The master, p.24
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       The Master, p.24

         Part #8 of Submissive series by Tara Sue Me
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  She carefully opened the box and unpacked the contents, placing everything on the countertop. By the time she finished, vegetables, meat, and spices covered an entire side of the kitchen. She stepped back and looked over it. “Shit.”

  He wondered about Julie’s definition of “easy to fix.”

  With a resolute sigh, she pulled out the recipe card and read it, lining up the items as she went. From where he sat, it looked like some sort of rice or pasta dish. She took out a pot and several bowls from the cabinet and started working.

  It looked like things were progressing well until she got to the carrots. Apparently, she had to peel and slice them and from what he could tell, Sasha had done neither before. He hoped she didn’t lose a finger the way she worked the knife.

  By the time she made it to the second carrot, the water she’d put on to boil was bubbling over the top of the pot. Once she had that under control, she went back to the carrots and managed to get through the second one. Her shoulders slumped as she saw how many were left.

  She threw two in the trash can, took another glance at the pile left and threw away another.

  “Who the hell needs so many carrots?” she asked the empty kitchen. “Seriously.”

  She drummed her fingers on the countertop and without warning, turned and walked his way. He dropped his eyes and pretended to work.

  “Sorry to interrupt, Sir,” she said. “But I have a quick question.”

  “Yes, little one?”

  “Are there rabbits in your yard?”

  He tried to hide his smile. “Rabbits?”

  “Yes, Sir. I have some carrots left over and I was wondering if I could put them outside?”

  “I’ve never seen any rabbits. Why don’t you just use them in whatever you’re cooking? I love carrots.”


  He nodded. “Yes, and Sasha?”


  “I smell something burning.”

  “Fuck!” she yelled and ran back to the kitchen.

  He kept his laughter to himself. Poor Sasha, trying to cook and getting sidetracked by carrots. He debated going to help her, but stayed where he was. Odds were, she wouldn’t welcome his being in the kitchen. She wanted to do this dinner by herself, so he would let her.

  “Damn, damn, damn,” she cursed from the kitchen, doing her best to salvage whatever she’d been boiling.

  When she had everything under control, she took a step back and wiped her nose with her sleeve. Her sigh was audible from where he sat. But she didn’t stop, she went back to peeling carrots and preparing the other vegetables.

  She’d told him the Web site said you could cook a meal from start to finish in thirty minutes. So far, she’d spent all her time with carrots and boiling water.

  “Thirty minutes, my ass,” she said, echoing his thoughts.

  She finished dinner an hour later. The kitchen looked like a disaster area, with nearly every bowl, pot, and pan he had piled in the sink. Carrot peels littered the countertop. An unknown liquid had been spilled on the floor and the air was still heavy with the tinge of burned food.

  But in the middle of it all, Sasha stood beaming and handed him a bowl. “Taste it, Sir. See if it’s good.”

  He took it and headed to the table. “Bring yourself a bowl and sit with me.”

  “I don’t know, Sir.” She spooned some pasta into a bowl and poured sauce on it. “What if it sucks?”

  “It smells divine and my kitchen looks like someone catered a meal for twenty. There’s no way it sucks.”

  She didn’t look convinced. “Sorry about the kitchen. I’ll clean it up.”

  “Don’t worry about it now. Let’s eat.”

  He took a tentative bite and hummed in pleasure at the taste. “Sasha, this is incredible.”

  She looked as if he’d just told her she’d won a million dollars. “Really?”

  “Taste for yourself.” He held his fork up to her mouth.

  She took a bite. “Wow.”

  “You did very well,” he said.

  “Thank you, but as I was cooking, I made up my mind about something.”

  “What was that?”

  “I’ll never serve a Master who expects me to cook. Once was enough. I mean, hell, the carrots alone were enough to drive me up the wall.” She shook her head. “And to think I’d have to do that two or three times a day? Hell, no.”

  They finished eating and she took their empty bowls to the sink.

  “Oh, man, I forgot I had all this left to clean up.”

  “I’ll help,” he said. “We’ll both clean up the countertops, and then you wash and I’ll dry.”

  “You’d really think someone like you would have someone come in to do this sort of thing.”

