Misbehaving, p.5
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       Misbehaving, p.5

           Tiffany Reisz
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  softness, the fluttering of her taut inner muscles.

  “You dreamed of me?”

  “All the time,” he confessed. “I wanted you so much. It nearly killed me to back away from you. And then Claudia told me about your blog…” he said before he realized he’d just admitting to reading her sex toy reviews.

  He pushed a third finger into her. Her body opened up further to receive it. He massaged her inside, in no hurry to do anything but get to know her vagina on the most intimate of terms.

  “You read the Miss Bea Haven column?” She sounded pleasantly surprised, almost flattered.

  “Of course not. A column where the sexiest woman on earth pleasures herself with sex toys and then writes about it? Gross.”

  Beatriz laughed and Ben grinned as her vaginal muscles twitched around his fingers.

  “Did you pleasure yourself while reading about me pleasuring myself?”

  “Masturbate? Me?” Ben asked, feigning innocence. “Never. That’s disgusting.”

  “If you masturbated while reading about me masturbating I might have to masturbate while imagining you masturbating about me masturbating.”

  “Or we could just skip the masturbating and fuck each other.”

  “Better idea,” Beatriz agreed.

  Almost reluctantly Ben pulled his fingers out of Beatriz. He could have touched her inside all night. But they had a job to do. The best job in the history of the universe, specifically.

  Ben started to pull away from her, but Beatriz stopped him with a hand on the one part of his body certain to stop him from moving a muscle.

  “My turn,” she said, stroking him. “You touched me. Now I get to touch you.”

  “That’s entirely fair,” Ben said as he rolled onto his back. Beatriz moved her hand slowly over his inches, caressing him over and over again from base to tip.

  “Does this feel good?” she asked.

  “So fucking good. I like having the underside touched especially.”

  “Which side is that?”

  “The top side,” he said, taking her hand by the wrist and showing her his favorite way to be touched.

  “But that’s the outside.”

  “Only when I’m hard. It’s the underside when I’m not.”

  “Why would I give a hand job to a guy who wasn’t turned on?”

  “Impossible. If you were touching him, he’d always be hard,” Ben said, turning his head to kiss her. Her hand on his cock made every muscle in his stomach and lower back tighten like a coiled spring.

  Beatriz laughed against his lips as she wrapped her hand tightly around him and pulled. He groaned in the back of his throat.

  “If you keep doing that I’ll come in your hand,” Ben warned.

  “Oh, no. Anything but that.”

  “I thought we were doing the butterfly.”

  “We are. But I like getting to know your body.”

  “It is beyond pleased to make your acquaintance.”

  Beatriz finally released him. Good timing, too, as he was getting precariously close to orgasm. She slid on top of him and put her hands on either side of his head.

  She dipped her head and kissed his lips while he brushed her long dark hair over her sculpted shoulders.

  “Are you ready to be inside me?” she asked.

  She asked the question with sincerity, and he answered with equal sincerity while looking into her eyes.


  He kissed her and held her close a moment. He couldn’t believe it was finally happening. For years she’d been the one who got away and now here she was, in his arms, waiting for him to make love to her.

  No. Stop. This was just sex, Ben reminded himself. Beatriz had even called it work. He shouldn’t get all wrapped up emotionally in this. Sex. Fucking. Just that.

  He almost convinced himself. Almost.

  She moved off him and Ben slowly stood up. He rolled on a condom while Beatriz lined up her hips with the end of the bed and put two pillows under her pelvis.

  “Stand right there,” she said, pointing at the floor. “I need to put my ankles on your shoulders. Sorry if my feet smell weird.”

  Ben took her ankles in his hands.

  “Horrible. Can’t even breathe,” he said before turning and kissing the top of her right foot.

  “Okay, whenever you’re ready, I’m ready,” she said as she scooted an inch closer to the end of the bed. He looked down at her, at the absolute splendor of her nakedness, her breasts and hard nipples, her soft flat stomach and rounded hips, her hair against the sheets, black on white. He took his erection in his hand and guided it to the opening of her vagina.

  Slowly he eased into her, wanting to relish every second of this moment, of this first penetration. He slid in until his hips were flush against her bottom and he felt the hard stop of her cervix barring him from going any deeper.

