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Kiro's Emily, Page 2

Abbi Glines

  His lips had brushed my ear, and every cell in my body had caught fire. It had taken all of my strength and good sense to walk out the door. Holding on to the image of him groping several topless women and then the blonde who had been between his legs helped keep me from melting under his gaze.

  No. I would not think about that man. He was not for me. He just liked women. I had been leaving, and Trac had been calling for me to come back. That was the only reason he noticed me. I had been easily overlooked until then.

  I had to find Sonya. That was my only concern. Then I was going home to South Carolina, with or without her. Maybe after last night, she’d gotten her taste of those men and was ready to leave.

  I had started for the door when the phone rang. It was probably the front desk telling me I had to get my crap out; it was checkout time. I walked over and picked it up, ready to explain the situation.


  “Emily,” Sonya said through a yawn. “I need you to pack up our shit and get a cab and come here.”

  What? Come where? “Where are you? You have the car—why can’t you come here?”

  “Because,” she said as she lowered her voice. “I’m in the penthouse at the Grand. With the entire band. All of them.”

  I sat down on the bed and let her words register. She was in a penthouse with all of them? Did that mean she’d . . .

  “Trac came back to me last night, and I ended up going to their hotel. Then Dean Freaking Finlay fucked me on the bar, and Dash and I messed around on the sofa and passed out. When I woke up, Kiro was sitting in the chair across from me, looking like the most fucking gorgeous creation on earth. He asked my name and where I was from. Then he asked me to stay with them today. They don’t leave until tomorrow. So get your shit, and get over here.”

  She was going to sleep with all of them? Oh, God. I didn’t want to be there when she screwed with Kiro. He was in my fantasy world. After last night, I didn’t want to ruin that.

  “Uh . . . I’ll just book another night here. They asked you to stay, not me. So I’ll stay here. You . . . just . . . you are using protection, aren’t you?”

  Sonya let out a frustrated groan. I didn’t see why she had to get so frustrated. I was just worried about her being safe. “I need my luggage,” she snapped.

  Crap. OK. “I can bring that to you if you don’t want to come get it. But I wish you’d—”

  “Just bring it. I need it. You can go back to the hotel and stay there. I don’t care. But I won’t let you ruin this for me. This is why I came on this trip! I need this.” She was still whispering.

  Sonya had three pieces of luggage. Hauling that by myself wasn’t going to be easy. Normally, I carried mine and one of hers, and she carried the other two. They were bulky, and one didn’t roll at all.

  But she had been through an awful time the last two months, and if this made her happy, then I’d do it. “OK. Fine. I’ll bring it to you. But could you at least meet me in the lobby? This stuff is hard to handle all by myself.”

  She sighed. “Sure. I’ll meet you down there in thirty minutes.” She hung up.

  I looked at the phone in my hand and wondered what I had done to annoy her. I said I’d bring it to her. Although what she was doing was degrading. I hadn’t pointed that out.

  Once I had all her luggage packed up and managed to get it downstairs, I spent ten more minutes trying to get a cab. I had twenty dollars left. I would need to get more money from Sonya to cover the fare back, but I hoped this was enough to get me to the Grand.

  Watching the meter the entire ride, I breathed a sigh of relief when the total came to fifteen dollars and ten cents. I gave the driver my twenty, and when he gave me the change, I tipped him two dollars.

  As I stepped out, I noticed the hotel was very different from ours. Someone was unloading the bags immediately, and the guy smiled at me as he rolled the luggage toward the doors. I was relieved I didn’t have to struggle to get all three bags inside.

  “Checking in?” the guy asked me.

  I almost laughed. This place was so out of my league. I shook my head. “No. But I’m bringing that luggage to my cousin. She’s staying the night with a guest . . . or guests here. They’re in the penthouse.” I looked around. “She was supposed to meet me down here.”

  The surprise in his eyes was obvious. He must know who was in the penthouse. “I can’t allow you up there. It takes a special key to get to that floor. Is there a way you can call your cousin?”

