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Up in Flames, Page 2

Abbi Glines

I, on the other hand, was currently indulging in the hot little waitress who had been serving us earlier.

  “Shhh, sweetheart,” I whispered, when she moaned a little too loudly in the small single-stall restroom. We’d locked the door, but anyone passing by outside would hear if she got too loud.

  I needed to hurry this up before Mase started wondering why I’d been gone so long from the golf course.

  I jerked her panties down and slid my hand between her legs. Her thighs trembled a little, and I smiled. I liked it when they had a hard time standing. “You gonna come on my cock?” I whispered against her skin, as I trailed kisses down her neck.

  “Yes, please,” she begged, holding on to my shoulders as I bent over her, working her into a wet frenzy.

  “You’re gonna have to be quiet, then, sugar. Bury your head in my chest, and cry out when you need to,” I whispered, before tugging my jeans down and quickly slipping on a condom. I grabbed her waist and lifted her up to rest on the edge of the sink. Like a pro, she opened her legs, and I slammed into her as she wrapped them around me.

  “Oh, God!” she cried against my shoulder.

  “Name’s Major, baby, but God’ll do, too.” I rocked into her hard.

  She was tight, a perfect afternoon distraction. Golf was fucking boring as hell. If I had to hear one more story about Rush’s and Grant’s kids, I was going to shove a club through my chest and end my misery. Who the fuck wanted to talk about kids when there were babes like this one all over the damn place?

  I jerked her shirt up and grabbed a handful of the tits I’d admired during lunch. She was more than a handful. I loved tits of all sizes, but the bigger ones were fun to play with.

  She lifted her knees and opened more for me, leaning back so I had full access to her rack. This one wasn’t new to bathroom sex. Guess it was a good thing I was using that condom.

  “That’s it, baby, squeeze my dick,” I murmured, before pulling a nipple into my mouth and sucking hard. I was going to have to pay her another visit. She knew how to work that pussy.

  “I . . . oh, God . . . I’m gonna come.” She panted, making her tits jiggle. As hot as she looked, I knew a scream was coming with that orgasm.

  I grabbed her head and pressed her mouth into my chest, as I rode her harder until her muffled scream was followed by her shaking body. When her orgasm clamped down on me, I followed right behind her.

  The highlight of my afternoon.

  And I didn’t even remember her name.


  It was afternoon when I finally opened my eyes.

  The blackout shades worked wonders. It still felt like it was dark outside. I rolled over to check my phone and saw that I had one missed call from Major and a text.

  If you’re pissed, I can fix it. I’ve been busy. Call me.

  I tossed my phone onto the bed beside me and sighed. This was what he always did. He thought being cute and funny fixed the fact that he sometimes ignored me for days. After dancing for hours last night with Gannon Roth, I wasn’t sure Major would ever be enough for me. I’d had a taste of a real man, and I liked it a lot.

  Major’s hot-and-cold act was old. Gannon was warm and big and smelled like sex. Not that we had any. He had danced with me and bought me a few drinks, and then we’d sat in a corner and talked for the rest of the night, before he asked for my number and left. He hadn’t even tried to go to my room or get me to go to his.

  I was almost insulted, until I let myself think about the night we’d had together. He’d been a gentleman throughout. He hadn’t spoken much, but he’d appeared to like listening to me talk. Major thought it was his job to be entertaining and do all the talking. I rarely got the impression that the conversation was working both ways.

  My phone vibrated again, and I reached over to pick it up, already rolling my eyes and assuming it was another text from Major. But it wasn’t.

  It’s Gannon. You hungry?

  It was my guy. And he was asking me to lunch.

  I tossed the covers back and jumped out of the bed, before realizing I needed to respond to him.

  Just waking up. I can be ready in an hour, I replied, hoping that wasn’t a lie. An hour didn’t give me much time.

  I’ll meet you at the Starbucks downstairs.

  I smiled at my reflection in the mirror. “You have an hour to make yourself hot. Tonight you’re bringing him back to this suite.”

