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       The Enticement, p.4
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         Part #5 of Submissive series by Tara Sue Me


  “It was the first time. Hand me the mayo, if you don’t mind.” I put a light layer on one side of the bread. “But it got easier and easier each time. To be honest, it’s now a turn-on for me. One, because I know he likes it, and two, because I enjoy serving him and knowing someone’s watching me.”

  “Do you know what he’s doing today?”

  I left her to finish up the sandwiches and started cutting fruit for a salad. “Oh, no. What would be the fun in that?”

  She laughed. “It’s hard for me to go into something not knowing what’s going to happen.”

  “But that’s the beautiful thing about submission. Letting go of the need to know everything, to do everything, and think everything. When you know, love, and trust your Dom, there’s a thrill in letting him take control because you know he knows, loves, and trusts you, too.”

  “And that’s what safe words are for.”


  “Have you ever said your safe word?”

  “Yes.” I grinned. “Before me, Master had never had a sub use her safe word. It’s only happened a few times, but I’ve used mine. I like to say it’s because I’m a challenge, but truthfully, I was new to the scene when he collared me. How would I know what my limits were if he didn’t help show me?”

  “Simon had me complete a checklist.”

  “That’s a good start. With a checklist he knows where to draw the lines. By actually playing, he’ll know how close he can get to them or if he needs to adjust them.”

  She’d finished with the sandwiches, so I pulled out a tray and we piled them on it. I’d put them in the refrigerator along with the fruit salad. We’d eat after we played.

  “There’s so much to learn,” she said.

  “And you’ll never know it all. But Simon is well respected and highly regarded. You’re in good hands.”

  She blushed. “Not yet, I’m not. We haven’t done anything.”

  I chuckled and we went back to finishing up lunch preparations. That’s how the men found us a short time later. Simon walked over to Lynne and gave her a quick kiss. Nathaniel took note of her calmer demeanor and mouthed Thank you to me. I simply smiled and nodded.

  He looked down at his watch. “Ten minutes, Abigail. The three of us will follow later.”

  I made it to the playroom in five minutes since I wanted plenty of time to kneel and get in the right frame of mind. Almost immediately after going to my knees I could sense a difference in myself. Nathaniel’s plan from last night had worked. I should never have doubted him. I closed my eyes and focused on the air moving in and out of my lungs.

  “Very nice, Abigail.”

  I started slightly. I hadn’t heard Nathaniel come in. Matter of fact, I hadn’t heard Simon or Lynne either.

  Nathaniel walked around me. “I think we’re both in a much better place mentally today than we were yesterday. Wouldn’t you agree?”

  I kept my head lowered. “Yes, Master. Thank you.”

  “You’re welcome.” He placed the end of a riding crop under my chin and forced my head up. His eyes were dark with desire and wicked intent, yet somehow completely serious. “I take responsibility for last night and you can be assured it won’t happen again.”

  His voice washed over me, taking with it the lingering stress and guilt I had about the previous night. I felt so much lighter. It was obvious he noticed the change in me, because he smiled before saying, “I want you on the whipping bench.”

  He didn’t tell me to crawl, so I rose to my feet and walked toward the bench, swaying my hips the way I knew he liked. I settled my body over the bench, noting he had attached restraints to the wooden frame. That usually meant he’d planned something intense and excitement rushed through my veins.

  He spoke something so softly to Simon and Lynne I couldn’t hear, then walked to me. Just as I thought, he picked up the restraints and bound me to the bench.

  “I want to hear all your noises today, but I need you to be still. Since it’s been so long, I thought it for the best I bind you.”

  “Thank you, Master.” I appreciated his reasoning for binding me.

  “Look at this ass,” he said, running his hands over my flesh. “Practically begging for me to punish it.”

  I took a deep breath and let the air out of my lungs with a moan. His hands felt so good. He kneaded my backside for a few minutes and then smacked it hard.

  “Oh, fuck, yes,” I nearly panted. I tried to lift my ass up for more, but he’d bound me too tightly. Instead I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the sharp pain that diffused into pleasure with his hands.

  I noticed he’d stopped only when the silence of the room struck me. “Green, Master,” I almost whined, wanting more.

  There was no verbal reply. In fact, there was nothing for about thirty seconds. Then I heard it—the unmistakable metallic clinking of a belt being unbuckled. I sucked in a breath. How had it escaped my attention he had a belt on?

  My body tensed in anticipation. There was something about his use of a belt in the playroom. He could wield one just so, making me feel pain or pleasure depending on his desires. Whenever he’d use one, he would wear it for the next day or two and the sight of it around his waist never failed to remind me of how it felt against my skin, guaranteeing instant arousal.

