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The Count of Monte Cristo, Illustrated

Alexandre Dumas


  by Alexandre Dumas [père]






  Chapter 1. Marseilles—The Arrival

  Chapter 2. Father and Son

  Chapter 3. The Catalans

  Chapter 4. Conspiracy

  Chapter 5. The Marriage Feast

  Chapter 6. The Deputy Procureur du Roi

  Chapter 7. The Examination

  Chapter 8. The Château d’If

  Chapter 9. The Evening of the Betrothal

  Chapter 10. The King’s Closet at the Tuileries

  Chapter 11. The Corsican Ogre

  Chapter 12. Father and Son

  Chapter 13. The Hundred Days

  Chapter 14. The Two Prisoners

  Chapter 15. Number 34 and Number 27

  Chapter 16. A Learned Italian

  Chapter 17. The Abbé’s Chamber

  Chapter 18. The Treasure

  Chapter 19. The Third Attack

  Chapter 20. The Cemetery of the Château d’If

  Chapter 21. The Island of Tiboulen

  Chapter 22. The Smugglers

  Chapter 23. The Island of Monte Cristo

  Chapter 24. The Secret Cave

  Chapter 25. The Unknown

  Chapter 26. The Pont du Gard Inn

  Chapter 27. The Story


  Chapter 28. The Prison Register

  Chapter 29. The House of Morrel & Son

  Chapter 30. The Fifth of September

  Chapter 31. Italy: Sinbad the Sailor

  Chapter 32. The Waking

  Chapter 33. Roman Bandits

  Chapter 34. The Colosseum

  Chapter 35. La Mazzolata

  Chapter 36. The Carnival at Rome.

  Chapter 37. The Catacombs of Saint Sebastian

  Chapter 38. The Rendezvous

  Chapter 39. The Guests

  Chapter 40. The Breakfast

  Chapter 41. The Presentation

  Chapter 42. Monsieur Bertuccio

  Chapter 43. The House at Auteuil

  Chapter 44. The Vendetta

  Chapter 45. The Rain of Blood

  Chapter 46. Unlimited Credit

  Chapter 47. The Dappled Grays


  Chapter 48. Ideology

  Chapter 49. Haydée

  Chapter 50. The Morrel Family

  Chapter 51. Pyramus and Thisbe

  Chapter 52. Toxicology

  Chapter 53. Robert le Diable

  Chapter 54. A Flurry in Stocks

  Chapter 55. Major Cavalcanti

  Chapter 56. Andrea Cavalcanti

  Chapter 57. In the Lucern Patch

  Chapter 58. M. Noirtier de Villefort

  Chapter 59. The Will

  Chapter 60. The Telegraph

  Chapter 61. How a Gardener May Get Rid of the Dormice

  Chapter 62. Ghosts

  Chapter 63. The Dinner

  Chapter 64. The Beggar

  Chapter 65. A Conjugal Scene

  Chapter 66. Matrimonial Projects

  Chapter 67. The Office of the King’s Attorney

  Chapter 68. A Summer Ball

  Chapter 69. The Inquiry

  Chapter 70. The Ball

  Chapter 71. Bread and Salt

  Chapter 72. Madame de Saint-Méran

  Chapter 73. The Promise


  Chapter 74. The Villefort Family Vault

  Chapter 75. A Signed Statement

  Chapter 76. Progress of Cavalcanti the Younger

  Chapter 77. Haydée

  Chapter 78. We hear From Yanina

  Chapter 79. The Lemonade

  Chapter 80. The Accusation

  Chapter 81. The Room of the Retired Baker

  Chapter 82. The Burglary

  Chapter 83. The Hand of God

  Chapter 84. Beauchamp

  Chapter 85. The Journey

  Chapter 86. The Trial

  Chapter 87. The Challenge

  Chapter 88. The Insult

  Chapter 89. The Night

  Chapter 90. The Meeting

  Chapter 91. Mother and Son

  Chapter 92. The Suicide

  Chapter 93. Valentine

  Chapter 94. Maximilian’s Avowal

  Chapter 95. Father and Daughter


  Chapter 96. The Contract

  Chapter 97. The Departure for Belgium

  Chapter 98. The Bell and Bottle Tavern

  Chapter 99. The Law

  Chapter 100. The Apparition

  Chapter 101. Locusta

  Chapter 102. Valentine

  Chapter 103. Maximilian

  Chapter 104. Danglars’ Signature

  Chapter 105. The Cemetery of Père-Lachaise

  Chapter 106. Dividing the Proceeds

  Chapter 107. The Lions’ Den

  Chapter 108. The Judge

  Chapter 109. The Assizes

  Chapter 110. The Indictment

  Chapter 111. Expiation

  Chapter 112. The Departure

  Chapter 113. The Past

  Chapter 114. Peppino

  Chapter 115. Luigi Vampa’s Bill of Fare

  Chapter 116. The Pardon

  Chapter 117. The Fifth of October