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The Gallos: The Beginning, Page 2

Chelle Bliss

  “Yeah, baby girl. You’ll find him someday.” I picked up the cake, leaving the door open as I set it on the counter.

  Izzy closed it, leaning against the fridge as she stared straight ahead, biting her lip. “I don’t believe the fairy tales you told me as a child, Ma. I don’t think I want someone to come charging into my life and changing who I am. I like myself. A lot. Too much to give myself freely to some man.”

  I chuckled, remembering thinking the same thing when I was just a few years younger than her. “The trick is to find someone who doesn’t change you, but makes you better.” I reached in the drawer, rifling through it for the cake server. Cassata cake could be tricky to serve, and I didn’t like when it fell and turned into a pile of mush.

  “Better how?”

  Setting the knife and server on the counter, I turned to face her. “The person who makes you want to be better. They won’t change who you are, but they’ll bring out the good in you. Your father did that for me. Izzy, listen, I was scared when I met your father. I fell in love with him so fast it made me dizzy. He became my universe. Everything revolved around him, and it terrified me. You have to get beyond the fear to let in the love and allow the true Isabella Gallo to shine through.”

  “Are you sure you don’t fucking work for Hallmark, Ma? I mean, Jesus, that was a bunch of lovely drivel, but I don’t think I’m built for that kind of life. I don’t think any of us have that ability like you and Pop. We’re just too strong-willed.” She pushed off the fridge and started to pull the plates out of the cabinet.

  I touched her arm, stopping her. “Are you saying I’m weak, Isabella?”

  She shook her head, her eyes dropping to the floor. “No, Ma. That’s not what I meant.”

  “It sounded an awful lot like pity to me. When you fall in love someday, you’ll have a different opinion.” I touched her chin, bringing her eyes to mine. “It takes a strong woman to love a strong man. Strong women like us don’t do well with a man who is less than us. You’re going to find one who makes you want to run for the hills. It’s in your nature to fight back, but if he’s strong enough, he won’t let you.”

  Izzy laughed, tilting her head as she looked at me. “We’ll see, Ma. I haven’t found one who has knocked my socks off. Do men ever grow up?”

  Her question made me smile. It was valid and as old as time. “Eventually, baby girl. You’re young, and the men your age are too much like children. Enjoy your youth and theirs. It takes many years before they grow up. Case in point,” I said, tipping my head toward the living room and the loud group of men talking. “Most of them haven’t grown up, but their time is coming.” I dropped my hand, reaching for the knife to cut the cake.

  “Maybe I’m just surrounded by them so much that they taint my view of men.” She leaned on the counter next to me, crossing her arms over her chest.

  “Your brothers aren’t very different than most men. They’re stronger and more protective than others, but at their core they’re all the same.”

  “Yeah,” she whispered, releasing a deep sigh. “Doesn’t matter. I’m having too much fun anyway.”

  “How’s it going with Rob?” I asked, wondering why she hadn’t mentioned him lately. Rob, Mike’s trainer, was a cocky son of a bitch, and I didn’t care for him too much. He wasn’t right for Izzy. He didn’t have the highest opinion of women, from what I could tell the few times I met him. He was a macho asshole and not the sexy type either.

  “We’re over.”

  “Why?” I asked, pretending to be sad.

  “He made some dickhead comment, so I kneed him in the balls. It was a dirty way to end it, but swift.” She snickered, wrinkling her nose and covering her mouth.

  “That’s my girl,” I said, bumping her with my hip. She was exactly how I wanted her to be. Her brothers taught her the skills to protect herself, although sometimes she used them for other means, but in the end they were always necessary. Izzy was girly when she wanted to be and strong whenever possible. She was the rock of the family, the person who bound us together. “Go tell the boys that dessert is ready, please.”

  She cupped her hands in front of her mouth and yelled, “Dessert!”

  “Jesus. I could’ve done that, Izzy.” I balanced four plates in my hands, trying not to drop the china that was given to me as a wedding present. “Grab a couple since you’re in the helpful mood.”

  She sighed, taking the rest of the cassata cake that was on the counter and following me into the dining room. The boys had beaten us and were already in their seats, waiting to be served.

  “Lazy bastards,” Izzy muttered under her breath as I set a dish in front of Sal.

  I smiled, making eyes at him. “Here you go, sweetheart.”

  As he winked at me, one side of his mouth rose as a grin played on his lips. “Thanks, love,” he whispered, rubbing his chin between his fingers and licking his lips. He was giving me the look I loved, the one that said I was getting lucky as soon as the kids left.

  Chapter 3 – Sal

  God knows I love my children, but right now, I wanted to wish them well and send them on their way. Right before they arrived, I had Maria pinned against the kitchen counter, kissing her neck as I ran my hand along her inner thigh. Just as I was about to pull out my cock and bury it deep inside her, the doorbell rang.