  He yanked the belt from his pants in one quick motion and I heard myself beg, “Oh, please. Oh, please. Oh, please,” as I fought against the restraints to rub my legs together.

  “Be still.”

  I whimpered, but obeyed. He slapped the belt against the palm of his hand and walked to the front of the bench to stand before me. With each step he took, he repeated the slap against the palm of his hand. The sound echoed in the otherwise quiet room.

  His feet came into view and he dropped the end of the belt so it dangled to his side, the tail end swaying ever so slightly. “Earn it,” he commanded. “Earn me marking that delicious ass and pussy.”

  Still holding the belt with one hand, he unzipped his pants and pushed them over his hips. His magnificent erection was inches from my face. I licked my lips at the sight of its hard, straining length.

  “Yes, Abigail, I’m going to fuck your mouth and you’re going to swallow everything I give you.” He tapped my chin. “Open and take me.”

  It was awkward, but I was just able to engulf his cock in the position I was in. He pushed his hips forward and hit the back of my throat.

  “All the way,” he said.

  Normally, I’d lift my head up, but tied as I was, I couldn’t get him all the way in my mouth. Keeping the belt in one hand, he grabbed both sides of my head by my hair. He bent his knees and with that angle, I was able to take him completely.

  “Fuck, you feel good.” He gave a few preliminary thrusts before he started using my mouth in earnest. In binding me to the bench, he’d put me in a position to take whatever he gave me. The thought of him using me for his pleasure spurred me on and I relaxed my throat even more to allow him better access.

  “So good,” he said in between thrusts.

  There had been times I’d served him orally when he held off his climax as long as possible. He didn’t seem to be inclined to do so at the moment, though. His use of me was hard and fast and it wasn’t too long before I felt his impending release. He pulled my hair harder, thrusting deep inside my mouth, and then held still.

  “Going to come so hard,” he said in a near growl. “And you’re going to swallow it all.”

  He came with a grunt and I worked frantically to ensure nothing escaped. He dropped the belt and held my head, his fingers now stroking my hair. My body nearly hummed with the pleasure I found in his touch.

  “So good, my lovely,” he whispered. “I love the way you serve me. Holding nothing back. Giving me everything.”

  He withdrew from my mouth and pulled his pants up. Serving him turned me on and while he might have had some relief with his climax, I still ached for mine. He would know this an
d I wasn’t surprised when he kept his hands running across my body, teasing here and there, as he moved to position himself behind me.

  He slid a finger into me. “Perhaps you’ll earn my belt by this evening. But for now, we’ll start with something else I know you’ve been craving.”

  Even though I expected it, when he placed the leather strap beside my head, my heart skipped a beat. I had wanted him to spank me, but it wasn’t until I saw what he had planned that I realized I needed it so badly.

  “Do you wish to say anything?” he asked, dipping another finger into me and smiling with satisfaction at the wetness he found.

  “Please, please, please, Master. I need—”

  My words were cut short by a hard slap against my ass.

  “Need what?”

  I groaned. “That, Master. I need you to spank me.”

  He didn’t say anything, but answered me with soft smacks that gradually grew harder. I tried to shift my hips—my clit was desperate for friction—but as soon as I moved a muscle he stopped.

  “I bound you to the table for a reason, Abigail. Move again and I’ll stop completely.”

  “I’m sorry, Master.”

  “Prove it by remaining still.”

  He started once more and I forced myself to remain still. As the temptation to squirm grew stronger and stronger, I closed my eyes and breathed in and out with slow, measured breaths. I cleared my mind and set my focus solely on him.

  “Very nice, my lovely.”

  He continued, using only his hands, taking time to prepare my skin, and every so often, teasing my swollen flesh by slipping a finger or two inside me and then circling my clit. The smacks to my ass got harder and faster, yet somehow he was still pumping his fingers in and out of me.

  My breathing grew choppy as his fingers went deeper and deeper, tormenting me by almost brushing my G-spot. And all the while, his other hand still rained delicious swats.

  “Oh, fuck, Master,” I said as he pressed a third finger inside me.

  “Such language, tsk-tsk-tsk.” He hooked his fingers, pressing against the spot I needed right as he brought the leather strap down across my ass.

  I squeezed my inner muscles tight to hold off my orgasm. “Fuck!”

  “I wouldn’t come without permission if I were you. I’d hate to turn this into a chastisement.” He pushed his fingers in and out again. “I’m going to give you nine more and you’re not allowed to come. I’m enjoying fucking you like this, so I’m going to keep doing it.”

  I wasn’t going to be able to do it. I couldn’t hold out while he repeated his actions nine more times. I thought about using my yellow safe word. I opened and closed my fist.

