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         Part #1 of Lessons From the Rack series by Tara Sue Me
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  She appreciated his mention of Terrence. Thinking of him refocused her mind on where it needed to be. She was doing this for him, for them. And for them, she could stand a little embarrassment from Master Matthews.

  “I haven’t knelt before him yet,” she confessed. But she wanted to. She really, really wanted to.

  “That’s right.” He mumbled something else under his breath. “Tell me why you want to kneel before him.”

  “Because I trust him and I want to experience the pleasure he can give me when I give up my control to him. And I want to be what he needs.”

  He nodded. “Good answers. But what if you can’t be what he needs? What if you discover that you hate submitting to anyone?”

  “I’ll cross that bridge if I get to it.” And really, she didn’t want to think about it right now. Not when she’d only arrived today and was standing naked in a stranger’s office.

  “What if you find you like being the one in charge?”

  She frowned. She hadn’t thought about that. “I don’t think that’s going to happen.”


  “Because in my fantasies, I’m not the one giving orders. I’m taking them.”

  “Close your eyes. Tell me.”

  She closed her eyes as she remembered the one she’d thought up the night before.

  Master Matthew’s office chair squeaked and she heard his footsteps as he came toward her. “Tell me, Miss Lincoln. Tell me what you fantasize about when you’re alone in bed.”

  “I don’t think—”

  “Exactly. Don’t think. Just talk.”

  She took a deep breath. This was probably a test. She really wanted to pass.

  She’d always had an active fantasy life, but the one last night had been different.

  She was blindfolded and kneeling in his bedroom. He’d been waiting for tonight to finally take her and make her his. She felt a little nervous and hoped she didn’t forget or mess up. The night needed to be perfect.

  Footsteps echoed in the hallway and she adjusted her position. He’s finally coming. Finally.

  But he didn’t say anything when he entered the room. He crossed the floor silently and stopped when he was in front of her. She’d pulled her hair back in a ponytail and he took it out. He combed her hair gently, but just as quickly, his touch grew rough and he pulled her head back by her hair.

  “You like it rough, don’t you?” His voice was hard and the sound of it made her want him even more.

  “Yes, Sir. Please.”

  “So polite.” His grip tightened in her hair. “Are you ready for me to make you mine?”

  “Yes, Sir.” She was so ready, she nearly hummed with need.

  “I’ve waited so long to have you. You have no idea of the things I want to do to you.”

  She didn’t think it was possible, but his words made her want him even more. He only had her hair in his hands; how would it feel to have those hands all over her body?

  “You’re going to take anything I give you, aren’t you?”

  “Yes, Sir.”

  “And you know why?”

  She had a good idea, but she shook her head anyway.

  “Because you’re my little slut.”

  Andie felt her cheeks heat as she told that part of the fantasy. “That was new last night.”

  “What was?” Master Matthews asked.

  “When he called me his slut.” She swallowed. Her mouth was so dry. “I’ve never had him do that in my fantasies before.”

  “And how did it make you feel?”

  She couldn’t understand why it was easier to talk with him about such things with her eyes closed. Especially considering how she was still naked. But she didn’t hesitate to reply.

  “I liked it.” She licked her lips. “I liked it a lot.”

  “Open your eyes, Miss Lincoln.”

  He was close. So close. And when she opened her eyes, all she could see was him. His eyes were dark with an emotion she couldn’t name. But his voice was remarkably calm when he spoke.

  “There now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

  “No, Sir,” she said, and she was acutely aware her voice was nowhere near as calm as his. It’s just because you were thinking about your fantasy. That’s all. It has nothing to do with Master Matthews.

  “You may put your clothes back on.” He walked to his desk and took a packet of papers and a room key. “This is your schedule for the first block of courses. Classes start the day after tomorrow. Once you’re dressed, you can head up to your room and get settled. Your roommate will be arriving soon.”

  He didn’t face her again, but instead sat down at his desk and started working on his computer. She wondered if she’d said or done something wrong. It didn’t seem likely. From what she could tell, he had no problem letting anyone know how he felt. Maybe he had to get ready for the next student. May had said there were more to arrive today.

  She slipped her clothes on quickly and since he was still working when she finished, she simply said, “Good-bye, Sir,” on her way out.

  And though it was faint, she heard his “Good-bye, Miss Lincoln” in reply.



  She went slowly up the stairs, taking the time to think about what had just happened. She had stood naked in front of a near stranger. Not only that, but she’d told him about her fantasies. And though she’d been a little embarrassed, it wasn’t as bad as she’d feared. Maybe she was cut out for this submissive stuff after all.

  At the top of the staircase, she turned to the right. Based on the information she’d been sent, her room was at the end of the hall. She opened the door, surprised to find her roommate inside waiting.