  Closing his eyes, he took a few deep heavy breaths to calm himself. He opened them and saw Beatriz looking up at him.

  “You’re smiling,” he said.

  “You’re inside me.”

  “That’s why I’m smiling, too. Does it feel okay?”

  She nodded. “Deep. It feels really deep.” She lifted her hips and he bumped against her cervix again.

  “Too deep? I can pull out.”

  “Try thrusting. We’ll see how it feels.”

  He pulled out and pushed back in again. He’d never seen anything sexier in his life than the sight of his cock moving in and out of Beatriz. Her wetness coated him, her heat consumed him. He ran his hands up and down her long legs. He found her clitoris again and teased it with a single fingertip. The combination of penetration and clitoral stimulation seemed to do magical things to Beatriz. Her fingers clutched the sheets and her hips moved up and down his penis. He barely had to move now. She did most of the work.

  “Good?” he asked.

  “So good. Can you hand me my phone?”


  “My phone. By the bed. Can you reach it?”

  He could reach it, easily. He handed it to her and she tapped on the screen.

  “Sorry,” she said. “Part of the job.”

  “Are you texting somebody while we’re having sex?”

  “Notes,” she said. “Just takes a second.”

  “This is for the review?”

  “Posterity demands it.” She tossed her phone aside and smiled up at him. “Seriously. Sorry about that. I should have warned you.”

  “What did you write?”

  “Just notes.”


  She took a quick breath.

  “I wrote that this position is highly recommended for lights-on sex as you get to see your partner’s amazing body in all its glory.”

  “I noticed that. You look incredible.”

  “I was talking about you,” she said.

  Ben started to say something funny, something snarky, then stopped himself. Nothing came out except a grinning, slightly sheepish “Thank you.”

  Beatriz said nothing to his “thank you,” only continued to gaze at him with eyes glowing with heated desire.

  “There’s another note you should make,” he said. “For the guy, this position is awesome because he can watch himself moving in and out of her. I mean, you. I mean, I can see all of you, and it’s sexy as hell.”

  “Really?” she asked.

  “Seriously. I can’t stop looking.”

  Beatriz picked up her phone again, tapped a few buttons and then handed it to him.

  “Take a pic,” she said. “It’ll last longer.”

  He stared at her. “Are you serious?”

  “You think only men love porn?” she asked. “The pic is for me. If you’re lucky, I might email it to you.”

  “I’m inside you. I am officially the luckiest man on the planet.”

  He took her phone and snapped a few quick pictures of their bodies joined together. He gave her the phone back and she tossed it aside.

sp; “Make me come, and I’ll send it to you,” she said.

  “Challenge accepted.”

  He started to thrust with intensity again. He couldn’t get enough of fucking her.

  He rubbed her clitoris as he pushed into her harder and faster. Beatriz closed her eyes. She seemed to lose herself in the pleasure of the moment, running her hands down her stomach, cupping her own breasts, lifting them, pinching her nipples and moaning in breathless little pants. He increased the speed and pressure of his ministrations to her clitoris, a move that caused Beatriz to gasp loudly. Her body went stiff for a moment before she released a loud, lusty cry. Her vagina spasmed with her climax all around Ben’s still thrusting length.

  Beatriz took a few calming breaths.

  “Okay,” she said, still panting. “Your turn.”

  Ben kissed her calf.

  “Is it cheating if I get on my knees? I’m not sure I can come in this position.” He had to concentrate so hard on keeping her legs on his shoulders that he doubted he could focus enough to orgasm while both standing and holding her legs up.

  “You can do whatever you want. The butterfly position has been tried, tested and woman-approved.”

  Laughing, Ben pushed Beatriz back on the bed so he could kneel on the mattress. He lowered her legs down to either side of him and held her hips.

  “This position is called the Anvil according to the book.” Beatriz grabbed the book lying on the bed and flipped it open.

  “The Anvil?”

  “Don’t ask. It makes no sense to me either.” She flashed him a picture of a couple having sex in the same position they were in—woman on her back, man on his knees, her ankles on his shoulders. She tossed the book aside and adjusted her legs. “Thanks for the orgasm. I guess I owe you a picture.”

  “You’re even sexier when you’re coming,” Ben said as he put his whole body into his thrusts.

