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       Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1), p.28

           Bailey Ardisone


  My bright green eyes stared intensely into his. It was like staring into something beautiful and majestic. Calen and I had been able to connect with him the first time we tried, like he had been waiting for a lifeline to bring him to safety. This was our fourth night in a row, and though I wasn’t sure if he knew this was real or thought it just a dream, I began to savor our time together. I knew I shouldn’t; I had a purpose for bringing us here, but the moment I beheld his presence I was captivated. I tried to talk to him, but he couldn’t understand me. It was certainly easier to reach him than the other, but I was still distressed that I was unable to convey any words.

  Each night I brought him to my most beloved spot in all of Aselaira—through the thick Tiuka Forest with trees taller than much of the castle, past the old ruins of the tower of Barad that once held a sacred meaning for our people but now sat in shambles and forgotten. I had always acknowledged a strange yet welcoming pull when I passed the tower. I did not know why.

  After you trekked up the mountain for about an hour, you would reach the most exquisite view of the Kingdom. A large grassy clearing filled with the most colorful lotes and calla lilies I had ever seen, all the way to the edge of the cliff overlooking the coast. There were large trees outlining the clearing, almost like they guarded over the place. Someone long ago had carved chairs into the several tree stumps that had been found there. They were facing the panoramic view of the majestic blue ocean. To your right stood the castle in the distance. It appeared dark and gloomy, though I knew there was a time when it was bright and beautiful. I had never seen it in my time, but I hoped I would someday.

  I did not get to venture here often, for it had nearly been three cycles that my brother Cathar and I were last here. When we were youths, we would come to this place often. It was our peace amid the chaos. It was our sanctuary.

  Although I did not remember every detail now, I used what I could in showing him this beauteous place. It had always eased my thoughts, lessened my burdens, and uplifted my soul. Perhaps I could help him feel that way too.

  It felt like my heart was breaking, looking into his sad eyes. He tried to push toward me. He looked at me longingly, reaching for me, wanting to enhance the connection between us. I was almost right there in front of him, but we seemed like miles apart.

  He suddenly looked down, slowly dropped to his knees, and covered his eyes with both his hands. He heavily sighed, shaking his head, and my heart shattered like broken glass, bursting in a million pieces. I ached to run and comfort him, but I could not move. I was desperate to convey to him to not give up, not give into the misery that surrounded him, but I could not speak.

  He gently lowered his hands and groaned in defeat. I instantly willed myself to move, and ever so slightly I took a step toward him. As I took that tiny step forward, I sensed my mind clouding as if a dark shadow threatened to envelop me. I felt a sharp pain in my left temple, and I cried out to him. It caused him to look up, meet his eyes with mine, and we connected on a level so deep it actually hurt.

  I did the only thing I could think of to convey my thoughts to him, to comfort and console him, to press him to continue on and not give up the fight. I gave him the biggest, sweetest, most tender smile I could master.

  Chapter Sixteen

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