  “Hi,” the woman said. “You must be Andie.” She held out her hand. “I’m Maggie.”

  Maggie was short, with shoulder-length red hair, eyes that danced with mischief, and a smile so infectious, Andie couldn’t help but return it. When she’d first heard she’d have a roommate, she’d thought it sounded strange. She’d questioned Terrence and he’d told her the thinking behind it was to form connections and have someone nearby to talk with.

  “I put your stuff over on that bed.” Maggie pointed to the bed near a window. “We can change if that’s not good.”

  Andie looked around the room. It was actually a lot larger than she’d anticipated. There was a massive sitting area, and the two beds, while in the same room, were separated from the living area by strategically placed furniture. The hardwood floor matched the flooring found throughout the rest of the castle, as did the rug.

  “That bed’s fine,” Andie said. “This is a nice room.”

  Maggie followed her as she walked over to her bed to unpack. “It really is. I keep wanting to pinch myself, I can’t believe I’m finally here. This was my third year applying for the summer session.”

  Master Matthews’s words echoed in her head: Do you know how many people applied for those ten positions?

  “Your third year?” she asked, making sure she kept her expression and voice neutral.

  “Yes. I was starting to think they’d never take me.”


  “How many times did you apply?”

  Andie stood up and faced her roommate. “Just the one time.”

  Maggie tilted her head. “Really? Huh. You must have sent in one helluva application.”

  Andie didn’t want to tell her that it was Terrence who took the lead in getting her application into the hands of Lennox MacLure. She shrugged. “I guess.”

  “So are you with a Dom, or looking, or what?”

  “I’m with a Dom.” Her belly fluttered as she spoke the words. She was with a Dom. Terrence. He was going to be her Dom. “How about you?”

  “I’m single. Just wanted to get trained by the best. I’ve been in the scene for five years. Thought it was time to take it seriously. Tell me about your Dom.”

  It was a reasonable request and one that, if she had been dating a noncelebrity,
she’d have jumped at the chance to answer. But while it was certain that Maggie knew who Terrence was, he’d worked hard to keep Andie out of the limelight. So far the paparazzi didn’t know who she was, though there had been rumors of his “secret girlfriend.”

  “He’s great,” she said, feeling the rush of warmth that always accompanied any conversation about Terrence. “His name is John. John Knightly.”

  It wasn’t really a lie. John was his middle name and he often checked into hotels as John Knightly.

  “Do you call him ‘Sir’ or ‘Master’? I’m always curious about how different couples work.”

  Andie hesitated. She didn’t want to tell Maggie she had zero experience. “Sir. I call him ‘Sir.’” She cringed inwardly because that was a lie. The only person she’d ever called Sir was Master Matthews.

  “I figured as much. I don’t see a collar on you. Not that it means anything. He’s probably waiting for you to finish your training.”

  She wasn’t sure what Terrence’s plan was. What Andie did know was that she needed to turn the direction of conversation away from personal BDSM discussions. “Did you check in with Master Matthews?” He’d said her roommate would be arriving soon. Andie had taken that to mean Maggie was his next appointment.

  Maggie shook her head. “No, I got here earlier than expected. They said Master Matthews was busy. I guess with you. I met with Master MacLure.”

  “The owner?” Terrence hadn’t told her much about the man, just that he was somewhat of a recluse.

  “Right?” Maggie laughed. “I about died. Died! And everything you’ve heard about him is true. He’s impossibly good-looking, but I think his face would crack if he smiled. And no joke, he put the tense in intensity. What’s Matthews like? I heard he’s hot.”

  “You did? Where?”

  Maggie waved her hand as if brushing off the question. “There’s a message board about the academy on one of the online groups I’m a member of. They said he’s recently promoted, single, devilishly handsome, and a bit rough around the edges.”

  “That about sums him up.”

  “Just how devilishly handsome is he?”

  Andie thought back to when she first saw him, standing in his office. His calculated stare. The way he looked over her body when she was naked. She shivered.

  “That handsome, huh?” Maggie asked, obviously noting her response to the question.

  “Yes, well, you know.”

  “It’s okay. You have a Dom. You’re not dead. You can still think a man is good-looking.”

  “Yes,” Andie said as her phone vibrated with an incoming message. “He’s extremely good-looking.”

  “Good. I heard he’s going to be doing a lot of the lectures. I’ll be less likely to fall asleep if I have eye candy to look at.”

  Andie smiled and checked her phone.

  How are you? Everything okay? Haven’t heard from you.

  Terrence. Damn. She looked at the time. It was almost one in the afternoon and she hadn’t contacted him to tell him she’d arrived like they’d agreed and she’d missed his reply to her earlier text.

  She typed quickly. Sorry. Been so busy. Talking with roommate. All is well.

  So relieved. Have a dinner to go to in a few. Call you tonight?

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