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Determined to Obey, Page 2

C. J. Roberts

  "You gonna kill me now?" He tries to sound unafraid. Death has to be better than the torture, he tells himself. He fears the knife though, is terrified of the fucking knife, and he hopes they'll just shoot him in the head before he knows what's happening. Quick and painless--that's how he wants to die. Well, he wanted to die an old man on his bike, going ninety-miles-an-hour down a dark stretch of road, but a bullet will have to do. He tries to bury himself in the memory of his mother's embrace--home--he wants that to be the last thing he thinks about.

  Abruptly, feminine lips press gently against Kid's own. He pulls away in shock. Felipe's laugh filters through his ears as an amused rumble. "I can kill you if you wish it. Though, I was going to suggest the opposite. Would you like to live instead? Would you like to get out of this room?"

  Kid licks his dry lips. He's exhausted. He's hurting. And he has no reason to lie--especially when he has no cause to believe he'll be set free. "I want to go home."

  9. Celia

  Celia presses against Kid's side. "Where is home?" she says in English. Her voice seems to soothe Kid somewhat. She lifts the bottle of water to his parched lips, allowing him one large sip and nothing more.

  "With my parents," Kid whines. He shifts in his bonds, craning his neck to tuck his head in Celia's neck. She can't resist nuzzling his sweat-damp hair with her cheek as she cords her fingers through his tangled hair. "They're dead," he whispers.

  Celia whispers her condolences while continuing to stroke Kid's hair and quietly asks how they died. She never knew her mother and has always rejoiced in the death of her father, but she can still empathize with Kid's heartache insofar as she understands love itself.

  "Car accident," he replies in monotone. "Five years ago." His lips brush Celia's neck as he speaks; it makes her shiver. "I should've gotten a clue when I had to use my key to get in the house. Mama was usually home. She used to make me a sandwich, ask about my day, shit like that." His stomach growls. "She wasn't there. I remember the house felt weird. Empty. Turned out Dad had come home early to take her to lunch. They never came back."

  The room is silent in the wake of the young man's grief. Celia looks up at Felipe, asking him with her eyes if he'll release the boy so she can hold him properly. She isn't surprised when her master shakes his head. Felipe is much too cautious about Celia's safety. What could this boy do to her really? She rolls her eyes, but her lips betray how charmed she is by her enigmatic lover. She's come to respect his logic over the years; he's a hell of a chess player.

  "Celia, give the boy more water," Felipe voices gently.

  Kid drinks the few sips offered to him and barely manages to keep himself from begging for more. "Why are you being nice to me?"

  10. Kid

  Kid finds Celia's presence oddly comforting, considering she's made no move to free him. His mother had been a loving woman, always hugging and kissing him. He'd loved it as a boy, hated it as a teen, and aches for it as a young man. He shifts closer to Celia.

  His uncle Tiny had never been one for heart-to-heart talks, even if it was his own brother, Kid's father, who'd died.

  Felipe laughs. "I'm not being nice, boy. I'm deciding what to do with you. The men who brought you have gone for a while. Your female companion has been found responsible, and her fate is out of my hands. That leaves me with you."

  Kid shakes within Celia's arms. "If you already know I didn't do it, why did you ask me?"

  "I had to know if they'd broken you."

  "Is Nancy dead?" He doesn't want her to be dead. No matter what Nancy has done, she's paid. They've all fucking paid.

  "She's alive. Though, like you, she probably wishes for death. The two of you have angered very dangerous men."

  "Caleb, you mean." Kid's stomach cramps a little more. He hasn't seen or heard Caleb since being taken hostage. He has no interest in a reunion. He recalls with too much clarity their introduction.

  Felipe sighs. "Yes, Caleb is a dangerous man. Unfortunately, he is not the only man upset by this situation. Tell me--because I sense something else is in play--why do you suspect Caleb reacted so...passionately? Could it be he has affection for his captive? I'm curious."

  Kid recoils sharply away from Felipe's stroking thumb. The affection is unwarranted and reminds Kid of the taste of his own tears and Tiny's blood. Caleb and Felipe are obviously cast from the same mold, perverts who like touching his mouth.

  Felipe chuckles and pats Kid's bruised cheek, not ungently. "I'm an extraordinarily curious man...Kid."

  "She ran away from him," Kid manages to say. "Tiny said we were helping her escape."