  “Nah, I like my privacy too much.”

  They worked quickly together clearing the countertops and Sasha was soon up to her wrists in sudsy water. “They have dishwashers for this, you know.”

  “I don’t like putting dirty dishes in there.”

  “It defeats the purpose of a dishwasher if you wash them first.”

  “Perhaps, but at least this way I don’t have a bunch of dirty dishes in my kitchen.”

  “But they’re in the dishwasher. Oh, fly!” She waved her hand to shoo the insect away, but in doing so splashed him.

  “Sasha.” He wiped the water from his face.

  “Sorry, Sir, it was buzzing in my ear.”

  He pretended to be stern. “And that makes it okay to get me wet?”

  She studied him as if weighing his words and expression to determine if he was serious. “Frankly, the only thing that would be more okay is if you were wet all over.” She shook her hand again, getting more water on him this time.

  He looked at her in shock. “You’re going to pay for that.”

  “Not if you don’t catch me.” And before he could reply, she spun and ran out of the kitchen, through the living room and out the back door, giggling.

  Game on.

  He let her have a few seconds of a head start and then followed. She waited on the patio behind his new table. “Splashing me and running away?” He shook his head. “Someone’s been a very bad girl.”

  “It was a mistake,” she said with a grin.

  “It was a mistake the first time. The second was on purpose.”

  “It’s not my fault you look hot when you’re wet.”

  “Is that right?”

  “I don’t want you getting a big head or anything, but yeah. You are.”

  He walked out onto the patio, keeping an eye on her. She moved back away from the table, still giggling, onto the grass, her hands up in a keep-your-distance signal.

  In his mind, he mapped where she was standing in relation to his sprinkler system. Her left foot was almost at one of the heads. He pretended his phone buzzed and pulled it out of his pocket.

  “Talk about rotten timing.” He looked at the display as if reading a text, but in reality he scrolled through his apps until he found the one he was looking for.

  There it was, the new app that allowed him to control his sprinklers from his smartphone. “Hold on, I just need to take care of this really quick.”

  Her hands fell to the sides of her body and she relaxed, appearing to be waiting patiently for him to play again.

  “Here’s what I was looking for.” He looked up at the same second he pressed the button for the sprinklers to cut on.

  Sasha shrieked as the cold water hit her and brought her hands up to her face. “You cheated.”

  “How can I cheat when I’m the one who makes the rules?”

  “Then I guess I’m the one who breaks them.” And with that, she proceeded to take her clothes off.

  “Are you trying to distract me?”

  “Of course not, Sir. I just don’t like wet clothes.”

  He wasn’t sure he believed her. She was quite the distraction standing in his yard, naked and wet. “You look pretty hot wet, yourself,” he told her.

  “You could come join me.” She ran her hands down her body. “I’m getting lonely standing here all by myself.”

  As the idea of what to do next came to his mind, he drew the shirt over his head and tossed it on the brick patio floor. “We can’t have that,” he agreed. “You might get lonely.”

  “And when I’m lonely, I do bad things.”

  “We definitely can’t have that.”

  He started walking toward her, holding her gaze as he crossed the patio. Making sure he kept his expression neutral and moving slowly, she didn’t suspect anything when he made it to her side.

  “See?” she said. “You look hot with your shirt off. Now we just need to get you wet.”

  She took a step to the sprinkler, but before she could put her foot down, he yanked her up in his arms and threw her over his shoulder.

  “Hey!” She pounded on his back. “What are you doing?”

  “Enforcing the rules,” he said with a smile.

  “How did I break rules?”

  “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe splashing your Dom, running away from him, and trying to distract him with your nakedness for starters.”

  “Oh, those rules.”

  “Indeed.” He was pleased she picked up that they were made-up fun rules and she wasn’t really in trouble. He was even more pleased he’d had the foresight to set up his backyard for playing a few days before she arrived. “Though I would suggest you stop hitting my back.”

  Her hands stilled and he carried her across the yard to a far corner where the lot was wooded. He found a fallen log and sat, placing Sasha over his knee.

  “Now this is a lovely sight.” He ran his hand over her backside. “I’ve never had you in this position before, but I think I like it. In fact, I may turn you over my knee every night before we go to bed.”