  I swear to shit that kids are born with the ability to cock block. Ever since they were little, they’d walk in at the most inopportune time, putting an end to a very promising evening. Izzy was the worst. Maybe it was her being a female or needier than the others, but it seemed like every time I got Maria naked while still awake, Izzy would knock on the door. There’s nothing that’ll make your boner disappear along with your naked wife than a little girl crying over a nightmare.

  I spent more nights sleeping in my bed with aching balls as my little girl slept in my wife’s arms curled against her side. Even with that, Izzy was always my favorite. She’s the one who wrapped her arms around my neck every day, giving me small kisses and calling me “Daddy.” Her being so much like Maria didn’t hurt either. Thomas, Joe, Mike, and Anthony were more like me, but Izzy—Izzy was an exact replica of my wife.

  “Daddy, do you want coffee?” Izzy asked as I dug my fork into the cake.

  Even to this day, hearing her call me that made my heart melt. Her voice could turn a shit day into something magical. “Sure, baby girl. If you’re getting yourself one.” I smiled as I brought the fork to my mouth.

  “What about me?” Mike asked as Izzy headed toward the kitchen.

  “Get your own,” she spat over her shoulder as she walked out of the room.

  “Asshole,” Mike mumbled, stabbing the cake.

  Maria touched my hand, rubbing my wedding ring with her thumb. Her touch, no matter how innocent, made my pants feel a little bit tighter. Turning my wrist, I checked the time, calculating the minutes until the kids left and I could finish what I started earlier.

  Locking eyes with Maria, I watched as she put a sliver of cake on her tongue, pulling the fork out slowly. She licked her lips, moaning quietly as a small smile spread across her face. I sucked in a breath, closing my eyes to break the contact.

  As Izzy set a coffee cup in front of me, I opened my eyes and sighed. “So, do you kids have plans tonight?” If they did, they’d be gone sooner rather than later.

  “Yeah,” Joe said, wiping the whipped frosting from his lips. “We’re all headed to Karma tonight to hang out with some friends.”

  “Didn’t you go out last night?” Maria asked, looking down the table.

  “Yeah, Ma, but it’s ladies’ night at the club,” Anthony replied, shoveling a strawberry that had escaped from his cake in his mouth.

  “It’s my favorite night of the week at Karma,” Mike said, rubbing his hands together and smiling.

  Izzy placed a cup in front of Maria, pouring each of us coffee before she set the carafe on the table. “I get to drink for free, so I’m not missing that shit for the world

  I coughed, choking on a piece of cake. The thought of Izzy in a club filled with horny men made my stomach turn. “You’re going to watch out for her, aren’t you?” I asked, looking down the length of the table at each of my sons.

  “Yes, Pop.” Joe nodded, scraping the plate clean with his fork.

  “We always do,” Mike assured me, turning to look at Izzy. “If anyone gives her shit, we’ll deal with them.”

  “That’s the problem.” Izzy rolled her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest. “They never let me have any fun. I swear to God if you douchebags do what you did last time, I’m going to lose my shit.” She glared at Mike.

  He shrugged, wiping his lips before placing his napkin on the table. “Yeah, I’m scared of that.”

  “I’m not a child,” she hissed, uncrossing her arms before gripping the armrests on the chair.

  “We know, or we wouldn’t be so watchful,” Joe replied, smiling at Izzy. “Too many assholes out there.”

  “That’s for me to decide. You can’t keep treating me like I’m fifteen anymore. I’m a woman, and it’s for me to decide who I talk to or not.”

  “Sometimes it’s our job to decide that, Izzy. We know everyone at the club. Some men aren’t worthy of you, babe,” Anthony stated, rubbing his eyes as he yawned.

  “What did they do last time?” Maria asked, her thumb still stroking the skin of my hand.

  “Mike kept coming over and pretending to be my boyfriend. He chased off every guy who tried to talk to me. It was so embarrassing, Ma.” She placed her face in her hands as she shook her head. “The men ran away from me. Word spread to leave me alone,” she mumbled into her palms.

  “Clever,” I replied, proud of my sons for their quick thinking.

  “Oh, honey. They just love you.” Maria reached over, grabbing Izzy’s forearm and giving it a quick squeeze.

  Izzy dropped her hands, turning to face Maria with a frown. “I wish they’d love me a little less.”

  “It’s almost six. Aren’t you guys going to be late?” I asked, hoping they’d be running out the door at any minute.

  “Nah, Pop, no one even shows up until after ten.”

  “Oh,” I said, my voice betraying my unhappiness. “Good.” I cleared my throat, trying to change my voice. “You won’t be late then.”

  “We have plenty of time,” Anthony said, licking the whipped cream off the back of his fork. “I could go for a nap, actually. I’m so damn full.” He rubbed his stomach, yawning as he kicked back.

