Sweet oblivion (sweet se.., p.75
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       Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1), p.75

           Bailey Ardisone


  A week.

  An entire week had come and gone since Mycah left me here in Kennebunkport, Maine to go back home. The day before that, Rydan left to go back to that same place. Which was also his home.

  I was alone. All alone.

  A week full of fake smiles and robotic pleasantries. A week of forced kindness and feigning interest. Sure, one week may not sound long compared to the concept of millennia of time.

  But I swear I literally could hear the long hand scratching and crawling its way to the next minute slowly, painfully, and unbearably, as it made its way around the clock.


  Pure and utter torture.


  Could there ever be anything more painful than this? If it were possible, I’d never have ripped myself from my bed. I would be there right now, clutching for sanity and relief from the ache their absence had left me with.

  My soul had been mutilated - stripped apart to be left bare and wanting, needing. Needing its other parts. Needing to be whole again. I realized this wasn’t normal. Could it possibly be normal to feel like this? When Mycah left briefly last time, in the effort to protect me from evil, the feeling was similar to this. But I never could have imagined it being a million times worse than it was. He was too far away. I couldn't sense him. I couldn't feel him. He was just too far away. Like he had vanished off the Earth completely. And maybe he had...

  I reached for my cell phone from my sweatshirt pocket at the risk of getting in trouble and let my thumb hover over the speed dial number I had set for Rydan.
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