  I checked the lobby again for any sign of Sonya. She wasn’t there. I didn’t want to think about what had gotten her sidetracked. “I, uh, could you maybe call up there and ask them about what I need to do with the luggage? I don’t mind leaving it, but I want to make sure she knows it’s here and she can come get it.”

  The guy’s gaze had drifted lower over my body but snapped back up to look at my face when I spoke. “Yes, of course. Wait right here,” he said. I nodded, standing beside the luggage as he went to the concierge desk.

  If Sonya wanted her luggage so bad, she at least could have been waiting for me. Then the fact that I was out of cash sank in. Crap. I had to get money from her, or I would be stuck here. I looked over at the bellhop and wondered if he’d mind asking my cousin to come down. Before I could decide how to handle the situation, the guy was hanging up the phone and coming toward me.

  He looked amused as he walked up to take the luggage cart. “I’ve been instructed to bring you and the luggage up,” he informed me, then waved his hand for me to walk in front of him. “Private elevator for the penthouse floor is this way.”

  Why was I supposed to go up? I needed money, but I didn’t want to see Kiro again. Would he remember me from last night? Would Trac? No, probably not. They would be sober now, and I wouldn’t be someone who stood out last night. There had been so many. And they’d more than likely slept with several girls after I left.

  I didn’t argue. I went to the elevator. If Sonya needed me to come up, I would. I was surprised she wanted me to. She had sounded so disgusted with me on the phone.

  The bellhop swiped a card, and the elevator opened. I stepped inside, and he followed me. The massive size of the elevator surprised me. It was also very elegant and didn’t feel like an elevator at all.

  “What part of the South are you from?” the bellhop asked.

  “South Carolina,” I replied.

  “I like the accent,” he said, smiling.

  “Thank you.” I didn’t know what else to say to that. He didn’t sound like someone from Chicago. But I didn’t want to ask where he was from in case he was from here.

  The elevator opened onto a small landing with two large double doors in front of us. That was it. The whole top floor of this hotel was the penthouse. Wow. He let me lead the way, but I didn’t walk up to the door. He was staring at me, so I glanced over at him. He was waiting for me. To do what? Knock?

  Oh, heck no. “Uh, they don’t know me. I probably shouldn’t be the one to knock.” The idea of a shirtless Kiro Manning opening the door was terrifying.

  The guy cleared his throat. “Mr. Manning answered the phone, and he seemed to know who you were. He described you perfectly.”

  What? That couldn’t be right. How did he know who I was? Even if he remembered from last night, he didn’t know Sonya was my cousin. Trac knew we were together, but he was so high he wouldn’t have remembered enough to tell Kiro.

  “You still want me to ring?” the bellhop asked when I didn’t move.

  “Please,” I said.

  He smiled and nodded, then stepped up and rang the doorbell. No need to knock—of course, this place had a doorbell.

  One of the large doors swung open, and I held my breath, hoping to see Sonya standing there. Instead, it was Dean. I sighed in relief. I knew he wouldn’t recognize me.

  “I was asked to bring up the luggage and the lady from downstairs,” the bellhop said.

  Dean nodded, and his eyes locked on me. One side of his mou
th curved up in a half smile, and he shook his head and muttered “Shit” before stepping back to let the bellhop in with the luggage.

  “You first,” the bellhop said.

  “I’m sure they don’t want me in there. I just need to see Sonya for a moment. Then I’ll be gone,” I explained quickly.

  Dean’s eyebrows rose, and he chuckled. “Well, fuck,” he muttered this time. “Darling, if you don’t come in here, I’m afraid we’ll have a problem on our hands. And I ain’t in the mood for that kind of shit today.”

  What did he mean? Was Sonya causing problems? I hoped they didn’t think I could handle her. I had no control over her. This right here was proof of that.

  “Come on in and save me the hassle,” he said, motioning for me to go inside.

  I wasn’t afraid of Dean. He didn’t make me nervous, although his eyes had given me a once-over that made me feel a little exposed. I moved toward him and hoped this wasn’t going to be a problem.

  Dean leaned in and inhaled as I walked by him. I didn’t look at him. I just kept walking through the foyer. The bellhop’s eyes were on me. He seemed concerned, like he wasn’t sure he should leave me here. I didn’t want him to. I would much prefer that he wait.