  See you there, I texted back.

  An hour later, by a sheer miracle, I stepped out of the elevator and headed toward the Starbucks. Gannon stepped forward, and the rest of the world faded away. He had this insanely intense air about him that commanded attention. His beard was trimmed shorter, and his dark hair was pulled back in a man bun. I liked that. A whole freaking lot.

  His gaze was locked on me, and it made me feel beautiful and important. I liked that, too. I wanted more of it.

  “Good morning,” I said.

  “Morning. Sleep well?” he asked.

  “Yes, but I think the vodka had a hand in that.”

  He smirked. I loved the way his mouth looked when he did that. “I imagine it did.” His hand settled on my lower back, and he began moving us toward the main exit. “I’ve got a car waiting and reservations at my favorite spot here for breakfast.” He was in control. I liked that, too. Major and I always argued over where to eat. This was different. Almost a relief. It made me feel less on edge.

  “I don’t think I’ve ever had breakfast in Vegas. Do places still serve breakfast this late in the day?”

  He let out a low chuckle. “Of course. Who gets up early in Vegas?”

  He had a point. I doubted a breakfast place got much business before eleven around here. “I guess that makes sense,” I replied, as he opened the door of a black Mercedes G-class.

  “After you.”

  I climbed in, and he closed the door and got in on the other side.

  The driver didn’t speak but pulled forward as if he knew where he was going.

  A phone vibrated in Gannon’s pocket, but he ignored it. Instead, he leaned back and watched out the front window as the car drove down the Strip.

  “Where is this place?” I asked, curious as we turned off the main Strip.

  “Old Vegas,” he replied. “My favorite part.”

  His phone began vibrating again. And again, he ignored it.


  After the fifth try, I stopped calling her. She was pissed again, and she wasn’t home. Dammit, she was moody as fuck. We had gotten too close on the beach the other day, and I needed some space. Figured that the moment I tried to back off, she’d up and run. Typical Nan.

  She was so damn spoiled rotten it drove me nuts. When she was funny and sweet, like she had been two days ago, my defenses came down, and I enjoyed myself with her. I didn’t want to enjoy myself with her. In the end, she was going to hate me, and I couldn’t stomach that idea now. It’d be easier if I didn’t let myself care.

  If Cope found out I’d lost her, he was going to be pissed. The date I had tonight with the girl from the country club, Maggie, didn’t seem exciting anymore. I’d hoped to release some more sexual tension before I had to deal with Nan again. That didn’t seem like it was going to happen now. Not with Nan MIA.

  Cope had surveillance on her, so there was a good chance he already knew where she was. I was concerned, because he hadn’t come after me and sent me after her yet. He normally let me know the moment she left her house. But it had been almost an entire day that I couldn’t find her, and he gave me nothing.

  Stupid son of a bitch was wanting me to come to him and admit I’d let her out of my sight. Fuck, I hated going to him for help, but he had the tracker on her damn phone. He’d be the only one who knew where she was. I’d also get fired by DeCarlo if I didn’t move on this. Nan was my job. My only job right now.

  I pulled out my phone and dialed Cope’s number. No answer. I called a second time. No answer.

  Motherfucker, was he pissed at me now, to

  I had to find Nan without his help. He was right. I wasn’t giving her enough attention. If I wanted to complete this job, I had to focus on her more. Less wild sex in bathrooms with hot waitresses and more time kissing the princess’s haughty ass. Although she had a nice one. A fucking smoking ass.

  Jerking my keys from my pocket, I headed out to my truck. I would start by asking Rush Finlay, Nan’s brother. He normally kept tabs on her. He was my best bet at tracking her down. I doubted she’d leave town without telling him first. I should have asked him during golf, but I hadn’t known she was missing then.

  My phone started to ring, and I looked down at the screen. It was Cope. Thank fucking God.

  “Hey,” I said, but was interrupted.

  “I’m with her,” he snapped, and then the call ended.

