock had been brutal, but his kindness and the fucking orgasm made it all worth the abuse.

  “Ouch,” I hissed as he pressed it against my asshole.

  “It’ll help. Just lie still,” he whispered, working the soft cloth against my skin.

  I did as he’d said without a fight. I didn’t have the energy to argue with James tonight.

  Leaving the washcloth against me, he stood and pulled back a corner of the sheets. “Up you go,” he said, cradling me.

  I wrapped my arms around him, rubbing my nose against his neck, and inhaled. He smelled like musk, sweat, and sex.

  He placed my head on the pillow, climbed over top of me, and settled in the bed. After covering us, he cocooned me in his arms.

  With my back to his torso, I closed my eyes and exhaled. My eyes were heavy as I blinked, straining to keep them open.

  “Sleep, sweet Izzy,” he whispered, increasing his grip around my body.

  I drifted off, listening his breathing in my ear, blissfully sated and exhausted.

  James would be the death of me.

  Chapter 10 - Finding an Inroad

  I woke the next morning to Izzy’s light snores in my ear. During the night, she’d shifted, turning her face toward me and wrapping her body around mine. Now, we were in the same position with her face buried in my chest.

  I didn’t want to move. Izzy looked sweet and almost angelic lying in my arms, curled around me. I knew that, the moment her eyes opened, her wicked tongue and smartass words would be nonstop. The girl needed to stop running—or at least pretending to.

  I never believed in love at first. Lust, yes, but not love. The problem was that I did love Izzy Gallo. She wasn’t like other women who’d spent time in my bed; she was in a class all her own.

  I didn’t have to peel back the layers to find out who the real Izzy was. Her brother had already told me almost everything I needed to know about her. He had shared pictures with me, told me stories about his wild sister, and sung her praises for years. I had seen the fire in her eyes when I stared at her picture and listened to him talk about her. Meeting her in person had brought it all to life.

  I loved her spirit. She grabbed life by the balls and played by no one’s rules but her own. I wanted a woman who would challenge me. Ladies caved too easily and gave no chase, but not Isabella. She was my prime target.

  I eased her body away from mine, sliding out of bed to make a pot of coffee and some breakfast. I wanted to start the morning off on the right foot. If she hadn’t been so exhausted last night, I was sure she would’ve had a few choice words to hurl in my direction.

  Sliding on my jeans, I looked at the bed and Izzy sprawled out amongst the dark sheets. The material hung just below her belly button and her breasts were uncovered, a tangle of brown locks framing her body. I wanted to crawl back in bed and wake her with my dick, but I knew she had to be sore from the pummeling I’d given her last night. I wanted her to remember where I’d been and how I felt filling her from the ins
ide. Izzy Gallo wouldn’t be forgetting my territory for days.

  I checked the coffee maker, the grounds and water already inside, and pushed the “on” button before heading outside to my bike. I grabbed the bag I’d packed, hoping I’d be spending a couple of days here, and stopped to look around the neighborhood.

  A light fog covered the houses in the distance and hadn’t broken up yet from the sun. The birds chirped as a few people milled around the neighborhood walking their dogs and hurrying off to God knows where at this time of day.

  The aroma of freshly brewed coffee hit me as soon as I walked back into the house. I needed to clean up before the princess woke from her slumber.

  After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I grabbed two cups of coffee and headed to the bedroom. Izzy hadn’t moved while I was gone. I set the cups on the nightstand and kicked off my jeans, setting my phone on the nightstand. Once I’d crawled back in bed, I stretched out next to her and stared for a few minutes before I stroked her skin.

  It was as smooth as silk and free from imperfections. Her long, dark lashes rested against her cheeks while she slept. I traced her lips with my fingers, restraining myself from devouring her whole. I kissed her softly, enjoying the velvety feel of them against mine until she began to stir. Her eyes fluttered open as her lips turned up into a small smile.

  “Good morning,” I whispered against her lips.

  “Good morning,” she said after turning her face away from mine and yawning.

  “Sleep well?” I moved the hair away from her neck and planted a light kiss against her pulse.

  “I’m so tired,” she mumbled, curling against my body and drifting back to sleep.

  “Izzy,” I whispered, kissing her cheek.

  “No,” she moaned without opening her eyes.

  “I brought you coffee.” I ran my fingertips over her skin, tracing tiny circles and watching a line of goose bumps break out across her skin.

  “What time is it?” she groaned, rubbing her eyes.

  “A little after eight.”

  “Why are you up so early?”

  “I don’t need much sleep.”

  Her blinks were slow as she stared up at me. “Did I hear you say coffee?” she asked with a groggy voice.

  “I brought you a cup just how you like it.”

  “I don’t want to move,” she said, closing her eyes.

  I pulled her body against me and stroked her hair. “Just sleep. We have all day,” I whispered.

  “Wait. What?” she asked as her body stiffened in my arms.

  “I have all weekend off. I’m all yours for forty-eight blissful hours.” I smiled, biting my lip as I waited for her to freak out.

  To my shock, her body relaxed and melted into mine. “Good. I can go back to sleep,” she said, closing her eyes and making noises of pleasure as I caressed her back.

  Her breathing slowed as she drifted back to sleep. I held her, stroking her body as she snored softly. I’d expected her to throw me out or have a fit when I said that I’d be here for the entire weekend, but to my surprise, she’d fallen back to sleep.

  That was the thing about Izzy. She was a woman full of surprises. I couldn’t nail down what her reaction to anything would be. She kept me on my toes, and for that, I’d be more than happy to keep her on the edge of her seat.

  Just as I was about to drift off to sleep myself, my phone beeped and startled me. Izzy didn’t move when I jumped or when I rolled backward to grab my phone.

  Tapping the screen, I saw a message in my inbox.

  Thomas: Checking in. Quiet week. Hope you’re doing something more fun than I am.

  Fuck. A wave of guilt rolled over me, settling deep in my stomach. Thomas was risking his life while I was busy fucking his sister. I couldn’t admit it to him, at least not yet.

  Me: Good. Took the weekend off.

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