  “That will be all,” Dean said, with his hand still on the door. He wanted the bellhop to leave. “She’s fine. But if you don’t leave, you may not be.”

  The bellhop tensed, and he gave me a nod before taking the cart and leaving.

  Once he had closed the door, Dean turned to me. “Did you fuck Kiro last night?”

  I hadn’t been expecting that question. I just stood there, staring at him. Why would he ask me that?

  “Fuck. You didn’t.” He shook his head. “Damn, darling, this shit cannot end well.”

  “Huh?” I finally asked, trying to figure out what he was talking about.

  “What if I told you that I’d like to take off those jeans you’re wearing and spread your legs open and lick that pussy?”

  Ohmygod. He did not just say that! I had to get out of here. I needed my bellhop back. This was not good. They thought I was here to do what Sonya did. I shook my head and mentally tried to pull together an escape plan.

  “It’s not a fucking act.” Dean hissed as if he was pissed. “Dammit, sweetheart! What were you doing anywhere near that party last night? You look ready to pass the fuck out because I talked about eating your pussy. Girl like you don’t belong around this world.”

  Dean was confusing me. I found my voice. “I just need some money from my cousin. If you could get her, I’ll leave. I can’t get back to the hotel without a cab. It’s a thirty-minute drive, and I don’t think I can walk that far. If she’s, uh . . . busy . . . I just need a second of her time. That’s all.”

  Dean stared at me as I spoke, then rubbed his temples before letting out a sigh. “You don’t get it,” he finally said.

  “Don’t get what?” I asked.

  “How old are you?” he asked, studying my face closely.

  “Twenty,” I told him, not sure why that had anything to do with this.

  He started to say something else but then closed his mouth. I watched him walk toward the large, arched opening to the left. “Follow me.”

  I didn’t want to take another step into this place, but if he was leading me to Sonya, I would go. I needed money to leave. I was stuck without it.

  We walked into a living area with two large butter-colored leather sofas and a massive marble fireplace. The fire was lit, and warmth filled the room.

  “Hello, Emily,” a deep, warm voice said, causing me to pause. He knew my name. Sitting in the far corner of the room in a large chair, with his feet propped up on the table in front of him, was a shirtless Kiro Manning. His hair was damp and curling around his neck. I didn’t let myself look at his chest. His piercing blue eyes felt as if they were burning me alive.

  “Hello,” I replied, but my voice came out in a whisper.

  The corners of his lips tugged up. Did he think I had come here for him? “Come sit with me,” he said as he took in the rest of me. He did think I was here for him.

  “I, uh, my cousin is here. I thought she was . . . with you. Or you asked her to stay. I brought her luggage. I need to get money from her so I can get back to my hotel.”

  Kiro rubbed his stubbled chin with his finger and thumb before pressing his thumb to his bottom lip. That was sexy. I was so going to remember that look tonight in bed.

  “Didn’t invite your cousin to stay because I wanted her,” he said, dropping his legs to the ground and standing up. “Didn’t bring her back here last night because I wanted her.” He walked around the table and headed my way.

  “She ain’t acting, man. She blushed and stammered and went into a panic when I told her I wanted to eat her pussy. This innocent shit is fucking real,” Dean growled at Kiro.

  Kiro’s gaze swung to Dean’s, and he looked angry. No, he looked furious. “You told her what?”

  “She wasn’t what I expected. She looks like fucking Snow White. I was testing her, and she passed. She is motherfucking Snow White. Get that through that lust haze you got going on. Not your type, Kiro,” Dean had taken a step toward him so that they were now in each other’s face, looking like they wanted to rip each other’s head off.

  “Back off this. Now.” Kiro’s voice was getting louder.

  Dean looked at me then back at Kiro. They continued to glare at each other, and then Dean muttered a curse and stalked out of the room. Leaving us alone.

  Dean didn’t make me nervous. I wanted him to come back.