  “You can do this,” he whispered in my ear. “You will do it. For me.”

  His words strengthened my resolve. With his vote of confidence, I knew I could do it. And his subtle reminder that I would be doing it for him spoke to that part within me that longed and needed to serve him.

  “Nine more, Master,” I said. “For you.”

  The strap landed again in time with his fingers. “Thank you, Abigail.”

  The next three landed quickly and I held my breath until he stopped and rubbed my skin, pushing the sharp ache to an ever-growing pleasure.

  “How many more?” he asked.

  “Five, Master. Please.”

  The strap connected with my backside again and I gasped as his fingers pushed back inside me.

  “Count down,” he commanded.


  I found that focusing on the count made it easier to get through the last three. Though by the time he’d finished ten it took all my self-control not to allow my body to give in to the release he’d artfully built me up to.

  He put the strap back beside my head and shifted the fingers still inside me. “You’re so wet. So ready for my cock to slide inside and fuck you. Is that what you want, my lovely?”

  “Yes, Master,” I whined.

  He chuckled. “No, ‘If it pleases you, Master’?”

  “I’m being honest.” I squeezed my eyes tightly. His fingers were still moving inside my achy body.

  The chuckle escalated into full-blown laughter. “So you are. Thank you.” His fingers left and I came close to whining again, but then he said, “Come when you want.”

  The warmth of his mouth engulfed me right where I needed him the most. I anticipated soft nibbles, but he was rough, licking and sucking my clit. I tensed, wanting to hang on to the overwhelming pleasure he brought my body for just a bit longer. It possibly would have worked, but he brought his fingers back into the mix and that, along with his wicked tongue, quickly made holding off impossible.

  “Oh, God. Yes,” I moaned.

  He made one more swipe of his tongue, pressed his fingers to that spot he knew so well, and I came with a helpless cry. He didn’t move, but kept going with his movements.

  “Again,” he said, rubbing my clit.

  My second climax followed, and I barely had time to capture my breath before I heard his pants unzip and he thrust into me.

  “You’re going to come a third time, but with my cock inside you.”

  I wondered idly if anyone had ever died from orgasm overdose. It didn’t seem possible I could come again, but my body was now completely under his control and if he asked me to fly, I’d probably sprout wings and take off. And just like that he worked me into a frenzy for a third time.

  His thrusts were powerful, each one hitting deep within me and pushing my body against the bench. Bound as I was, there was nothing for me to do but to let him use me as he wanted. I closed my eyes and let myself enjoy the freedom and release he gave me. The sharp ache of my backside made the pleasure he brought all that much more intense and before long I was back on the cusp of another orgasm.

  He was close, too. I could tell by his jerky movements and the harshness of his breathing. “Damn, Abigail. You feel so good. I want to feel that pussy squeeze my cock as you come again.”

  His fingers swept along my clit and my body responded. I whimpered as my release followed the commands of his touch and then again when he came as well.

  He left me trembling, my flesh hypersensitive, and every nerve ending standing at attention waiting to see what he would require next.

  He rained kisses along my spine and I shivered. “So good, my lovely.”

  It was as if that was the signal my body needed. I relaxed into the aftereffects as he unbound me. I felt heavy and it took a lot of energy to keep my eyes open, so I kept them closed. He massaged my back and tenderly rubbed lotion onto my backside. Somewhere around me there were voices, but it sounded more like a gentle hum of bees and I couldn’t make out the words.

  He tucked a blanket around me and then lifted me in his arms. I sighed. It felt so good to be wrapped in his embrace. I buried my head into his chest and took a deep breath.

  He chuckled. “I probably smell like sweat and sex. But then again, so do you.”

  “I like the way you smell. You should bottle it up and sell it.” I inhaled again. “Nah, on second thought, I think I’ll keep you all to myself.”

  We’d made it into the bedroom. He put me in the middle of the bed and then climbed up to pull my back to his chest. He kissed the back of my neck. “I’m keeping you to myself, too. Forever.”

  I let myself drift for a few seconds, easing my way to sleep, when it hit me. “Simon and Lynne.”

  His arms tightened around me “They’re fine. I’ve got everything under control. What I need you to do is rest.”

  With the reminder I could leave the world in his capable hands, I allowed sleep to overtake me.

  * * *

  I dozed off and on for what seemed like hours, never falling into a deep sleep. Nathaniel stayed beside me while I rested. Every time I roused enough to be aware of my surroundings, I felt his warmth. As the fatigue I normally felt after a scene slowly lifted, I twisted around to face him.

  “Awake?” he asked with a kiss.
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