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Hush, Hush (Bonus) hh-1, Page 2

Becca Fitzpatrick

  “Patch, this is Anthony Amowitz. He was in my PE class this year. Anthony, this is Patch.”

  “Her boyfriend,” I said, snagging two glasses of punch from the refreshments table and handing one to Nora.

  “Cool, man,” he said, but I could tell he didn’t find it one bit cool. “So. How’d you two meet?”

  “Biology,” I offered.

  He nodded. “Nice, nice. How long have you been together?”

  I took a sip of punch. “Long enough.”

  Nora kicked my shoe discreetly. “About a month,” she told the guy brightly.

  “I haven’t seen you around school,” he said, frowning slightly as he examined me head to toe. “Are you new?”

  A casual nod.

  He laughed, and it was an obnoxious, husky sound. “You got yourself a talker,” he told Nora, as if he could share a private joke with her.

  “A pleasure talking to you, Andy.” I handed him my empty punch glass. “If you’ll excuse us, I’d like to dance with my girl.”

  I led Nora to the open floor at the center of the bistro. Tables and chairs had been pushed along the walls, and couples were already dancing to the music blaring over the speakers.

  “Anthony,” she giggled into my ear. “His name is Anthony.”

  I smiled down at her. “I don’t like finding you flirting with other men, Angel.”

  She pulled on a face of mock nuisance. “That? So not my idea of flirting.”

  “What is?”

  Her exasperation melted into a slow, provocative curve of her lips. She was beautiful with her face lit up that way. Swaying to the music, I fanned my fingers through her soft curls, watching them spill onto her shoulders. An eyelash had fallen just below her left eye, and I licked my thumb, pressing it to her cheek to catch the eyelash.

  “Make a wish,” I instructed her.

  “Can I say it out loud?”

  I shook my head. “It won’t come true.”

  She scrunched her eyes closed and wrinkled her nose. Concentration tightened her face. She peeked, caught me watching, and quickly shut her eyes again. I grinned at her stem, serious expression. I wanted to kiss her, but I didn’t want to break her focus.

  “Okay,” she said at last. She drew a deep breath and blew the eyelash off my thumb. I followed it for one brief moment before it sailed out of sight, into the crowd. “What did you wish for?” I asked, knowing she wouldn’t tell.

  “I think you know.” She looked up at me then, out from under her eyelashes, gazing at me in a way that dared me to pretend I didn’t know.

  “I would have wished for the same thing,” I told her honestly.

  “If we both wish for it, maybe it will come true.”

  She made it sound possible. She made everything feel within reach. But doubt edged into my mind. I’d faced down many opponents over the years, but none had the strength, influence, and power of the archangels. For the first time, I worried I was out of my league. I would do whatever it took to stay here with Nora, to keep her safe and begin making amends for a lifetime of wrongs, but the challenge felt ominous.

  The archangels didn’t lose.

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