  "For a price," Felipe accuses.


  Tiny walks to the door and makes sure it's locked before he addresses the club. "I hope you assholes are ready to make some serious money. That girl is worth a hundred grand once we get her to Chihuahua."

  Hog is the first to speak. "What the fuck, Tiny? You go out for a beer last night and come back with some girl? Who the hell is she?" he asks the last in an angry whisper.

  Kid keeps his mouth shut, as usual, while the other guys murmur in agreement with Hog. Kid is just as curious as everyone else, but Tiny is his only real family, so he tries not to piss the man off. Maybe the girl just needs a ride and is willing to pay a lot to get there. Kid shakes off his stupidity. No one pays a hundred grand for a damn ride.

  "What are you?" Tiny admonishes. "You a bunch of pussies now? I took a ride over to the bar after I hooked up last night, and the bartender let me drink. So, he's bringing in crates and I'm sitting there, having a beer and minding my own damn business, when this half-naked girl runs in screaming for us to lock the door." Tiny instantly commands attention. "Her and the bartender are shouting back and forth. Apparently, the girl's being chased by some guy named Caleb, who's been keeping her locked up for weeks. Dude! She didn't even know she was in Mexico! How fucked is that?!"

  Hog sits up straight and lifts his hand. "Wait, wait, wait. You're telling me that girl has people looking for her? And you want to take her with us to pick up our shit? Are you crazy, man? Have you lost your goddamn mind?!"

  "I'm not done!" Tiny shouts and Hog falls silent. "The bartender freaks and leaves me there with this girl. She won't stop crying and asking me to take her to the cops, which is stupid, because the guy who took her could easily bribe the cops. I'm in the middle of telling her this, when the fucking guy starts pounding on the door. Girl hides under the bar and I cover her with the crates the bartender brought in. Then, bang! The door gets busted in."

  "Fuck!" exclaims Joker. "Man! I wish I'da been there!"

  "Right?" Tiny laughs. He starts pacing, engrossed in his story. "So in walks this pretty-boy--no offense, Kid."

  "Fuck you." Kid rolls his eyes and pretends--like always--not to be offended. The guys frequently like to remind him of his 'cock-sucking lips' and 'bitch-looking' face. It's been old for a long time.

  Tiny laughs and keeps talking. "He's already blown through the door, so I know the damn shotgun he's carrying is loaded. I play it cool and pour myself a beer." He grins. "Right away, he asks about the girl, and I tell him I ain't seen her. We go through this whole thing, sizing up each other's peckers, and then I pull my gun out. This fucking guy...he doesn't even flinch. He tells me he's willing to pay if I bring him the girl--he's staying in that old plantation. And then he leaves, just like that. He even shows me his back, like he didn't give a shit if I shot him."

  "Man! What? Serious?" Joker is enjoying himself immensely. "What are we waitin' on? Let's just give her back, let him pay us off. I ain't ready to head out yet."

  Tiny scoffs. "Yeah right, that guy would just as soon kill us after we gave up the girl. Witnesses, stupid. Besides, I already made us a deal. Her friend's willing to meet us in Chihuahua and pay. I told her no cops or we'd kill her. All we have to do is get there." Tiny opens his arms wide and beams. "A hundred thousand fuckin' dollars, guys. That's double our usual take."

  "We ain't in the kidnapping busi
ness, Tiny!" Hog stands abruptly, nose-to-nose with Tiny. "Cut that fucking girl loose and let's get out of here before anyone comes lookin'."


  11. Felipe

  "I didn't care about the money," Kid sobs. "Uncle Mike...Tiny." The boy appears at a loss for words and Felipe supposes he can't really blame him. The young man has been through quite an ordeal the past couple days. "I couldn't leave Tiny. He's...he was my family," Kid continues solemnly. "We were just supposed to do what we always do: run a few kilos of cocaine and pot across the border. Once a month, like clockwork. No one ever gets hurt. No one one...and then..."

  "Hmm," is all Felipe plans to say on the subject, but then he adds, "You didn't know with whom you were dealing."

  Kid shakes his head. He still doesn't know. "Please, just tell me...are you going to kill us? Me? Nancy?" He's completely despondent. Felipe finds it...rather adorable--not the young man's suffering so much, but that he has no guile. He must have been a terrible criminal.

