Sweet oblivion (sweet se.., p.29
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       Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1), p.29

           Bailey Ardisone


  The Weeping Willow. Our Weeping Willow—mine and Rydan’s. Its long branches swayed back and forth in the wind, like they danced in the bright sun that shone through each leaf. As the branches touched the surface of the pond it sat next to, disturbing the peaceful water, the sounds of cicadas and crickets filled my ears. I was already lying down, so I began running my fingers through the soft green grass as the wind gently played with my hair. I inhaled deeply, taking in the crisp cool air that surrounded me. I felt at peace.

  Where was Rydan?

  The sudden thought of Rydan shot panic through my heart, and I felt like the wind was knocked out of me.

  I forced my eyes open and tried to sit up but was unsuccessful. I couldn’t move my head, my arms, or my legs, as I lay staring at a big fluorescent white light.

  I wasn’t lying in the safety of our Weeping Willow tree like I had thought. As the memories of being held against my will and a bag put over my head came flooding back, the realization that I had been taken began to dawn on me.

  For some reason, I couldn’t fully feel the terror I knew that I should be feeling. Instead, I felt supremely groggy and tired. I tried to look around, barely able to keep my heavy eyes opened, but all I could see was white walls and to my left a medical bag filled with a clear liquid hanging on a metal hook. A tube came from the bottom, and I knew without a doubt it was pumping drugs into me. I could feel the sting of the needle that was buried deep into my aching vein, and a wave of nausea ran through me. I had no idea how long I had been here, but the hard, cold metal surface I was forced to lie on gave me the impression it had been a long time, as every bone in my body ached.

  I tried to open my mouth to call out, to scream, to demand I be let go, but no sound came from my extremely sore throat. I could feel hot tears escape the corner of my eyes as they ran down my cheeks, and just before unconsciousness overtook me once again, I thought of Rydan and our Weeping Willow tree, calling out to him in my mind, wishing he would save me.

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