Sweet oblivion (sweet se.., p.31
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       Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1), p.31

           Bailey Ardisone

  I desperately tried to open my eyes, but the blinding light was making it very difficult. Squinting, I could see a blurry male figure towering over me but couldn’t make out any features.

  I tried to focus, wanting to demand I be freed, but I felt extremely weak and exhausted. I began to see that the man’s lips were moving and slowly understood he was yelling at me, but the loud ringing in my ears made it impossible to hear him. I again tried to move my own lips, willing them to obey, but it was no use.

  Didn’t they understand that drugging me was pointless? Surely they could see they would get nothing out of me that way. I wanted to move, but my arms and legs felt like they weighed a thousand pounds. The man must've become impatient with me, because he suddenly grabbed my shoulders and shook me violently. What did they want from me? Would this nightmare ever end? I could barely hold my head up while I was thrashed back and forth.

  The thought of being tortured like this for even a second longer sent adrenaline racing through me like liquid fire. The only release I could find, but desperately needed, was opening my mouth and screaming my lungs out. I screamed and screamed as loud as I could, and the rabid sound that came out of me not only scared the man that had once been towering over me, but slightly scared even myself.

  In my mind I thrashed my head and body from side-to-side, wishing I were strong enough to break free.

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