  She just groaned.

  “Tell me, slave. Have you fantasized about being facedown across my lap?” He slapped her butt cheek when she didn’t say anything. “Tell me.”

  “Yes, Sir.”

  He rubbed the spot he’d just slapped. “Good girl. Now tell me what I did in your fantasy.”

  “You spanked me.”

  “With my hand?”


  “Sometimes?” He reached behind the log and picked up the switch he’d found days ago. “That means more than one fantasy?”

  She didn’t reply as quickly as he wanted. He tapped her backside with the switch. “Answer.”

  “Yes, Sir. More than one.”

  “Tell me about your favorite.”

  “It’s not really what you do that makes one fantasy stand out, Sir.”


  “It’s what you say and how you say it.”

  “Very interesting. Give me an example.” He brought the switch down harder and at the same time, teased the sensitive flesh between her legs.

  “In one, you’ll tell me to take my panties down and bend over your lap. In another, you tell me to prepare for the spanking I’m about to receive. You make me get what I want you to spank me with and then ask you to work over my ass.”

  While she talked, he continued his teasing with one hand and marking her arse with the switch with the other.

  “Look at this bum, already turning pink under my hands. Show me how much you want me to continue. Lift it up for me.”

  She moaned, but did it anyway.

  “You’ve been a naughty slave, haven’t you? Teasing your Master and then fantasizing about him spanking you.” He pushed two fingers into her—fuck, she was so wet. “Look how turned on you are. I’m going to spank you and then I’m going to fuck you against a tree. How does that sound?”

  “Like my new favorite fantasy, Sir.”

  “I’m already living my fantasy. And that’s you on your knees, offering yourself for me to take however I damn well want.” He brought the switch down hard and at the same time thrust two fingers inside her. “Pleasure and pain. After a while, they start to feel the same, don’t they?”

  “Yes, Sir.”

  “Lift that arse back up. And stop wiggling on my lap. You’ll come when I say you can and not a minute sooner.” He spanked her again. “Hungry for my cock, aren’t you?”

  “Always, Sir.”

  “Good. Because I’m ready to give it to you.” He dropped the switch. “Go stand against the tree to my right. You’ll know the one when you see it.”

  She crawled off his lap and walked toward the trees. He knew when she found the one he’d told her to stand against because she stilled momentarily. He imagined it looked a bit scary at first glance. He’d set it up with rope and chains.

  “Put your back against the tree and reach up and grab the ropes.” He waited while she got into position and then walked to stand in front of her. He unzipped his pants. “How does the tree feel?”

  “Rough, Sir.”

  “It’s going to be rough on your back and you’ll have scratches. Are you okay with that?”

  “Yes, Sir,” she said with no hesitation.

  He pushed his pants down and stepped out of them. “Still wet for me?”

  “Yes, Sir.”

  He lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. “Keep them here. I’m going to pound you into that tree.”

  She whimpered.

  “Here we go. Going to slip inside.” He pushed into her. “Ah, yes. So good like this.”

  She tightened her legs around him as he started moving deeper. He didn’t know what it was about Sasha. She told him that he made her strong, but the real truth was, she allowed him to be strong. When he was with her, he felt like he could be himself.

  He moved his hands to her face. “Look at me.”

  Her green eyes were hazy with lust. He continued moving inside her as he held her gaze. The intensity of their union struck him in the center of his chest. This woman who had come to him hurt and yearning for healing had somehow healed him.

  “Too much,” she said, echoing his thoughts. “It’s too much.”

  “No, little one.” His voice was far gentler than he felt. “It will never be enough.”

  “I know. I know.” She pushed her head against the tree, but kept her eyes locked on his.

  Suddenly, it wasn’t enough to be inside her. He needed more. “Touch me. I’ll hold you,” he panted. “I want your arms around me.”

  It was precarious, but she let go of the ropes. And he had no choice but to be strong. After all, he had to secure her. She was held by only his arms and the tree. Her nails dug into his shoulders, and it was the most welcome pain he’d ever experienced because it was she who gave it to him.

  He wondered if that’s what a submissive felt when under a Dom’s control.