  "You haven't answered my question yet. What is it you want most? Death? Revenge? Your freedom?" Felipe's tone is much too jovial for what he's asking. It earns him a baleful look from Celia. He shrugs.

  The young man considers Felipe's question for a long while before he takes several deep breaths and shudders out a reply. "I can't have what I want most," he whispers, still unable to open his eyes. "There's no one left to love me." When Celia shifts him, he readily takes comfort in her awkward embrace.

  "Devoted and sentimental," Felipe muses. "There may be hope for you yet." Felipe paces; his shoes make shuffling sounds along the concrete floor.

  "He's perfect for us, Felipe. Don't you think?" Celia continues to place butterfly kisses on the boy's head. Felipe enjoys seeing her this way. Saliva gathers in his mouth as he gives her an infinitesimal nod.

  "You're quite handsome under all those bruises, aren't you, boy?"

  12. Kid

  Kid hasn't thought much about his nudity, but he does after Felipe's comment. It's hardly the first time someone has mentioned Kid's appearance. As far back as he can remember, he's been complimented on his near-platinum blond hair and striking blue eyes. Kid has his father's strong build, but he's looked like his mama from day one. The girls have always gone crazy for him--and a few men too. He remembers his dad poking fun at him over his pouty lips and inability to grow more than sparse facial hair.

  Kid also remembers his father's warnings about men who would take advantage. More than a few times, some asshole has tried to grab his dick in a men's room and had to be reminded what the word no means. Regardless, he's never thought of his looks as a bad thing, not until he found himself helpless. He forces himself to remain languid in Celia's embrace as he begins to cry, in the hopes it will solve his problems--no matter what his dad taught him.

  13. Felipe

  "The way I see it," Felipe begins, "your options are limited. I can't let you go, but I have no use for a hostage." Kid sucks in a breath and huddles closer to Celia as Felipe continues. "You've trifled with some serious people, boy. They're the kind who buy and sell fine-looking Kitten, whom your friends have ruined, and occasionally, blond-haired and blue-eyed you."

  "Please," Kid pleads, "just--"

  "However! Let me finish, boy. Occasionally, masters find it difficult to part with their slaves." Felipe cannot resist a pointed look toward Celia. "So difficult, in fact, they keep them for themselves and spoil them rotten." Celia's tinkling laughter brings a broad smile to Felipe's lips.

  "Am I spoiled, Master? Perhaps you should take me in hand and teach me humility?" Celia bites her bottom lip and drags her gaze possessively over Felipe's form.

  Minx! Felipe is just about to respond in kind, when Kid interjects.

  "What does that mean?" Kid asks. "I don't understand what you're saying!"

  "It means...Celia has asked me to consider you," Felipe snaps. "Don't interrupt. I have no time in my life for insolent pets. No matter how attractive they are. Comprendes?"

  Kid nods.

  "Good. Your options are these: find it within yourself to submit to Celia and to me...or I'll leave you to Caleb and his sadistic master. They'll most likely kill you...or worse." He kneels beside Kid, purposely crowding him against Celia and the beam at his back. "You see? I am not a nice man, boy, but I can be fair. I'll spare your life, and in return, you'll surrender it to me as Celia did many years ago." He pulls away and stands.

  14. Celia

  Celia is aware she shouldn't like this as much as she does, but there are some pleasures she simply won't deny herself. The young man in her arms is quaking, muscles locked up tight. She reaches for his exposed penis and cups him firmly.

  "What are you doing?" Kid rears away from Celia's neck. "Not there!" He presses his knees together and struggles in his bonds. It's useless, and all he's done is trap Celia's hand between his legs. Her fingers continue to stroke him, slowly, gently, and as enticingly as she is capable, which--in her estimation--is guaranteed to rouse this beautiful boy in her arms.

  "Shhh, no llores pobrecito. Don't cry." She drops her voice to a husky whisper and nuzzles the boy's ear with the tip of her nose. "There's no need to be afraid. I have you now. Give yourself to me, sweet boy. Let me take care of you." Kid's muscles gently relax as he is lulled by her tender words, but his passion remains uninspired, even after several minutes.

  "You're not doing what Celia wants," Felipe teases. "Is she treating you too kindly?" On silent cue, Celia applies greater pressure.

