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Sweet oblivion (sweet se.., p.58
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       Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1), p.58

           Bailey Ardisone


  “Why didn’t he tell us?” my father angrily replied. My mother was weeping but trying to hold it together in front of my father. I had just explained Cathar’s departure, and they were none too happy about it.

  “I don’t know, Father. He risked punishment just coming to see me. He told me to tell you both not to worry; he had been training and felt stronger than ever.”

  It was getting harder to hold back my own tears. It had been days since he left, and I missed him fiercely. The nervous feeling that I wouldn’t ever see him again never wavered; it only got worse as each day went by.

  “Training?!” my father shouted. “For two measly months...” he cried at the ceiling.

  “Roche, please,” said my mother who remained crying while trying to calm my father, less we cause enough noise to be heard outside the thin walls.

  My father dismissed me, and I went to my chamber. I sat on my cold, hard pallet and let the tears fall. I lay back on my pillow and pulled on my lifeline with Calen for comfort, crying myself to sleep.

  Chapter Thirty-Eight

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