Sweet oblivion (sweet se.., p.11
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       Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1), p.11

           Bailey Ardisone


  I struggled to stay asleep. I had to push through. Please…not again! This couldn’t be happening. Just one more moment, and I would have it.

  But I didn’t.

  I tried again and again, every single night for the past nine to reach him once more. Calen and I worked tirelessly through the night, pushing our strength and might to the test and using every ounce of energy we could muster to open the communication again. It was of no use. I was not even close to reaching him. Whatever means we had before was gone…lost. I had no idea how much I succeeded or if I failed. The not knowing if I made it through to him that one and only night would haunt me. He was our only hope, and I was the only means through which he could return.

  I could feel a sense of warmth coming from Calen. She was trying to comfort me. We were both disheartened, and we ached to simply be near each other.

  What if it didn’t work? What if he didn’t come?

  Finally, I opened my resisting eyes to sunlight illuminating through the lancet in my small chamber. I put my fingers up to my eyes as I felt tears streaming down my face. But I refused to give up. I just needed time. I had to persist…endure…persevere. It was the only way. No matter how hard I struggled or labored, I had to keep trying.

  I wiped the tears quickly off my face, determined to stay steadfast in my mission. People were counting on me. He was counting on me. I wouldn’t quit. I couldn’t afford to fail.

  I hastily got up from my pallet as I received a rap on my door. I opened to find a thick towering knight blasting his menacing dark eyes into mine, and I straight away flinched. I looked away to anywhere but those menacing eyes. He violently grabbed my arm and pushed me outside the door. I stumbled down the stairs and firmly landed on my hands and knees. I understood I was not swift enough when he grabbed my long blonde hair and yanked me to my feet. I attempted to dwell in silence and not utter a sound, as I knew this would only fuel his attacks.

  He still had a hold of my long hair as I stumbled to keep up with him. As we finally reached the kitchens, he solidly hauled me through the door and heaved me to the floor. I instinctively reached up to grab my aching head as he pounded the door shut behind him.

  I looked up into the helpless tormented eyes of my mother. I saw a single tear escaping down her cheek. Instantaneously, the motherly demeanor was gone. I was no longer looking into the eyes of one who was afraid for my safety just moments before, but now into the eyes of the head cook, the one I had to explain my belated arrival to my duties.

  Chapter Seven

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