  “You better go home and get a little rest, dear,” Maria said quickly, her foot sliding underneath the bottom of my pants leg. Her soft toes slid across my skin, making the need I felt for her feel worse than it did the moment the doorbell rang.

  “I can just sleep on the couch here.”

  “No,” Maria and I said in unison, turning to look at each other with a smile.

  “Do you want us to go?” Joe asked, eyeing us both with a suspicious look.

  “No, sweetheart. We just don’t want to keep you kids from a fun night.” Maria smiled, and I wondered if the kids bought her load of crap.

  “I think they want us to go,” Mike chimed in, pushing back from the table with his plate in his hand. “Maybe we should take a hint.”

  “What hint?” Anthony asked, scratching his forehead.

  “They’ve been giving each other goo-goo eyes for hours now.”

  “Seriously?” Izzy asked with her mouth gaping open, looking between Maria and me.

  Maria’s cheeks turned a bright shade of pink as she covered her smile. “No, we love having you kids here. We were not making goo-goo eyes.”

  “Shit you not,” Joe blurted out, standing and picking his plate up. “Let’s head out and give the lovebirds some time alone.”

  “Really?” Izzy asked again, shaking her head. “Even after thirty years, you two want us to go so you can have…sex?” She made a face when she said sex, her body visibly heaving forward.

  Maria laughed, the pink from her cheeks spreading across her face. “I love your dad.”

  “Aren’t you two too old to have sex?” she asked as she too stood, pushing away from the table. “No. Don’t answer that. I don’t want to know. There are some things your children don’t want to know.”

  I smiled at Maria, winking as she looked at me under her eyelashes. “Victory,” I whispered, blowing her a kiss.

  “I think we’ve scarred Izzy for life.”

  “She’ll get over it, love.”

  Their muffled voices, mixed with the clanking of dishes, filled the house. I knew within minutes we’d have peace and quiet and be totally alone.

  Joe walked back in the dining room and looked at us both with a smile. “We’re out.”

  “Thanks,” I said, smiling at my son. He knew. Men always understood the unspoken truth about sex. Sometimes it was a necessity, the feeling of needing someone gnawing at you from the inside with only one way to make it go away.

  He nodded, turning his head back toward the kitchen. “Let’s go!” he yelled, walking to Maria and giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Pop,” he said, holding out his hand to me. “Have some fun tonight, old man.”

  “You got it, son.” I couldn’t help but laugh. My poor wife probably wanted to crawl under the table, which gave me a thought—I wanted her under the table, taking my cock deep between her beautiful lips.

  The kids left in a hurry. I assumed the thought of me having sex with their mother drove them out fast. “They’re finally gone,” I said, pulling her hand to my lips.

  “Real smooth, Sal.” She laughed, pulling her hand from my grip as she stood.

  “Come here, love.” I held out my hand to her, pushing back from the table a few inches.

  Sliding her hand in mine, I pulled her into my lap, wrapping my arm around her and gripping her thigh with my other hand. Running my nose along her jaw, I could still smell the cake on her lips. I sank my teeth into her neck, stroking her skin with my tongue as she whimpered.

  I fucking wanted her more than I had in a long time. Maybe having to wait and being unable to finish what we started this afternoon had amplified it. I would’ve never expected the want I felt for her to grow over the years, but it fucking did.

  Gripping her thigh roughly, I nibbled on her neck, finding the one spot that had her quivering in my arms. Her body twitched as she gripped my arms, digging her nails into my flesh. I moaned, pushing her legs apart before sliding my hand in between.

  My hard-on poked her in the ass, begging to be freed. I moaned as I ran my fingers along the side of her lace panties, feeling her wetness soaking through the thin material. Capturing her lips, I kissed her with passion, intertwining our tongues as I slipped my fingers under the lace.

  Her legs fell open, inviting my touch, as she moaned into my mouth. I groaned in response, her ass pushing against my cock as she opened to me further.

  “Fuck,” I murmured against her mouth, thrusting my fingers inside her. She shuddered, her lips leaving mine as her head fell back. With her neck exposed, I kissed a trail across her skin, working my finger inside her pussy. Stroking her G-spot, I circled her clit with my thumb, feeling her pussy milking my fingers.

  Maria loved to be finger-fucked. It was the quickest way to get her off. Her body had always been responsive to my touch, even more so as we aged. I turned her in my lap and she moved easily, knowing how I wanted her positioned. Her back to my front, her legs spread with her head on my shoulder, I dipped two fingers back inside her, using my palm to stroke her clit.

  I bit her shoulder, digging my teeth into the tender muscle at the base of her neck as I continued to assault her pussy, bringing her closer to coming apart in my arms. Palming her breast, I held her in place, toying with her nipples through her dress.