  What the fuck? He was with her. Well, where the hell were they? And how did he get her? Was she with him willingly, or had he taken her? Shit!

  Cope was a crazy son of a bitch. Nan wasn’t safe with him. I might be playing her, but at least I wasn’t dangerous to her. Cope was. I had to figure out where they were. Turning my truck around, I headed out of town toward the hotel where Cope was staying. I’d break in and check his surveillance cameras. Maybe I could figure things out before Nan got hurt and I had to kill a motherfucker.


  Breakfast was enjoyable, but Gannon continued to be a quiet guy. I chatted, and he listened. Sometimes neither of us spoke while we enjoyed our food. Once we had ordered, he had excused himself and stepped outside to make a quick phone call. I assumed it was whoever had been trying to call him in the car. The fact that he was literally on the phone for fifteen seconds meant that either he didn’t get through or he only needed to leave a quick message. Whichever it was, he seemed relaxed about it when he returned.

  When we were in the car headed back to the Bellagio, he looked over at me. “I’ve got some work this afternoon, but I’d like to see you tonight. Somewhere not as intense as last night.”

  “Do you want to meet in my suite for a drink before we head out? We can decide then.” The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them. I should have just said, Come to my room and fuck me all night long until I can’t stand anymore.

  He nodded. “I’d like that.”

  Oh, he would? OK . . . well . . . OK.

  “I’m in room 1801,” I replied, a little too breathlessly.

  When the car came to a stop in front of the casino, Gannon didn’t get out, but the driver did. Once we were alone, Gannon reached over and cupped my face, then leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips. I hadn’t been ready for that, but it was a wow kind of kiss.

  “I’ll see you at seven,” he said, dropping his hand and leaning back just as my door was opened.

  I managed a nod and climbed out of the car on surprisingly wobbly legs. Damn, what was it about that man?

  Four hours later, and my heart was beating harder than it ever had in my life. I didn’t know this man, and he could potentially be a serial killer or just out of prison. Yet here I was inviting him to my room like it was no big deal. And I was sober. I was doing this without the aid of vodka to make me stupid.

  Maybe I should have had a drink or five.

  I stood looking at myself in the mirror and decided I looked like I wanted to be fucked. There was no way he’d miss the obvious invitation. I had spent the entire four hours preparing myself for tonight, which might have verged on pathetic.

  The knock on the door startled me even though I had been expecting him. My nerves were working overtime. I had to decide what I was going to do. It wasn’t like I’d never had a one-night stand, but this guy was . . . different. He was as terrifying as he was attractive. The fact that I knew so little about him and that he knew a good deal about me—I’d had to talk a lot to fill the silence—put us on an uneven playing field. I wasn’t sure I liked that.

  Taking a deep, calming breath, I opened the door and stared up at Gannon. All common sense started to slip at the sight of him, but I grabbed hold of my senses and held on tight. Even though the man could fill out a pair of jeans like nobody’s business.

  Jesus, I needed a drink of water. No, I needed vodka. Lots of vodka.

  He didn’t move toward me, which helped some. It gave me a moment to figure things out. His spicy smell was messing with my head and making it hard to recall common sense.

  “You look beautiful,” he said, and my heart did a little flutter thing. Suddenly, those four hours of preparation were completely justified.

  “Thank you,” I replied, stepping back so he could come into the suite.

  His gaze swept the room as if he was quickly scoping for danger. Then he studied me for a moment. “You look nervous. We can just have a couple of drinks. Nothing more.” He was reassuring me. That helped. “I’m just not big on the club scene.”

  I frowned. He had been in a club last night. Why was he there if he wasn’t into clubs? “Why did you go last night?”

  He smirked at me while crossing his arms over his chest. “I was in a mood.”

  A mood. I guessed I was in a mood, too.

  “If this frightens you, then let’s forget it.”

  Gannon Roth must not know the effect he had on women. How was I supposed to forget this? I shook my head. “I’m good.”

  “Just drinks, Nan,” he said, as I turned to walk over to the bar.