  “I want to see you come.”

  “You will. I’m so close. I love fucking you.”

  “Good. I’ll need you to do it again tomorrow.”

  “Call my secretary. We’ll see if I can fit you into my schedule.” He winked at her. Neither Heaven nor Hell nor pre-wedding festivities was going to keep him out of Beatriz’s bed and body this week.

  Ben took Beatriz’s breasts in his hands and held them while he moved against her and inside her and with her. She’d already had her orgasm, but she still moved, raising her hips to meet his thrusts, coaxing him on and on. He lost himself inside her, lost all self-consciousness, all nervousness, all fear. Their bodies merged seamlessly. He belonged inside her. Long, slow strokes turned into sharp, hard, fast thrusts. He pounded into her shamelessly, mercilessly, her hungry sounds of pleasure driving out any fear that she wasn’t enjoying this as much as he was. On his knees over her with his hands on her breasts, Ben came with a guttural grunt that did no justice to the incredible pleasure of the orgasm that shot through him from neck to knees.

  He collapsed on top of Beatriz and rolled them onto their sides. For a long time they merely lay together in a tangle of arms and legs as they tried to catch their breath.

  Ben felt a sense of peace, of perfect happiness coming over him. They had only this week together and he was determined to spend every free second inside her.

  “So…” he said at last as Beatriz stretched out next to him, her thigh over his stomach, her head on his chest where it belonged.


  “That was chapter two?”

  “Chapter two,” she said.

  “How many chapters are in this book?”


  “Wedding’s in five days. Twenty chapters. Four chapters a day.”

  “We can skip some.”

  He shook his head.

  “Oh, no, if we’re going to review this book, we’re going to review it right.”

  Beatriz laughed and laid her head back on his chest.

  “I love my job.”

  Chapter Six

  “Holy…” Beatriz said as Ben pulled out of her and collapsed onto his back. He hit the mattress with his hand hard enough to rattle the headboard.

  “That’s it. I’m tapping out for the night. Sorry.”

  “Sorry? We just had sex three times in four different positions.” Beatriz laughed and bit his shoulder. God, he had beautiful shoulders. And now he had beautiful bite-marked shoulders. Even better.

  With languid limbs she pulled herself into a sitting position and grabbed her phone.

  “I was hoping for five. Ben Junior isn’t going to make it.”

  “That’s okay. The Queen Bee is tapping out, too.”

  “You call your vagina the Queen Bee?”

  “She’s in charge most of the time. Okay, so what did we do? Butterfly.”

  “Butterfly,” Ben repeated. “The Anvil.”

  “Anvil, got it.” She tapped on her phone screen. “I have no idea where these names come from, by the way.”

  “We did the Figure Eight, right?”

  “That’s the only one where the name actually made sense.” Beatriz made another note.

  “What was that last one?” Ben asked. “It was weird.”

  “Coital Alignment. Some sex doctors invented it in the eighties, I think. It’s supposed to maximize clitoral stimulation.”

  “Is that why you came twice during it, and I felt like I was going to fall out of the bed the entire time?”

  “I wasn’t complaining.” Beatriz winked at him. Ben got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. As soon as he was gone she sunk back into the bed and stared up at the ceiling. It had happened. She and Ben had finally had sex. Five years she’d wondered what had gone wrong between them, why he’d backed off, what she’d done wrong. What was wrong with her that he wouldn’t sleep with her when she offered? What red-blooded straight college senior turned down sex with a naked eighteen-year-old woman standing right in front of him? One perfect date, one perfect kiss and then…nothing?

  But at least now she knew the reason. She forgave Ben, of course, and Henry, too. It had been long enough that there was no reason to hold a grudge against either of them. But more than that, those years apart disappeared as soon as he started talking, as soon as he smiled. He was still the same Ben she adored from back then. He’d only grown more handsome in their time apart. He wore his dark blond hair in a shorter style, which made his blue eyes the focal point of his face. In college he always wore stubble on his chin to look older. Now he shaved to look sophisticated. He’d been a party boy in college, a little too much beer and not enough working out. Now he’d slimmed down by about ten pounds and had nothing but muscle on his six-foot frame. Adulthood, the real world—it definitely looked good on him.

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