Sweet oblivion (sweet se.., p.33
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       Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1), p.33

           Bailey Ardisone

  I lay inside the safety of the Willow’s long branches, enclosed all around me like a secret room. I closed my eyes and took in a long deep breath of fresh cool air. It permeated every ounce of me.

  I ran my hand through my hair, letting the breeze catch it, and twirled a few strands between my fingers. This was heaven. I turned my head toward Rydan, who I knew would be lying beside me. But when I opened my eyes, the evil man I would forever associate as my captor lay staring at me with a sick, cruel grin, and then flashed only centimeters in front of my eyes.

  I screamed and sat up, trying desperately to run away. I slowly started to realize I was back in captivity, only instead of the white room where I had been completely restrained from head to toe, I was now in a dark stone room and free to move about.

  I ran to the nearest wall and felt every inch of it, looking for a way out. After taking in my surroundings, there seemed to be no door in sight. No bars, no windows—nothing. It was a small dirty square room, made entirely out of stone. I kept feeling each wall, praying there was a seam or hinge of some sort.

  But there was nothing.

  I let out a scream as loud as I could make it, begging for help. But there was no response or answer made in return—just the deafening silence of being completely alone.

  After what seemed like hours, eventually the spot where a stone door existed appeared as it slowly opened with a grinding announcement. Armed men rushed in, wearing full head-to-toe body suits, resembling a bomb squad.

  They all pointed huge machine guns at me like if I made one single movement they’d blow me away without hesitating for a second. The man I’d come to call my captor slowly strutted in, giving off an air of dominance and demanding obedience without having to utter a word.

  “Good. You are awake. Now maybe we can get some answers.” He signaled for the door to be closed behind him.

  “I’m not going to tell you anything, you sick freak. Now let me go!” I growled.

  “Now now, do not be a brat. You will tell us. I promise you that.” He licked his lips and slightly smiled. The whole thing made me want to vomit.

  “Try your best and you’ll find out,” I challenged, anger creeping up on me. This was ridiculous; I didn’t know anything, so all of this was completely pointless!

  “That can be arranged.” He snapped his fingers, and one of the men I didn’t notice before stepped around him and walked toward me. He was a huge burly man, with muscles bigger than my head. Lovely.

  “Every time you do not give me a truthful answer, you will pay a price.” He put his arms behind his back and started slowly pacing around the room. “Where is the Sindora?”

  “I have no idea what that is,” I answered honestly, but he didn’t believe me. He signaled to the beefy man, and he immediately stepped over and smacked me across the face.

  “I told you the truth!” I shouted, reaching up to hold my swelling cheek.

  “Where is Mr. Nightly?” he ignored me and tried another question.

  “Go fly a kite,” I spit at his feet, determined more than ever to not give him the satisfaction of answering him.

  “You will regret that.” He gave me a sinister smile and nodded to the man. “Teach our guest some manners, please.”

  I closed my eyes and crawled into a ball, readying myself for the worst. I faintly heard my captor tell someone that I should be taken back to the white room and to induce the truth serum. Then, the man began beating me so hard I ended up passing out.

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