  I needed some courage. No man had ever made me feel this edgy. I was afraid that if he tried to leave, I would run and tackle him. Which would be a little scary for him.

  “What would you like?” I asked, reaching for two glasses.

  “You got whiskey?”

  “Jack or Woodford?”

  “Jack is good.”

  I grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniel’s and poured him a glass, then poured myself some Grey Goose and cranberry juice.

  Gannon made himself comfortable on the white leather sectional at the window that overlooked a view of the Bellagio fountains. I held out his drink. “Here you go.”

  “Thanks,” he replied, taking the glass from me. “Nice place.”

  It was one of my favorite hotels in Vegas. If it wasn’t available, I stayed at Caesars Palace. “You staying here, too?” I asked, sitting down beside him with enough room between us that it wasn’t awkward.

  “Yeah, just not quite as high up or with as much square footage,” he said with a smirk.

  I leaned back and crossed my legs. “That’s a shame,” I replied, deciding that if he could be a smart-ass, so could I.

  A low chuckle from him sent a wave of pleasure through me. Damn, even his laugh was sexy. “I like sass” was his response, as he took the glass to his lips and drank some of the amber liquid.

  “How long are you here on business?” I asked, hoping I would have time to get to know him better.

  He shrugged. “Not sure yet. It depends.”

  “On what?”

  He turned his gaze to me, and the smoldering heat in his eyes made my female parts feel like they might combust. “On you.”

  OK. Wow. That was a little bold.

  I liked it. I might never leave Vegas.


  “You should know better than to think he left anything behind that could be used against him.”

  I sighed and turned around to see Captain, a former employee of DeCarlo, standing behind me with an amused grin as I tried to jimmy Cope’s door. “Seriously, Major, when are you going to get that Cope is like Batman, only more badass.”

  I was beginning to get annoyed by everyone’s belief that Cope was the end all, be all. He was just a man. A man with no conscience. “Nan’s run off to pout, and I need to see the surveillance to figure out where.”

  Captain shook his head. “Too late. I’d say he felt you didn’t do your job properly and took over.”

  That wasn’t even possible. He wasn’t Nan’s type. She’d never let him near her. That was why DeCarlo had put me on the job. My looks were
an easy in with her. Plus, my hanging around Rosemary Beach made sense. I had family here.

  “I doubt that. This is Nan we’re talking about.”

  Captain nodded toward the truck he’d pulled up in. “Let’s go have a drink and talk about things.”

  I didn’t have time to talk about things. I had to fucking find Nan. She might not be safe. “If he hurts her, I’ll kill him.”

  Captain let out a bark of laughter. “If he thought you wanted him dead, your life would be over before you knew what the fuck hit you. Get it through your head. Cope is not your equal. He is your God.”

  “Hurting her isn’t what I signed up for.”

  “No, and he won’t hurt her unless she’s guilty. Right now, he’s doing things that I’m sure she’s enjoying. Now, get the fuck away from his door, because I can assure you there is nothing to see but a bed and shitty furniture.”

  I wasn’t convinced that she was safe. “How do you know he won’t hurt her?”

  Captain raised an eyebrow. “Because he likes women, and he’ll try the fun way of getting what he wants before he tries the hard way.”

  Fun way? He thought Cope could fuck her? “He hasn’t got a chance with her.”

  “That’s where you’re wrong. I’d venture to say he’s already been there, done that, and doing it again.”

  A sick knot formed in my stomach. At least the times I’d been with Nan were because I really wanted to be with her. Not because I was trying to get information—though I was trying to get information. Still, I wanted her. Cope would just use her and toss her. Hell, he’d probably be brutal.

  “I need to know where she is,” I demanded. I wasn’t fucking around now. I wanted an answer.

  “I honestly don’t know where she is. I just know Cope would have you by your throat if she had slipped past him, too. So you can get over it and calm the hell down, or run around in circles looking for her.”

  I threw Captain one snarl before stalking back to my truck. I used to like that guy. Not so much now.

  “Where you going?”