  “Oh, Sal,” she moaned, spreading her legs wider in my lap.

  “I fucking love your cunt,” I whispered against her neck, pulling up with my fingers as I pushed against her G-sp
ot and rubbed my palm harder against her clit.

  Her thighs began to quake, and her head fell back on my shoulder as her eyes fluttered closed. My dick strained against my jeans, pushing against her ass as it throbbed for relief. Just as I felt her pussy contracting around my fingers, I dug my teeth deeper into her neck, moving my palm away from her skin and denying her the orgasm she so desperately sought.

  “Not yet,” I growled, withdrawing my fingers from her body as her bottom followed my hand, trying to get my fingers back inside her.

  “Fuck,” she muttered, lifting her head from my shoulder and squeezing her legs together.

  Bringing my fingers to my lips, I licked them clean, tasting her on my tongue. “God, you taste so fuckin’ good, love.” I moaned, drawing them from my mouth. “I need to taste more.”

  “Oh.” Maria turned, crushing her lips against mine, moaning as her tongue entered my mouth.

  Grabbing her arms, I lifted her ass to the table. Moving the plates, I cleared a spot for her to lie back. “Lie down,” I demanded, helping her recline on the dining room table.

  Spreading her legs, I stared down at my wife. Her face was flushed, covered with a thin sheen of sweat, and absolutely stunning. Pushing up her dress, I reached for her panties, pulling them down her legs and tossing them to the floor. Reaching behind her knees, I pulled her down the table, letting her feet dangle and bringing her ass to the edge. I smiled at the sight of my wife spread-eagled and waiting.

  Sitting back in my seat, I took a moment to look at her lying there with her dress hoisted up, legs open, and her pussy glistening. “Fucking beautiful,” I muttered, resting my hands on each leg as I pushed her legs open wider.

  “Sal,” she whimpered, wiggling her ass against the table as she begged to be taken.

  I pushed two fingers inside her, filling her as I latched on to her clit, flicking it with my tongue. Feeling her body shake with my touch, I thrust my fingers in deeper and sucked a little harder, bringing her back to the edge. Her legs clamped around my head, holding my face against her pussy, not letting me escape and leave her hanging.

  “Don’t stop. Oh my God. Yes!” she yelled, digging her fingers in my hair, pushing my face against her body. “Yes!”

  Adding a third finger, I stretched her wide, sucking her clit deeper in my mouth as I caressed it with my tongue.

  Her body seized as her head lifted from the table, her breath stuttering before she held it inside. There was nothing like watching a woman come as you ate her, tasting her orgasm against your lips.

  Moaning, I chased her up the table as she tried to pull away while she rode the orgasm. Shaking and moaning, she wrapped her legs around my head, giving up on getting away. As her legs relaxed, her head fell back against the table while she sucked in a breath, her chest heaving as she tried to get air.

  She rested her hand against her throat, swallowing hard as she grew limp in my arms. Withdrawing my fingers, I stood from the chair and undid my pants. Her eyes looked down her body, zeroing in on my crotch as I pulled out my throbbing cock. “It’s my turn now, love.”

  “Oh God,” she moaned, bringing her finger to her lip and biting down on it.

  “I plan to make you say that a couple more times before I’m done with you.” I smiled, sliding the tip against her wetness.

  As I pushed my dick inside, her pussy was tight, still contracting from coming. I gripped her hips, pulling her body down to meet my thrusts as I grunted, chasing the release I so badly sought. Tonight I wouldn’t last long; the teasing and waiting had had me on edge all day.

  I pumped into her, feeling my balls tighten as my cock hardened inside her pussy. “Fuck,” I hissed, gripping her thighs tighter as I held her in place. “Maria,” I moaned, thrusting a couple more times before emptying myself inside her.

  She locked her ankles around my ass, holding my body against hers as my body shook from pleasure. Tiny aftershocks overcame me, causing my body to collapse against her.

  The top of her breast peeked out through her dress as I peppered it with small kisses, tasting the sweat on her skin. She moaned, digging her heels into my ass as she kept my dick inside her. Looking up, I trailed kisses up her chest, up her neck before capturing her lips. “I love you,” I mumbled against her mouth as our breathing stayed heavy, both still trying to get enough air in our lungs. I opened my eyes with my lips still attached to hers.

  “I love you too, sweetheart.” She wrapped her arms around my neck, tangling her fingers in my hair. “Thanks for chasing the kids away.”

  “I’d do it again in a heartbeat.” I laughed, giving her one last kiss before pushing off the table and pulling out. “That’s the best dessert you could ever give me.”

  “Much easier than baking a cake too,” she said, a small smile spreading across her face, still flushed from her orgasm.

  I laughed as I helped her sit up, wrapping my arms around her body. She rested her head against my chest, returning the hug. “I thank God every day that you didn’t let me get away.”