  "Stop!" Kid hisses. "Please...I can't." He thrashes, and Celia immediately reassures Felipe of her safety. Her master is not easily convinced, but neither is he easily deterred.

  "Celia, the boy would rather take his chances with the others." Felipe speaks as though he hasn't a care in the world save for his own amusement. Celia knows his ploy.

  She resumes her previous less abrasive touches, and presses her lips to Kid's ear. "Come with me. Come for me." She's mildly irritated by her limited English. It forces her to use clipped phrases that undermine her intelligence.

  "I can't," he says lowly, but his head finds its way back onto Celia's shoulder. "Hurts...they hurt me."

  "Focus on the pleasure and the pain goes away," Felipe suggests. "Celia, I think he may need more encouragement than your tender affections can achieve. Perhaps it would be best to simply move things along? He's going to acquiesce; he has no choice. It's cruel to keep him in suspense, don't you think?" He smiles and Celia will swear she can see the devil in his eyes.

  "By all means, Master, school me in the ways of seducing shy young men." She mirrors his Cheshire grin, eyes locked on his as he crouches in front of their quarry.

  Kid yelps when Felipe's strong, masculine hands pull his knees up and apart. "What are you--" Celia's arm curves around his head to cover his mouth. Kid heeds the warning and cuts himself off from further protest.

  "Do not be escared," she says in her accented English. She knows the idea of being fucked petrifies the boy, perhaps disgusts him, but she is convinced he only fears and abhors what he has never allowed himself to experience. Felipe is a skilled lover. She can attest to his prowess.

  Celia grins as Kid buries his nose in her neck and deposits a series of pleading kisses against her sensitive flesh. She rewards him with encouraging sighs and light touches for several minutes before she extricates herself to stand. "Open your eyes," she says firmly; she and Felipe are in this together.

  15. Kid

  Kid forces himself to obey as much as he's able. With his head craned back and his eyes half-open, he stares up into the faces of his new captors. He'd been expecting...well, he wasn't sure who he'd been expecting, but not the two looming over him. Felipe looks to be in his late thirties or early forties. Kid raises a brow, soaking in the fact Felipe is wearing a flamingo-pink suit. He's going to get fucked by an old guy in a pink suit. Fucked by a man with dark, salt-and-pepper hair and a five o'clock shadow that would take Kid a mo
nth to grow. Fucked. By a man! The floor is suddenly very interesting.

  Felipe laughs. "Don't worry. I'm not offended. I'm a lot more handsome if you like men. You obviously do not." He smiles when the younger man meets his stare and gently shakes his head. "Yes, I know, but let us not forget about Celia."

  Celia is...well...Kid's embarrassed he couldn't get hard for her...and that he cried. A lot. She's wearing nothing but a tiny pink tube dress, and raven hair is pinned away from her face to reveal dark eyes rimmed with darker lashes, a delicately pointed nose, and full red lips. Kid unwittingly calls to mind the kiss they shared and her possessive touch upon his flesh. Shame is swift on the heels of the unwanted pleasure that trills though him. The humiliation lasts long enough for him to remember she's the kind of sick bitch to jerk a guy off against his will. Kid surmises she's older than him by five to seven years. He gauges her height at a measly five feet. Felipe was smart not to let her come alone; Kid could easily overpower her, even in his weakened state, and is just panicked enough to have tried.

  "Like what you see?" Felipe tilts his head toward Celia.

  Kid averts his eyes. "I guess," he murmurs. He isn't going to admit to another man, a lunatic, that he thinks his girlfriend--or slave--is ridiculously hot.

  Felipe pats Kid on the head, chuckling. "Smart boy." Both men focus on a simpering Celia. Felipe tsks; it's meant to be an admonishment, but only fond amusement shines through. "Celia doesn't like your answer. If I were you, I'd answer her properly." Felipe clarifies, "Yes, Celia, or no, Celia." He winks before he stands.

  Celia wastes no time in pulling her slight pink dress down toward her waist to expose her small breasts and raspberry-colored nipples. She tugs on the modest peaks until they tighten. "You like me?" she asks.

  Kid can neither deny his desire nor abandon his instincts. The nicer the carrot, the more brutal the stick--and Celia is one hell of a carrot. He licks his lips, wishing they weren't so dry. He looks at Felipe before he answers, cautious. "Yes, Celia?" He relaxes some when they smile.