  Kiro’s nostrils flared, then he visibly relaxed before turning back to me. We stood there in silence, staring at each other. I didn’t know what he was doing or thinking. I just knew that Kiro Manning scared me and excited me all at the same time. I didn’t know what to do with this or how to handle him.

  “Your cousin is here because last night, when you walked out that door, I cornered Trac. I wanted your name. And he didn’t know it, either, but he knew your cousin.”

  They had brought Sonya here to get to me? For Kiro? Oh, God. That’s what Dean was trying to tell him.

  I wasn’t going to sleep with him. I wasn’t one of his groupies. I wasn’t like Sonya. But he wasn’t listening.

  “I’m not like her,” I blurted out.

  An amused grin touched Kiro’s lips. He had really good lips. Better than good lips. “No, you’re not,” he replied.

  He didn’t get it. I tried again. “I’m not a groupie. I’m a fan. I like your music. Y’all are very talented. But just because I like your songs doesn’t mean I’ll sleep with you.”

  Kiro stepped closer to me and backed me up until I hit a wall. His eyes were locked on my lips. “You’re a fan, huh?” he said in a low, deep rumble.


  Swear to God, if she bit that bottom lip, I was taking that mouth. Too fucking sweet.

  She held her breath.

  “You gotta breathe, angel,” I told her, lowering my head so I could smell her skin again. Such fucking sweet skin.

  “I just need . . . I came to bring my cousin’s, uh . . . I brought her . . . luggage,” she stammered. I was making her nervous.

  “You didn’t bring your luggage?” I asked, leaning back so I could look at her. I had told her cousin I wanted Emily here. If Emily came, then she could stay.

  She shook her head. “No. I, uh . . . I’ll just stay at the hotel I’m at. I don’t do . . . the stuff Sonya does.”

  But she fucking thought about it. At least, with me. She was fighting it, but it was in her eyes. Right there in that wide-eyed, innocent look, I saw her attraction to me. Trac had said she shot him down. I could teach her how to relax. With her thighs open and my head between her legs, she’d lose that shyness real fast.

  My cock thickened in my jeans. The idea of her telling me to lick her as she held my hair in her fists, keeping my tongue on her cunt, was fucking hot. I had never had an angel, and fuck, I wanted one. This o
ne. I wanted to fuck some angel pussy.

  I reached up and cupped her face. “Fucking gorgeous,” I said, mostly to myself. Because she was. Like them damn dolls. Fuck me, I was gonna get hard every time I saw one of those dolls from now on.

  The tip of her pink tongue darted out to wet her lips, and I gave up trying to ease her into this. I wanted that mouth. So I took it.

  I licked the seam of her closed mouth until she barely opened, giving me just enough access to plunder my way inside, taking and tasting every honey-sweet bit of her mouth. Her body leaned toward me as her hands grabbed my shoulders. But nothing was as good as the moment her tongue flicked over mine. Groaning at her gentle, shy touch, I reached down and grabbed her waist and hauled her up against me. Hot little body, all fucking curvy as hell. That ass naked, and those tits. God, let those tits be real.

  “What the hell?” a female voice shrieked, and although I could ignore it, Emily couldn’t. Her body stiffened, and she jerked her hands from my hair, where they had managed to slip into. She tore her mouth from mine and stared up at me as if she’d just committed a crime.

  “Emily, what are you doing?” the other girl demanded again. I didn’t like the way she was talking to Emily. I didn’t fucking like it at all. I also didn’t like that I had Emily all sweet and soft in my hands and this other girl had fucked it up.

  “I was . . . I came, and you weren’t . . .” Emily was nervous. Fuck that shit. Bitch wasn’t going to make her nervous.

  “You want to stay here, bitch, then you’ll back your nosy ass out of this and leave Emily the hell alone,” I warned, glaring back at her over my shoulder while I kept Emily’s body against the wall and in my hands.

  The girl’s eyes flared, and I could see this wasn’t going to be that easy. Fuck that. She was leaving.

  “Get out of here,” I barked, then turned back to look down at Emily. Her eyes were staring up at me. She wasn’t saying anything, but every damn emotion she felt was right there, playing across her beautiful face.